7 Best Band Saw Under $1000 & $500 [Reviewed in 2021]

Do you need to make clean and accurate cuts in metal, wood, plastic, and tiles? Then you need a band saw!  

A band saw is a powerful tool that operates with cutting blades to deliver the most precise cuts to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing materials. 

Moreso, they are economical, portable, and easy to use. Some functions with a power cord, while some, with LITHIUM-ION batteries. 

Choosing a band saw for your cutting needs can be exhausting because of the different varieties of band saws available in the market. 

best band saw under 1000

However, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore because we’ve put together a very detailed list of the 7 best band saws under 1000 reviews in 2020 to streamline your search. So, take a look!





WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw

Best Under 1500

JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch Band Saw

Runner Up Under 1500

Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

Best Under 1000

Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw Kit

Runner Up Under 1000

Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw

Best Under 500

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw Kit

Runner Up Under 500

Our 7 Best Band Saw Under 1000 Picks:

Here are our top 7 band saw recommendations that come at under 1000-

1. WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw

WEN is a famous name among tools users. The brand has consistently produced top-notch power tools for over 70 years.

As a result, they have become one of the favorite brands amongst technicians, plumbers, mechanics, etc., when it comes to power tools. This 14-inch WEN 3966T two-speed band saw showcases their expertise in radiant light. 

It functions with a powerful 9.5 amp motor that provides adequate power for its cutting activities. Additionally, this motor operates at two speeds. You can either run it on 1480FPM or 3280FPM, depending on the tasks at hand. With either of these speed, you get a clean and perfect cut.

Thanks to its 100¾” blades, this band saw effortlessly cuts wood, metals, tile, etc., to a depth of 8.85″ and width of 13⅜”. Therefore, it is versatile for cutting many materials. However, it uses only blades from ⅛” to 1″ width for diverse complex and powerful cuts.

Most importantly, the WEN 3966T band saw has a large working table (21½” x 15¾”), which is big enough to place your workpiece. This table flexibility allows it to bevel up to an angle of 45°, making your working process fast and convenient. It also saves up space in your workshop.

The top housing features a small window that shows the blade tension gauge. You can determine if the installed blade has the right tension with respect to its width through this gauge. Also, it has ball bearing guides for easy operation and durability.

Furthermore, this 14″ band saw comes equipped with a ½” blade and an adjustable flashlight to lighten the worktable. It features a built-in circle guide for producing accurate circles and arches up to a diameter of 32″.

Plus, a 3 in 1 dust port for connecting dust extractor hoses of 1¾” 2¾” and 4″ sizes. It also has an excellent sawdust collecting drawer, a rip fence for producing excellent vertical cuts, and a nice miter gauge to achieve angled cuts.

The WEN 3966T band saw has an easy-to-assemble stand for elevation when space on the workbench is a concern. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Two-speed options
  • Blade tension gauge
  • Circle guide
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful and accurate straight cuts


  • Installation of new blades is always tedious

2. JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch Band Saw

The JET company has been producing an extensive collection of highly demanded woodworking tools since 1998.

Efficiency and reliability are the perks of this brand and are the JWBS-14CS 14” band saw attributes. This JWBS-14CS is for those who require a portable band saw due to a small workshop space.

Thanks to its enclosed nature, users get plenty of room to engage in different woodworking projects. 

This band saw fundamental parts are made with powder-coated cast-iron frames to provide stability and rigidity.

Plus, the cast-iron frames ensure a low vibration operation. JET balanced the working wheels of this band saw with a computer to ensure smooth spins and accurate blade tracking.

It uses a micro-adjustable blade guide to reduce friction while operating. Thus, giving it a longer lifespan. There’s also a roller bearing thrust guide to cool the running blades and minimize setup time for convenient working operations. 

Furthermore, this band saw has a cutting capacity of 6″ H x 13 ½” W of large wood pieces. It functions on a 1HP motor, which moves at a speed of 3,000 strokes per minute.

This speed, coupled with its ⅜”, 6.0 TPI cutting blade, delivers fast and reliable results. However, the minimum saw blade width it allows is ⅛”. In addition, it comes with a 15″ x 15″ offset cast-iron table that can tilt 45° right and 10° left, to support workpieces of different sizes.

The user-friendly 4″ dust port it comes with provides accessible dirt collection, which helps organize the spacious work table for visibility and keep it free from dirt.  

This band saw features a quick-connect electrical cord for convenient on/off of power supply when changing blades.

Plus, it has one adjustable tracking knob for simple blade tracking to ensure safe operation. The JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch band saw has 26″ W x 68″ H x 19″ L dimensions and weighs 185lb.

Also, it comes with a 5-year warranty and essential accessories. 


  • Functions with 1HP engine
  • Heavy-duty
  • Quick-connect cord
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with essential accessories 


  • Poorly made rip fence or miter gauge

3. Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

The Delta brand is one of the best woodworking manufacturing companies worldwide. After producing high-quality power tools for more than a century, their expertise knows no bounds.

Professionals in woodworking are accustomed to the high-quality associated with the Delta tools. This Delta 14″ 28-400 band saw is one of their best power tools.

It has a large cutting capacity of 13⅝” wide x 6″ thick and comes with a standard 93½ blade. However, it accepts blades of ⅛” min-width to ¾” max-width.

It operates with a 1HP, single-phase, dual voltage (115V/230V) TEFC engine to deliver enough power for any woodworking project.

The high quality machine can alternate between two speeds (1620FPM and 3340FPM) thanks to its dual-speed pulley system with tool-less belt tensioning that makes it versatile for cutting different material varieties. 

With sturdy steel frames coated with a premium aluminum finish to reduce tension, this band saw can withstand heavy use.

Furthermore, the rubber-coated solid aluminum up and down nine-spoke wheels of this Delta 28-400 band saw are precision balanced for excellent blade tracking. 

Plus, there are five precision ball bearing upper and lower blade guides to ensure accurate cutting. This band saw has a dust brush on the down wheel to keep the blade clean at all times.

It comes with a sizable cast-iron table (15¾” L x 18⅞” W x 40¾” H) that tilts 3° left to 45° right. Also, it has a positive stop at 90°.

The table has a standard size t-slot that allows all types of ¾” x ⅜” miter gauges. As a result, it can take on complex cutting jobs of different wood sizes. Furthermore, this Delta band saw comes with a steel stand (27″ L x 19″ W x 65 ½” H), as well as a 4″ integral dust port for a clean working environment.

Plus, it has a backing of 5-year parts warranty and labor. 


  • Made in the USA
  • High-quality and one of the best performance
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Durable


  • None

4. Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw Kit

The Milwaukee M18 is different from all the band saws reviewed above. It functions with LITHIUM-ION batteries (48-11-1828) that provides a cutting speed of 480 SFPM with no cord.

Because of its lightweight of 10¼ lbs and length of 18″, this compact band saw effortlessly cuts metal, woods, and tiles in ready-to-work, overhead, or compact positions. 

Milwaukee used a cast aluminum gear case on this M18 band saw to survive heavy use and beating. Also, it requires no external tool for any adjustments because its ergonomic design makes adjustments straightforward. 

The M18 tool has a large cutting capacity of 3¼” and produces minimal vibration when in operation. It delivers the most precise cut on popular materials such as strut, 2½” pipe, 3″ angle iron, 3″ copper, and threaded bar without wrecking the threads.

Its in-built LED work light provides illumination to cut lines in dark spaces. The work light is deliberately positioned in front of the band saw blade so you can use the shadow of the blade to line up your cut.

Plus, it has an adjustable material guide that allows even cuts when working with fixed materials on walls and ceilings.

Furthermore, it has a simplified blade ejection system that makes changing cutting blades comfortable by just shifting the material guide up and pressing the eject button revealed.

There’s a brush to keep specks of dirt off the drive wheel so it doesn’t enter the blade. There’s a dual-actuation trigger that provides increased control and productivity.

Also, the entire unit is backed with a five-year warranty. When you buy this tool, it comes in a box containing two high capacity LITHIUM-ION batteries and a multi-voltage charger.  


  • Works great without any blade drift
  • Cordless motor provides excellent performance
  • Compact size and lightweight for tight spaces
  • It can flush cut against walls and ceiling
  • LED light
  • Long-lasting battery
  • It has a box for easy organization and movement between job sites


  • Comes with an inferior blade

5. DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw Kit

DEWALT 20V portable band saw runs on a 20V max high-performance brushless motor that moves from 0 – 490 FPM.

This battery operated band saw has the power and duration to deliver superior cutting results. Its rectangular cutting capacity is 5″ x 4 ¾” while the circular cutting capacity of 4¾”.

This tool has a variable speed trigger & dial, which makes it ultra-versatile for cutting electrical, mechanical, and plumbing materials.

You can use blades of different thicknesses with the DEWALT 20V band saw, depending on the type of material you are working with.

This is because the DEWALT band saw has a tool-less blade changing lever. So changing cutting blades is very straightforward. You can also buy this versatile tool alongside a 14TPI blade, an 18TPI blade, and a 24TPI blade. 

Additionally, this band saw has a 20-sec delay LED flashlight that lights dim work surfaces to ensure accurate cutting.

And an integrated hook for hanging so the front handle doesn’t get damaged. Its lightweight (13.8lbs) and length (20¾”) makes it easy to use in tight and overhead spaces.

It comes with two 20V max 5Ah batteries and a charger packaged in a hard plastic case that will hold a couple of extra blades. Plus, it has a 3-year limited warranty. 


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Handy and lightweight 
  • Powerful with variable speed controls
  • Cordless saw comes with smooth blade alignment feature
  • Brushless motor
  • Ultra-versatile for cutting multiple materials


  • None

6. SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw

The Shop Fox W1715 is one of the most economical band saw on our list. Not only is it economical, but it’s also portable, ultra-versatile, and easy to use.

It operates with a powerful 110V, single-phase ¾ HP engine with a speed of up to 1,7255RPM, sufficient for a wide range of cutting demands. The compact design of this band saw makes it ideal for small shops and DIY projects. 

Furthermore, this band saw uses a 64-½” x ½” x 0.025 “sized blade to carry out all its cutting activities. The blades tilt right at a 45°. Its rectangular cutting capacity is 4½” and round cutting capacity of 4″ x 6″.

The W1715 has three cutting speed settings (78 FPM, 108 FPM, and 180 FPM) for cutting materials of different hardness. The speed changes by adjusting the V-belt placement.

With these varying speeds, it can easily cut metals, wood, plastic, etc., of different thicknesses. 

The W1715 has an in-built base that makes moving the machine easy. Plus, a ball bearing construction. It supports both vertical and horizontal cutting.

There’s a cast-iron vise to help hold a workpiece at an angle of 0° to 60° and a cast-iron stop to get consistent horizontal cuts. For vertical cutting, you’d have to install the vertical attachment to make curves or pattern cuts. 

Also, this band features a spring and handle that controls the feed rate. To achieve a slower feed rate, twist the handle clockwise to add tension to the spring.

In contrast, to accomplish a faster feed rate, turn anti-clockwise to remove pressure from the spring. Additionally, it has an in-built 4″ dust hood for clean operation. This band saw has an automatic shutoff when it’s done cutting.

Also, it comes with a wheeled steel stand for easier transportation within the workshop. With a two-year warranty on this tool, Shop Fox showcases confidence in it. 


  • Heavy-duty vertical and horizontal band saw combo
  • Three-speed options
  • Supports vertical and horizontal cutting
  • Comes with a sturdy cutting blade


  • It has no miter or rip fence.
  • Stand legs are weak, and the wheels sit too high

7. Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw: Best Band Saw Under 500

To round up this list is the Rikon 10-3061 10″ deluxe band saw. This Rikon 10-3061 deluxe band saw has all the essential features needed in a benchtop band saw. Its ½HP, 5.5Amp, 110V (60Hz), 1720RPM motor has enough power to deliver a cutting capacity of 5″ H x 9⅝” W.

In other words, this band saw can cut any material, be it an electrical, mechanical, or plumbing material.

This band saw uses a 5/16 x 70 ½” 6TPI bandsaw blade for all its cutting functions. It min and max blade widths are ⅛” to ½”. You have an option to choose between two cutting speeds (1515FPM or 3280 FPM), depending on the size and density of the stock.

This band saw features a sizable front guide rail with an adjustable scale. It has a heavy-duty cam-lock fence carrier beside a wide panel. Plus, an aluminum fence extrusion of 2⅜” H x 12 ¼” L dimensions. 

This Rikon band saw offers accurate cutting thanks to the tool-less blade guide equipped with it.

Also, there’s a quick-release blade tension lever, a large blade tracking knob, and a viewing window for a convenient operation. Safety is a priority with this machine owing to its safety paddle on/off switch. 

The Rikon deluxe band saw comes with a cast-iron table (13¾” x 12½”) that tilts 5° left and 45° right to accommodate stock of different sizes and lengths.

Thanks to the 2½” OD dust port that connects to standard workshop hoses, the working environment will remain neat at all times. Its miter gauge slot size is ⅝” x 14½”.

The overall dimension of this band saw is 34¼” H x 21″ W x 16¼ D. Also, the high quality machine weighs 77.5lb.


  • It has two-speed options
  • It has a rip fence and miter gauge
  • Heavy-duty construction for intricate cuts
  • Powerful engine yet lower price
  • Quick release lever and Table tilt for bevel cuts


  • Expensive
  • The spacious work table isn’t entirely flat

Best Band Saws Under 500 & 1000 Buying Guide

Buying a band saw is not an easy task to do, especially when you have budget limitations, a particular task in mind, and want the machine to last long. To ease your selection process, we have already enlisted 7 best band saws at different budget segments.

In case you are curious about our selection process, here are some of the significant determining factors that we took into account.

Objective of Purchase

Knowing the reason behind your purchase is important. That’s because of the versatile types and sizes of band saws available in the market. You’ll see band saws costing several thousand dollars, and there are band saws at around a hundred bucks price range as well.

Figuring out the reason behind the purchase will keep you on the right track in having the perfect band saw. Determine whether you need a massive one to do heavy-duty jobs or want a small product for occasional DIY use. This will help you to figure out the features that you should look for in the saw.

Motor Strength

The power of the motor is a crucial factor in the band saw selection process. For the heavy-duty to moderate jobs, you’ll need products that come with at least 1 horsepower motor.

A more powerful motor means faster and more efficient cutting. So, check that feature before you decide.

Band Saw Size

The size of the saw is another important factor. The higher size means the more freedom you get cutting stuff with the saw.

Generally, I recommend 14-inch models as they are not so heavy, nor they are too small to restrict you from working freely.

Weight of the Machine

Heavyweight machines are hard to move. But the more heavy-duty job you intend to do with the saw, the more heavyweight machine you will need.

For a perfect balance between the two, you should look for a band saw that comes with massive power yet with less weight. This will help you in moving the machine.

However, you will find many saws that are made lightweight by compromising the build quality. So, keep your eyes on the quality as well.

If you don’t have a plan to move the machine often from its place, we recommend skipping this step so that you don’t end up picking a low-quality unit. 

Precision Cutting

Cuts should result in pinpoint perfection. To achieve that, you need to have enough flexibility in blade tension. Plus, the machine must remain stable while operating at full force.

The absence of any of these features will make the cuts imperfect. Luckily, almost all known manufacturers make their machines with enough stability and blade tension flexibility. So, you should be able to achieve this pretty easily.

Your Budget

Here comes the main part! We recommend purchasing the best quality product possible for you at the given time. Because these tools are very handy and have great resell values.

If you go for a lower-end product now to save a hundred bucks, you may end up finding the same machine with only a size or motor strength difference after a year. At that moment, the saved hundred dollars may cost you more than a thousand.

Ease of Use

Who loves to use a machine that is so complicated to operate? No one! That’s why consider ease of use as a significant determining factor in most of our buying guides.

You’ll see us using this factor in homeowner’s tile saw, drywall sander, wood shaper, and many more. 

Plus, the machine should come with blade guard, laser guide, and other safety features for achieving smooth cuts without supervision of a professional woodworker.

Floor Standing Band Saw vs Benchtop Band Saw

Floor Standing vs Benchtop, which band saw to choose? Floor-standing models are heavy-duty, massive machines mostly built for the professionals or those who do a tremendous amount of cutting jobs.

Benchtop models, on the other hand, are for occasional or lite jobs that don’t require massive power or weight capacity.

Generally, floor standing models come with larger cutting tables and the benchtop models with smaller ones. Plus, the former models are stable on the ground while the benchtop models are less stable.

Additional Features 

Apart from the features, we have talked about above, some other factors play roles in our final decision making.

Those are- built-in work light that ensures better visibility while cutting, integrated dust collection systems, or having at least dust ports to connect with shop vacs, and features to keep the operator safe from any injury.

Plus, you should check the bevel capacity, the versatility of cutting blades, speed adjustments, and cutting table size.

As most of the modern tools nowadays pass these tests, including the low-quality models, we didn’t include these in our primary criteria in choosing the band saw. So that readers don’t get a fake feeling of quality whereas the product may not a good quality one.

Having said that, you should in no circumstances, keep these out of your selection process.

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Final Verdict

Getting a band saw under 1000 comes with its up and down. However, we hope we have guided your decision on which band saw to buy for your cutting needs without exceeding the budget.

Ensure you go for the right band saw with respect to your occupation. Of course, some band saw on our list cuts across all fields, but it’s necessary you buy the one that excels most in your work area. 

In conclusion, we’ve reviewed some of the top band saws available in the market, and each band saw has its uniqueness and features.

Note that for safety, you must unplug your band saw before adjusting the cutting blades. And always wear eye goggles while cutting a workpiece.

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