10 Best Brake Line Bender Reviews 2021 [Buying Guide]

Every time we get to work on anything technical, the most appropriate tool is always the ultimate thing for a swift, clean, and precise job. It is, therefore, most important to hint that finding the right tool for the job is not any easy.

Considering that brake lining is quite technical, finding the right brake lining tools could be a tougher job than you may imagine. 

For this same reason, today, we are going to sink into detailed research to unravel the 13 best brake line benders for 2020 to make sure that you have an easier job selecting the best tool for your brake lining job.

It all depends on your needs and the nature of work for you to come up with a rational choice of one of the models listed below. Equally, there is always something for everyone; hence, for all the 13 products, at least one must tally with your own needs and specifications.





Imperial Tool 470FH Triple Head 180° Tube Bender, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8

Bends: 0-180°

Works on: 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″

Rating: 9/10

OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Heavy Duty Tubing Bender

Bends: 0-180° Degrees

Works on: 1/4″ 5/16″, 3/8″

Rating: 8.5/10

ION TOOL 3-in-1 Tubing Bender

Bends: 0-180° Degrees

Works on: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”

Rating: 8/10

Flexzion Manual Tube Bender Tool

Bends: 0-180° Degrees

Works on: 1″, 1/2″

Rating: 8/10

Lisle 44150 3/16” Tubing Bender Pliers

Bends: 0-180° Degrees

Works on: 3/16″

Rating: 8/10

What is a Brake Line Bender?

Brake line bender or forming tool is a key tool to have in your garage that comes at a cheap price. When you need to bend a brake line without obstructing the flow of the gas or liquid through the pipe, best brake line bending tool will help you.

best brake line bender reviewsbest brake line bender reviews

Our 13 Best Brake Line Bender Picks:

Here is our detailed reviews on the top brake line benders-

1. Imperial Tool 470FH Triple Head 180° Tube Bender, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8

There are serial tube benders on the market hence flooding it.

Basically, for one product to be considered top of a list then, the fabricators need to burn extra oil in order to come up with really unique features that need to solve the problems brought about by the rest of the products, and this is where Imperial Tool 470FH comes in.

As the name suggests, this premium tool handles all types of tube linings totaling up to 4 dimensions.

While making turns between 0° to 180° is basic, this model meets the top of best line benders for 2020.

The cushion grip is a unique feature of this model that guarantees a super grip for easy work on complex services.

It is also made of die-cast lightweight aluminum, a strong but portable grade of aluminum.

The fabricators of this tool pay attention to details, to the extent that, unlike other brake liners, the handles never cross each other, this to guarantee zero mistakes, that save you the cost of expensive brake line tubing, and other tubes that are otherwise expensive.

Alongside the 4 OD dimensions (3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8.), an experienced mechanic can resume a nominal dimension, which is known as The Id.

The OD and ID are calibrated on the bender to allow you to choose from a varietal, input allowance of the tubes.

You should have already guessed, this is our pick for the best brake line bender for its high quality build, durability and overall features.

Product Overview

  • Cushion fitted handles
  • A variety of dimensions
  • Lightweight aluminum for portability.
  • It can allow custom dimensions.

2. OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Heavy Duty Tubing Bender

This is yet another state of the art technology that is set to bend copper, aluminum, stainless steel lines, and other material with ease. Making 90° turns is one of the basic operations, while it can extend to 180°.

The reason why it is referred to as 3-in-1 is that it can hold three types of tube linings, normally, 3/16, 1/4, and 3/8.

Apart from this, it contains calibration that spares you the guesswork and the time of taking estimate measurements.

Just as the name suggests, it does heavy-duty work hence can be recommend to mechanics, technicians and for heavy work during brake tube line fitting alongside, other fittings such as A/C, Refrigerator and fuel tubing As the above named three dimensions, with bending anywhere in between 0° to 180°.

It also has a flexible return policy to safeguard the interest of the consumer, upon breakage as a result of production malformation or just consumer dissatisfaction.

Product Overview

  • Used on three dimensions of tube linings.
  • They are used for heavy commercial purposes.
  • Has a reasonable guarantee.
  • Can stretch to 180°

3. Eastwood 49074 Brake Line Forming Tool

With just some effort on the wrist, with pressing and releasing, you get your brake tubing bent, aligned.

It works better on decreasing the diameters of brake fittings towards the end while folding new lines is so easy. It is normally set to bend 3/16” and 1/4” tubing without interfering with their original outlook or cause any deformation.

Its handles are fitted with vinyl grips ensure that the user is not fatigued, due to monotony.

When adding additional angles, or secondary curves to a brake lining, this model guarantees no kinking of the walls, which may block the flow of the brake fluid.

A professional mechanic or driver knows what driving a car with faulty brakes means.

I recommend this Eastwood bender for close bends of 90° and below where it works without making a pinch.

Product Overview

  • Vinyl handle fitting for grip and comfort.
  • The jaws are shaped to reduce the lining diameter as required.
  • Easy to use, just by pressing, releasing, and twisting your hand.
  • Works on two dimensions

4. Flexzion Manual Tube Bender Tool

This is a user-friendly model aimed at creating certainly accurate folds of softer forms of copper, steel, aluminum, and other material, normally 1 mm – 2 mm.

When performing bends, just about 90° and below are very easy due to its hydraulic capabilities.

During its operation, open ends on its end slips, gently slide over the tube from any direction, which guarantees just a little effort.

Further, to make the work easier, a crafty workman can apply just a little grease to move the tube.

For grip reasons, an ergonomically, designed hook is set to hold the tubing securely to avoid losses from damage.

As usual, calibrations on this model, make work even easier as one only needs to take note of the required dimensions before putting the tool to action.

Since the tool relies on hydraulic power, it requires adequate servicing on its mechanical parts to facilitate recurrent use throughout the reasonable shelf life.

Product Overview

  • Uses hydraulic power hence easy to use.
  • Wide hook grip to prevent damages.
  • Calibrations for accuracy.
  • Tubing can be fitted from either end.

5. Lisle 44150 3/16” Tubing Bender Pliers

Normally 3/16 inch bend is too acute to the extent that it can cause breakages, kinking, and flattening. This is why such a product was developed.

The head tool is made in a way that it prevents collapsing of the brake tubing.

This is achieved by a unique head tool that bends the tube tubing without collapsing, whereby it is set to grip at a point.

Its handles are also designed 3-1/4 inches apart to facilitate leverage, which makes it easy to release and hasten the tool when doing steel tubing.

When performing the folding process, you make the tool to hold onto the tubing and pull the handles together while moving it along the tube, bending it to the desired design.

This one is recommended for steel tube bending, as it does not give any room for flattening and further damages. It also does not have any cutting dynamics.

Product Overview

  • Specially designed handle.
  • It does not put any marks on the surface of the tube.
  • User-friendly handle.
  • Works best for steel tubing.

6. ION TOOL 3-in-1 Tubing Bender , for 1/4″,3/8 (8,6,10 mm)

These pliers are made in Taiwan. This is one of a type that is specially fabricated to pay attention to accuracy.

Its head tool is made to handle three dimensions of brass tube linings for A/C, brakes, and also refrigerator copper tubing.

This is not a traditional plier but a machine that contains an aluminum alloy for strength and durability.

The three channels are realized by specially calibrated scales on the cutting edges and the folding edges.

The tool is so crude for individual use, and I strongly recommend it for heavy commercial mechanical work.

The tool is not handy and requires quite some space, which, for instance, requires a workshop or a mechanical point like a basic under the tree service station.

On the scale, one can make a bend anywhere between 0° to 180° left or right.

Due to the weight of work, this hand tool is applied with anti-slip material on the handle to make bulky work easier.

A buyer of this tool must be a serious one since it is made to make new products or do a massive repair at a commercial workshop. Thus it accompanied by a buyer satisfaction guarantee, with a flexible return policy.

Product Overview

  • Flexible guarantee
  • Made of steel wall tubing and aluminum alloy for additional strength.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Buyer guarantee assurance.

7. Brake Line Tube Bending Pliers for 3/16inch and 1/4 -inch tubing

This type of pliers is made of forged carbon steel whose strength can stand the taste of time and all working conditions.

Its ability is way beyond folding and cutting as it can convert brass tubing into spiral forms to aligning with the different positions they have to pass through before delivering the brake fluid or fuel, for instance, to the fuel tank and the brake pads.

So if you are doing the fixing and have no exact dimension, this if the tool. Due to its massive nature of work, it will require periodic filing advisably by a circular file.

One needs to be careful since it can leave sharp creases on the filed edges.

The pliers is highly recommended for commercial purposes even though it is a must-have too for a serious mechanic and car enthusiasts.

Product Overview

  • Made of drop forged carbon steel.
  • Handle made of a material that provides comfort upon grip.
  • Can work with undefined dimension tubing alongside the available custom 3/16 and 1/4 mm.
  • Can work on heavy commercial work.

8. Gino Development 02-0202 True power Brake Line forming tool with pliers and bender

This is a must-have tool for personal car owners and even mobile mechanics because it is small and handy.

Just like other brake line bending pliers, it’s made of forged steel to facilitate easy bending and cutting of brass tubing.

It works for basic dimension linings, for a car, usually 3/16 and 1/4 where major AC/ Fuel and brake tubing lie.

It can be used for repair purposes rather than fresh bending, due to its nature of fabrication.

Its jaws are shaped in a way to bend tubing without any further distortions, and damages.

Product Overview

  • Dual head tool can accommodate 3/16 1/4 tubing.
  • Made of drop forged solid steel
  • Handle fitted with Vinyl for grip and shop absorption.
  • This is a dual dimension model.

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9. ABN Brass 3/16, 1/4in Lin Brake Line Forming Bending Tool pliers

This kind of brake line bending pliers is made out of forged steel. This is important since the strength can handle various materials used to make brake and fuel lines.

This is an essential feature for skilled mechanics.

They can make new bends while adjusting and aligning existing ones without breakage.

The fabricators of this type of pliers pay keen attention to details, thus care for the welfare of the users. This is achieved by the user-friendly handles ensure that a user does not get hurt in the process of cutting and bending brake and fuel lines.

The pliers are made from heavy-duty forged steel, a potential hand damaging material upon the use of force.

This is reversed by the use of rubber on the handles hence acts as a shock absorber to keep the fingers and hands of the users in their healthy working conditions. The rubber grip handles made this bending tool an ergonomic one.

Equally, this type of pliers come with a one year warranty upon breakages that come with the tool and also workmanship defects.

Product Overview

  • Made from heavy-duty forged steel.
  • Handle grip spare us the fatigue upon monotonous activities.
  • Handy and easy to use, for brass 3/16* and 1/4*
  • Flexible return policy.

10. Brake Line Tube Bender Pliers for Hand Bending Brake

This kind of pliers works universally on brake linings, fuel tubing, and refrigerant lines together with the car power system (AC), hence suitable for mechanics and repair workshop operators.

It is made in a way to grip brake linings and bend them without any kinking effect,

Rigid material such as regular steel and stainless steel is too hard that it cannot bend with ease or can break upon the application of force.

For correctional measures, the head tool is made to fit in the tubing with no allowance; thus, no space for damages as a result of hitching.

It contains a 2 in 1 head tool that can handle tubing of 3/16 mm and 1/4mm.

This one saves you the hassle of buying multiple pliers.

Through the process of folding and cutting, all forged steel is dropped simultaneously. This is so important since such debris can cause unintentional marking on the brake line.

It can cut numerous types of tubing material—for instance, copper, aluminum, nickel, regular, and stainless steel.

Are you worried about fatigue while doing monotonous tube bending and cutting?

Worry not. The tube lining bender is fitted with one of the most comfortable handles.

The indented roughened surface of the rubber fittings guarantees a comfortable working situation for the users.

This model does not require a lot of space and can be moved freely.

Product Overview

  • Works on a serial tubing material and equipment.
  • There is no kinking while bending brake lines and tubing.
  • Strong but comfortable grip.
  • Unconditionally reliable since it is made of fine drops of fogged steel to facilitate bending and cutting.

11. ARES 70240-3in-1 180 Degree Heavy Duty Tubing Bender

The ARES 70240 bender works for 1/4inch, 5/6inch, and 3/8inch tubing, which means it is versatile and could deliver pretty results for each of the above sizes.

Alongside other features, this design gives you precise accuracy on any of your copper, brass, or steel tubing.

The design is also capable of bending 180 degrees in one motion on each of the above-mentioned materials, thereby giving you surety of precise accuracy on each of the materials.

This one means that it can mold brake line tubing, fuel tubing, and even car AC.

This is in the process of molding the linings along the crude button of the car chassis to facilitate a Swift transition throughout the entire system, from the pedal to the brake pads.

To assure you of the performance, after-sales services are offered by the production company.

Such services are-

A performance warranty for quality assurance that facilitates refunds to unsatisfied customers, part replacement, troubleshooting, and refunds is enclosed upon purchase.

Product Overview

  • Tubing bender, normally 1 pc.
  • Makes bends with variable dimensions. (1/4,5/16,3/8 inches)
  • Non-slip handle that is knurled for comfortable bivariablegrip.
  • It bends anywhere in between 0° to 180°

12. ABN Brake Line Tubing Bender

This brake line bender can be used on copper, brass, aluminum tubing and even steel thin-walled tubing with minimal to no damage on your metal in a smooth and quick motion.

This one is unique with its three-channel design to allow you to work on 1/4inch (6mm),5/16inch (8mm), and 3/8inch (10mm) tubing at any given time with much ease.

To add on, this brake pipe bender tool is a strong one. Considering that it is made from a precision-machined aluminum alloy that makes it a built to the last brand.

You can use this manual brake line bender with much ease as it has a feature for clear identification where the bends and angles are etched marked on the brake line material to provide easy identification to rid you of much guesswork when working on the brake line bender.

It can be a good consideration when it comes to heavy tasks, such as commercial and industrial purposes.

Product Overview

  • Etched angles that save you the guesswork.
  • Can bend a number of thin-walled tubing material
  • Guarantees any turn about 180°
  • Can work on up to three-dimension tubing.

13. Automotive Brake Line Pliers For 3/16″ & 1/4″ Tubing with Tube Cutter

This is a brake line appliance that can be used to cut and bend the brake tube.

This type of pliers can be used for tubing of 3/16 and 1/4 brake tubing.

This stop shop brand appliance comes in handy with a net weight of up to 1.4pounds that provide the proper grip on your brake line as you work through.

  • It is quite wide with 13.3×10.2×1.3 inches

It is important to note that this appliance is quite strong for tight pieces of work though you’ll need to do the bending in short increments and not in one full motion since you bend and release at specific points.

Product Overview

  • Cuts through stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, nickel, and other brake line tubing material.
  • Cuts anywhere in between 3mm to 28mm.
  • This type of pliers 3/16 and 1/4 sized brake line tubing.
  • The tubing cutter is very effective.

How to Choose the Best Brake Line Bender

Picking up an authentic brake line bender is easy when you know your needs. Why are you buying this and what are the materials you are going to bend with this are the first two questions you should ask yourself. Answering these two important questions will help you a lot in purchasing a quality brake line forming tool that works. Here is a quick buying guide to assist you-

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1. Build Material & Quality

The first thing you need to check is the material used for making the bender. Since you are going to bend brake lines mostly made of nickel, materials that are stronger than this will do the work.

A poorly made product can do more harm than good to your properties. So, ensure that the bender is of good quality. As it is very difficult to find out whether the product is made with good quality material or not, you should go with renowned brands for authentic products.

2. Performance

Technical tools like brake line benders are one of the most inconsistently made products. Therefore, you will see some products are performing good and some are not despite manufactured by the same company. So, when you purchase a product, don’t forget to check the product first so that you can return it to the manufacturer for any manufacturing defect.

3. Durability of The Product

Although Durability comes with a quality product, it is not always the case. Some products are made with good quality materials but not durable because these are made to withstand a few bending.

So, for making value for money purchase, you should check whether the product is made for durability or not. A durable product should give you a premium feel in hand while using it and are heavier than the other for their strong build quality.

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3. Extra Features

Nowadays, brake pipe bender tools come with different features also to give the user more freedom to their work. Different model comes with different features and you need to see what are the features that are valuable to you.

4. Convenient Grip

An important question to ask. A brake line bender must have a comfortable soft-grip. A soft grip in the handle will allow you to hold the tool perfectly when you are using it.

If you do not hold the tool when bending and the tool slips out, you will see kinks and marks on the brake line made by the bender. So, must ensure a comfortable grip when purchasing.

5. Brake Line Bender Price

Here comes the most important question. How much should you spend on a brake line bender? The answer is fairly simple- the more value you want, the more you need to pay.

For example, if you have a brake pipe bender tool in your home and you are on a vacation trip and looking for a brake line bender for one-time use only, you should go for the cheapest option. But when you need a high quality bender to keep with you all the time, buy the best one.

These come at an affordable price point and saves a lot of money.

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Benefits of Having a Brake Line Forming Tool

Now that you know what is the best brake line forming tool and how to choose one for your specific needs, we are here with more information. Take a moment to know about the benefits of having a tube bender-

1. Convenience

The first benefit is that by spending 20 to 50 bucks, you will be solving your brake line related problem conveniently without seeking any professional help.

Whether you are at home or outside, when you have the right brake line bender, you can do things easily with this easy to use tool.

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bending brake line with bender

2. Cost-Effectiveness

If you go to the professionals for bending a tube or brake line, they will charge you from 20 to 100 dollars depending on circumstances. But when you have one in your tool chest, you can easily save that money.

Doing tube bending by yourself will save you from spending additional time and money on a silly work.

3. Safety

Some people use the ‘heat and bend’ technique to bend the brake line. Although you can do that too with proper knowledge, it is not wise to risk things for saving 20 dollars off a brake line bender. You’ll be safe from any unwanted bend and other problems that can cause by the manual bending method.

4. Ease of use & Portability

Brake pipe bender tools are easy to use and small in size thus you can carry a tool with you wherever you go. You need to see a youtube video to learn how to bend the brake line perfectly and you are good to go with your tool. So, why not using it instead of going to the professionals and costing valuable time and money?

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Final Verdict

Are you lost in the search?

Finding a reliable brake line bender from our flooded market is not easy, but you should not just go for a tubing bender because others are using it. Probably you have a tube bending project that involves stainless steel rod, and you may not get better results if you use tube benders designed for soft metal tubing like copper and aluminum. The tubing benders work on different materials and tubes sizes, so ensure that you get the one that resonates with your tube size and material.

However, it is worth it to note that it is your best that you should find from the market according to the features that attract you and best suit your brake lining job in the most effective way; hence a keen survey on this article could be quite helpful.

You need to take your time to identify a product that suits the nature of work you need to be done together with your budget.

But again from a series of assorted products on this list lies the best and the worst, unique to our wide market out there hence we strongly recommend Imperial Tool 470FH Triple Head 180° Tube Bender as the best brake line bender for this year due to its lightweight, ability to cut and bend multiple sizes of brake line tubing; these make it work for most handymen, mechanics, and HVAC technicians. Equally, its shelf life is worth investing in as it’s made to keep details to last the robust nature of its working climate.

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