10 Best 8 inch Jointer Reviewed 2021 [6-inch Jointer included]

Are you searching for a power tool to straighten boards and lumbers for your woodworking project?

If so, then you need a jointer. Jointers are power tools used in woodworking for flattening the surface of a board or lumber.

It is an essential tool for every woodworker as it makes it easy for wood to be straightened, which allows for easy fittings with other pieces of wood.

best 8 inch jointers review

In this article, we’ll review 10 of the best 8-inch and 6-inch jointers for you to pick the one that best suits your needs.

After that, we’ll go over what to consider before buying a jointer. Then, we’ll discuss how to safely use a jointer, and the popular question “should you buy a jointer or a thickness planer”. 

Our 10 Best 8 inch Jointers & 6 inch Jointers Reviews:

Below are the detailed reviews on the top jointers, both 8″ and 6″ models. Keep reading-

1. Wahuda Tools Jointer (50180CC-WHD)

To kick off this review is the Wahuda Tools 8” model (50180CC-WHD) jointer. This jointer comes equipped with a 120V, 10amp AC motor that runs at 12,000RPM, delivering excellent machining power. It is fully capable of handling edging, milling, jointing, flattening, or tapering off any wooden surfaces and edges. Most importantly, it is designed with users’ safety in mind, which earned it ISO 9001 factory certification and CSA approval for performance and safety.

This jointer features a 30.5” long (end to end) cast iron table extendable to a length of 51” thanks to the table extensions. The table is made from cast iron to provide adequate stability & support to workpieces. Plus, it doesn’t scratch easily. You can level the table for coplanar with the in-built four levelers. With a depth of 20” and a weight of 64lb (due to the cast iron table), this jointer takes up less storage space and is easy to move around.

The manufacturer, Wahuda tools, equipped it with a new and improved spiral cutterhead built from heavy-duty aluminum extrusion over a steel inner shaft. Installed in the cutter head are 16 carbide 4-sided inserts tip to deliver the best cutting edge sharpness retention in the industry. One of the uniqueness of the cutter head is the low noise it produces while in operation. And the smooth finish it leaves on workpieces. To rotate the tip or replace the insert if nicked, all you need to do is loosen one mounting screw on each insert with the included T-Torx wrench.

The Wahuda Tools 8” model (50180CC-WHD) jointer has a maximum capacity of 8″ width and ⅛” maximum depth of cut. Its (4⅜” high X 24″ long) extruded aluminum fence bevels from 90° to 135°. However, the fence is poorly made and is hard to adjust. 

That said, this jointer will keep your shop clean thanks to the 2½” built-in dust port with a 4″ adapter that connects to a dust collector for better chip removal. When you buy this jointer, it comes with the tools needed to set it up and a two-year limited warranty. 


  • It functions with a powerful motor
  • Runs quiet
  • Easy to set up
  • Fully adjustable cast iron table 
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • It features a long extruded aluminum fence, that bevels from 90° to 135°
  • It comes with a dust port for convenient removal of chips 


  • The fence is inferior and is hard to adjust 

2. PORTER-CABLE 6” (PC160JT) Benchtop Jointer 

The PORTER-CABLE 6” (PC160JT) benchtop jointer is a powerful 10 amp, versatile jointer with variable speed control for selecting the right speed for the size and hardness of the workpiece being worked on. Its speed range can vary from 6,000 to 11,000 RPM. This jointer makes wood surfaces perfectly flat, is good for edging, face jointing, and is a great option for both novice and professional woodworkers. Its extra-large aluminum table provides ample support and surfacing to workpiece up to 6” wide.

Furthermore, this jointer comes with a two-knife integrated cutter head that makes 12,000 to 22,000 cuts per minute, making it versatile for different material sizes and hardness. The two-knife cutter head features a cutter lock that allows easy adjustments and replacement of the working knife. 

The PORTER-CABLE 6” (PC160JT) benchtop jointer has a centered mounted adjustable fence that offers adequate support during cutting operation for accurate edge jointing. It comes with a three-year warranty only on the tool, 1-year free service, and 90-day money back. Be informed that this jointer supports only 110V/120V and it doesn’t last long.


  • Easy to use 
  • Large aluminum table 
  • Two-knife cutterhead with easy to use cutter lock for quick adjustment and replacement of the cutting knife
  • Three-year warranty only on the tool, 1-year free service, and 90-day money back


  • It doesn’t last long

3. WEN JT833H 10-Amp 8-Inch Spiral Benchtop Jointer with Extendable Table

The WEN JT833H 10-amp 8” spiral benchtop jointer with an extendable table is a lasting solution to all your jointer needs. It comes equipped with a spiral cutterhead that uses 16 staggered HSS blades to provide a flawless finish to both hard and softwood. The cutter head is powered by a 10-amp motor that rotates it 12,000 times in a minute. Its durable, extra-large table length measures 33” by 8”. Plus, the table comes with two support arms that extend up to 51” to accommodate longer workpieces. 

You can adjust the table infeed to remove 0” to ⅛” of material per pass, which provides a reliable depth-of-cut scale for accuracy. Moreso, this jointer comes with a fully adjustable 19¾” X 4¼” fence that bevels up to 45° to make angled cuts. However, the fence is flimsy. The manufacturer, WEN, prioritizes users’ safety. So, they added a spring-loaded blade guard to protect against any form of injury by exposing a limited section of the cutter head when the jointer is in use. 

The WEN JT833H 10-amp 8” spiral benchtop jointer cutting blades are far apart and square, so you can use all four sides before changing. Note that it comes packaged with two push blocks for additional safety. Thanks to the onboard 2½” and 4” dust ports, the removal of chips is straightforward by connecting to a dust collector. Also, this jointer comes with a two-year warranty. 


  • Two-year warranty
  • Extendable table 
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • Can integrate to a dust collection system


  • None

4. Delta 6″ Bench Top Jointer 37-071

Next on the list is the Delta 6″ benchtop jointer model 37-071. This jointer is made from heavy-duty cast iron to ensure stability and less vibration during jointing operations. It features an aluminum cutter head with two knives that receives power from a heavy-duty 10-amp motor.

The motor moves the cutter head at a speed of 10,000 RPM, enabling the jointer to cut up to 6” wide & ⅛” depth of cut, making 20,000-CPM. Thanks to the easy-to-use hacksaw arrangement, you can adjust and change knives with ease.

This jointer features a precision-machined table and heavy-duty cast-iron fence to provide accurate jointing. However, the table length isn’t extendable, but the fence (4-5/16” long X 22⅞” wide) has adjustable positive stops at 90˚ and 45˚ in and out. There is a built-in dust blower that removes clog-causing chips from the machine for efficient operation. 

Be informed that the Delta 6″ benchtop jointer model 37-071 will require a stand. It comes with a pair of push blocks for safely moving materials through the jointer. Also, it weighs 76lb, which is a bit heavy for a benchtop jointer. Delta machinery has a 5-year warranty on it. 


  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • It features a precision-machined table and cast iron fence
  • Powerful motor
  • It uses two knives to cut up to 6” wide & ⅛” depth of cut
  • 5-year warranty


  • A bit heavy

5. Shop Fox W1829 6” Benchtop Jointer

Another benchtop jointer worthy of consideration is the Shop Fox W1829 jointer. This jointer is more than capable of carrying out surface planing, bevel cuts, and edge jointing efficiently with its HSS two-knife (6” x ⅞” x 3/32”) cutter head. The two-knife cutter head functions with a 12-amp, 110V motor that moves it at 10,000 RPM to make 20,000 cuts per minute. Its entire body has a powder-coated finish for protection against corrosion. 

This jointer features a ground-precision cast iron table (28½” x 6¼”) with a fine-adjust in-feed table knob, which allows you to control cutting depth accurately. Its maximum depth of cut is ⅛”. And the maximum width of cut is 6”. It features an innovative design that allows you to make quick adjustments to the knife and replacement when needed. However, Shop Fox is fond of screwing the bolts holding the knife very tight, making it difficult to unscrew. So, ensure you check if you can remove the bolts holding the knife before purchasing or before the return window ends. 

This jointer weighs 80 lb and comes with a pair of orange safety push blocks. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use cast iron fence with stops at 45° inward, 90°, and 45° outward (135°). If you want to make cuts at a different angle, there is a preset fence stop that you can easily adjust to any angle of your choice. The Shop Fox W1829 jointer has an in-built small-sized impeller that absorbs wood chips from the cutter head and sends them out through a 2.5” dust port. You can attach a dust bag or a dust connection filter chute to collect the wood chips, keeping your workshop clean. 


  • Heavy-duty machine can integrate with dust collection system
  • In-built impeller for absorbing wood chips
  • Powder-coated finish to prevent corrosion
  • The fence has a preset stop for easy adjustment to any angle of your choice
  • Cast iron construction ensures durability


  • The bolts that hold the blades are screwed up very tight, making blade replacement a stressful task

6. CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer, 10-Amp (CMEW020)

If you are on a budget, then this CRAFTSMAN benchtop model (cmew020) jointer is worthy of your attention. It cost below $350 and bangs for the buck. This jointer is equipped with a heavy-duty 10-amp motor that supplies adequate power for jointing and edging of both hardwood & softwood. It features a two-knife cutter head for smooth jointing operation. The cutter head has a jackscrew knife leveling arrangement for making smooth adjustments to the knife and for easy replacement when the knife gets bad.  

This jointer has a variable speed setting that allows you to set the right speed to match the hardness and size of different workpieces. The speed varies from 6,000 to 11,000 RPM, which moves the cutter head to make 12,000 to 22,000 cuts per minute. With the heavy-duty 4¼”center-mounted fence of this jointer, you won’t have any issues with making accurate cuts because the fence provides all the needed support. 

The CRAFTSMAN benchtop model (cmew020) jointer cutting capacity is 6″ wide and ⅛” deep. Its end-to-end infeed and outfeed table measure 30″L x 17.75” H x 6.5” W, which is a bit short and won’t joint a material longer than 4/5ft.  

 Be informed that recently, there have been several complaints about this jointer developing an unknown fault, which makes it stop working in less than three months of use. However, CRAFTSMAN has a 3-year limited warranty on it against factory defects and workmanship only. If any other thing should happen to it, the warranty won’t stand. 


  • Variable speed setting to match the hardness and size of different workpieces
  • 3-year limited warranty 
  • Powerful motor
  • Cheap and offers value for money
  • Its center-mounted fence provides support and helps make accurate cuts
  • Easy to adjust and replace the two-knife


  • It doesn’t last long

7. Powermatic 4HH Wood Jointer Review

The Powermatic 4HH 6” jointer model (1791317K) is one of the best jointers on this list, but it is very expensive. It operates with a 1hp motor pre-wired for 115 volts. Although, it can be converted to use 230V. The motor makes 6,000RPM and is fixed on a special mount for convenient belt-tension adjustments. A quick adjustment lever on the infeed table ensures it makes precise cuts. Thanks to the lockable push button switch, you won’t experience any issues with accidental startups. 

This jointer features a helical head that operates quietly and provides a superior finish compared to conventional cutter heads. Installed inside the cutter head are 40 four-sided indexable carbide knife inserts designed and built to make your wood-straightening tasks easy and accurate. The inserts have wear resistance and are mounted in a special way so that they approach the wood at a 14° angle to create a true shear cut. 

Furthermore, stability and comfort are provided by the 21” W x 13” D all-steel base cabinet that gives the table surface a height of 32” above the ground. The base houses a dust collection chute for easy removal of debris through a 4” diameter port close to the ground. The port is strategically placed close to the ground to keep the hose from causing accidental falls. Note that the minimum CFM required to remove dirt from this machine is 450 CFM.

The Powermatic 4HH 6” jointer model (1791317K) has a precision-ground cast-iron table (66” long and 7.5” wide) to provide ample support to both large and small workpieces. You can make adjustments to the outfeed table with the help of a handwheel located below the table. While to adjust the height of the infeed table, simply move the handle up & down or rotate to make precise height adjustments. 

This jointer uses a well-built center-mounted cast-iron fence system that’s 38” long and 4” tall to ensure straightness and accuracy. It can bevel up to 45° in and out from the table. And it has a fully adjustable stop at 90°. Powermatic has a 5-year warranty on it. When you buy this machine, it comes packaged with two push blocks, one manual, and a hardware bag. Also, it weighs 328lb.


  • Heavy-duty but offers quieter cutting
  • It features a helical cutterhead with 40 four-sided indexable carbide knife inserts
  • 5-year warranty 
  • It comes with a manual, two push blocks, and a hardware bag
  • A well-built center-mounted fence that bevels 45° in and out and has a 90° stop to ensure straightness and accuracy


  • Expensive 

8. RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6″ Benchtop Jointer 

The RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6″ benchtop jointer functions with a powerful 10 amp, 110v motor that moves the blade at       20,000 RPM. It is manufactured from industrial-grade stainless steel to possess durability and endurance properties. This jointer uses a 6-row helical cutterhead with 12 HSS, 2-edge insert knives for smooth and clean cutting operation. The cutter lock design ensures easy knife replacement and adjustments. Its maximum depth of cut is ⅛”, while its maximum cutting width is 6”. 

The large 30″ x 6-3/16” aluminum table of this jointer allows you to work on a large stock without any issue. With its adjustable fence that bevels from 90° to 45°, you will be able to make cuts quickly and accurately. However, it’s very difficult to adjust the fence to be square with the table. 

Safety is a priority with this jointer because it features a spring-loaded safety guard and a front on/off safety switch for user safety. Dust is removed from the machine through the onboard 2.5” dust port that requires a minimum of 100 CFM dust collector. 

The RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6″ benchtop jointer comes with two push blocks and has 5-year warranty coverage. Also, it weighs 41lb.  


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Made from industrial-grade stainless steel 
  • It comes with two push blocks
  • 5-year warranty 
  • Safety features 


  • Making fence adjustment is difficult

9. VEVOR 6” Benchtop Jointer

The VEVOR 6” benchtop jointer is arguably one of the cheapest jointers in the market with high functionality. Built from premium-grade metal only, this jointer will last a long time. It features an all-copper 10 amp motor that produces a speed of 9000RPM to effectively cut through wood. Copper can withstand high temperatures, so this motor will have a longer service life. 

This jointer is perfect for planing old, weathered, rough, and worn wood, to give a premium finish. Its cutter head comes equipped with a high-speed steel blade. And is capable of making 6” maximum cutting width and 0.11” maximum cutting depth. There are two crank handles for adjusting the height of the cutter head to suit different cutting applications. Plus, a scale ruler for accurate machining. 

The VEVOR 6” benchtop jointer features a dust exhaust port that connects to dust collectors for smooth and clean removal of wood chips during jointing operations to keep the environment clean. This jointer comes with a rubber band, a tool holder, two pressed material boards, four-foot pads, four screws, a socket head cap screw, and a wrench. It also comes with instructions for assembly, but the instructions are poorly written. 


  • Cheap and offers excellent value for money
  • Well-built
  • Works well 
  • It comes with some essential accessories 


  • Poorly written instructions

10. JET JJP-8BT 8″ Jointer/Planer (707400)

Last on the list is the two-in-one JET JJP-8BT 8″ jointer/planer (707400). This jointer/planer compact size makes it perfect for those that have limited storage space in their workshop or on the job. It functions with a robust 13 amp motor that provides 6000RPM and powers it sufficiently through various cutting applications, making 18,000 cuts per minute. All its cutting application is carried out with two HSS knives. 

This jointer features a sheet metal outfeed table with height adjustment for accommodating and supporting long workpieces. Plus, its precision-machined tabletop provides support for smooth and straight cuts. However, it is difficult to adjust the outfeed table to be parallel with the infeed table. 

That said, the feed speed at 19.5 feet per minute, meaning you can make more cuts in less time. The large, two user-friendly knobs around this jointer make operating it easy and convenient. The knobs are used to adjust the infeed table height. 

The JET JJP-8BT 8″ jointer/planer (707400) as a jointer has a sturdy aluminum extruded fence that can tilt 45°, making jointing operations more stable and accurate. As a planer, it has a scale and pointer that accurately tells the gap between the planer table and cutter head. This jointer comes with a 4” dust port that connects to a dust collector for the easy removal of dirt. Be informed that Jet backs the machine with a three-year limited warranty.


  • 2-in-1 jointer and planer
  • 3-years limited warranty
  • User-friendly fence tilt up to 45 degrees
  • Integrated cord wrap for easy transportation


  • Adjusting the outfeed table is difficult

The Best Jointer for Woodworking Buying Guide

Getting a quality jointer can be tricky, but here are some key factors you should consider when hunting for the best one for your woodworking needs.

Type of Jointer Designs: 

Jointers vary, and each design with its strength or advantages. The three major designs of jointers are the closed stand, open stand, and benchtop designs. We will advise you to do your research on what best fits what you want and the task you intend to carry out. However, many woodworkers prefer the close stand to other designs because of its superior level of performance over other designs. Also, its ability to keep debris and dust away from the motor, thereby increasing the lifespan of the jointer is another factor. Here is a detailed explanation of the types of jointers;

Closed- Stand Jointer:

It is the most popular jointer amongst all. It is found easily in the market. It varies in size and could either be 6, 8, 12, and 16 inches. Its ability to keep dust and debris away from the motor makes it valuable. It has an enclosed base, which helps reduce the noise and vibration that comes from straightening and flattening wood. The enclosed base gives the jointer more stability as well as protection.

Open Stand Jointer:

This is the one without an enclosed base, meaning the motor is exposed. It is relatively cheap compared to the other types of jointers and can easily be transported. However, it is a bit noisier when compared to other jointers that have enclosed bases. Note that it can either be 6 or 8 inches.

Bench Top Jointer

It is basically for smaller jobs. It is the smaller version or modified version of a closed stand jointer. It can be 6” or 8”

Other types of jointer include Acrylic jointer, brick jointers, flat combination jointers, etc. All these jointers can be found in the market but are not as popular as the mentioned jointers and are relatively not widely used by woodworkers.

Width of the bed and cutting depth:

Jointers come with different bed widths. And the depth at which it can cut through lumbers also varies. A jointer bed width could either be 6″ or 8″. The price of a jointer mostly depends on the bed width it comes with. That is, the larger the width, the more it will cost. 

The bed width of a jointer determines the size of boards you can work on with the jointer. While the cutting depth determines the number of passes you will need to make to get your workpiece to flatten and straighten. A jointer that makes 1⁄8” to 3⁄4” depth is usually preferable when getting a jointer as it brings about uniformity.


Another important factor to consider is the motor power of the jointer you are buying. The motor of a jointer is what powers the cutter head to make smooth cuts. Most jointers come with a 10-amp motor that makes a speed of 6000RPM and can move the cutter head to make 20,000 cuts per minute. However, there are other jointers equipped with more powerful motors that can do much more. You should check the motor capacity of a jointer and compare it to your woodworking tasks before you make a purchase. 

Cutter head design:

The cutter head is what houses the blade/knife used for cutting in a jointer. There are three cutter head designs used in a jointer. They are knife-based cutter head, spiral cutter head with carbide steel inserts, and helical spiral head with carbide steel inserts. Knife-based cutter heads have become obsolete, with manufacturers using spiral and helical cutterheads in new jointers. There is no difference between the helical head and the spiral cutter head aside from the position of the inserts. So, you can go for a spiral cutter head jointer or a helical head jointer. 

Manufacturer & warranty: 

Knowing that a product you are looking to buy is made from a seasoned and reputable manufacturer is very important because it gives you assurance that you are getting nothing but quality. And whatever jointer you are looking to get should come with a warranty to keep you assured, should there be any mishap or factory deficiencies. Some jointers come with a 3-year warranty, while some with a 5-year warranty. You should check out the warranty of the jointer you intend to purchase before purchasing

How To Use A Jointer Safely

As easy as it may appear, there are still some technicalities involved in safely handling a jointer. For someone relatively new to the machine, it is compulsory you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the manual. The manual guides you to properly set up the jointer and avoid hazards.

After the careful set-up of your jointer, be sure to check that your outfeed table is in line with your blade when they are at 90°. As it is very important that they are inclined if everything is to go smooth. Once that is done, the next line of action is to wax your machine using a towel. After waxing the machine, a clean rag should be used to wipe off excess wax to prevent your lumber from getting sticky. And to allow smooth passage of your lumber across your tables (infeed and outfeed tables).

You can then place your board on the table and pass it through the machine using grip locks as a means to guide them through the surface of the table without fear of getting cut by the blades. The number of times you do this is dependent on how smooth and straightened you want your board to be. 

Just like any other woodworking power tool, a jointer can be harmful if not careful. To avoid mishaps, you must keep the following safety tips in mind. 

  • Wear safety glasses and a headphone to protect you from dust and noise that comes from the jointer.
  • Make sure the table and fence adjustment lock are firmly secure before the machine is used. And be sure to check occasionally during work (when the jointer is non-functional).
  • Do not try to make adjustments during operation.
  • Avoid heavy cuts that might jam the cutter head.
  • When passing the wood across the table, keep both hands on top of the board and use grip locks.
  • Never try manipulations that do not require the use of the fence.
  • Always stand at the side of the jointer by the cutter head.
  • Once the machine begins to malfunction, it is advisable you stop immediately and call the attention of a superior or seek specialist aid.
  • Once the jointer is no longer in use, do well to clean the debris around the jointer.

 Should I Buy A Jointer Or A Thickness Planer?

The importance of both power tools cannot be overemphasized when it comes to woodworking. Many woodworkers sometimes find themselves in situations where they need to pick one out of the two because they can’t afford to buy both at that moment. 

However, if a need to pick one arises, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for the planer. You will be able to achieve more with the planer on its own than you will with a jointer. The jointer is used to flatten one surface and square up to one edge, and that is the only thing you can use it for.

In comparison, a thickness planer can serve multiple purposes such as thicknessing and smoothen or flatten rough lumber. Although, the edges of the lumbers will be rough and not square but that can be taken care of using a saw or a hand plane. 

A thickness planer is more functional and more of a valuable choice if you are to pick between it and a jointer. However, some manufacturers produce a jointer and planer in one machine. If you have the budget, buying a 2-in-1 jointer/planer machine will be advantageous for your woodworking applications.

Final Thought

We have come to the end of this article. Each jointer that made it to this list, either 6 inch or 8 inch has been thoroughly reviewed. We’ve covered all their spec, capacity, functionality, pros, and cons. If you made it to this point, we are sure you have found the best one for your woodworking needs. We also educated you on the factors to consider before choosing a jointer and how to safely use a jointer. 

In conclusion, we hope we have been able to cover all your questions concerning a jointer. If you need any clarity, do not hesitate to drop comments. 

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