10 Best Chainsaw Under 200 [Reviewed in 2021]

Chainsaws are labor-savers and time-efficient power tools. Before now, they used to be considered a tool meant for farmers and loggers alone.

However, in recent times, chainsaws have become a must-have tool for homeowners with gardens and trees on their properties.

They come in handy for effortless cutting of pruning branches, firewoods, felling trees, and so much more.

best chainsaw under 200 reviews

Chainsaws are in two forms; gas-powered and battery-powered. Each power-style has its advantages and disadvantages. So picking the best between both power-style depends on users’ preference and the project at hand.

Moreover, with the tons of chainsaws in today’s market, deciding which chainsaw to buy can be challenging.

In light of this, we have put together a comprehensive and well-detailed list of the 10 best chainsaws under 200 reviews. Without wasting any time, let’s go through each one of them.







BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw


10 Lbs.


WEN 40417 40V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Chainsaw


12 Lbs.


Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaw


4.8 Lbs.


DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw


8.8 Lbs.


Our 10 Best Chainsaw Under 200 Picks:

Here are our top 10 list of the best chainsaws that come under 200 Dollar-

1. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

Every power tool user is familiar with the premium qualities and high-functionality attached to the BLACK+DECKER brand. So, it’s not far-fetched why one of their products tops our list. This BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 cordless chainsaw functions with a 40V MAX Lithium-Ion battery, so there’s no gas, no fuse, no mess.

All you have to do is charge the battery, connect it, and it is ready to take on any job. The battery has enough power to perform over 60 4×4 pine lumber cuts in one charge. And can hold charge up to a year and a half.

This best battery chainsaw uses a 12″ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain for all its cutting activities. The chain moves at 5m/s for smooth & quick cutting of small pruning branches and falling limbs. However, be informed that it is underpowered for large wood branches.

Adjustments to the chain and bar are quick and easy because it is a tool-less process. Thanks to its automatic oiling system, the chain and bar remain adequately lubricated at all times. Although it doesn’t come with oil, so you’d have to get one before usage. Its full wrap ergonomic handle provides a firm and comfortable grip all day long.

The BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 cordless chainsaw has a lightweight (10.4lb) design for convenient use and maneuverability. When you buy, the best electric chainsaw comes with a battery, standard charger, and scabbard. The standard charger has a green LED to tell when the battery is charging. It charges the battery full under 4 to 5 hours.


  • Battery life is great
  • Comes with battery and standard charger
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Lightweight design with powerful motor
  • Low-kickback bar and chain
  • Better control with good grip
  • Simple to use
  • Tool-less adjustments and maintenance to the bar and chain


  • It may leak oil
  • Underpowered for thick branches

2. Craftsman 41AY4218791 S185 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

The Craftsman brand is another famous brand with potent power tools. Their machines have helped many carpenters, mechanics, and workers achieve excellent results in their respective fields. One of their powerful tools is this Craftsman 41AY4218791 S185 gas chainsaw.

It functions on a 42cc full-crank high output engine that produces sufficient power for cutting down trees and branches like butter. The engine fuel mixture is 50:1, and it is fuel-efficient. It starts with one pull thanks to the Easy Start technology Craftsman used in manufacturing it.

This chainsaw uses an 18″ low-kickback bar and chain to quickly and easily penetrate the hardest of wood. However, the chain tensioning on this saw has a poor design as it loses quite often.

Furthermore, its heavy-duty pro-grade chassis can withstand all the heavy beating that comes with extended and challenging cutting tasks. Handling is premium in this saw thanks to its padded full-wrap ergonomic handle for convenient grip and the three-point anti-vibration system that reduces vibration while it’s in operation. Also, due to its lightweight, weighing 23.4lb.

The Craftsman 41AY4218791 S185 gas chainsaw has bucking spikes for added control and an inertia-activated chain brake that stops the chain automatically to prevent any accident from occurring.

It has an automatic chain oiler to keep the bar and chain in perfect working conditions at all times. Maintenance of the air filter and spark plug is easy because it’s a tool-less process. When you buy the best gas chainsaw, it comes with a heavy-duty carrying case and a 2-cycle oil for the engine.


  • 42cc engine provides powerful cutting performance
  • Tool-less maintenance and automatic oil lubrication system
  • Ideal for heavy duty work
  • 3-point anti-vibration system
  • Easy to start
  • Very comfortable to handle
  • Cuts hard and thick trees and branches
  • It comes with a sturdy carry-case and 2-cycle oil
  • It has an inertia-activated chain brake system for safety


  • Chain tensioning has a bad design

3. WEN 40417 40V Max Lithium-Ion 16-Inch Brushless Chainsaw

The WEN 40417 chainsaw is another battery-powered chainsaw with a brushless motor. It runs on a 40V 4 Ah max Lithium-Ion battery that delivers similar power to a gas engine. The battery can last up to two hours under a full charge. With this chainsaw, you won’t bother about the hassle that comes with gas and corded chainsaws.

It doesn’t emit carbon. Plus, it is lightweight (12lb), which reduces user fatigue during operation.

This chainsaw 16″ Oregon chain and bar runs at a speed of 3200 RPM for smooth and quick cutting of branches and limbs. Its auto-oiling system provides sufficient lubrication to the chain to keep it in excellent working conditions, increasing the machine’s lifespan.

Making adjustments and changes to the bar and chain is straightforward because no tool is involved in the process. Its ergonomic handles make it easy to use and control.

One of the most looked away, but an essential aspect of this chainsaw is its minimal noise production when in operation. So if you use this chainsaw, you won’t have to bother about your eardrums hurting or disturbing the neighbors. It comes with a battery and a standard charger. Note that chain oil isn’t included in its package, so you’ll have to get one for it.

WEN claims to have a two-year warranty to boost buyers’ confidence and nationwide service technicians for US-based customers only. However, the warranty seems useless as there is little customer support from them and no known warranty service center.


  • Excellent battery life that lasts up to 2 hours on a full charge
  • Capable of doing Heavy duty work
  • Two-year warranty
  • It produces minimal noise
  • Auto oiling system
  • Tool-less adjustment system
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good handling


  • The two years warranty is useless

If you have power intensive works to do, we recommend increasing budget and reading our guide on Powerful 60 cc and 50 cc Chainsaws.

4. Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 in. Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II gas chainsaw was designed for homeowners and gardeners who need a light-duty chainsaw. Its 38.2cc X-Torq® internal combustion engine with a power output of 1.88 hp produces a high cutting speed of 9000 RPM.

The engine makes less noise, has low fuel consumption, and low gas emission. However, it can be a hassle to start until you get the hang of it.

With its 14″ bar and chain, this chainsaw effortlessly cuts pruning branches and limbs like butter without giving you much stress. It has a simple tensioning system for quick and smooth adjustments while working. You can interchange the 14″ bar with an 18″ bar to perform large scale cutting.

This chainsaw features a centrifugal air cleaning system that effectively removes dust particles to keep the air filter clean at all times, improving the machine’s life. Thanks to the combined choke and stop control, it starts easy and has a lesser risk of engine flooding.

Additionally, it has an inertial brake that engages automatically to prevent any accident at the knick of time.

The Husqvarna chainsaw is lightweight (10.7lb) and is very easy to use. Since this is a light-duty chainsaw, it has a low vibration system that ensures it produces low vibration while operating, reducing user fatigue.

Its nice grip handle also provides a comfortable and firm grip all day long. Husqvarna has a two-year limited homeowner warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty on it.


  • Light-duty
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful engine in budget chainsaw
  • Produces low noise, vibration, and emission
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to use with better control grip
  • Two-year limited homeowner warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty


  • Difficult to start at first

5. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

The DEWALT brand needs no introduction because they have cemented their place amongst top power tool manufacturers globally. If you are a frequent power tool user, you must have used one of their products and can testify of the qualities attributed to them.

This DEWALT MAX XR chainsaw is one of their premium chainsaws that’s powered by a battery. Its quiet brushless motor technology uses a 5.0Ah 20V MAX* battery that delivers cutting power like a gas chainsaw but doesn’t emit any gas and requires no fuel mix.

On a single charge, it makes up to 90 cuts of 4×4 pressure treated wood. The battery life is quite decent. It doesn’t come with oil, and its oil consumption is high.

Furthermore, it uses a low kickback technology 12″ Oregon bar and chain for all its cutting applications. The motor moves the chain at 25.2 feet/second. Chain tensioning and bar tightening requires no tool, which makes it simple to adjust at any time. You can use this cheap chainsaw to cut beams, cut tree limbs, and do demolition work.

The lightweight (9lb with battery) design of this DEWALT MAX XR makes it super easy to use and control. Handling this cordless electric chainsaw is comfortable and excellent. However, this version doesn’t come with a battery and charger. You’d have to buy them separately.


  • Lightweight
  • Tool free chain tensioning
  • The battery has a decent life
  • Can do heavy duty projects like cutting thick logs and small trees
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Quiet


  • It uses more oil than necessary

6. SALEM MASTER 6220H 62CC 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

The SALEM MASTER gas-powered chainsaw is built for heavy-duty cutting of firewood and felling trees. It runs on a high-functional 62cc 3.4hp powerful engine that produces a cutting speed of 8500 RPM to cut through trees like butter.

The fuel mixture requirement of this engine is 25:1 2-cycle oil. However, it can be a pain to start. Its extra-long 20″ low kick back quality chain and sturdy bar are perfect for multiple outdoor applications. They have high wear resistance and are more durable than regular bars and chains.

This chainsaw has an auto oiling system that ensures that adequate oil is supplied automatically to the bar and chain to keep them in perfect working conditions, extending its longevity.

Its air filter system effectively prevents dust particles from entering the machine. Making adjustments and maintenance of this chainsaw is easy because no tool is needed.

The SALEM MASTER gas-powered chainsaw is user-friendly because of its lightweight (20lb), non-slip rubber handle that’s comfortable to hold, absorbs shock, and reduces user fatigue in prolonged operations.

This chainsaw has a brake that brings the chain to a complete stop to prevent accidents from happening and a safety switch that prevents accidental starts. Additionally, it has a front guard for emergency braking, which enhances safety protection for your hand.

When you buy, it comes packaged in a box containing a tool kit for adjusting and service, a bar cover, and a gas-oil mixture container. There’s a user manual that guides on its uses, but the manual isn’t correctly written.


  • Heavy-duty yet budget chainsaw
  • It has excellent safety features
  • Auto oiling system
  • Ideal grip handle
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean
  • Air filter system works well
  • Powerful engine is extremely durable
  • Comes with a tool kit, bar cover, and a gas-oil mixture container


  • It has issues with starting, but there’s instruction on how to start it
  • Poor instructional manual

7. Greenworks PRO GCS80420 18″ 80V Cordless Chainsaw

The Greenworks PRO GCS80420 18″ 80V cordless chainsaw has a DigiPro brushless motor that produces power equivalent to that of a 45cc gas engine without the hassle of gas/oil mixture and fumes. Its brushless motor delivers more torque and less noise.

This motor is powered by an 80V 2.0 Ah battery that, on a full charge, can power the chainsaw to make approximately 150 cuts through 4″ x 4″ pressure-treated lumber.

It is straightforward to start with just a push of a button. With the battery attached, it weighs 10.8lb, which is light enough for easy maneuvering. All its cutting activities are carried out with an 18″ bar and chain that slices through trees and limbs. The chain moves at 15m/s.

With its users’ safety in mind, Greenworks equipped this chainsaw with an electronic chain brake system that brings the chain to a complete stop when engaged. This feature helps prevent any accident before it happens, mostly when the chain pops up the bar because this happens quite frequently.

The Greenworks chainsaw has an ergonomically designed handle for convenient gripping and control. There are steel bucking spikes and sturdy metal wrap around the handle to protect your hand from accidental cuts.

Its automatic oiler system applies oil to the bar and chain to increase its life span and keep it in good condition. You can quickly tell when you are out of oil thanks to its translucent oil tank for a clear view of oil level.

Note that making chain adjustments in this chainsaw isn’t tool-less; it requires a wrench. To guarantee prospective buyers of its quality construction, Greenworks offers a four-year limited warranty on this chainsaw and the battery.

Kindly note that the battery and charger are sold separately. However, if you have a battery and charger for other models from Greenworks such as GBA80200, GBA80400, and GCH8040, it will work with this chainsaw.


  • Brushless motor in budget chainsaw
  • 4-years limited warranty
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safety-conscious
  • Lightweight and affordable chainsaw
  • Easy to start with a push of a button
  • Excellent battery life


  • Chain pops up bar often
  • Adjustment isn’t tool-less
  • Expensive

8. Worx WG322 20V Power Share Cordless Chainsaw

The Worx WG322 20V power share cordless chainsaw works with a 10″ chain and bar to cut woods and trees clean and fast, with little or no effort from you. With a chain speed of 12.5ft/second, you can be sure that it will tear down any large-sized log or branch.

A 20V power share battery powers this chainsaw. However, the battery doesn’t last long. It lasts about 15-20 minutes of continuous use. That said, the battery is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle machines. It has an indicator that shows you how much power is left in it.

This chainsaw has an auto-chain tensioning feature that automatically adjusts the chain to the correct tension for a cutting operation and prevents over-tightening, which can damage the chain.

Its lubricating system applies oil automatically to the chain and bar to make a smooth and efficient cut at any given time. There’s a front handguard that protects users from flying debris.

Thanks to its lightweight (6.2lb) design and ergonomic handle, it is elementary to handle and control. Furthermore, an oil level indicator helps you keep track of the oil level when performing continuous cutting.

Although, it leaks a lot of oil than it’s supposed to. Worx has a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on this cheap chainsaw. Kindly note that it comes with only a charger. You’ll have to purchase the battery separately.


  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life ensures decent performance
  • Auto-chain tensioning
  • Auto oiling system for fast cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent safety features
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It leaks oil a lot
  • The battery life is poor

9. Garwinner 6220E Gas-powered chainsaw

The Garwinner 6220E gas powered chainsaw functions with a powerful 52cc 4hp 2-stroke motor. The motor produces incredible power for cutting through trees and wood logs with low fuel consumption and gasoline emissions.

However, it is hard to start. It uses a 20″ low kickback technology bar and chain for all its cutting activities. Garwinner included an extra chain for easy replacement if the equipped one gets bad. Plus, its quick chain tensioning allows you to make smooth and easy adjustments to the chain.

This chainsaw has safety features such as an in-built safety break for reduced risk during operation and an electronic ignition for a smooth process.

Moreover, it has an air filtering system consisting of an air filter that ensures dust and debris don’t get into the engine, which boosts its longevity. Its automatic lubricating system supplies oil always to the chain and bar for durability.

The Garwinner 6220E gas-powered chainsaw operational vibration is low thanks to its ergonomic front and rear anti-vibration handle. The handles are well cushioned, offering comfortable control and firm handling.

When you purchase this chainsaw, it comes packaged with a guide bar, an instructional manual, a chain installation step, a guide for start-up, a tool kit, and a 2L fuel mixing bottle. Also, it has a one year warranty.


  • It works well
  • Comes with a user manual and essential add-ons
  • Font and rear ergonomic anti-vibration handles
  • Powerful engine
  • Good for heavy duty projects
  • Low vibration, fuel consumption, and gas emission
  • 1-year warranty
  • It comes with two 20″ chains


  • It is hard to start

10. WEMARS Gas Chainsaw

The WEMARS gas chainsaw has a high-functional 52cc 2.4hp 2-stroke motor with a built in chain brake system for safety. The engine produces a cutting speed of 8500 RPM and has a working electronic ignition system that reduces operational risk.

With its 18″ low kickback guide bar and chain, it effortlessly cut down trees and limbs from branches. The chain has a knob-type automatic tightening function that ensures it stays firm on the bar and prevents over-tightening, which may damage it.

Like every other chainsaw on this list, it has an automatic lubricating system that supplies oil to the chain to function well and last long. The ergonomic design of the WEMARS gas powered saw is top-notch.

It features front and back anti-vibration handles with paddings for easy handling and balanced control. The quick-release air filter prevents dust from entering the machine and is easy to clean and replace.

The WEMARS gasoline chainsaw is lightweight, weighing 17.66lb. It has a year warranty and comes with a guide bar, an instructional manual, a chain installation step, a guide for start-up, a tool kit, and a 2L fuel mixing bottle.


  • High-functional motor
  • Top-notch ergonomic design
  • 1-year warranty
  • It comes with essential accessories and a user manual
  • It has an automatic chain tensioning feature
  • Front and back anti-vibration handles with padding


  • None

Final Words

Best chainsaws under 200 happen to be very well built with many outstanding features to make your cutting activities a stress-free one.

We have picked from the very best of the products and reviewed them thoroughly, covering their features, capacity, spec, usage, and many more.

Our list comprises both gas-powered chainsaws and battery-powered chainsaws.

In conclusion, we hope we’ve been able to streamline your search and found you the right chainsaw that best suits your needs. And we recommend reading our chainsaw storage guide as well.

Read Also:

What to Look for in the Best Cheap Chainsaw Under 200?

Do you know what you should consider to buy the best budget chainsaw? If yes, then we will tell you about some considerations that will make your purchase worth it. We know it’s difficult to find a good chainsaw that fulfills all your requirements that though in a limited budget.

However, there are certain factors that one should look for in a chainsaw. It is very important to know what you need in a chainsaw and if you don’t buy a chainsaw keeping these requirements in mind then you will not only be wasting your money but you might end up buying a useless chainsaw that is of no need.

Therefore to help you out we have come up with some of the main factors that you should look for while buying a chainsaw. Here is our buying guide-

Purpose of Chainsaw:

The purpose of a chainsaw is one of the most important factors that you must know before buying one for your application. We know that chainsaw is not only used for cutting trees but also for limbing, pruning, cutting firebreaks, and harvesting firewood. So, always do in-depth research that which chainsaw will be better for your application.

Keep in mind that there are two types of chainsaws; one is used for domestics use while the other is used for commercial purposes. Therefore, buy a chainsaw according to the purpose you want to use it for. However, you will hardly find a quality commercial chainsaw under 200.

Length of Chainsaw:

Length of chainsaw is another factor that you must consider before purchasing one for your cutting jobs. If the length is not enough to cut your trees, then it is not useful at all. Therefore, always choose a chainsaw that is 2-inch greater than size of the braid you want to cut.

If you want to cut a giant tree then you will need a chainsaw bar with greater length. However, the cost increases with the length of chainsaw. Therefore, look for a chainsaw that has the required length and is under your budget too.

Gas or Electric Powered Chainsaws:

The choice between electric and gas powered chainsaw is another essential consideration. Both differ in fuel and engine type and are good in specific scenarios. Gas powered chainsaws are good for working in woodland areas, since you are going to cut trees or branches there. So, these jobs require ample power in the machine. While cordless electric chainsaws are perfect if you live in suburbs as this causes lesser noise and pretty easy to operate by almost any adult.

So, buy a cheap chainsaw according to your location and requirements. But we would prefer going for an electric chainsaw as these are the best for beginners. You can save a few bucks by going with a corded electric saw instead of the cordless ones.

Cost of Chainsaw:

“Can I buy a chainsaw with a limited budget?” is one of the most common question asked by people who want to buy a chainsaw. Well, the answer is yes, you can. Cost is important to consider because if you are to spend a lot of money, you don’t need to waste your money and time on something that is of no use.

Brand Type:

Brand type is another significant factor that you must consider before purchasing. As you know, a brand is the name of trust. Therefore, you should always buy a chainsaw from some prominent brands. Because, brands look for long term relation-building strategy and try to provide quality services to customers.

Moreover, buying a chainsaw from a popular brand would assure you not only about the quality but it would also come with a warranty.

Is it Mandatory to Wear Safety Gear When Using a Chainsaw?

Yes, it is mandatory to wear safety gear before using chainsaw. It is a dangerous tool for work because of its sharp blades and working principle. Therefore, one must take certain precautions for proper safety. The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) also considers it a dangerous job and advice taking safety measures while using chainsaw.

Here, we will tell the worst situations that can occur while working with chainsaws and how safety gear can help you in this regard. If you are working with a tree, there is a probability of falling trees due to lousy cutting if you are not an expert. Therefore, a helmet is compulsory for safety, especially when you are dealing with trees.

Furthermore, while using the chainsaw, flying pieces and branches can enter into your eyes or hit your face as well. Therefore, OSHA advises wearing googles with a mesh visor. Therefore, these mesh visors protect your face and eyes as well as provides a clear vision for working correctly.

Apart, there are chances of getting cuts on the hands, feet, and other parts of the body due to the sharp blades of chainsaw. Therefore, it is compulsory to wear cut-resistant chainsaw shoes, trousers, jackets and vests to avoid any injury.

Why Should I Own a Chainsaw?

Chainsaw is a multipurpose tool that can assist you in many household and commercial tasks. It is effectively used in felling trees, bucking, limbing, hedge clipping, cutting firebreaks, and harvesting wood. Furthermore, it is also found in applications like chainsaw arts and mills. Therefore, you must buy a chainsaw.

Moreover, if you have a garden in your house, it can help you with every problem, such as hedge clipping and pruning shears. Furthermore, it can easily cut all your firewoods in optimal size if you often do bonfire in your backyard. Apart from that, you can also fall small and large trees using these saws.

Especially if you have a massive property containing a vast garden full of trees and plants, chainsaw becomes an indispensable tool for your household. In short, this versatile tool can save a lot of time of yours in garden work.

Furthermore, chainsaws also use in firefighting. You can cut ventilation holes in your walls and roof in case of fire outbreak. Moreover, wildlife firefighters also use this to remove the hazardous tree and clear fire lines. Hence, because of diverse applications, it’s worth owning a chainsaw.

What Size and Type of Chainsaw Should I Choose?

The size of chainsaw depends on your needs and requirements. However, in general, we will advise you to buy a chainsaw with a size 2-inch bigger than the thickness of the tree or branch you want to cut. For household purposes, usually, 16 to 18-inch saws are useful.

However, in terms of type, you should always prefer electric chainsaws to gas-powered chainsaws. That is because electric saws are lightweight and safer as compared to gas saws. Furthermore, electric saws are more comfortable to operate and best for sprucing up trees, cutting logs and other cutting purposes.

Can I Cut Large Size Trees with a 200 Dollar Chainsaw?

As a general rule of thumb, a chainsaw with a blade size greater than 20 inch is effectively used to cut large trees such as oak, burse, hemlock and breech. Furthermore, it would be best if you also had powerful engines to cut more giant trees.

However, you cannot buy such big and powerful chainsaw at such a low price tag. As far as we know, no prominent brand can provide you such blade length and engine power for less than $200. However, some unknown brands claim to provide these features at such low prices, but there is always a risk whether these brands fulfil their claims or not.

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