Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw Reviews 2021 [Top 7 Picks]

Do you prefer a barrel grip jigsaw? Professional woodworkers say the handle/grip of a jigsaw determines how easy it is to make a precise cut. 

However, this claim isn’t proven. It is known a barrel grip jigsaw provides more user control and visibility on cutting lines.

best barrel grip jigsaw reviews

Thus, producing more precise cuts. Regardless, it all boils down to preference. 

So if you prefer a barrel grip jigsaw or want to get one to experience its functionality, check out this buying guide of the 7 best barrel grip jigsaw in 2020.







Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit


7.2 Amp (Corded)


Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT Brushless Barrel Grip Jig Saw


5.0 Amp



MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL Barrel Grip Jigsaw


5.0 Amp



TACKLIFE Barrel Grip Jigsaw


6.7 Amp



Our 7 Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw Picks:

Here are the detailed reviews on the most authentic barrel grip jigsaws-

1. Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Festool Carvex Jigsaw Review

The Festool brand is at the forefront amongst manufacturers of high-performance power jigsaws and jigsaw blades. One of their masterpiece innovation is this Carvex PS 420 EBQ jigsaw.

At first glance, the Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw is a beauty to behold because of its aesthetically appealing design. It uses a plug-in power cord that works on 120V.

Its high-performance 400W brushless motor and MMC electronics enable it to cut through any material like a breeze. It produces 3,800 strokes per minute to give smooth, perpendicular curves, which reduces the need to sand cut surfaces.

At its rear is a variable speed dial that allows you to control its cutting speed per your job requirement. This jigsaw comes with heavy-duty one-piece splinter-guards, cut with its blade for precise zero-clearance, producing clean cuts with no tear-out or splinters.

Note that it has a wood cutting depth of 4¾”, a mild steel cutting depth of ⅜”, and an NF metal cutting depth of ¾”.

Furthermore, it features a carbide guidance system that comprises three-blades reinforcement with a sturdy support rod and carbide jaw that reduces blade drift and deflection.

This jigsaw offers a tool-free base-changing system with two base styles; a butterfly-style angle base and a circular cutting base. With these base-changing features, it easily adapts to a wide range of applications.

The on/off switch is at its side, and it’s a toggle-on, toggle-off switch style.

One standout feature of the Carvex PS 420 EBQ jigsaw is its 4-LED stroboscopic light that enhances blade visibility on cutting lines for accurate cuts.

Plus, it has an adjustable chip catcher to further aid visibility by removing dust, which keeps the work environment clean. This jigsaw has an ergonomic barrel-grip design that makes handling it comfortable.

It weighs 4.9lb and has a compact body of 4.33″ L x 11.61″ W x 15.55″ H size. It comes in an SYS 1 T-LOC systainer carrying case for easy transportation. Also included in the box are two T-shank jigsaw blades for wood.

Festool has a three-year warranty on this machine and free shipping for repairs within the time frame.


  • Heavy-duty machine with variable speed control
  • 4-LED stroboscopic light for blade visibility
  • Dust collection system
  • It gives precise cuts
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic body and barrel-grip
  • Comes with a carrying case & two T-shank blades for wood
  • Tool-less base changing system for adaptability in a wide range of applications


  • On/off switch style can be improved

2. Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK

Bosch Barrel Grip Jigsaw Review

This Bosch Barrel-Grip jigsaw has advanced technologies that enable it to deliver exceptional cutting results. It has a powerful 7.2 amp motor with an aluminum gearbox for high-performance and durability.

At its tail is a variable speed dial that allows you to control speed depending on your cutting job requirement.

With a no-load stroke of 800-3,000 SPM and a four orbital action setting for varying blade strokes, this jigsaw cuts different materials effortlessly. Its soft wood cutting capacity is 5.5″, aluminum cutting capacity is 0.875″, and mild steel cutting capacity is 0.375″. Its precision control II™ double-roller self-adjusting guidance system reduces blades deflection, which ensures accurate, clean cuts.

This corded jigsaw has bright LED lighting that illuminates cutting areas, and it has an on/off switch for user-preference. Coupled with the LED lighting are dust blowers that keep dust away from the workpiece, improving cut line visibility and maintaining a neat work environment.

Also, the dust blower has an on/off switch for a user-customized experience. There’s a large die-cast aluminum footplate for fast and comfortable bevel adjustments without tools. Note that its maximum bevel cut is 45°.

Additionally, it has a multi-directional base clamp that provides a firm grip for T-shank blades. However, it doesn’t accept U-shank blades.

This jigsaw has a one-touch blade changing system comprising of a blade insertion and ejection lever, which makes changing blades a simple task without the need to touch the outgoing hot blade. 

It has a constant response circuitry for steady speed under load and a balanced low-vibration mechanism for a smooth and flush operation.

Ergonomics is another aspect the Bosch jigsaw excels in. It features a well-thought-out design with a soft-grip area for efficiency and user-comfort. Plus a barrel-grip area for total user control.

This corded jigsaw is compact (9.93″ L x 4″ W x 7.2″ H) and weighs 4.9lb, which makes it lightweight and comfortable for prolonged use. It has a 12ft long power cord that has a 120V rating. When you buy this jigsaw, it comes in a carrying case consisting of a non-marring overshoe, anti-splinter insert, bevel wrench, and jigsaw blades.


  • 90-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty
  • One-touch blade changing system
  • Barrel-style corded jigsaw
  • Cuts accurately with internal precision control system
  • Heavy-duty 7.2 amp motor
  • Four orbital action
  • Carrying case
  • It has LED lighting and dust blowers feature with on/off switch for a user-customized experience


  • None

3. Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT Brushless Barrel Grip Jig Saw

Makita jigsaw review

The first battery-powered barrel grip jigsaw on our list is this Makita jigsaw. It functions with Makita’s cordless innovative brushless LXT motor to provide high-performance and efficient cuts.

This model XVJ01Z jigsaw uses an 18V LXT® Lithium-ion battery to power all its cutting activities. The LXT battery charges three times faster than standard batteries. It has a 50% extra run time, making the LXT brushless motor last 50% more than a regular brushless motor.

However, you’d have to buy the battery and charger separately.

Moreso, it has three orbital settings, coupled with level cutting for delivering precision cuts in a wide range of materials. It has a cutting speed range of 800-3,500 SPM, plus the 6-setting variable dial at its tail provides total user control.

Its maximum wood cutting capacity at 90° is 5-5/16″, maximum mild steel cutting capacity at 90° is ⅜”, and maximum aluminum cutting capacity at 90° is 25/32″.

This jigsaw base can make a left/right 0°- 45° bevel for improved cutting performance. Its dual On/Off button features a design that makes it compatible with left-handed and right-handed people.

Plus, it has a soft start feature that calmly starts so you can position the tool properly before cutting. The independent lock button protects workpieces.

The Makita model XVJ01Z jigsaw has an ergonomic barrel grip and rubberized soft handle that offers comfortable & firm nearby control to deliver accurate cuts. Furthermore, its blade changing system is so straightforward and doesn’t require any tool.

This jigsaw has dual LED lights to brighten the work area. It has an onboard dust blower to keep the line of cutting visible and the working environment clean. Its durable aluminum base has a steel plate, and together they provide perfect and accurate cutting.

This jigsaw weighs 5.5lb and doesn’t cause any discomfort to the arm when used for a long time. It has onboard storage for a hex wrench and comes with a jigsaw blade. However, it doesn’t have a casing for storage.

Also, it has protection against overheating and overloading. Makita has a three-year warranty on it.


  • Battery-powered so you won’t go through the hassle of cords
  • It gives smooth, accurate cuts
  • Nice barrel-grip for easy control
  • Soft start feature
  • 3-year warranty
  • Onboard dust blower
  • Dual bright LED light, tool less blade change
  • Protection against overloading


  • No casing

4. MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Another battery-powered barrel-grip jigsaw is the Milwaukee M18 FUEL barrel grip jigsaw. It uses the POWERSTATE brushless motor that produces enough power to cut woods and metals effortlessly.

This motor has a 6-setting variable speed dial that moves the blade from 0-3500 SPM, depending on job applications.

Moreover, the engine features a soft start that allows users to set it properly on a workpiece before moving into full speed when the blade’s internal electronic detects it in a material.

The POWERSTATE brushless motor is powered by the Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM 18V battery technology, enabling the jigsaw cuts approximately 105ft per full charge.

Additionally, this jigsaw features the Milwaukee REDLINK plus intelligence that offers optimized performance and overload protection by system communication between the battery, tool, and charger.

Thanks to the in-built cut line blower, it directs debris away from cut lines, which helps visibility for more precise cutting. The blower has an on/off switch to allow a user-customized experience.

Furthermore, there’s an LED light that illuminates the cut line. This jigsaw has positive stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° ensuring accurate bevel angles. It comes with an onboard hex key for quick bevel change.

Plus, it has a tool-free blade changing system and accepts only T-shank jigsaw blades.

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL has a quad-position orbital cutting that makes it versatile for different specific cutting. On its left and right sides are ambidextrous digital switches that provide easy access to power off the tool from any handling positions.

The ergonomic barrel grip gives comfortable and firm handling of the jigsaw. Plus, it’s compact (11.7″ L x 3.2″ W x 7.3″ H) and weighs 4.59lb. It comes with an anti-splinter guard, dust collection tube, dust cover, shoe guard, general-purpose jigsaw blade, but no casing.


  • Powerful, well designed, well balanced
  • No cord hassle
  • Comes with a general-purpose blade
  • Ergonomic barrel grip handle
  • LED light


  • On/off switch is digital, which may be weird to use for some people

5. TACKLIFE Barrel Grip Jigsaw

The Tacklife barrel grip jigsaw is very cheap and offers high-functionality. It has a 6.7 amps pure copper motor that powers all its cutting actions.

The motor enables this jigsaw to cut through thick and rigid materials comfortably. It has a six-setting variable speed dial that allows users to control its speed from 0-3100 SPM.

Plus, a four-orbital setting for accurate orbital action, making it versatile for a wide range of precise cutting applications.

This jigsaw barrel grip provides a closer-to-work operation, which offers extra control and stability when cutting.

Furthermore, the Tacklife barrel grip jigsaw features a precise laser beam that follows and zero in on the cutting line, enhancing straight cuts accuracy. Additionally, it has an LED light that illuminates the work area in dim light.

A single switch controls the laser and LED with four settings to suit your demand. Mode one turns on the laser only; mode two turns on the LED light only, mode three turns on the laser and LED light, while mode four turns off the laser and LED light.

However, ensure the laser corresponds with the cutting line before working with it. It has a user-manual to guide on setting up the laser.

Thanks to the dust blower, saw dust won’t settle on the cutting line, which keeps the work area neat.

You can extract dust effectively by connecting the jigsaw to a vacuum. The shoe of this jigsaw can bevel 0°-45° left or right to make accurate bevel cuts. It doesn’t need any tool to adjust.

All you have to do is loosen the spring loader level and adjust the shoe to your desired angle, then tighten it back. Its equipped anti-deformation aluminum baseplate reduces operational vibration.

The Tacklife barrel grip jigsaw weighs 8lb, which is relatively heavy compared with other barrel grip jigsaws. That said, it comes with six 4⅕” blades for plastic, wood, and soft metal.

And its blade changing system is entirely tool-free. It uses a 12ft long power cord that works on 120V. This jigsaw has a hard plastic casing for storage & easy transportation. Also, there’s a one-year warranty on this machine.



  • The jigsaw may cut slowly
  • It produces too much heat while in operation

6. Metabo Jig Saw w/Barrel Grip STA 18 LTX 140 (601405840)

This Metabo STA 18 LTX 140 (601405840) jigsaw functions on an 18V battery. It has VTC-electronics that provides fast cutting (1000 – 3000 rpm) of softwood up to 5½”, NF metal up to 1⅜”, and sheet steel ⅜”. Its excellent gear, motor design, and sturdy die-cast aluminum gear housing makes it very durable.

When turned on, it has a soft start that allows you to set it on the workpiece properly before it moves into full speed upon detection of its blade in the material. Also, you can change the blades without any tool.

This Metabo STA 18 LTX 140 (601405840) jigsaw has an integrated LED work light for lightening cutting lines. It has a dust blower for keeping dust particles away from the cutting line.

Thus, making the user produce a more precise straight cut. It produces bevel cuts of -45°/+45°. Thanks to its restart protection, there won’t be an unintentional start-up after a battery pack change.

The battery pack has a capacity display to tell you the charge status. Although, you’d have to buy the charger and the battery pack separately.

This jigsaw’s barrel grip makes it very handy and easy to use. With a weight of 6.4lb and body size of 10.34″ x 3.56″ x 7.63″, it is comfortable to use and ideal for prolonged use. Further, it comes packaged in Metabo’s innovative carrying case called metaBOX alongside a chip guard plate and a plastic guard plate. Metabo has a three-year limited warranty on it.


  • Lightweight with blade guard
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • metaBOX carrying case
  • LED light
  • Tool-less blade changing system


  • None

7. Skil PWRCore Jigsaw Kit

To round up this list is the cordless PWR Core 12™ jigsaw from Skil. This jigsaw has a brushless motor that operates with a 12V 2.0Ah lithium battery. The PWR CORE 12™ lithium battery technology has a 25% longer running time and a 2X battery life than most jigsaw batteries.

This jigsaw has a 5-speed variable setting that moves from 800-3000 SPM for maximum wood cutting performance. It has an auto speed setting that changes speed automatically with respect to the hardness of the material being cut.

Also, it has four-stage orbital settings, making it ideal for cutting different varieties of metals.

This jigsaw’s battery charges fast with the 120VPWR JUMP™ charger that gathers up to 25% power in five minutes. A user-friendly feature of this jigsaw’s battery is that you can charge your phone on the go using its USB port with the PWR ASSIST™ mobile charging.

That said, this jigsaw works with both T and U shank saw blades. Its blade changing system is also tool-less, making life easy for its user. Its angle cutting adjustment is 0°, ± 15°, ± 30°, and ± 45°.

The PWR Core 12™ jigsaw comes with an integrated dust blower for keeping the cutting line free from dust, making users produce excellent clean cuts. It also has a halo light that offers 5X more cutting line visibility than regular LEDs.

The barrel grip, compact body (8.4″ L x 2.7″ W x 7.05″ H), and extremely lightweight (3lb) provide a comfortable user experience.

This electric jigsaw comes with one wood cutting blade, one metal cutting blade, a 2.0Ah battery with PWRAssit mobile charging, a PWRJump charger, and a battery jacket. However, it doesn’t have a carrying case. Skil has an impressive 5-year limited warranty on this jigsaw.


  • The jigsaw’s battery has a USB cord for charging mobile devices like a power bank
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing only 3lb
  • Barrel-style
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Highly-functional
  • 5X brighter LED light


  • No carrying casing

How to Choose the Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw?

Jigsaws are very important in wood/metal work, let’s see some important factors to consider when getting one for your workshop or for personal use.

The jigsaw should be cordless

This is a very important factor. In recent times, cordless devices are no longer rare and that comes with a lot of advantages. A barrel grip jigsaw that is cordless will definitely serve you more.

It is easy to move about with a cordless jigsaw, making it more convenient to work from different angles and direction. Apart from the operational versatility that comes with cordless devices, they are also perfect for outdoor works where you have to leave the workshop.

There won’t be any need to have an electric socket as power source and an extra battery will ensure you finish your work without serious pauses.

Considerations of bevel cuts

The most common cuts are always linear and straight in direction but you have to consider the other possibilities. You need a jigsaw that leaves room for adjustable angular cuts.

The function is essential when you are a professional and you are not only into basic operations. The footplate of the barrel grip jigsaw should be tweakable for tilts, ranging from zero degrees to typically around forty-five degrees. Having such a degree of freedom makes you capable of achieving more intricate structures and complex shapes.

You may not need the bevel cut functions currently, but it will definitely be wise to have a jigsaw that is up for the game.

cutting wood with a barrel grip jigsaw

Ease of swapping blades

This is a typical factor that cannot be overstated. Switching blades must be easily done. Different materials require different blade qualities, from the strength to the thickness.

Also, size of teeth matters a lot, in respect to the work at hand. After an operation, you might need to change blade, even within the same job. Working on a structure made of various materials will get you need this function.

A one-handed simple ejection and insertion slot does the magic; you should not spend too much time on switching blades.

Grip diameter

This is the junction where size and texture is all that count. While the jigsaw can be fancy looking, you definitely don’t want a huge barrel. Big barrels require a bigger grip that will most likely lead to fast fatigue.

A comfortable grip is usually small enough to be covered by the span of the palm, but it should not be too much smaller than that. The barrel material must also be grip friendly. These considerations are very important if you are into time-taking tasks a lot.

Blade guidance system

Some barrel grip jigsaws come with saw blade guidance systems that ensures alignment of blade. This function helps the blade remain perfectly perpendicular during cuts, especially when the material being cut is a heavy or strong one.

A carbide guidance system is one of the most effective ones to look out for, especially if you are heavily in cutting thick materials.

Splinter shield element

A lot of materials have fragments jumping around when you use a saw of them, wood is a common example of such materials. Having a splinter-guard to absorb these unwanted fragments is a plus, which often translates into a neat job.

The shielding component, at its best, does not protect the operator from fragments, it also avoids the work pieces from getting all clogged up easily. The splinter-guard is definitely a thing to look out for, even if it costs an extra buck.

Dust extraction and Chip deflectors

I think every modern jigsaw needs to have effective dust extraction channels integrated into the system.

A barrel grip jigsaw is a hand-held and manually operated tool that is used on wood mostly, you can’t afford to lose out on curbing the emergence of dust, which is always an evil. If it cannot be avoided, it should be drastically reduced because of the related health hazards that can happen as a result of dust.

Some good barrel grip jigsaws don’t have a splinter guard a unique component, the chip deflector does all the job here. You don’t want to have a jigsaw and have to cope with chips flying around every time.

The chips can get really messy if you are working with thick material. Even if you have an active chip deflector, always put on safety goggles when working, it goes a long way.

Speed control

An expert will always tell you that this does the job. Different speeds are adequate for cutting different material but it doesn’t end there, the speed also translate into the type and depth of cut to be achieved.

The speed mode knob should not be far-fetched and having speed intensity controlled by the main trigger is a great feature for real-time flexibility.

Also, you may need the jolts of the saw to be slower at startup, and then increase progressively in a short time. That way, perfect coordination is maintained during work and mistakes are less.

Find machines with electronic speed control mechanism that can provide consistent speed.

Final Thought

In truth, the barrel style grip jigsaws offer much more functionality and control than D-style or conventional style grip. They give closer-to-work handling that yields more accurate cuts.

In conclusion, each barrel grip jigsaw that made it to our list has been thoroughly reviewed with its details, features, powered-style, and spec. Each of them has close similarities in design.

The differences are in brand names, prices, blade compatibility, etc. If you made it to this point, we hope you’ve found the right one for your cutting needs.

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