8 Best Silicone Caulk Remover Reviewed in 2021

There are a few occasions in your life when you need to take things into your own hand. It can be a silly repair in your home, garden, and car, or a massive repair.

Doing things by own can make you feel refreshed and well-adapt to the situation. So, when you see the caulk or silicone is getting moldy or something worse is happening with it. You’ll feel that the caulk should now be removed.

Before diving into the repair work, you must choose the best tool for your task. This guide will help you with choosing the best one for you. So, let’s get started…

[If you’re in a hurry and want to buy the best caulk removal tool from the market, here is our best of the best list. We’ve researched a lot to pick these removers. So, you can rely on our research without overthinking.]



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Haoguo 3 in 1 Silicone Caulking Tools

Best Tool

For Dried & Old Caulk Removal

RMR-86 Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Best Chemical

For Clean Removal


MOWIS 1800W Portable Multi-Function Electrical Heat Tool

Safest Remover

Assists to Remove with Knife


5 in 1 Caulk Removal Tool

Best For Professional

Fast Removal with Multitool


ORANGE-SOL 10022 Contractor Solvent

Runner Up Chemical

Clean Removal

A Short Take on Caulk Remover

There are two main types of caulk remover and both should be used concurrently for easy removal of the caulk.

  1. Plastic Caulk Remover Tool
  2. Caulk Removing Chemical

Apart from these two types, you can use a heat gun as a caulk remover for safer use.

Our 8 Best Caulk Remover Reviews:

Here are the top 8 caulk removing products that we have chosen among hundreds of choices-

1. Haoguo 3 in 1 Silicone Caulking Tools Review


The 3 in 1 caulk removing tool is the first in our top caulk removers list. The tool comes in a plastic body that allows you to control and grip the tool easily. It has stainless steel removing tool at the top that makes you feel comfortable when using it to remove the old caulking.

The Tool has 5 different sizes of silicone pad at the bottom to give you a more convenient and smooth caulking experience.

It is handy in cleaning the caulking surface after removing the old caulk. Yes, it comes with a surface cleaning blade also. The Blade will help you to clean the surface without harming the newly applied caulk with great precision.

So, you can use the tool for your home improvement without spending much time gathering different tools. This one tool will allow you to get done with three different task.

Don’t be shy of using it on wet or moisture areas. This solvent resistant tool is waterproof and durable. The manufacturer offers 30 days money back guarantee and 2 years warranty which makes this more dependable on the caulking market.

Haoguo 3 in 1 tool is by far the best option for removing old caulk. Compared to chemical contenders, this is easy and safe to use.

Highlights of the Product

  • Three different task in one tool
  • Comes with 5 different sizes silicone pad
  • Solvent and Waterproof
  • Backed with money back guarantee

2. RMR-86 Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

This Instant Mold Stain remover is our number two pick in the list. This is a chemical substance made for removing stubborn caulk and other substances from the surface. Unlike other strong chemicals, this works so fast. If you’re in a hurry and need to get done with the repair works, this is a go-to for you.

When most of the remover on the industry have toxic substance and can harm human skin and wall surface, the manufacturer claims it as working on the surfaces like wood, tile, and wall without any harm.

As the name indicates, you can use this bleach-based chemical for removing mold & mildew from your home interior and even from the boat. If you use it for cleaning the mold, you can get 200-400 square feet cleaned by a gallon.

Note: This mold remover won’t remove the caulk on its own rather it will loosen up the bind of caulk from the surface so that you can remove the caulk easily without any extra effort.

This industrial strength caulk cleaning agent works best when you use this product and then scrap the caulk with a caulk scrapping tool.

It’s best for hardened caulk that doesn’t come out easily with knife or silicone removal tool. It’ll loosen up caulk for you to remove cleanly with a knife.

Highlights of the Product

  • Instantly Loosen up the caulk from surface
  • Not harmful to the furniture
  • Can be used for removing stains
  • Can be used in both indoor & Outdoor

3. MOWIS 1800W Portable Multi-Function Electrical Heat Tool


You’ve already curious about the inclusion of the heat gun in the ultimate caulk remover list, right? Keep reading to find out the reasons behind its inclusion in the caulk remover reviews!

If you’re shy of using any chemical substance or have any allergic reaction against the bleach, then you’ll get uncomfortable doing the work with a chemical. To get the work done in other ways, a heat gun will come in handy.

This gun can soften the caulk fast and accurately without risking any damage to the surface area.

The gun comes with a digital LCD display allowing you to see the real-time temperature of the air coming through it. So, you do not need a professional to handle this gun manually. This gun allows wide control of the temperature with its two temperature and airflow settings.

It has an inbuilt cooling mood for quick cooling of the gun after heating up and has automated temperature control that prevents the gun from overheating.

The heat gun is safe and reliable for the amateur and home use with its automated overheat control and cooling system. It is a great bet for those who are searching for a safer way to soften the caulk.

Compared to RMR-86, MOWIS heat gun is safer to use for loosening the hardened caulk.

Highlights of the Product

  • Safer than chemical caulk softener
  • Comes with LCD real-time temperature display
  • Wide control
  • Fast cooling system
  • Automated over-heat prevention
  • 4 Replacement nozzles attached
  • Convenient for both Amateur and Professionals

4. 5 in 1 Caulk Removal Tool


This 1.5 mm thick Stainless steel blade caulk remover is our pick for the professionals on the caulk scraping tools. This multifunctional scraping tool can scrape the caulk from its place and remove any stubborn residues left on the surface.

The ultra-thick rust-resistant blade does the removing task a lot easier and smoother. Its soft grip ensures your comfort and lets you work for a long time without stressing.

You can use this small but handy tool for various other works. You can use it for finishing paint, driving the screws, as a paint can opener or box opener, and most importantly as a spackle knife.

One thing that we’ve considered for giving it the 4th spot is that it can’t be used for applying new caulk. Haugou scraper tool comes with 4 different sizes of silicone pad for caulk finishing, but it has no such feature. So, you can only use this to remove caulk.

However, when it comes to fast and efficient removal of caulk, there is no other product close to this one. It only lacks versatility and multi usage feature, which we feel is a great deal breaker for occasional users.

Best for professional who needs to remove caulk almost everyday. With multiple size scraping end, it’s easy to remove any kind of caulk with it.

Highlights of the Product

  • Multifunctional tool
  • 5 mm stainless steel blade
  • Soft grip
  • Rust-resistant body
  • Lifetime warranty

5. ORANGE-SOL 10022 Contractor Solvent


This eco-friendly caulk remover is our number 2 on the removing chemical list (no. 5 overall). This orange colored ultimate caulk remover comes in handy for removing the caulk, silicone, roofing tar, and floor adhesive.

This is a biodegradable and non-toxic product that made its way smoother to the number one spot for the environment-friendly and professional strength remover.

This remover is gentle on the surface, meaning it’ll do no harm to your surface area after applying. It gets our big thumbs up for not using toxic chemicals like benzene and chlorinated solvent.

The manufacturers listed the product in different sized packs that will allow you to buy exactly the amount you’ll need for finishing your removing process.

Like RMR-86, this will also assist in removing, won’t remove the caulk right away. You’ll still need a scraping tool or knife to get rid of the old caulk.

Highlights of the Product

  • Environment-Friendly
  • No Toxic Chemicals used
  • Gentle on the caulk surface
  • Powerful on removing caulk and sealant
  • Comes in different size and packs

6. Goo Gone Pro-Power Adhesive Remover


The Goo Gone Commercial Caulk remover is one of the best sealant removers out in the market. The remover comes with Ultra softening technology that allows it to soften stubborn substances. It dissolves tape and stickers within a moment without any rubbing or scraping.

The ultimate caulk remover chemical is well renowned for its wide scope use for removing caulk, sealants, glue, grease, asphalt, and ink.

This softening liquid remover comes with some harsh caulk removing chemicals that can have a bad effect on your unfinished wood furniture. But if the furniture is well finished, the adhesive remover will do no harm.

Unlike other chemical removers, this can have a bad effect on your non-painted walls also. So, before applying this remover, make sure your wall is well painted and the wood furniture is well-finished.

You can use this remover on glass and ceramics without rethinking.

Highlights of the Product

  • Ultra softening technology
  • Dissolves sticker and Tap
  • Removes caulk, ink, paint, grease etc.
  • No Negative effect on Ceramic and Glass
  • Can affect the unfinished wood and non-painted wall

7. 3 in 1 Silicone Caulk Replacing Tool


The combination of pure silicone and stainless steel made this professional strength remover one of the highly effective product in the market. Its silicone body allows you to grip the remover perfectly. So, there will be less risk of slipping the remover from your hand when working.

This cost-effective caulk replacing tool comes in handy with its stainless steel tooth at the top by which you can easily remove the caulk without applying any masking tape. Plus, its easy replaceable silicone pads will do the finishing on the caulk after application.

The manufacturer gives you five different sizes and shaped silicone pads which will allow you to get the work done in all of the places at your home. So, you can use it both in your interior, kitchen or in the bathroom.

It is made out of environment-friendly material which makes it one of the best silicone removers in the market.

Highlights of the Product

  • Easy to use
  • 5 different silicone pads included
  • Silicone grip and stainless steel blade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Multi-functional

8. Infree 3 Pieces Caulking Tool Kit


The Infree 3 pieces caulking tool is a plastic body caulking combination. Unlike other caulking tools, it has three distinct tools for 3 different works. One is for scraping the caulk, one for finishing the caulk after applying and the other is an add-on for the caulk gun by which you can easily do the finishing job at the time of application.

This high-quality caulking kit is claimed as environment-friendly by the manufacturers but I doubt about this word. How does the plastic become environment-friendly?

The convenient caulking toolkit comes with a bag for easy storage of these kits. So, you need not worry about losing these tiny pieces in other repair tools.

Highlights of the product

  • Plastic body
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • 3 different tool for different uses
  • Easy finishing if used with a Caulk Gun

How to Choose the Best Caulk Remover

Before you choose the best remover for you, you need to know about the type of tool you’re comfortable with and what will do the work for you more efficiently.

You’ve to take into account the amount of caulk you need to remove and the amount of workload for it. For example, commercial caulk removing process is different than the home usage.

best caulk remover[tcb-noscript]best caulk removerbest caulk remover[/tcb-noscript]

1. Efficiency of the Caulk Remover

The first thing you need to ensure whether the caulk remover is efficient for your job. There are different types of remover and those are for different uses. Some remover can be used once and some come with a lifetime warranty.

So, before you choose the best one for you, you need to ensure that the remover is well capable of doing the job you need to be done.

One that comes with a powerful chemical structure or highly dissolving agent should be preferred over the others. Plus, you should consider the spray bottle as a criterion, in case you choose to use chemical based removal method.

2. Multi-Functionality of the Removing Tool

The second thing you should consider is that, whether the remover can do more job than the job you need to be done. Because you’re not dumping the remover right after your work is done.

So, if it is not multifunctional and can’t be used after the job is done, your money will not be used in a proper way.

Some caulking gun comes with a small scraping tool. If you have one with your gun, you can skip buying one.

However, you shouldn’t expect a caulk removal tool to work like a razor blade. JOKING!

3. Cost Effectiveness of the Silicone Remover

The Third thing you must ensure that the remover doesn’t cost you too much. When you buy a thing, you should consider the outcome of it and the cost of it.

If you find that the work the tool is doing worth its price, then buy that product. Otherwise, a big NO.

We consider the products that can remove any type of silicone caulk residue, no matter it is acrylic caulk or latex caulk, from ceramic tile, vinyl floor, plastic surfaces, painted surface, and others.

removing caulk with scape tool

4. Eco-Friendliness of the Product Materials

The product must be of the best quality. If you don’t think much of quality of a product, you’ll find yourself in a state of bother. So, before you’re caught on that, stay away from low-quality products.

And, I think ‘being eco-friendly’ is the most avoided part of a buying guide. If you’re not protecting the environment, who will do that for you?

Everyone thinks that doing a bit of damage to the environment for personal benefit won’t do much damage to the environment. But these types of thought processes are mostly behind the global warming. So please, whenever you buy a product ensure that it is environmentally friendly.

If anything harms the environment, stay away from that. Your small sacrifices will make a better world for future generations.

Liquid caulk removers that use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) formula are comparatively safe for human skin and the earth.

6. Safety Features of the Best Silicone Caulk Remover

This is another important criteria which I forgot to include at the first instance. Before choosing any product, see whether that will safe for you.

As you can see that some caulk remover is chemically made and can easily bother you. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the chemical, use the heat gun instead of the chemical softeners.

Though the heat gun will cost more than twice a bottle of caulk remover, safety should be ensured first. And if you have to remove caulk for a 100-200 square feet area, you’ll find that heat gun is more cost effective than the liquid caulk removers.

So, as you now know the criteria for choosing the best caulk remover, you can now easily choose one convenient for you. If a remover passes all these criteria, you can go with that product and do the job with an enormous amount of satisfaction.

silicone removal technique with a simple caulk scraper

Where to Buy Caulk & Silicone Removers

Not all shops include caulk remover in their product list. I’ll guide you to buy a perfect remover for you with less effort and time consumption.

1. Amazon Store

Amazon Web Store is the first place where you’ll find any type of product. You can easily buy the caulk removing tools from the Amazon. And you’ll be amazed that you don’t have to search the product on Amazon, just scroll up and click on a product name from the table. You’ll automatically go to the best remover buying page. Simple as heaven I should say :p

2. eBay Store

Like Amazon, eBay is also a popular online marketplace from where you can buy the caulk removers. Go to the eBay store and find one perfect for you. Simple!

3. Your Nearest Hardware Shop

You can find the caulk removing tools in your nearest hardware shops. Just go there and ask for a caulk removing tool, you’ll find more comfort choosing one from an offline shop as you can see whether it works or not and how will it work.

Final Words

As you end up here reading the whole article, you should now know a lot about caulk removing tools. As a home improvement expert, I’ll suggest you choose the products carefully for your convenience.

If you’re not finding a way to decide which one to buy. I would suggest you buy the first and second or third tool we’ve featured in this article.

After all these efforts for guiding you to a comfortable place as a buyer, if you’ve not got any answer regarding this article, Just leave a comment in the box below.

Pro Tips

  • These tools are not for removing liquid caulk at the time of application. Use hot water or household cleaners or soap scum to clean the mistakenly applied caulk.
  • Get a product that is equally efficient for interior and exterior surfaces. So that you can use it for indoor or outdoor applications, depending on your needs.
  • Always wear eye protective equipment, protective gloves, and a respirator when working with strong liquid chemical solutions.
  • Stripping caulks from porous surfaces are harder than nonporous surfaces. Be prepared to put extra effort into those caulk beads.
  • Removing caulk is not necessary for mold growth. You can use mold killers to remove mold and prevent future mold and mildew growth.
  • Moldy caulks are easy to remove. Apply chemical remover on the affected area to soften caulk and use a utility knife or 3 in 1 caulk removal tool to eliminate them.
  • Start from an end point of caulk lining to remove.
  • Waiting until caulk loosens will make your task easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to remove caulking?

The easiest way to remove silicone caulking is with a putty knife and mineral spirits. You’ll need to manually scrape away the bulk of the caulk, then use the mineral spirits to dissolve any gunk that’s left behind (you can simply spray it on). If you’ve got lots of gaps in your bead, fill them with silicone sealant.

What dissolves caulking?

Mineral spirits, paint thinner and acetone are all good options. It’s best to test a small area before you go hog wild with your chosen solvent. If the caulk is in between tiles on a floor, try diluting ammonia or vinegar (to kill bacteria). Mix it up so that it has a consistency like honey then use a putty knife to remove the caulk.

Does WD-40 remove caulk?

No, WD-40 is not a caulk remover. It’s great for removing old caulking from metal pipes and may have some effect on the newer type of rubberized sealant but it won’t dissolve fresh latex or silicone-based products.

Does using oil remove caulk?

Oil will only absorb grease which is often found in caulking. It will not dissolve the caulk and if it’s a silicone-based product, may make the problem worse by attracting dirt or other particles to the area.

How do you prevent excess caulking from drying up?

Caulk is a construction adhesive that has very little elasticity so once dry, it has a very high degree of toughness. You can prevent excess caulking from drying up by not applying too much at any one time and spreading the caulk out to give it more surface area or speed up its dry time.

How do you soften caulk for removal?

Caulking is very difficult to remove once it has dried because it’s hardened and sealed the joint. You can soften the caulk for removal by applying heat, this will cause some of the adhesives in the caulking to melt so you have less work getting it off. Applying boiling water, a heat gun, or using a hairdryer on a low setting works well.

Does vinegar remove caulk?

Vinegar is a common household product that can be used to remove silicone based caulk. Mix vinegar with warm water and carefully rub the mixture on the caulk you want to be removed, wait for about ten minutes before rubbing again. Vinegar removes adhesive residue from silicone and latex but not polyurethane so if you are using polyurethane caulk, don’t use vinegar.

How to remove silicone caulking?

Silicone caulks are the hardest type of caulk to remove and many people find it’s best just to replace it with something else if they want a long-lasting sealant. Silicone is hydrophobic so you need to use solvents to break the seal. You can buy a silicone removing product at any hardware store but isopropyl alcohol and turpentine do work in a pinch if you don’t want to go out.

How do I remove latex caulking?

Latex is much easier to remove than silicone caulk so if your problem is only with latex, then you are in luck. Use a scraping tool to remove latex caulk and use warm water to clean the residues left on the surface.

How do I remove polyurethane caulking?

Polyurethane caulks are not as difficult to deal with but still require some work. Polyurethane caulk is hydrophobic so you either need to use solvents like caulk removing solvents, acetone, paint thinner, or lacquer thinners to break the seal and dissolve it. And then, use the scraping tool to remove the rest of the residues.

Does acetone dissolve silicone caulk?

No, acetone does not dissolve silicone. Silicone caulk is very difficult to remove and requires the use of a solvent like lacquer thinner or paint thinner to dissolve it. You can also use low-temperature hot water but this will take some time so be patient with your scraping tool as you may need to scrape multiple times before the residue comes off.

Will rubbing alcohol remove caulking?

Rubbing alcohol will not dissolve caulking. You can try using paint thinner, acetone, or lacquer thinner to remove the caulk instead.

What softens old caulk?

Old caulks can be softened with the use of acetone, lacquer thinner, or paint thinner. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated space as these solvents are harmful if inhaled and should not come into contact with skin. If this is your first time removing caulking from a surface, you may want to try using low-temperature hot water as this process will take some time but is more gentle on the surface.

How do you fix bad caulking?

If your caulking is bad and cracks, you may need to remove the old caulk completely before installing a new layer. You can use low-temperature hot water but this will take some time so be patient with your scraping tool as you may need to scrape multiple times before the residue comes off.

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