10 Best Concrete Patching Compound Reviewed in 2021

Concrete is one of the most used materials worldwide when it comes to building anything related to architecture.

Whether it is an entire house or just the walkway in the front yard, concrete can be used anywhere. It is a highly durable material and looks very aesthetic.

Concrete is made by mixing sand, Portland cement, gravel, and crushed stone. You may choose to mix the materials on your own, or you can buy a pre-mixed concrete from any hardware store.

Whether you add any kind of layer on top or just let it be as it is, concrete creates smooth surfaces that look very modern in some settings. But like every other construction material, concrete also tends to deteriorate in quality over time.

Depending on the type of concrete used, and the conditions of the surroundings, there may be noticeable cracks and nicks on the surface. Some cracks get big enough if left unattended, and may get beyond repair.

But most of the time, the damages can be repaired. And rather easily! With the use of a patching compound, you can fill up those dents and cracks in no time. And in order to make your concrete surfaces look flawless again, you need the best concrete patch of all.

With a wide range of products available, we have chosen the 10 best concrete patching compounds for you to choose from. Let’s have a look.

best concrete patch

Our 10 Best Concrete Patch Picks:

1. FDC 3 Part Epoxy Patching System

The 3 Part Epoxy Patching System from FDC is probably the best concrete patch available in the market.

This product does the job extremely well and even better than you would expect.

This is not your ordinary cement filling that fills the crack only to be cracked again. It comes with resin, hardener, and aggregate material, which when mixed, create a solid material that fills any kind of damage, including crack, holes, and much more.

If you need to repair the exterior damages before it rains or snows, you can absolutely trust this product. Being weatherproof, it can withstand any kind of extreme conditions.

This patch will seamlessly fill a crack up to 1 inch in thickness. You can also use it to fix up signposts or fence posts.

An added advantage of using the 3 Part Epoxy Patch System is that you can fix the cracks not just on concrete surfaces, but also on other surfaces like wood, metal, and asphalt.

When you apply the mixed paste on a crack, it expands just a little bit, covering the entire area perfectly.


  • A mixture of resin, hardener, and aggregate creates extra strong bonds
  • Repairs any kind of damages like cracks, holes, and pits
  • This weatherproof product can be used in any kind of weather conditions
  • Can be used in damp concrete or masonry walls 
  • Expands and covers the damaged area perfectly
  • Great for concrete driveway repairs
  • Works a lot better than two part epoxy


  • May not work as intended if all the three materials are not mixed in proper proportions

2. Rust-Oleum Concrete Patch and Repair

If you have made any repairs all by yourself before, chances are that you already have a Rust-Oleum product at your home.

And now it’s time to get the super-strong Rust-Oleum Concrete Patch and Repair. This little packet is a two-part product.

It contains a base material and an activator. You can mix both of them easily to develop the patching material.

Rust-Oleum’s concrete patch comes with a low odor and a no solvent formula, which means no harmful chemicals.

You can use this on concrete floors, stairs, walls, and masonry. If you want to achieve a smooth looking finish after the crack fills up, this product is the one to go for.

It permanently bonds to concrete and creates a solid bonded fix. The patch works on both indoor and outdoor repairs with equal efficiency.

Because it cures fast, the dry time is only about 8 hours, after which it can be painted over if required. This is probably the best concrete patching compound if you are on a budget and need an excellent product.


  • Great repair material at a low cost
  • A mixture of base material and activator creates permanent bonds 
  • Works on concrete floors, walls, and stair both indoors and outdoors
  • Dries and cures under 8 hours and can be painted over if needed
  • Does not shrink or crack after drying


  • Needs to handled carefully as it may cause skin irritation and allergic reaction
  • Creates a glossy finish after drying that may not match the concrete surface

3. DAP Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch

We cannot talk about some of the top concrete patches without mentioning the DAP Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch.

This is an excellent product for fixing cracks, holes, and other damages in concrete or similar masonry surfaces. Whether the damages are on the surfaces inside the house or outside like walkways and curbs, DAP Concrete Patch can fix all of them. 

The patch can be used to repair cracks and holes up to an inch deep. A unique feature this product offers is that you can use it as a glue to join broken pieces of concrete together.

Spot leveling and tuckpointing masonry can also be done seamlessly with this patch. Since it is pre-mixed, you can use the product right out of the container, with the help of a putty knife or a trowel, and can also smoothen the surface easily.

The outcome will be a concrete, grey-colored surface that you won’t be able to tell apart.


  • Can be used on the interior as well as exterior surfaces
  • Fixes cracks and holes up to an inch in depth
  • Can be used as glue to join broken pieces of concrete together
  • Smoothens out easily
  • Provides a concrete colored surface upon drying
  • Great bond strength


  • Can take up to 28 days to dry and cure completely

4. Rust-Oleum Concrete Saver TurboKrete Concrete Patching Compound

Another solid product from Rust-Oleum is the Concrete Saver TurboKrete Concrete Patching Compound.

Just like the FDC Patching System, this is also a 3 part product that comes with a base, an activator, and aggregate material.

Mixing these three materials will give you a thick compound with a paste-like consistency. The compound can be used to repair deep cracks and holes easily.

Worried about it getting damaged? It protects against abrasions, impact, and most of the chemicals.

After applying, the compound dries off in approximately 8 hours and can handle heavy traffic. The surface looks seamless as the patch turns to the same color as concrete after drying. This makes TurboKrete one of the best concrete patches available.


  • A mixture of the base, activator, and aggregate materials create a strong patching compound
  • Can be used to repair deep cracks and holes
  • Protects surfaces from abrasions, impacts, and chemicals
  • Dries off in 8 hours and can handle foot traffic
  • Color after drying looks the same as concrete


  • Dries fast and can be difficult to smoothen
  • May take up to 24 hours before getting hard enough to handle vehicles

5. Red Devil Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

Red Devil is one of the most popular brands among people when it comes to tools and materials for DIY house repairs.

Red Devil Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch is ready to use compound and is also very easy to use. You can effortlessly fix concrete cracks, holes, and other damages.

Apart from a gallon and a quart, the compound also comes in a tube packaging, which can be used to repair the damages just by squeezing the product on the respective damage and smoothing it out.

The concrete patch is very much suitable for indoor repairs, but can also be used on outdoor damages. After drying, it can withstand any kind of extreme weather conditions.

With Red Devil Concrete Patch, there is no room for worry as it does not crack or shrink after drying. If you are concerned about the color, the product has a concrete-like texture and also dries off in a concrete color. 


  • Pre-mixed and easy to use on damaged concrete
  • Also comes in tube pack that can be squeezed easily on the damaged surface
  • Works on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Dries a concrete color and does not shrink or crack
  • Fast cure time


  • Cannot be used on a surface that expects vehicular traffic
  • Needs to be cured completely before facing heavy rain or snow

6. Damtite BondsOn Vinyl Concrete Patch

BondsOn Vinyl Concrete Patch is a high-quality self-bonding concrete patch for fixing small cracks and breaks in both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.

You can use this to fix cracks that are up to half an in deep. It also works well for covering up faint cracks. BondsOn gives a high-quality completion, which is altogether more grounded than an ordinary concrete blend. All you need to do is add some water and mix thoroughly.

BondsOn incorporates a vinyl sap because of which no additional substances are required to harden the compound.

You can you the compound on concrete, stucco, and masonry. It can also be used to fix chipped or spalled concrete surfaces, as well as to resurface walls and set tiles and flagstones.

Once dried, you can easily trowel the remaining product and smoothen the surface. It can also be cleaned with water after completely cured and does not shrink or dry.


  • Works seamlessly on small repairs with a thin coat
  • Only need to add water to create a thick compound
  • Can be used on the interior as well as exterior surfaces
  • Easy to trowel and smoothen
  • Can withstand any kind and amount of traffic


  • Cannot be used to seal cracks larger than 13 millimeter
  • May take some time to completely dry and cure

7. SAKRETE Top’n Bond Concrete Patcher

Another great concrete repair mortar on the list of the best concrete patching compound is the SAKRETE Top’n Bond Concrete Patcher.

A powder passed formula that turns in to rock-solid compound that can fix crack and holes on a concrete surface effortlessly.

By just adding water, the mortar turns into a thick paste, which can then be used easily on the damages.

Top’n Bond Patcher is extremely durable. It can be used to fix concrete slabs, sidewalks, and driveways.

The compound can be applied using a knife, a trowel, or can even be used as a brush coat over larger areas. Leveling uneven surfaces is also very easy with Top’n Bond.

The Patcher works on the interior as well as exterior surfaces with equal strength. After application, the compound sets in under 30 minutes.

Once cured, it can handle foot traffic in about 24 hours and is ready for vehicles under 72 hours. It is also resistant to abrasions and can handle extreme weather conditions well.

The extra compound can easily be trowelled to gain a smooth surface.


  • Mixes easily on adding water
  • Gives a thick consistency paste which is easy to apply
  • Can be used to level uneven surfaces
  • Resistant to abrasions
  • Can be trowelled easily for a smooth surface
  • Renovates old concrete


  • Mixing more or less amount of water can affect the consistency and strength of the mortar
  • Mortar may harden in the container of comes in contact with moisture

8. DAP Phenopatch Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

DAP likes to maintain its place in a race, even if it is for multiple products. A second on the list of the best patch for concrete is the DAP Phenopatch Concrete Patch.

This is an astounding item for fixing splits, openings, and different harms in concrete or similar brickwork surfaces. The patch can be utilized to cracks and holes that are up to ¼” deep. The compound is pre-mixed and can be used right out of the container.

Regardless of whether the harms are on the surfaces inside the house or outside, DAP Concrete Patch can fix every one of them. It can also be used to join broken pieces of concrete and to repair deteriorated mortar joints.

You can apply the compound easily with the assistance of a knife or a trowel, and can likewise smoothen the surface without any problem. Once dried, the surface can be cleaned with water and can be painted over if required.


  • The pre-mixed compound can be used directly out of the container
  • Can fix cracks up to ¼” deep
  • Strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and abrasions
  • Easy to apply and smoothen
  • Dries out to a concrete color


  • Takes more than 24 hours to completely cure
  • Can retain moisture

9. Red Devil 0644 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

Red Devil Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use compound, and is additionally simple to utilize.

You can easily fix solid splits, openings, and different harms on a concrete surface. Aside from a gallon and a quart, the compound likewise arrives in a cylinder pack, which can be utilized to fix the harms just by crushing the item on the individual harm and streamlining it.

After drying, it can withstand any sort of extraordinary climate conditions. Red Devil Concrete Patch doesn’t split or shrink in the wake of drying.

On the off chance that you are worried about the shading, the surface dries off to a concrete color, which blends well with the overall surface. This patch works great for both interior and exterior surfaces.

While it can handle any amount of foot traffic, the product is not recommended for surfaces that expects a lot of vehicular traffic.


  • Pre-mixed and easy to use
  • Can be trowelled and smoothened after drying
  • Works great on the interior as well as exterior surfaces
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Dries a concrete color and does not shrink or crack


  • Cannot be used on a surface that expects vehicular traffic
  • Needs to be cured completely before facing heavy rain or snow

10. Perfect Patch Concrete Repair

The last product on the list of the best concrete patching compound is the Perfect Patch Concrete Repair. This is an Epoxy concrete patching system. The three-part product comes with epoxy, a hardener, and silica filler. A mixture of these three creates a paste that can fill up the damages and provide a solid bonded surface. 

You can use the patch to fix damages on walls, garage floor, stairs, curbs, or any other interior or exterior concrete surface. The compound dries in about 4 to 6 hours and is ready to face light foot traffic in 12 hours. An area resurfaced with Perfect Patch is strong enough to hold a weight of 10,000 lbs without cracking or denting. 


  • 100% Epoxy concrete patching system
  • A mixture of epoxy, hardener, and silica filler creates solid bonds on surfaces
  • Can be used on multiple interior and exterior surfaces
  • Dries in 4 to 6 hours
  • Can withstand extremely heavy weights without denting or cracking


  • All three materials need to be mixed in proper amounts to create an effective compound
  • May not be easy to smoothen once dry

Final Verdict

Cracks and holes in a concrete surface may affect the overall aesthetics, and can also become a weak spot for the entire area. These damages are better fixed at the earliest. And to do this, you need the best of concrete patches to get a stronger, longer-lasting surface.

FDC 3 Part Epoxy Patching System turns out to be a star among concrete patching compounds. It uses resin and aggregate, along with a hardener, to provide extremely solid surfaces and repairs. Whether you need to fix the cracks in concrete surfaces or a wooden or metal surface, the FDC Patching system does the job perfectly. In our view, this is the best concrete patch out of all.

Just behind the FDC Patching system is Rust-Oleum Concrete Patch Repair. Being just as good as the former product, this also the best in terms of value for money.

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