10 Best Auto Detailing Heated Carpet Extractors Review 2021

Homeowners that use carpets, day in, day out, entertain visitors of their friends or children’s friends. They and these visitors quite often get the carpets dirty with their shoes or food spills. 

Offices have people breezing in and out daily, which gets their carpet stained very often. Having a dirty carpet is terrible.

Not only does it looks horrible, but its a breeding ground for infection-causing allergens, bacterias, and mites. Keeping these carpets clean is challenging.

Both homeowners and mobile detailers are looking for a cost-efficient, versatile, easy to use, powerful auto detailing carpet extractor to make cleaning the carpets easy.

best auto detailing heated carpet extractors reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best auto detailing heated carpet extractors available today to help with this.

Top 5 Best Hot Water (Heated) Carpet Extractors for Auto Detailing Comparison:



water lift




JaniLink Premium Portable Carpet Extractor

228 Inches

500 PSI


Powr-Flite PFX1080ESP Hot Water Carpet Extractor

150 Inches

100 PSI


Sandia 80-2100-H Sniper Commercial Extractor

205 Inches

100 PSI


Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor

108 Inches

35 PSI


Our 10 Best Auto Detailing Heated Carpet Extractors:

Here is the list and review of our top 10 best hot water carpet extractors for auto detailing jobs. Keep reading-

1. JaniLink Premium 500 PSI Portable Carpet Extractor Machine

If you are familiar with auto carpet extractors, then the name JaniLink shouldn’t be new to you. JaniLink has been in the janitor supply industry for 30 years, and this premium portable carpet cleaning machine has been their best seller for ten years now. 

This extractor offers a long-lasting solution to all carpet cleaning problems. It is portable, quiet, versatile, mobile, and its power is close to that of a trunk mount.

It also has two tanks. An 11-gallon clean water tank capacity to store solution for cleaning the carpet. And a 13-gallon recovery tank for storing the dirty solution removed from the carpet after cleaning.

It comes equipped with three 2-stage strong vacuum motor for thorough carpet cleaning of any room size. These vacuum motors’ have power controls that help regulate the power the machine requires to operate. 

If you find yourself with a limited power supply using this machine, you can easily switch the power controls of any of the motors to manage the power available. This feature helps complete any professional detailing task even if there are power issues.

With its powerful vacuum motors having high CFM, it lifts dirt and solutions out of the carpet of about 19ft of height, ensuring the carpet is dry after cleaning.

Its self-adjusting wand maximizes the engine’s suction power irrespective of the height and angle of use. The wand’s steelhead is super lightweight and at the same time, strong enough for not just carpet but also tiles and concrete floor.

This extractor’s unique feature is its two independent water heaters (1000W each) that heat water to 98.9 °C. With this temperature, you can dissolve any tough stain on the carpet with ease. Thanks to their separate switches, the heater works independently. So you can decide to use one and leave the other.

Its powerful pump for spraying water or cleaning solution into the carpet at 500PSI dissolves tough stains and specks of dirt on the carpet. If 500PSI is too much for the carpet you’re cleaning; perhaps it’s a delicate carpet, the pressure can be lowered to prevent damaging the carpet. Thus, this machine is versatile for use on different kinds of carpet. 

It comes with large wheels and a 25ft solution and vacuum hose for convenient use and mobility around the home. You get for free a 4″ universal no-drip detail tool, JL superspotter, 007 bottle hostler, 5″ rough pad, JL mini bonnet blaster, and a unique pad holder when you purchase this machine. 


  • It doesn’t need a compressor
  • It’s straightforward to use
  • Extremely powerful with a sturdy build quality
  • Made in America
  • Comes packed with essential accessories for easy cleaning on multiple surfaces


  • None

2. Mytee HP-120 Grand Prix Hot Water Extractor

Taking the second spot on our list is the Mytee Grand Prix Hot Water Extractor with 120PSI.

It’s important to know that the Mytee Grand Prix hot water extractor revolutionized the auto detailing industry when it came with one power cord to power its pump, vacuum, and heater. 

Being the first to do this, they became a go-to extractor in auto detail shops and mobile detailers. 

This auto detailing extractor features a sturdy roto-molded polyethylene housing, a powerful 3-stage LA (low amp) vacuum motor used to carry out all its vacuuming tasks.

As a result of this motor’s power, this extractor machine can lift water from the carpet up to 10.8ft and produce 100 CFM to dry up the carpet. 

It features the Grand Prix patented REAL HEAT™ system that works with a power of 1,200W to heat water to a temperature of 98.8°C. This temperature is enough to destroy any stubborn stains on the carpet.

It comes with a 10-gallon solution tank to store water or cleaning solution used for cleaning, and a 9-gallon recovery tank for storing used water. Plus, it has a drain valve to drain used water and solution into a standard bucket.

Additionally, its pump sprays water/cleaning solution at 120PSI, powerful enough to dissolve some tough stains. However, it can’t go beyond 120PSI. So, if you need a higher PSI pump, you’ll need to consider another extractor.

The 25-inch single power cord lights up when connected to a power source with its required power supply. The pump, vacuum, and heater all have their separate switches.

The 15-inch vacuum and solution hose combo makes detailing with this machine easy and fun. With the 10-inch front wheels and big handle, transporting this machine is convenient. It’s not hectic to move from place to place, which is perfect if you are a mobile detailer.

It comes with a 4″ upholstery tool and other essential accessories to boost productivity. It has a year’s warranty on its vacuum motor, pump, and heater, during a 5-year warranty on its housing. 


  • Powerful suction
  • Heavy duty and high-quality
  • Easy mobility
  • Comes with warranty
  • Easy to use 


  • PSI isn’t too high

3. Powr-Flite PFX1080ESP Hot Water Carpet Extractor 

Powr-Flite is another elite brand that has been producing standard commercial floor cleaning equipment for 49 years. Their expertise and technologies are visible in the PFX1080ESP Hot Water Carpet Extractor.

This extractor features a durable dual 2-stage vacuum motor for the powerful removal of dirt and water from the carpet. These robust vacuum motors produce a water lift of 12.5ft and a 97 CFM, ensuring the carpet is spotless and dry.

Its 100PSI pump provides water and solution spraying power to tackle tough stains and grease on a carpet. This pump PSI is relatively low and cannot take on tough stains that require a PSI of 100 and above to clean.

It has a 10-gallon solution tank capacity for storing water or spraying solution and an 8-gallon recovery tank for storing used water. With these tanks, you can clean multiple rooms without bothering of adding or draining solutions at intervals.

Also, it has a drain hose situated at the front for easy draining of used water. 

This extractor’s inline heater uses a 1,700W power supply to boil water to a high temperature enough to dissolve stubborn stains on the carpet. So rest assured, you’ll get a steady hot water supply with this machine. With the switches for the pump, heating element, and vacuum motor located at the extractor’s top, operating this extractor is easy and convenient.

It uses two 25-inch power cords to operate, one for the pump and vacuum motors, and the other for the heater.

However, it trips circuit breakers, so don’t plug in the same room. It has big 10-inch wheels at the front for easy movement on staircases, and a small one at the back to aid movement. 

When you purchase, packaged with this machine are 20ft vacuum and flexible hose and a high-quality steel wonder wand with two spray jets that allow adequate solution into the carpet without soaking the pads. You as well get a one-year warranty on its pump, heater, and vacuum motors, and a five-year warranty on its housing. 


  • Oversized wheels for easy mobility
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and effective engine
  • Good ergonomic design
  • It has a warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • It may trip the circuit breaker
  • Pump PSI is 100, which may not be sufficient for some stains removal 

4. Sandia 80-2100-H: Best Portable Carpet Extractor for Auto Detailing

The Sandia sniper commercial extractor is a premium extractor backed by the CRI. It has the name sniper because of its precision with taking out stains and dirt from any carpet surface. It is a reliable machine for any auto detailing business demands.

It functions with a double 2-stage vacuum motor capable of 17.1ft water lift from the carpet. Ensuring fast removal of dirt and fast-drying after wash.

These robust vacuum motors feature a patented air inflow design that self cools with an in-built cooling fan. The fan works by circulating internal hot air with outside air around the engine. This design prevents overheating of the machine, which boosts its durability.

The pump equipped in this extractor sprays water at 100PSI, which is enough pressure to remove hardened stains on the carpet. It carries a 12-gallon solution to store water/cleaning solution for prolonged use on multiple carpets, reducing cleaning time.

With a 12-gallon angled recovery tank that drains all wastewater complete after keeping during cleaning. 

Its heating units is a 2000W inline heater that heats water to 93.3°C. This high temperature can dissolve stubborn stains on the carpet, making it easier to remove.

The pump, heater, and dual vacuum motors all have separate switches. Its units are protected with a rigid housing made from roto-molded polyethylene that withstands heavy use in harsh environments. 

The 10-inch semi-pneumatic wheel of this extractor makes movement on staircases a no-brainer. It uses two 25ft power cord to operate all its units, and a 25-foot long hose for vacuum and solution.

Additional accessories may include “S” shaped stainless steel wand with dual spray jets and 4″ stainless steel upholstery tool, etc. Its housing has a lifetime warranty, with two-years on pump and motors exclusively, a year on all electrical components, and 90 days on accessories.


  • Self-cooling system 
  • Certified by the CRI
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Big wheels for easy mobility


  • Unknown CFM
  • PSI may not be sufficient for some carpets

5. Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor

The aqua power C4 auto carpet extractor design is different from a conventional machines, making it one of the best hot water extractor. Not only does it have a sturdy and functional construction, but it also has a simple and stylish appearance.

A former co-founder of the renowned Rug Doctor made this machine, which means it’s designed to meet all the carpet cleaning demands. This claim is also backed by the Platinum rating of this carpet cleaning machine from CRI.

It features a high-performance two-stage vacuum motor that delivers thorough cleaning on carpet surfaces. This vacuum motor has a water lift of 9ft with 112 CFM that guarantees the carpet is dry after cleaning. Its body parts and components are made from commercial-grade cast aluminum for long term use. 

The power brush that does the heavy duty cleaning is located at the feet of the machine. It works by riding the extractor on the flat surface of the carpet.

Around the brush is an in-depth suction vacuum guide to provide suction power. It comes with a hand upholstery tool attachment to help reach problematic areas the machine can’t get.

Designed to make cleaning easy, it employs a collapsible and adjustable handle for convenient use.

The handle can adjust to four different height levels accommodating people of various heights, and it can collapse for easy transportation of the extractor. All the controls of this machine are on the adjustable handle for easy and convenient operation.

The pump it’s equipped with a 35 PSI pressure for spraying water/solution into the carpet. However, this pressure may not wipe off some stubborn stains easily.

On top of that, it doesn’t come with a heater. So, you’ll have to pre-heat water before use, which may be tedious and less effective.

What’s more? The machine comes with two 4-gallon tanks—A removable recovery tank for storing dirty water and easily detachable to empty, and a 4-gallon solution tank.

These gallons and the housing of the machine are constructed from modeled polyethylene. Then it has a large wheel for balancing and maneuverability.


  • Cheaper extractor compared to machines in its league
  • Good cleaning tool
  • Well throughout designs
  • It is easy to use and give outstanding results
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • CRI platinum-certified
  • One year warranty


  • Pump pressure is low
  • No heater

6. JANILINK Premium II Heated 220 PSI Portable Carpet Extractor

Suppose you love the JaniLink Premium 500 PSI, but you can’t get it due to its cost, then this premium II heated 220 PSI portable carpet extractor is for you.

It has the same design, the same construction, and the same features as the premium I. The only difference is in the power of the pump, which is lesser than the premium I.

It features a pump that sprinkles water/solution at 220 PSI pressure. This pressure is lower than its counterpart that has 500PSI pressure. But don’t be deceived by this; the 220PSI pressure is sufficient to destroy some tough stains on any carpet.

There’s the 11-gallon water tank to store solution for cleaning the carpet. And a 13-gallon recovery tank for storing the dirty solution removed from the carpet after heavy duty cleaning. So this machine is well packed for productive cleaning experience.

Like its counterpart, It comes equipped with three 2-stage strong vacuum motor, all having individual power controls that help regulate the power the machine requires to operate.

These vacuum motors produce a 19ft water lift. Also, it uses two independent water heaters (1000W each) with separate switches that heat water to 98.9 °C enough to dissolve any tough stain on the carpet with ease. 

It also comes with wheels and a 25ft solution and vacuum hoses for convenient use and mobility around the home.

The lightweight extractor is strong enough to get rid of most stubborn stains and dust particles. You’ll feel like a professional detailer when is possession of this great machine.

The Janilink premium is $700 more costly than the premium II. So if you love the Janilink carpet extractor features and can’t afford the one with 500PSI, then this one with 220PSI is a sweet bargain.

You get for free a 4″ universal no-drip detail tool, JL super spotter, 007 bottle hostler, 5″ rough pad, JL mini bonnet blaster, and a unique pad holder when you purchase this machine. 


  • Works perfectly 
  • An excellent alternative to the Janilink premium I
  • Sturdy build
  • Comes with essential accessories for easy cleaning on multiple surfaces


  • Carpet takes 4 hours to dry unless vacuumed two or more extra times without spraying water/solution

7. Mytee HP60 Spyder Heated Car Vehicle Detail Extractor

If you are a mobile detailer or need a portable detailing machine for your home, this Mytee HP60 spyder heated car upholstery detail extractor is highly recommended.

It is portable but potent and durable. The casing is made from roto-molded polyethylene, which resists rust and dents. 

This extractor may be small in size, but it comes with a high-performance 3-stage LA (low amp) vacuum motor for effective cleaning.

It has an impressive 130″ water lift and 100 CFM, which is enough to get good cleaning results with quick drying time. 

The extractor carries a 5-gallon solution tank and a 5-gallon recovery tank to make the job easier. So you won’t have to fill water or empty wastewater at every small interval.

Also, it has a drain valve for easy draining of sewage. So detailing with this machine is very productive and time-efficient. 

Like the Grand Prix, this machine’s pump sprays water/cleaning solution at 120PSI, powerful enough to dissolve some tough stains.

It works alongside a powerful heater of 1,200W to heat water to a maximum temperature of 210°. This water temperature is enough to destroy any stubborn stain on the carpet.

Each of the machine’s three significant components has a separate control switch situated at the top for convenient operation.

It features a single 25-inch power cord for the entire unit, which lights up when connected to a power source with its required power supply. With its single cable, you won’t bother about finding multiple power sources because a single one is all it needs

Accompanied by the spyder detail extractor are 15-inch vacuum, and solution hoses with the Spyder patented Heatguard™ hosewrap to prevent leaving marks on carpet and upholstery. It also has small wheels for easy movement from place to place.


  • Powerful suction
  • Heavy duty and high-quality
  • Fast water heater
  • Comes with warranty
  • Portable and easy to use 


  • Pump PSI isn’t too high

8. Sandia 50-4000 Spot-Xtract Spot Extractor 

The Sandia brand makes another entry into our list, this time around with the Sandia 50-4000 spot-Xtract extractor.

It is a portable spot extractor for quick, effective removal of spots from carpet surfaces. It is made with lightweight roto-molded polyethylene to withstand dents and heavy use.

Owing to the lightness of its housing and its size, this machine is easy to transport. It as well has ball-bearing wheels at both sides and a handle for guided mobility on terrains. 

It’s equipped with a 2-stage Ametek 804W vacuum motor that produces 76″ water lift, alongside 100 CFM for powerful cleaning and quick drying time.

The 3-gallons recovery and solution tanks help to make the cleaning process easy. The machine’s pump sprinkles water at 55PSI, which is relatively strong enough to remove stains. 

Mounted on top of the extractor is a 600 Watt inline heater for heating water and cleaning solution up to 93.33°C. This solution temperature is more than enough to dissolve any stubborn stain.

It uses a single 20ft safety power cord to power its entire unit. When you buy this machine, it’s packaged with a 15-inch vacuum and solution host, and a 4-Inch stainless steel upholstery tool. 

Another nice thing about this machine is its warranty. It has a lifetime warranty on its casing, two-years on pump and motor, a year on electrical components, and 90-days on tools and accessories.

The spot-Xtract extractor is excellent at what it does, but it has limitations. If you remove just spots on carpets, it should be your go-to, but if it’s a full carpet cleaning, go for another extractor with a stronger pump and engine that goes beyond spot cleaning.


  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Cheap and offers good value for money
  • Uses a single cord to power its pump, vacuum, and heater units
  • Effective at removing spots


  • It can’t take on full carpet heavy duty cleaning effectively
  • The hoses it comes with are poorly made.

9. Powr-Flite PFX1085EAW2 Hot Water Airwatt Carpet Extractor

The Power-Flite Airwatt is arguably one of the best carpet extractors on our list. It is a premium carpet extractor that has the gold CRI certification for its performance in carpets cleaning.

This machine delivers high-performance cleaning power with its fantastic well-built units. It is an upgrade of the Powr-Flite PFX1080ESP Hot Water Carpet Extractor.

Functioning with a dual 2-stage Ametek vacuum motor, this extractor has the power to cause a water lift of 220″ capable of incredible carpet cleaning. It also produces 101 CFM, which dries up the carpet fast.

These vacuum motors do not only have high-power, but they also have a self-cooling fan, which preserves the engine from overheating. They are low amp, which uses much less electricity and doesn’t trip circuit breakers much.

The strength of this extractor is in its pumping force. Its high-quality CAT pump sprays water/solution at 500PSI pressure, which can also be reduced for delicate carpets.

It regulates from 50-500PSI. So you can control it to prevent damages to carpets with a soft texture. This extractor carries a 10-gallon solution tank and an 8-gallon recovery tank.

At the front of the extractor is a drain hose for accessible emptying dirty water stored in the recovery tank. 

Its inline 1,800W heater boils water to a high temperature sufficient to breakdown lingering stains on the carpet.

The moisture protected controls for the pump, heater, and vacuum motor located at the extractor’s top for easy and convenient operation. It comes with the Powr-Flite patented steelhead wonder wand that’s designed to reduce user fatigue.

The wand’s solution control process uses two spray jets that allow good solution into the carpet without wetting the pads.

This extractor’s double power cords are 25ft long and safe to use—one for powering the pump and vacuum motors, and the other for powering the heater.

It has handle mounted transport wheels at the front and two 10-inch wheels at the back for easy mobility on staircases.

This extractor includes a 20-inch vacuum hose with an insider solution line packaged with it. The Airwatt carpet cleaning machine has five years warranty on its housing and two years on the other components. 


  • Strong CAT pump with 500PSI
  • Low amp vac motor
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good ergonomic design
  • It has a warranty
  • Doesn’t trip circuit breakers


  • None

10. Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor Machine

The Mytee brand is all about producing powerful portable carpet extractors that deliver incredible cleaning results. Their Mytee lite 8070 is no doubt one of their finest carpet extractor machines.

It is their best selling auto detailing extractor and upholstery machine. The compact size, efficiency, and storage carrying basket coupled with the wheels make this extractor perfect for mobile detailing. 

It works with the Mytee upgraded single 3-stage vacuum motor that recovers dirt and solution from the carpet with 130″ water lift and dries it with 100 CFM. It uses a 5-gallon solution tank that has two ways of filling.

You can either connect the tank’s faucet fill hose to a tap or fill up a bucket and turn it into the gallon. There’s also a 5-gallon recovery tank to store all the dirty water removed from the carpet during the cleaning process.

With its 120PSI pump, the Mytee extractor can take on tough stains. The 1000W inline heater produces enough heat (210° maximum) to the solution for penetrating hardened stains.

The extractor’s handle comes with a convenient carrying basket for your tools, accessories, and anything you need on the job site. 

All three controls for the pump, vacuum motor, and heater are at the back of the machine and need to be engaged in a specific manner to avoid locking the engine.

It uses a single 25ft cord to power the entire units. There are 6-inch wheels at the back of this extractor to help move them on staircases for mobility. Its roto-molded polyethylene casing withstands rusts and dents.

Its package includes a 15ft vacuum and internal solution hose, upholstery tool, drain hose, and the Heatguard™ hosewrap. 


  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Great ergonomic design
  • Works well
  • The heater works exceptionally well


  • It doesn’t last long
  • May start leaking from an unknown place

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How to Choose the Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor

If you are curious about the process we have followed to pick the top 10 professional detailers and diy auto detailing carpet cleaning machines, here is our buying guide-

Cleaning Performance

The primary function of your auto detailing heated carpet extractor is to remove stains and dirt. Once it fails at that, the motor speed or hot water spray or fancy design is useless. You need to consider how well the extractor removes dirt practically, from experience, review or specification.

Ten to twenty wipes should remove every available dirt, both the wet and dry stains. The hot water is blown off, and the solution for cleaning should also be sucked up to a very reasonable extent, in order to allow fast drying of the carpet.

Performance and cleaning efficiency are heavily dependent on the pump’s pressure and the power of the vacuum. Regardless, it is notable that some low specification extractors can outshine some with higher attributes, experience and review matters a lot.

seeing carpet extraction difference

Weight and Portability

If you are into auto detailing business as a constant practice, then, its best you go for an extractor that is light in weight. Not only will you be able to operate and move it about easily and quickly, but it will also take less space to keep.

If your business is mobile and you need to move around, you definitely need a carpet extractor that is light in weight and not too big. An average detailing job takes approximately 30 minutes for completion, you’ll be able to do multiple jobs per day if the size and weight are optimal.

Also, some auto detailing extractors can be hanged on the wall; this is a function that will save you a lot of space. This small advantage can make a big difference to your ease of storage and retrieval. However, small size often comes with less functionality than that of the big machines.

Power of Vacuum

Detailing extractors either comes with 3-stage motor or 2-stage motor. Though the difference may not be significant, especially in performance, the 3-stage motor has more motor power.

A typical auto detailing carpet extractor normally has a 12-volt vacuum power to run with time expectations. Note that when dealing with the car interior detailing services, the vacuum power may not be the supreme factor.

The vacuum power is a primary requirement, but it may not really be needed to the extreme before you achieve effective detailing. Some auto detailing heated carpet extractor allows you to see the vacuum extractor working through a see-through glass, this is not a necessary advantage. Still, just a fancy experience, some users seem to enjoy. Honestly, it can be a cure if boredom ever sets in.

Pressure of Pump

The detailing extractor’s performance rate and efficiency are heavily depending on the pump pressure; it is half of the cleaning process, alongside the vacuuming. When the soapy mixture/compound is right, and hot water is intact, the pump pressure can be way more important than the actual vacuum power.

The rate at which content is sprayed is of great importance too, it must be relative to how quick your swipes are. The pressure should be sufficient enough to get the solutions blown deep into the ‘ruggy’ carpet; this is the pre-cleaning process that dictates how well the job will be done.

Pound-force per square inch (PSI) is the unit of pressure mostly used to score the pump pressure; you should check out for that before purchasing your extractor. It is always a case of ‘the higher, the better’, but you shouldn’t necessarily spend all your money on extra PSI values that are not actually needed for your detailing purposes.

Having around 100 PSI won’t be a bad idea, but you definitely need to have adjustable PSI function when you require the ability to work on different textures and surfaces. Having adjustable PSI also allows your extractor to be more versatile and applicable to things other than car carpets.

Length of Cord/ Cordless Options

Corded extractors are more common in the professional scene for a couple of reasons. They can be used over a longer period and generally have bigger tanks. If you are going for a corded carpet extractor, make sure the cords are long enough to provide you with the freedom and ease of use. Not only should the hose be long, but it should also be flexible enough to accommodate for turns and twists.

On the other hand, the cordless extractors are handheld and more portable, but you have to recharge them after every full car detailing performed.

Power Sources

The 12v car outlets typically available in cars can power some extractors; you might want that for the main power source or extra vacuum power. Alternatively, the use of external batteries will save you the stress of looking for a socket to plug to, but there is a limit to how long the battery can run. Instead of always having extra batteries charged down for a long stretch of work, it is best to go for extractors that can work on direct connections and batteries. However, we don’t recommend considering this as a significant factor over the other crucial ones. Consider this as a bonus, if everything ticks.

Heating Capacity

I have already stated how important it is for sprays to go deep down into the carpet; it is equally essential for the hot water to be adequately heated. Poorly heated water definitely has less cleaning efficiency. Finally, it is not a debate; heated extractor is better than regular extractors.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hot Water Extractors For Car Detailing

When deciding on the best auto detailing carpet extractor to buy, there are three significant factors to look out for. The first is the power of the vacuum motors; the second is the heater; the third is the pump’s power.

All these factors are what make a carpet extractor deliver incredible results. The stronger these units are, the more efficient the extractor. 

We considered all these factors when compiling this list, and we hope our list has guided you to the carpet extractor for your needs.

It’s crucial you know that these units are to be turned on in a particular order when using a carpet extractor.

The first switch to turn on is the pump, then the heater, and lastly, the vacuum motor. This order will help the machine last longer.

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