10 Best 20-inch Chainsaws [Reviewed in 2021]

Carving wood, trimming trees, and cutting down small branches are all things that can be done with a chainsaw.

At some point in life, we’re going to need one. Whether it’s for cutting down trees, trimming branches, or just making general repairs around the house.

For those of us who are homeowners and lawn owners, a 20-inch gas chainsaw is an essential tool for keeping our property looking good and well-kept.

There are dozens of different brands with 20” gas chainsaws in the market. The truth is, it’s really hard to find one that will be perfect for every person and situation.

For this reason, We’ve made it our goal to provide you with 10 of the best 20-inch chainsaws on the market today.

best 20 inch chainsaw reviews

Each of the chainsaws on our list was carefully picked by experts and experienced chainsaw users.

Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll find one that will suit your needs perfectly be you a professional, a DIYer, or a weekend warrior.





Husqvarna 20” 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

CC: 55.5

Weight: 13.2 Lbs

Power Output: 3.5 HP

Editor’s Ratings: 4.9

Poulan Pro 20” PR5020 Gas Chainsaw

CC: 55

Weight: 17 Lbs

Power Output: 2.8 HP

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

ECHO 20 in. CS-590 Timber Wolf Gas Chainsaw

CC: 59.8

Weight: 13.2 Lbs

Power Output: 3.9 HP

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

CC: 46

Weight: 17.7 Lbs

Power Output: 3.3 HP

Editor’s Ratings: 4.7

Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Gas Chainsaw

CC: 45

Weight: 18.19 Lbs

Power Output: 3.3 HP

Editor’s Ratings: 4.6

Our 10 Best 20-inch Chainsaw Reviews:

Here are the detailed reviews on top 20-inch gas and electric chainsaws-

1. Husqvarna 20” 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

To kick off this review is the Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 rancher gas chainsaw. This chainsaw is a decent option for landowners or homeowners who don’t need a pro-level saw. It comes equipped with a powerful 2-cycle 55.5cc X-Torq® 3.5 hp engine that produces excellent power while consuming less fuel with reduced emission levels. It starts easily owing to its Smart Start® system. Compared to its predecessor, the 450 rancher, this chainsaw has more power but comes equipped with a smaller fuel tank.

The Husqvarna chainsaw uses a 20” bar and chain for all its cutting activities. However, the chain that comes with it is a safety chain that offers safety at the cost of its cutting efficiency. Whether you are new to chainsawing or not, you should know that it’s the bar and chain that determine if a chainsaw can go through a large piece of wood in one pass.

If you aren’t new to handling chainsaws, we advise you to replace the equipped chain with a new chain, Oregon, or a Woodlawn Pro for a more powerful cutting experience. If you are a novice, you should understand how to use the chainsaw before changing the chain. However, safety is provided with the equipped inertia-activated chain brake, which stops the chain dead in its track once engaged.

There’s a side-mounted chain tensioner that enables you to adjust the chain tension at any time, even while working. Know that too much tension will cause the chain to stretch or the bar to creep. And if the chain is too loose, the clutch will allow the chain to run while idling. To prevent these from happening, ensure there’s enough slack in the chain to move the chain about 5/16″ from the bar at mid-span, but not enough to lift the chain completely free of the slot on the bar.

The Husqvarna gas chainsaw features an automatic oiler that is supposed to ensure the bar and chain are lubricated always. But, it doesn’t supply sufficient lubrication, which results in chain and bar wear. This chainsaw may leak oil due to one reason or the other. However, to prevent it from leaking oil, when you are done using it open the oil fill cap and release the pressure. Doing this will stop any oil leaks. Thanks to the quick-release air filter, carrying out maintenance is very easy. Additionally, Husqvarna includes a bar cover and a 2.6 ounces oil/fuel mix bottle in the package. However, you’d have to buy the bar and chain oil separately.

This chainsaw ergonomic handle and low vibration system make it comfortable to use for long hours. Considering the weight of the Husqvarna chainsaw (13.2lb), it is a bit underpowered. We say this because it has the same weight as the older version (the 460 Rancher) but less power, making it a bit lacking in the power-to-weight ratio area. Although, the 460 Rancher is more expensive. But, if you rate power output more in a chainsaw, go for it because of its higher power output.


  • The powerful workhorse can do heavy duty jobs
  • It is not difficult to start.
  • The engine produces enough power for various cutting operations. 
  • Comfortable to use for long hours.
  • It features a Smart Start® system technology that reduces pull force by 30%, making it easy to start.


  • Poor power-to-weight ratio.
  • The equipped chain decreases cutting efficiency.
  • The automatic oiling system doesn’t supply enough oil to the bar and chain, plus it is not adjustable.

2. Poulan Pro 20” PR5020 Gas Chainsaw

The Poulan Pro 20” PR5020 Gas Chainsaw is a runner-up to the Husqvarna 455 rancher gas chainsaw because of a slight difference in the engine displacement. It operates with a 50cc 2-cycle 2.8 Hp engine equipped with OxyPower technology for excellent cutting power, fuel efficiency, and fewer fumes.

For those who may not know, the Husqvarna Group is the parent company of Poulan Pro. So both the PR5020 and 455 rancher chainsaws share similarities in terms of design and functions with different names. That said, you won’t experience any issues with starting the Poulan Pro 20” PR5020 gas chainsaw because of its Effortless Pull Starting (EPS) feature that reduces pull force by 30% and the purge & integrated choke/stop controls.

However, if the gas runs dry in it and it quits, you may experience some trouble starting it back after refilling. So ensure you don’t allow the gas to run dry before you refill it. Also, prime it before each start to avoid struggling unnecessarily. With the 20” equipped bar and chain, you’ll be able to cut through tree limbs and little logs min one pass. It also includes a chain catcher and a chain brake for user safety.

Poulan Pro put in tremendous efforts when designing this PR5020 gas chainsaw to eliminate the complaint of its predecessors about the automatic chain tensioner. So, they changed the auto-tensioner back to manual adjustment and made it more durable. What this means is that you can adjust chain tensioning using a wrench. Plus, the wrench clips into the machine’s back, so it’s always on standby whenever you need to adjust the chain tension.

This Poulan Pro chainsaw ergonomic design and excellent power to weight ratio offer premium comfort and easy handling. Its oversized front and rear handles coupled with the vibration system make it super comfortable to use, especially for people with weak upper bodies. The only maintenance needed is the cleaning of the air filter and spark plug or replacements of both, which is very easy to do because of the tool-free access design. Also, it comes with a case and is backed by a Poulan Pro 2-year warranty.


  • It has an excellent power-to-weight ratio.
  • Ergonomically designed for user comfort.
  • It comes with a case and has a Poulan Pro 2-year warranty.
  • To carry out maintenance is easy and straightforward.
  • It comes with a chain brake and a chain catcher for user safety.
  • It features an EPS technology that reduces pull force by 30, making it easy to start.


  • Heavy chainsaw weighs 23.3lb
  • You may experience difficulty starting it back if the gas runs dry and it quits.

3. ECHO 20 in. CS-590 Timber Wolf Gas Chainsaw

The ECHO 20 in. timber wolf gas chainsaw is specially made for farmers, homeowners, ranchers, and lawn owners with a large expanse of land filled with trees. When compared with the other two chainsaws above, its cutting power is superior. This is not surprising because ECHO equipped it with a rugged 59.8cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine. The engine has a digital ignition with a decompression valve that makes starting it a breeze with few pulls.

With its 20” chainsaw bar and high quality chain, it will pass through hardwood trees like oak, spruce, birch, beech, and hemlock of 30 – 36 inches in diameter in one pass. Safety is assured with the dual-post chain brake that stops the chain immediately after you activate it. However, this chainsaw runs lean right out of the box and will require some proper tuning to work at its best. If you don’t have any experience tuning a saw, meet a professional or someone with vast knowledge of tuning chainsaws.

Furthermore, the ECHO 20 in. timber wolf gas chainsaw features a large 21.8 (fl. oz.) fuel tank so it can run for hours. The fuel tank is translucent for quick fuel level checks. Engine oil is supplied to the chain constantly with the aid of the automatic, adjustable, clutch-driven oiler for reduced oil consumption and longer run time.

Maintenance is minimal thanks to the G-Force engine air Pre-Cleaner™ filter that extracts dirt and debris from the engine, allowing for long intervals between maintenance. The superclean air filter system is a two-piece filter for maximum and easy cleaning. Plus, accessing it is easy because it is a tool-less process.

This ECHO 20 in. timber wolf gas chainsaw has an oversized, ergonomic, anti vibration handle for smooth handling and user comfort. It weighs 13.2lbs ((Excl. Cutting Equipment), making it a little heavy. However, its power-to-weight ratio balances it. ECHO has a 1-year commercial warranty and a 5-year consumer warranty on it. All you have to do is log on to their website after purchasing to register your chainsaw for the warranty. 


  • The equipped motor produces exceptional cutting power.
  • It features a digital ignition starting system with a decompression valve for easy starting with 1-3 pulls.
  • ECHO has a 1-year commercial warranty and a 5-year consumer warranty on it. 
  • It has an anti vibration handle for smooth handling.
  • Dust particles are trapped by the air filter
  • Extended use possible with regular maintenance


  • It runs lean right out of the box, so it will require some proper tuning to work at its best.

4. Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Next on the list is the Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S 20-inch gas chainsaw. It is best for homeowners or ranchers advanced in age who do minor wood cutting occasionally and desire a top-notch level of handling and comfort in their chainsaws. Compared to the powerful chainsaws already reviewed above, it produces the least power. But, its handling & comfort are of no match. If you rate power output in a chainsaw more than comfort and handling, this chainsaw is not for you. However, if you want to comfortably cut small/medium size woods or do limbing, trimming, and pruning for long hours, then it is worthy of your consideration.

This Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S 20-inch gas chainsaw comes equipped with a 46cc full-crank high output 3.3 HP engine that produces enough power to cut through wood seamlessly. Thanks to its Easy Start technology, it starts under five pulls. It may not have as much power output as the other chainsaws. But it can still do some heavy cutting thanks to the heavy-duty 20” low-kickback bar and chain that goes through wood quickly and easily. You have the aid of an inertia-activated chain brake for safety and bucking spikes for steady control.

Craftsman built it with a heavy-duty, pro-grade chassis, strong enough to withstand the rugged cutting activities with no-fault. Its full-wrap aluminum handle and its phenomenal 5-point anti-vibration system make it balanced and comfortable to operate. Plus, its power-to-weight (17.7lb) ratio is top-notch.

This chainsaw has an auto oiler for supplying oil constantly to the bar and chain. However, the oiler is not effective and may leak oil due to excess supply. The only maintenance you will be doing is cleaning or replacing the air filter and spark plug, which is simple considering there are no tools involved. When you buy this chainsaw, it comes with a durable carrying case and 2-cycle engine oil. Craftsman has a 2-year warranty on it.


  • Handling and comfort are top-notch.
  • It features a full-wrap aluminum handle and a 5-point anti-vibration system.
  • It comes with a durable carry case and 2-cycle engine oil.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty. 
  • Long engine life with durable chain


  • The auto oiler isn’t very efficient.

5. Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Gas Chainsaw

You may be hearing of the Blue Max brand for the first time, but this brand manufactures chainsaws that can stand up to that of popular brands like Craftsman, Poulan Pro, to mention a few. We will be reviewing one of their masterpieces, the Blue Max model 8901 2-in-1 14-inch/20-inch combination gas chainsaw. This chainsaw is in close competition with the Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S but has an edge because it’s cheaper. If you need a chainsaw to do a few cutting jobs around your yard once in a while, or as a backup to your pro-saw, then buy this chainsaw.

It functions with a 45cc high-performance Blue Max single cylinder, 2 stroke engine that delivers 35% higher performance than chainsaws with 45cc engines. This engine features a quick start (CDI) ignition system for quick starting with fewer pulls. However, right out of the box, it doesn’t start easily. But after running it for one hour or two, it becomes easy to start henceforth.

From the name, you can tell it comes with two bars and chains of different lengths (14” and 20”) to meet a wide variety of cutting applications. The chains have a 30-percent increase in chain teeth for reduced cutting time. Plus, the equipped low-kickback chain brake helps stop the chain at the nick of time to prevent accidental injury.

The Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-inch/20-inch combination gas chainsaw has a well-thought-out design with user comfort in mind. It features a large anti-vibration handle with slip-resistant for easy handling and maneuvering, especially for a novice. With a weight of 18.19lb, you will experience only minimal fatigue when using it for hours. To ensure cutting efficiency is at its peak, Blue Max included an auto oiler that supplies oil steady to the chain. As with all auto-oiler systems, this one isn’t so efficient too.

This Blue Max chainsaw is EPA approved. It comes with a tooth file, carb screwdriver, and tension adjustment wrench for manually adjusting the chain tension while in operation. Be informed that the required fuel mix for this chainsaw is 20:1. And to help you get the mix correctly, Blue Max included a fuel mix bottle with simple markings. One major setback with this chainsaw is that it tends to loosen while in operation. Although, this isn’t serious because all you have to do is tighten it back. But, we must say it is a bit inconvenient.


  • It comes with two chains and bars (14” and 20”), making it multipurpose.
  • It is cheap compared to chainsaw models in its category.
  • It starts with ease and has EPA approval.
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Can perform heavy duty jobs


  • The engine doesn’t have enough power for heavy-duty cutting
  • It loosens easily when in use.

6. OppsDecor XP2300 Gas Powered Chainsaw

The OppsDecor XP2300 gas-powered chainsaw is one of the cheapest chainsaws you can find in the market today, with all the features it possesses. This dark jacinth chainsaw functions with a powerful 58cc 2-stroke engine that delivers excellent cutting power. Its spring-assisted cord and user-friendly knob ensure you don’t experience issues with starting it. Unlike most chainsaws that consume fuel a lot, this chainsaw engine has been optimized to reduce fuel consumption up to 20%, with low emission of harmful fumes. You can get this chainsaw in other colors like light green and light red.

With its bar length of 20” and heavy-duty chain, you’ll be able to carry out medium-duty and heavy-duty wood cutting such as storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees, etc. Furthermore, each aspect of the OppsDecor XP2300 gas-powered chainsaw design was carefully thought out with the user as the top priority. It has a quick stop control for stopping the chain, preventing accidental cuts, and increasing user safety. As well as an automatic oiler for consistent cutting efficiency.

This chainsaw features front and back anti-vibration handles that are ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort when held. Each of the handles has a soft inlay to ensure there is no issue like the chainsaw slipping from your hands. The only maintenance it needs is in the cleaning or replacement of the air filter. 

The OppsDecor XP2300 gas-powered chainsaw has dimensions of 35.4” L x 10.2” W x 11.0” H. It has a fuel tank capacity of 550ml and an oil tank capacity of 260ml. Be informed that the required fuel mix is 25:1. A drawback to this chainsaw is that there are not enough replacement parts available from the manufacturer. However, the dimensions of its parts are in metric, so an experienced person can look up parts from other manufacturers that fit into it. Of course, this is a small price to pay for one of the cheapest chainsaws in the market. When you buy it, it comes with a tool kit and a heavy-duty bar cover.


  • It is one of the cheapest chainsaws you can find.
  • It offers value for money.
  • Powerful engine, easy to handle, and lightweight.
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system


  • Replacement parts aren’t available in large quantities from the manufacturer.

7. KGK 20″ Gas Chainsaw

Next on the list is the KGK 20” gas chainsaw. The KGK brand is not that famous. And this may be your first time hearing about them. But, they make high-quality, heavy-duty chainsaws at a very affordable rate. There are two models of their 20” gas chainsaw with difference only in the engine displacement. One has a 58cc 2-cycle engine, and the other has a 62cc 2-cycle engine. The former cost below $150, while the latter cost below $160.

The engines in these chainsaws have been optimized to consume fuel 20% less than standard 2-cycle engines. Further, they have excellent tolerance to high temperatures, suitable for prolonged use. To start these chainsaws, press the throttle trigger and valve throttle protection switch, then pull the oversized spring-assist pull cord once or twice, and it will start. Note that the valve throttle protection switch prevents accidental starts, so the engine won’t run if you don’t toggle it on.

The high-efficiency bar that comes with these chainsaws has a cutting diameter from 27-33 inches to meet all the cutting demands in your farm, garden, or ranch. At the same time, the chain has excellent wear resistance and service life five times compared with ordinary chains. A set of guide plates are included in the packaging to help protect the chain by preventing it from rusting. And to protect you from accidental cuts when not in use.

The KGK 20” gas chainsaws feature a durable chassis made from an innovative ABS plastic that possesses anti-aging properties and can withstand high temperatures. Their ergonomic design is on another level. They feature luxury, slip-resistant front and rear handles for a firm and comfortable handling. Plus, their excellent power-to-weight(15.4lb) ratio creates the right balance for smooth control and maneuvering. Their sizes are 35” x 10.6” x 9.05”. Furthermore, the equipped super air filter system and automatic chain oiler extend the life of the chainsaws.

The KGK 20” gas chainsaws come packaged with two chains, two spark plugs (one fixed in the machine), one saw guide bar, one fuel mixing bottle, one user manual, one tool kit with a storage bag, one chainsaw bag, and one guide bar cover.


  • The most affordable chainsaw in the market.
  • It comes packaged with essential accessories and add-ons.
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio.
  • The reliable machine has an ergonomic design.
  • It provides more than enough power for heavy duty tasks


  • None

8. SALEM MASTER 6220H Gas Chainsaw

The SALEM MASTER 6220H gas chainsaw is a powerful workhorse to have as a companion when dealing with trees and branches in your farm, garden, or lawn. It is powered by a 62cc 3.4hp 2-cycle engine that produces a minimum cutting speed of 8500RPM. This engine drives the equipped 20” bar and low-kickback chain through the toughest of wood, making it ideal for cutting thick firewoods and felling of trees. However, the bar and chain don’t last. Should you buy this chainsaw, we recommend replacing the bar and chain with Oregon 105671 20” bar and chain combo.

The SALEM MASTER 6220H gas chainsaw has a quick-stop chain brake for safety and a safety switch to prevent accidental start. You won’t experience issues handling it because it has an ergonomic, shock-absorbing, non-slip comfortable handle. And an excellent power-to-weight ratio that makes it balanced and easy to maneuver around. Like most of the powerful chainsaws on our list, it has an automatic oiler that supplies oil constantly to the bar and chain for smooth cutting operation.

This chainsaw is easy to use and set up. It only requires eight simple steps to put together. It has a fuel tank capacity of 550ml, and the tank is visible so you can keep track of fuel levels at all times. Note that the recommended fuel and oil mix is 25:1. When it comes to packaging, the SALEM MASTER brand is unmatched. They adopted the packing of two cases, which are tight inside to prevent the chainsaw from any damage when transporting it.


  • Assembly and installation are straightforward, with just eight steps.
  • Easy maintenance chainsaw offers great value
  • Safety features ensure you are safe and protected from any form of accident.
  • Ergonomic design for premium user comfort.
  • The reliable tool has good fuel economy


  • The chain and bar it comes with don’t last.

9. WEMARS 62cc-WS-6220C Gas Chainsaw

The WEMARS 62cc-WS-6220C gas chainsaw is another affordable heavy-duty chainsaw perfect for limbing, splitting wood, bucking, and felling medium-sized trees. It runs on a 62cc, 3.4HP 2-cycle engine that rotates its rugged 20” 325”76DL steel chain on the 20” bar at a maximum of 12000 times per minute. The engine has an excellent electronic ignition system and an EPS (effortless pull starting) system that makes it starts faster and very reliable.

However, it is a bit noisy and gives off a gas smell, making it not ideal for indoor use. With the aid of the highly responsive chain brake and chain catcher, you will be safe and protected should kickback occur.

This chainsaw features a side-mounted chain tensioner for making quick adjustments to the chain tension to maintain and deliver high cutting performance. Plus, an auto oiler for a steady supply of oil to the bar and chain. Kindly note that when you are done working with this chainsaw, drain out the remaining oil. Otherwise, the oil will leak out and ruin your storage space. Also, be informed that the recommended fuel mix is 25:1.

The WEMARS 62cc-WS-6220C gas chainsaw user-friendly design comprises ergonomic front and rear anti-vibration handles with a cushioned wrap for a firm grip. Its weight of 17.06lb fits perfectly to the power it produces, making it balanced for easy control and maneuvering. Furthermore, it features a quick-release air filter that makes cleaning and replacement of the air filter easy. The air filter helps keep out debris such as wood chippings and dirt from entering the robust engine, thereby maintaining the engine’s high performance.

This chainsaw packaging box contains one 20” 325”76DL guide bar, a tool kit, a 2L fuel mixing bottle, an instructional manual, a chain installation guide, and a guide for starting the chainsaw.


  • This chainsaw cuts through thick woods like butter.
  • It comes packaged with instructions on how to set up and use it.
  • The great chainsaw has a user-friendly design, good for DIY projects
  • This chainsaw starts easy.
  • Affordable, costing below $150.
  • Auto oiler keeps the bar and chain lubricated


  • It is noisy and gives off a fuel smell.

10. DEREAL 62cc-Gas-Chainsaw

To round up this review is the DEREAL gas chainsaw. This chainsaw is ideal for tree felling, wood cutting for lumbermen in the forest, and DIYers for home projects. It functions with the latest 62cc 2-stroke cycle full-crank engine, which delivers high power, high efficiency, and long service life. The engine fuel consumption is 10% lesser than average 2-cycle engines. Plus, it is equipped with dual throttle switches that if not pressed at the same time, the engine won’t start. This helps to prevent accidental starting.

The DEREAL gas chainsaw features a high-quality brake baffle to stop the chain instantly if there’s an emergency and your safety is compromised. Its cutting activities are carried out with a 20” bar and 20″ .325P/.058G/76DL chain with a sharp edge and high wear resistance. There’s an auto-oiler that steadily lubricates the chain to reduce wear and maintain high cutting efficiency. This chainsaw might drip oil when not in use, which is a common phenomenon says the manufacturer. However, to prevent this leak, empty the bar oil after each use. The recommended fuel mix ratio is 25:1.

You can use this chainsaw for hours and you won’t experience any discomfort due to its comfortable non-slip and shock-absorbing handle that reduces user fatigue. Plus, it has bucking spikes for a more controlled sawing. The DEREAL gas chainsaw has an excellent filtering system that guarantees long air filter life and reduced fuel consumption. It has a compact size of 20.5” L x 10.4” W x 11.8” H. However, it weighs 18.09lb, making it quite heavy. The manufacturer, DEREAL, has a one-year warranty on it.

If you buy this chainsaw, you’ll get one Chinese guide bar, one instruction manual, one chain saw installation step, one guide for the start-up of chain saw, one tool kit, and one 2L fuel mixing bottle.


  • This chainsaw is cheap and offers excellent value for money.
  • It comes with essential accessories and instructions manuals.
  • It has a one-year warranty.
  • Offers maximum control for heavy duty use
  • Can cut huge trees and small tree equally


  • It is quite heavy.

Final Thoughts

The 10 Best 20-inch Chainsaw list is a culmination of the best in chainsaws that are available on the market today. Our research team has reviewed and compiled this list with great care, taking into consideration all aspects of these products including their performance, durability, ease-of-use, and versatility.

These chainsaws vary by price point, but they all offer an excellent quality product for any homeowner or lawn owner. In conclusion, we hope this review helps you to make an informed buying decision about your next purchase and get back to work cutting some timber or trimming trees in no time!

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