11 Mindblowing Benefits of Resurfacing Old Concrete!

It’s hard to believe, but concrete resurfacing is something that has been around for over 100 years! Over the last five decades, advancements in equipment have led to major improvements in durability and surface preparation.

Let’s explore 11 of the many benefits of resurfacing your old concrete.

1. The New Look of the Concrete Gets Restored

When the concrete gets damaged, it can become unsightly and demand a replacement. Concrete restoration is a straightforward way of giving your surface a newer look without having to replace all the old concrete. The best resurfacing techniques even bring back that new appearance and feel that many homeowners treasure.

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2. Resurfacing Increases the Concrete Longevity

There are a lot of variations between various types of concrete, and all the different materials used in the original construction process can make it difficult to predict how long they will last.

It’s best not to take any chances with your concrete surfaces. Resurfacing preserves the original material for as long as possible while also reducing the odds that it will degrade or crack over time.

3. Resists Future Wear and Tear

A lot of homeowners don’t anticipate that concrete will ever need maintenance, but it can happen with surfaces that are in a high-traffic area. Concrete resurfacing is a simple and effective way to prevent those unsightly cracks from forming over time.

When your concrete is damaged, resurfacing prevents staining as well, ensuring that the surface will look as good as new for a long time to come.

4. Concrete Resurfacing Adds Value to Your Home

Many homeowners are surprised when they learn that resurfacing old concrete can increase the value of their homes.

When you improve the aesthetics of your property, it will naturally become more desirable and attract an entirely different set of potential buyers. It’s not uncommon for a property to sell for tens of thousands more after resurfacing because it looks and feels new again.

5. Resurfacing Can be Done in Any Season

Concrete damage can occur during any time of the year, but you may have specific concerns when needing repairs or replacement materials for your home at certain times of the year. With resurfacing, you don’t have to worry about these concerns because the process completes in a single day and can be done during any season.

6. Gives Fresh Look without Spending on Expensive Renovations

A new design style can come with its own advantages, but when making any significant changes to the exterior of your home you’ll want to make sure that it helps the overall appearance instead of distracting from it.

Resurfacing is a great option because it allows you to create a fresh look without having to make major renovations.

7. The Resurfacing Process is Easy and Quick

Concrete resurfacing is a remarkably easy process that can be completed in just one day. This gives you more time to spend on the things you enjoy and less time dealing with old concrete repairs or replacement materials.

8. Offers Unmatched Results

When your existing concrete gets damaged, it may not provide the best surface for walking or driving on. Resurfacing is often the best choice for offering a surface that looks new again and remains safe to use in any weather conditions.

9. Concrete Resurfacing Costs Less Than You Think

When you consider how much it would cost to replace an entire driveway, porch, or patio, resurfacing can actually come out looking like the better financial option.

It’s also worth considering that the cost difference between resurfacing and replacement is usually very high, especially when you consider how much the existing surface will need to be replaced in just a few short years for tiny cracks.

10. You Can Do it Yourself

Resurfacing can be done on any surface, indoors or out by anyone. It’s also a process that can be completed in just one day and you don’t need to worry about scheduling around the weather when it comes time to get your job done.

So, even if you’re not sure about other concrete problems, there are still reasons to consider resurfacing as your go-to method for restoring its appearance.

11. Makes the Surfacer Safer for Kids

Most people don’t think about the type of safety risks that can present themselves when there’s an older concrete surface around with chips and cracks.

However, if the concrete is in good enough condition to be resurfaced rather than replaced, it will also be much safer for use by children or pets. All you have to do is make sure that your contractor follows all safety regulations for applying the protective finishes.


In order to get the most out of your property and save some money along the way, it’s a good idea to consider all of your options when needing repairs or replacement materials for old concrete.

If the damage is too severe to be repaired or you think the surface will need replacement in a few short years, consider resurfacing as an option for improving the property’s appearance and increasing its value.

The process is easy, quick, and can be done by anyone regardless of their knowledge or skill level when it comes to concrete repairs.

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