Are Catan Expansions Worth It? Surprising Facts Explained!

Catan has been in the board game industry for a while and you may have played it with friends and family. Now that you are looking to diversify the way you played Catan, you are looking for the answer- are Catan expansions worth the extra money?

The answer can be given in a word but won’t be a smart move as different people have different tastes when it comes to playing games. And most importantly, when you are asking the question is an important factor to answer it practically.

That’s why we have dedicated this blog post to answer the question with the related information so that you can decide whether it will worth the money or not. Keep reading!

worth catan expansion

I Didn’t Play the Base Game, Should I Buy Both Base & Expansions?

A big NO! If you are not accustomed to playing the base, there is no logic buying an expansion. Expansions diversify the game to make things more interesting.

When you don’t know how to play Catan base game, how would you add the expansion to the base and play it?

So, do buy the base game and play it with your friends and families. And when you feel that you are now a Catan player who knows the game better, go for an expansion pack only if you are enjoying the game.

Otherwise, it may happen that you have purchased the base and Catan expansion but in the end, you are not enjoying the base game itself. So, the additional 50 odd bucks of expansion would go in vain without giving you any value at all.

I Am Bored Playing the Catan Game! Should I Dump the Base Game or Buy an Expansion?

We recommend having an expansion pack when you have played the base too much that you are finally bored with it. No game can entertain people for a long period unless they come with so much diversity. Catan too can feel boring after becoming a pro of playing it.

In such circumstances, adding an expansion pack will give you the feel of a new game and make things more interesting than before.

So, yes! Catan expansions worth it for the people in this category.

I Want to Play the Game with More Friends, Would an Expansion Allow me to do that?
No. Catan expansions are not for accommodating more people in the game. Rather, these are made for making the gameplay more interesting so that you don’t get bored.

In case you need a way to accommodate your younger brother or a friend in the play, go for a Catan extension pack. Those will allow you to play the game with more players than the base.

Final Words

Now that you know how the Catan expansions work, you should be able to figure out the answer for you. In short, Catan expansions are for the people who know how to play Catan base game. For accommodating additional players in the base game, you need an extension pack. And finally, for a newly interested person who didn’t play the base, we recommend buying the base game first to get used to the game.

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