Are PEX Pipes Safe For Drinking Water? Study Finds…

Are you thinking of using PEX pipes for the water faucet? Or maybe you are just curious! Either way, we are here to help you.

We understand your concern as it is about drinking water. Any issue there will directly affect your health, along with your beloved ones. Therefore, we have researched thoroughly to find out whether PEX pipes are safe for drinking water or not. 

So, without any further ado – let’s get started! 

Are PEX Pipes Safe For Drinking Water?

Generally, PEX pipes are safe for drinking water. However, some relevant factors may come into play.

PEX pipes are sensitive to UV rays that disintegrate the molecular structure of pipes. Ultimately, it causes the pipe to rupture and leach plastic compounds in water, changing the taste and odor. So, PEX is not safe for drinking water when it is exposed to Ultraviolet rays.

According to studies, it is also suggested that some substances may be harmful to health, such as carcinogen compounds. That’s why the Norwegian Institute of Public health investigate materials in drinking water to know their effects on the taste and smell of water. They found the results mentioned below:

1. The leaching products have additives that are mandatory during PEX pipes manufacturing, but they have no adverse effects on health.

2. If the water remains in pipes for a long time, then there is a possibility that you have to bear unwanted taste and odor. Commonly, it feels like you are drinking water with lemon in it. Although, when you open the taps often to drink water, then the odor will dissipate.

3. If you drink water from two types of PEX pipe, it likely that you will feel different tastes.

4. With regular use of the pipe, risks of chemical contamination due to PEX materials are reduced.

5. There was no connection between contamination of PEX materials with water and production methods during research.

pex pipe and drinking water

Furthermore, ten different water samples were tested in the laboratory, and their water remained in contact with PEX tubes for 72 hours. Each manufacturing method of PEX pipe was different, and the studies show no correlation between chemical compounds and the pipes’ manufacturing method.

Although, MTBE and 2,4-di-tert-butyl-phenol were the common substances that were detected in the water sample. They were in high concentration but only when the pipes were newly installed. After using the tubes for a while, the concentration level was reduced to acceptable limits that have no harmful effect on health. 

However, there is one thing to note that PEX pipes are not equally created, and they have different types. If a brand ends up leaking chemicals in the water, it doesn’t mean the other types will do the same. 


Now, you have a brief idea on whether PEX pipes are safe enough for drinking water or not. The stronger the pipes’ molecular chain, the better will be chances that they won’t be degraded by UV rays.

Also, PEX pipes are not glued together like plastic, so there is no risk of toxic materials contamination.

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