7 Best Concrete Resurfacer Reviews 2021 [Buying Guide]

Concrete is durable and reliable, but it doesn’t always hold up to the elements. If your concrete surface has seen better days, it’s time for some resurfacing.

Concrete resurfacing is an essential maintenance process for concrete surfaces. It is responsible for restoring the concrete to its original state, removing any cracks or other flaws that may be present on it.

If you want to repair and protect the concrete surface in your business building and home, you need a professional-grade concrete resurfacer that will deliver the best results.

Below are 7 of the best concrete resurfacers on the market today that will have your old concrete looking new in no time! Beneath the reviews, we discussed some factors for you to consider before buying a concrete resurfacer. Have a read!





Quikrete Fast-Setting Self Leveling Floor Surfacer

Drying Time: 3 to 4 hours

Weight: 50lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.9

SAKRETE Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer

Drying Time: 4 hours

Weight: 20lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

Bluestar Concrete Resurfacer

Drying Time: 3 to 4 hours

Weight: 1lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.6

DAP Concrete Patcher and Resurfacer

Drying Time: 30 minutes

Weight: 5lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.5

QuestMark 2105 Standard Epoxy Concrete Floor Patch and Resurfacer

Drying Time: 12 to 14 hours

Weight: 65lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.4

Our 7 Best Concrete Resurfacer Picks:

Here are the detailed reviews on the top concrete resurfacing products-

1. Quikrete Fast-Setting Self Leveling Floor Surfacer

The Quikrete fast-setting self-leveling floor surfacer is one component, fast-drying, self-leveling floor surfacer. This concrete resurfacer has been trusted by contractors for over 75 years because it’s dependable, long-lasting, and affordable.

It uses advanced polymer technology with high-performance additives for superior coverage and durability. This product finds use as an underlayment for ceramic tile and other types of light industrial floor coverings or for resurfacing old concrete surfaces because it provides a smooth and durable finish.

The Quikrete’s self-leveling formulation allows it to dry quickly and level itself out so that floors are ready to walk on in a few hours from application. It cures fully at room temperature within 24 hours with no shrinking or cracking and will provide years of durable service even when exposed to heavy foot traffic.

The best thing about this concrete resurfacing is that it dries within three to four hours, which means you don’t have to worry about the smell of fresh concrete lingering in your home.

The Quikrete fast-setting self-leveling floor surfacer comes in a 50lb bag that covers up to 100 sq ft. You can install it in any weather conditions or season. Just use hot water to mix it in freezing weather and cold water to mix it in scorching weather.

However, ensure the surface you want to use it on is free from dirt, dust, oil, grease, and paint. With its easy application, low odor, rapid set time, and minimal clean-up requirements, it’s no wonder why Quikrete is one of America’s most trusted brands when it comes to concrete resurfacing. There’s a limited warranty on it from Quikrete.


  • It has a faster installation time than traditional methods.
  • Less troweling is required due to its self-leveling properties.
  • Superior bond strength with concrete slabs and driveway surfaces.
  • It can be applied by hand or machine.
  • Sound concrete resurfacing material


  • None

2. SAKRETE Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer

SAKRETE Flo-coat is a professional concrete resurfacer that provides beautiful, durable, and long-lasting results on a worn-out concrete slab or flat surfaces. This concrete resurfacer finds use in both interior and exterior applications to repair cracks in sidewalks to driveways.

Its patented formula contains acrylic polymer emulsion, which bonds with the surface quickly, creating a tough protective coating that resists stains. It also has high durability ratings to increase the life of your floors or walls by protecting them from acid rain, salt spray, or vehicle exhaust fumes, as well as other chemicals found in industry settings.

Contractors use the SAKRETE Flo-coat concrete resurfacer in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and airports. To mix it, you only need clean potable water.

It dries fast and has an open time of four hours to light foot traffic after application. This concrete resurfacer comes in a 20lb bag. And can be applied with a trowel or a machine.

The SAKRETE Flo-coat concrete resurfacing material doesn’t hold up for long in extreme cold weather conditions. Before you apply it on any concrete, ensure the surrounding air and surface temperature are 50°F or higher.

Also, when applying this product, put on clothes that prevent it from making contact with your skin because it is known to cause skin irritation.


  • It is very durable, good for expansion joints
  • Its drying time is four hours.
  • It bonds well with painted surfaces.
  • The supply can be used on sound concrete as well along with old concrete surface


  • It doesn’t last for long in freezing weather conditions.
  • It may cause skin irritation if it comes in contact with the skin.

Quikrete vs SAKRETE Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacers

Quikrete Fast-Setting Self-Leveling floor surfacer and SAKRETE Flo-Coat concrete resurfacer are two popular concrete resurfacing products that many contractors use on daily basis. They both come with their own set of benefits, but which one is the best option for your project? Find out from this in-depth head-to-head comparison below.

Features Quikrete Fast-Setting Self Leveling Floor Surfacer SAKRETE Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer
Surface Compatibility It works well for resurfacing interior and exterior light industrial floors. However, the surface must be free from paint or it won’t adhere.  It works well for resurfacing both old or new interior and exterior surfaces. And for decorating concrete surfaces including the ones with paint.  
Drying TimeIt takes three to four hours to dry. It takes four hours to dry.
LevelingIt is self-leveling, so you don’t need a trowel to apply it on surfaces. Simply pour it evenly. You’ll need a trowel to level it on surfaces
CoverageIt comes in a 50lb pail that covers approximately 100 sq ft per pail. It comes in a 20lb pail, that covers between 28 – 30 sq ft per pail.
SeasonIt last well in both hot and cold season.It doesn’t last at all in the cold season.
Ease of useIt’s simple to use, just use hot water to mix it in cold weather and cold water to mix it in hot weather.It is also simple to apply. However, it may irritate your skin if it comes in contact with it.
DurabilityTypically lasts five to ten years under proper maintenance. 10 years and more, depending on use. 
PriceAffordable Affordable

3. Bluestar Concrete Resurfacer

The Bluestar concrete resurfacer is a resurfacing product that will repair chips & divots in concrete surfaces. It is a simple and cost-effective way to revitalize the appearance of your concrete without costly demolition or replacement.

This innovative solution for repairing damaged concrete is environmentally safe and economically sustainable, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who want to avoid unnecessary expenses and want an attractive, quality-looking surface on their sidewalks or driveways.

The Bluestar concrete resurfacer is easy to apply, needing no additional tools. Just press the container and let it out on the portion of your concrete that needs resurfacing. It is best for those who want to repair small concrete areas with extreme precision.

The unmatched price point of this concrete resurfacer makes it the most budget-friendly option on this list.

Additionally, this concrete resurfacing material has been engineered with smith-flex technology to remain flexible in hot & cold temperatures. It comes in a 1lb container, and it’s manufactured in the U.S.A.

Whether you are looking to fix minor damage or maintain the integrity of your property’s appearance, this Bluestar concrete resurfacer has all of your needs covered!


  • It is perfect for repairing chips & divots in a small concrete area with precision.
  • It is very affordable
  • No tools are required to apply it
  • It is made in the U.S.A.
  • Hides surface imperfections from old concrete surface


  • It’s not suitable for large-scale concrete repairs.

4. DAP Model 10466 Concrete Patcher and Resurfacer

The DAP model 10466 concrete patcher and resurfacer is a professional-grade product used to repair, resurface, and seal concrete surfaces. It’s perfect for any residential or commercial application!

This concrete resurfacer is a specially formulated high-performance, weather-resistant, polymer & portland cement dry powder that once mixed with water, adheres to masonry, concrete, brick, stone, and stucco. Ensure the surface you are applying it on is wet. Otherwise, it may not stick to it well.

The DAP model 10466 concrete patcher and resurfacer are inexpensive and come in a 5lb pack. It provides excellent coverage with the first coat. And it is easy to apply, so you’ll save time too. You can use it on both interior and exterior walls, steps, sidewalks, and concrete patios.

Be informed that this concrete resurfacer is gray and may not match some areas that are more off-white in appearance.

Furthermore, its drying time of 30 mins open to light walk is one of the fastest among concrete resurfacers. But, there’s a catch. Its pot life is about 2 minutes, which means you don’t have much time to waste after mixing before applying it.

To prevent it from solidifying, you have to stir it frequently. Or, you can pour the mixture into a squeezable bottle with a spout to fill cracks and break easily. Again, make sure you shake the bottle constantly to prevent the mixture from setting in the bottle.


  • It creates smooth coverage and is easy to apply.
  • It has a 30 mins dry time.
  • It is perfect for filling cracks and breaks
  • You can use it both for interior and exterior purposes.
  • Great for busy surface renewal or making thin repairs


  • Its pot life is two minutes, so you’ll need to apply it quickly on surfaces. Otherwise, it would solidify and waste.
  • It has a gray color, which may not be a good match with some surfaces. 

5. QuestMark 2105 Standard Epoxy Concrete Floor Patch and Resurfacer

One of the most difficult types of concrete resurfacing is repairing cracks and spalling on a floor that does not require a lot of chemical and impact resistance. One product that’s perfect for this purpose is the QuestMark 2105 standard epoxy concrete floor patch and resurfacer.

You can use it on garage floors, warehouse floors, and commercial spaces because it consists of resin, hardener, and aggregate components that provide excellent adhesion. However, it doesn’t come cheap.

A single coat of this high-quality product will provide a durable, long-lasting surface that meets or exceeds ASTM standards. This natural concrete resurfacer is 100% solids with no filler or pigment additives which means it’s safe to use indoors without any special ventilation requirements.

Also, it has excellent resistance to UV light degradation, making it ideal for outdoor surfaces too. You apply it to existing concrete surfaces by hand trowel. Note that it is not suitable for heavy repairs.

The QuestMark 2105 standard epoxy concrete floor patch and resurfacer pot life at 70°F is 20-30 minutes. Its recoat time at 70°F is 6 to 7 hours, 12 to 14 hours for light foot traffic, and 2 to 7 days for heavy traffic.

Once it’s fully cured, it will stand up to the weather of any atmosphere. This concrete resurfacer comes in a 5-gallon container. It is available in different colors, including black, light gray, dark gray, natural, red, and green. One 5-gallon unit of this concrete resurfacer will cover up to 21.6 sq ft if you use it at a ¼” thickness.


  • It is available in different colors, good for concrete patio and sidewalks
  • It repairs cracks and spalling on concrete perfectly.
  • It has a pot life of 20-30 minutes at 70°F.
  • It comes in a 5-gallon container that will cover up to 21.6 sq ft if you use it at a ¼” thickness.
  • Cured concrete looks like an entirely new surface


  • It doesn’t fare well for large-scale repairs.
  • It is expensive.

6. Henry HE532410 5 Gallon Driveway Asphalt Resurfacer

The Henry HE532410 driveway asphalt resurfacer is a high-performance water-based asphalt resurfacer that will help you to repair cracks, peels, and chips in asphalt driveways without breaking the bank.

It is made with a 7X rubberized formulation to offer excellent durability and resistance to harsh conditions. This asphalt resurfacer can be applied in all climates and seasons. It is easy to apply. All you need is a strong broom/brush to level it out evenly.

The Henry HE532410 driveway asphalt resurfacer dries in approximately 20 minutes but can be walked on within 2 hours! It comes in a convenient 5-gallon container with a resealable cap, so you won’t have to worry about spilling it while driving from one job site to another.

With a 250 -500 sq ft covering per 5 -gallon pail, it is economical. Although, the coverage depends on surface texture. It’s perfect for driveways and other surfaces where you need to protect against heavy wear and tear like curbs, ramps, or heavily trafficked areas.


  • It works best for asphalt surfaces.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It has approximately 20 minutes of drying time.
  • It is affordable yet provides decorative finish
  • No putty knife is required to apply
  • Fast vehicle traffic ready product


  • None

7. ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® Gray Self-Drying Cement-Based Finish Underlayment

Last on the list is the ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® self-drying cement-based finish underlayment. It is a blend of portland cement and other hydraulic cement that has been designed to provide an excellent permanent base for interior concrete, masonry, wood, terrazzo, and ceramic. From the name, you can tell that it is self-drying. It dries in less than 15 minutes at 70°F.

The ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® self-drying cement-based finish underlayment is easy to mix, requiring only water. It comes in a 10lb bag. Each bag can cover up to 300 sq ft at a skim coat, 33.3 sq ft at ⅛”, and 16.7 sq ft at ¼”. You can apply it over both new and old surfaces because of its easy application.

This makes it the perfect choice for people who want to quickly get their work done without having to worry about the mess of mixing mortar or hiring a professional mason. It’s also great for DIYers because they can use ARDEX Feather Finish® on their projects without risking ruining expensive materials like tile and grout.

The ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® result looks beautiful! With its smooth look, it will make your home feel brand new again in no time! Also, it has an anti-skid additive which reduces the coefficient of friction to provide a safer surface for pedestrians.

It is also resistant to mold and mildew. This durable product can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. One thing to note is that this concrete resurfacer may become brittle and start peeling when exposed to high heat. So, use for only interior floors. ARDEX has a standard limited warranty on it.


  • It produces a smooth and beautiful finish.
  • It is self-drying and will last for years under proper maintenance.
  • It has a standard limited warranty.
  • It is easy to apply, making it perfect for DIY projects.
  • Ensures good adhesion due to the polymer modifiers and other additives
  • Fast working time


  • Not suitable for exterior floors.

Best Concrete Resurfacer Buying Guide

Purchasing a pack of concrete resurfacer is a big investment. You wouldn’t want to make an uninformed decision that will lead you to regret your purchase later on.

This buying guide discusses in detail some factors you should consider before purchasing a concrete resurfacer to use on old surface.

The size of your concrete surface that needs repairs:

The size of your concrete surface that needs repairs is the first factor to consider. Taking this factor into consideration will help determine the quantity and quality of the concrete resurfacer you need.

If only a small-scale portion of your concrete needs resurfacing due to wornness, or you want to cover a small patch of concrete, then you should buy per your needs.

If the entire surface requires resurfacing because it has aged due to weathering, and if you want a more professional-looking finish on your floors or walls, then buying enough product is the right thing to do.

The location of the concrete surface (interior or exterior):

The location of the existing concrete surface is another factor to consider. If you want to cover an interior floor not exposed to sunlight and rain, the ideal concrete resurfacer should have less protection from UV rays and a smooth finish.

On the other hand, exterior floors and walls will require more protective coating and special sealants. These floors are exposed to high foot traffic, sunlight, and rain. Therefore they should be resurfaced with products that offer more protection from UV rays or environmental wear.

Concrete Material (new or old):

The age of a surface also matters when selecting a resurfacer as most come with different instructions for use on new surfaces compared to older ones. For example, some products are suitable for new concrete only.

And others can work well on both new and old surfaces. You should go for the one that works well with the surface you intend to use it on (old or new).

Does the product have instructions on how to use it correctly?

For many homeowners or DIYers, the lack of experience or knowledge when it comes to resurfacing can be a source of concerns. If you fall under this category, you need to check if the product you intend to buy has instructions on usage to avoid any mistakes that may lead to permanent damage to your concrete floor.

There are also plenty of online videos that may provide some guidance for some of these concrete resurfacers. More than anything else, make sure you pay attention to our reviews of the seven best concrete resurfacer above and compare them before making a purchase decision to get the pack best for your needs.

How many square feet per pack can the concrete resurfacer cover?

Concrete resurfacers come in different packs. The most common size is a 20lb pack. Now, the square feet per pack will depend on the mixture with water and how thick you apply the product to your surface.

Some manufacturers give information about the surface covering per pack of their product, while some do not. However, we’ve stated the surface covering per pack of some of the concrete resurfacer on our list.

What are your expectations for the service life of this product?

Not all concrete resurfacing products are the same. Expectations for service life will depend on what you need your product to do in terms of durability, stain protection, and so forth.

This is why you must know what your needs are before going ahead with a purchase decision. It should also be mentioned that some types of surface preparation may affect how long the resurfacer will last.

Do you have any experience with concrete resurfacers before?

If you have never worked with concrete resurfacers before, it may be best to hire professionals. They will be able to deal with any complications that may arise during installation.

With their expertise and experience in working with concrete slabs, these experts can provide advice based on what kind of surface you want and specific needs which will ensure great quality work without any problems occurring.

However, If you are a DIY enthusiast, and you are confident and knowledgeable on the surface of your concrete, then you might be able to do it yourself. The steps for DIY are as follows;

  • Prepare all materials, which include water and the concrete resurfacer.
  • Get protective equipment such as gloves and safety goggles.
  • Ready topcoat material (this depends if you need one).
  •  Mix using a stirring stick until there are no clumps left in the mixture before spreading over the area with a long handled squeegee.

These are just a few steps to help you out if you decide to go about resurfacing your old concrete surface yourself. Additionally, you can prepare yourself with lessons from reliable YouTube channels or online guides before starting.

But we must warn, it’s always best not to take any chances when working with an expensive and delicate material as a concrete resurfacer.

Drying time of the concrete resurfacer:

Different concrete resurfacers have different drying times. Some will dry in a couple of minutes or a few hours, while others will take one to seven days before they are ready to be walked on again.

Thankfully, each concrete resurfacer on our list has been thoroughly reviewed, and we stated their drying time.

What is my budget?

Concrete resurfacers are not too expensive, but they will still cost you some money. To avoid overspending and then regretting your decision later on because the resurfacer did not do what it’s supposed to, make sure you go over each factor discussed above before making a purchase decision.

There are specific shrinkage compensated repair material and other additives added special blend products for special types of surfaces. You may need personalized content as well for your specific use cases. All these specific products are required for those who already personalized their old surface. Make sure you remember these things before clicking the check out button.

Final Thoughts

Picking a concrete resurfacer for your project can be quite challenging. However, we’ve reviewed seven of the best ones in the industry. And have provided you with the necessary details about each one.

We also discussed some factors to consider before you buy one. At the end of the day, the most important things are your budget, needs, and preferences.

Keep in mind that not all products are made equally or work similarly in different environments. The concrete resurfacer you get should provide you with the desired outcome and not just an expense that will continually need more attention.

That’s why it is important to know what works for your particular situation before purchasing a product. We have given you insights on each product on our list and how they fare in different circumstances. And since you made it to this point, we are sure you have all you need to know to make a decision on which product suits your needs best.

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