10 Best Dual Action Polisher For Beginners 2021

Venturing into detailing for the first time, and have no idea of the dual-action polisher to buy?  Why don’t you check out our list of 10 best Dual action polishers for beginners to guide your choice?

Over the years, easy polishing and removing scratches & swirls on surfaces without ruining their paints has been a significant concern.

The search for a safe, non-complex, but more powerful way to achieve this led to the dual-action polishers.

best electric da sander for autobody workbest electric da sander for autobody work

Being a beginner, choosing the right DA polisher to start with can be overwhelming. We care, that’s why we are here to guide you on your venture. So without further ado, let’s take you down our list. 





Maxshine M15 Pro Series II DA Dual Action Polisher

Power: 1000 Watt

Motor: 5000 OPM

Weight: 7.7 Lbs.

Rating: A+

Chemical Guys BUF 503X TORQX Random Polisher

Power: 700 Watt

Motor: 4200 OPM

Weight: 8.6 Lbs.

Rating: A+

Adam’s Swirl Killer 12mm Mini DA Polisher

Power: 750 Watt

Motor: 5500 OPM

Weight: 6.24 Lbs.

Rating: A+

Ginour Polisher 900W DA Random Orbit Car Buffer

Power: 900 Watt

Motor: 6400 OPM

Weight: 7.54 Lbs.

Rating: A+

Avid AEP127 Power Polisher 

Power: 600 Watt

Motor: 6800 OPM

Weight: 6.82 Lbs.

Rating: A

10 Best Dual Action Polisher for Beginners 2020

Here is our detailed guide on best electric da sanders for autobody work and polishing. Keep reading-

1. Maxshine M15 Pro Series II DA Dual Action Polisher, 1000W

Maxshine has been producing high-quality machines for more than 14 years now. We can see their expertise in the M15 pro series II DA Dual Action Polisher.

This dual-action polisher has a 15mm-orbit disc plate with an awesome power of 1000W to deliver a high level of scratch removal while not ruining the paint. Its no-load speed is from 2200-5000 OPM ensuring detailed paint correction and waxing.

It features an anti-tip brace for a steady balancing on the ground, which reduces vibrations when in use.

There’s a variable-speed trigger lock mechanism, with a dial selector of (1-6) to tell the speed settings it’s working with. It is ergonomically friendly with its enlarged rubberized hand space and horn grips to deliver smooth, comfortable, and consistent results.

There are vents by the sides to give the brushes airflow when working. These vents are removable for easy change of brushes. It has a 5-inch holed vacuum plate that comes standard with the disc plate for airflow to disperse heat quicker.

You don’t have to bother about working distance with this detailing tool. Because they come with a super long 4-meter (13′) reinforced power cable to withstand heavy use and provide a long-range service from a power source.

When you buy this machine, it comes in a cool looking carrying bag. Inside the bag is a D handle, a tool pouch for all your tools like Allen key for your backing plate removal, washer mod bolts, a spare set of carbon brushes, and some silicone grease.

They are dependable for unbeatable paint correction with guaranteed superior polishing results. They can also spread sealants and waxes in an even layer for complete protection of your automotive paint.

Every other product in this list falls short against this beast. Considering power and efficiency, there is no close contender to this.


  • Soft startup speed.
  • Moderate noise, with low vibrations
  • They also come in 8mm and 22mm disc orbit sizes.
  • Durable and offer great value for money
  • Very comfortable to use
  • A big bag that can carry other personal or professional items


  • They sometimes stall, meaning they don’t do well on surfaces that aren’t flat.

2. Chemical Guys BUF 503X TORQX Random Polisher

Chemical Guys BUF 503X TORQX Random Polisher offers one solution to any paint detailing need you may have. The TORQX works with a 5-inch backing plate that has a no-load speed between 1200-4200 OPM.

Also, it has an 8mm dual action orbital throw. To power this machine for detailed polishing, waxing, scrubbing, and cleaning, you will need a 700W power supply. It can take on aggressive swirls & scratch, clean spills & stains from carpets, and apply wax coat over sensitive paint finishes.

One of the most notable features of this polisher is its versatility with backing plates. It allows backing plates of 3, 5, and 6 inches sizes without extensive modifications and any voiding of warranties.

This feature makes you able to use your preferred backing plate size to take on any detailing job. Standardly, it comes with a durable 5″ backing plate for use with its 5.5-inch buffing and polishing pads.

The pads are 5.5″ to give balanced polishing to both flat and curved surfaces.

Around the polisher’s fly are variable speed controls to adjust the power output to suit your requirement.

However, the speed control location is awkward because your hand can accidentally move the switch while working. Likewise, the on/off switch. You’d have to steady one hand on the device so that the other can reach for the switch. These little things make the machine working state awkward and stressful.

A built-in Precision Power (P²) controller slowly increases the power as speed setting increases.

This controller ensures the durability of the polisher and protects moving compartments from flinging due to speed fluctuation. It has a forward grip (TFG) ergonomics, which prevents fatigue, sore joints, numb arms, and fingers, boosting excellent polishing results. Thus, they are comfortable to use.

There is a very fine line in features compared to Maxshine M15 but you save more than 50 bucks with this machine. So, both Professional detailers and DIY users can utilize this.


  • Lightweight construction with vibration reduction technology
  • They work well on both flat and curved surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans properly without any swirl marks


  • They are extremely loud
  • They have low-speed power, and the location of the speed controller is awkward.

3. Adam’s Swirl Killer 12mm Mini DA Polisher

Invented by “Adam’s polishes,” Adam’s swirl killer 12mm throw mini dual-action polisher is a fantastic tool for those starting in the polishing niche.

It features a 12mm throw with a 3-inch backing plate that moves at a no-load speed of 2500-5500 OPM to provide strong correcting power to the polisher.

Because of its mini nature, it can go into small and complex places where full-size polisher can’t, like fog lights, rear spoilers, headlights, taillights, and rocker panels.

The 3-inch backing plate has a small frame, which allows you to easily attach adam’s 4″ velcro foam polishing pads to it for a better result. The consuming power supply required for this beginner friendly polisher to operate is 500W, although it has a max of 750W.

The on/off switch is by the side, which is very nice. Like almost all dual-polisher, it has adjustable speed dial settings (1-6) to keep you in charge of the job. The placement of its speed dial is at the back, which is suitable for easy reach.

With this polisher, you must not start at high speed, as it could be damaging to what you want to correct. Start at low speed and gradually increase the speed required for your paint correction and maintenance tasks.

For mild scratches and swirl removal, speed setting 3 or 4 is the recommended setting, while 5 and 6 for heavier scratches. This mini polisher’s versatility makes it suitable to clean on almost all surfaces, both flat and curves.

The ergonomic rubber grip it has makes it easy to control when polishing. It comes with a tender rubber 25-foot length power cord for more effortless mobility around the device.

It is high-powered, sturdy, well-built, and offers excellent value for money. It has a year warranty. This rotary buffer was made for paints correction in places full-size rotary polishers can’t get to, so because of this, it’s not efficient to cover large areas at a time.

If you are an absolute beginner in car polishing, this is the go-to for you. Its lightweight and ease of use will let you work comfortably despite having zero experience in the field.


  • Can fit into complex tiny places both curved and flat
  • Its long cord makes it easy to use
  • Soft start function
  • Vibration is minimal
  • High operation per minutes (OPM)


  • It is deafening

4. Ginour Polisher: Best Electric DA Sander For Autobody Work

Ginour DA random orbit car buffer polisher is a professional polishing tool perfect for all polishing related jobs on a car.

They are perfect for paint corrections, waxing and removing defects, stains, flaws on painted vehicles, reproducing the luster of cars, and so on.

The efficiency of this polisher makes it suitable for all professional detailing jobs and varieties of home surfaces. However, it has a short cord (3m), which makes mobility limited.

It features a 150mm throw with a 6-inch backing plate that moves between a no-load speed of 2000-6400 OPM and requires a power supply of 900W to operate. It has a speed dial at the tail and a lock button on top. The 6-level variable speed settings can perform all the needed tasks in car detailing industry.

Speed settings 1&2 move at 2000 & 2800 OPM, which is sufficient for waxing and buffing. Settings 3 &4 move at 3700 & 4600 OPM, which is adequate for polishing and cleaning. While speed setting 5&6 moves at 5500 & 6400 OPM, which is sufficient to remove paint defect and oxidation.

The ergonomically designed motor of this rotary buffer produces low vibrations and lesser noise. Its rear rubber handle makes handling it easy and comfortable. 

Built with an all-aluminum head that protects it from corrosion, it has a very long lifespan. Regardless, Ginour gives a lifetime warranty for this polisher and free replacement if there are any defects.

When you buy this polisher, it comes with a bag filled with professional accessories. You get a D-handle, a side handle, one Allen wrench, two carbon brushes, four 6-inch sponge disc, and one 6-inch wool disc. All these add-ons equip you further for a more comfortable operating experience and discs for different needs.

People with budget limitation will love this machine. It’s cheap yet provide pretty standard performance. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Lifetime warranty and free replacement if any defect occurs.
  • Cost-effective
  • Essential add-ons


  • It has a short cord; therefore, mobility is limited.

5. Avid AEP127 Power Polisher 

Avid power is a renowned brand that makes high-quality working tools. They implant high power motors in their devices to get the job each device was designed for done swiftly.

This high power trademark of the brand is vividly seen in this 6-inch DA random orbital car buffer polisher.

It features a powerful motor with a 6-inch backing plate that rotates at 1500-6800 OPM no-load speed.

This speed range is more than efficient to carry out any paint corrections, polishing, swirl & oxidation removal, and rejuvenating your car’s appearance or any surface area, both flat and curved. The required power supply for this polisher is 600W; of course, it may demand more.

Around the polisher’s tail is a 6-setting speed control dial to keep you in charge of the speed per the requirement of any job you are doing. Low speed (1&2) for waxing and buffing. Medium speed (3&4) for polishing and cleaning. While high speed (5&6) for removing paint defects and oxidation. However, this machine makes tremendous noise during operation.

Its ergonomic design makes it very easy to use by people new to a DA polisher. This design comprises a rubberized body that keeps it from rolling off tables or slipping off surfaces and an adjustable D-handle that provides you with a comfortable grip.

When you buy this polisher, it comes in a bag containing three 7-inch foam pads (orange; compounding, yellow; polishing, and black; finishing), one foam disc, one detachable D-handle, one spanner, one hex wrench, and a user manual. All these accessories are all you need to achieve any polishing demand.

It’s an alternative to Ginour Polisher. Almost similar features and price tag. You’ll have a nice going if you can bear with its heat and noise.


  • Comes with essential accessories
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap and offers good value for money
  • It performs detailing jobs flawlessly
  • Powerful motor
  • Decent power cable


  • It’s noisy and vibrates a lot.
  • It tends to get hot while working.

6. Hi-Spec 800W 5.7A DA Random Orbital 6″ Polisher

Hi-Spec has been around since 1988 and has earned its place in the engineering world through their innovative machines. One of them being the Hi-spec dual-action random orbital polisher.

This DA polisher features a 6-inch backing plate for all detailing jobs like cleaning, smoothing, buffing, polishing, waxing, compounding on vehicles, bathrooms, tiles, counter-tops, and hard surfaces.

This 6-inch backing plate moves at a 2000-6400 OPM no-load speed, with a required power supply of 800W to give high-end finishing results. A 6 option variable speed dial controls this speed. It is located at the polisher’s fly to make the polishing process easy. 

The on/off thumb switch is by the machine’s side, which is excellent for effortless reach. However, this switch requires a firm slide to engage its lock-in, but a small press to disengage.

Its main engine features a durable nylon thermoplastic with an ergonomic rubber top head for a firm grip and comfortability. Inside the head is a unit that comprises heat-treated carbon steels, which assures the engine’s durability.

This DA polisher head doesn’t only rotate, but also elliptically orbits a 9mm eccentric short-throw around its axis to avoid swirls during polishing.

A fascinating feature of this dual-action polisher is its self-consciousness. When using it, if you apply high pressure, it stops working. The machine does this to protect the surface you are detailing from over-abrasion, heat, and friction. This action ensures you don’t cause any paint damage to your detailing surface.

Also, it comes with a full set of essential professional accessories like a D-handle, two hook and loop backing Plates, fastening bolts, four hooks, and Loop Foam pads of different hardness, a hex key, a mini-wrench, and a set of carbon-brushes.


  • Does not overheat
  • Long-lasting, with a three years warranty
  • Cheap, and offers excellent value for money
  • Comes with essential accessories


  • Didn’t find any

7. TACKLIFE 6 Inch/5 Inch Orbital Car Polisher

Take on any detailing job like a professional with the TACKLIFE 6/5 inch orbital polisher.

This dual-action orbital polisher comes with a 5-inch and 6-inch backing plate that can be interchangeable based on the task at hand. With the random motion of the backing plates, a swirl-free and burn-absent polishing result is guaranteed.

They move at a 1500-6400 OPM no-load speed, with an operating power of 6.5Amp to deliver a high-end desired result.

It has a 6-level variable speed settings for speed regulation per job requirement. Low speed (1&2), for waxing and buffing jobs. Medium speed (3&4), for polishing and cleaning jobs. While high speed (5&6), for removing paint defects and oxidation removal jobs.

Also, the long throw orbiting around its axis prevents swirling. The on/off switch is at the front of the machine for easy access and control. When you turn it on, it has a soft start, ensuring there’s no paint burn.

One of the best features of this electric da sander machine is its ergonomic design. It has a flexible D-handle, a straight handle that can be fitted either left or right depending on your choice, and a no handle rubberized body for a comfortable, non-slipping grip.

A hand protection foam pad design and a power indicator that shows green when power is connected, and red remind you to change the carbon brushes. It comes with a year warranty and free replacement if anything defects within that period.

This machine works on all surfaces from cars, boats, tiles, stair handrails, furniture, floor, and any flat & curved surface. With its 10 feet power cord, you can use them at a reasonable distance from the power socket.

When you buy, it comes in a bag containing four different foam pieces; two 5.5-inch/6.5-inch yellow foam discs for smooth polishing and two 5.5-inch/6.5-inch black foam discs for fine sanding and polishing.


  • Perfect speed dial location
  • Soft start
  • Good looking bag, with essential add-ons
  • Cheap and offers good value for money
  • 3-way handling, making it user-friendly and easy to use
  • Versatility on many surfaces, both flat & curved


  • It can get hot while operating.

8. CHANTPOWER 6 Inch Dual Action Orbital Polisher

CHANTPOWER 6-Inch DA Polisher is just like any other polishers with similar features. It has a powerful motor that uses a 6-inch backing plate that moves at a 1500-6800 OPM no-load speed.

This speed range is more than efficient to carry out any paint corrections, polishing, swirl & oxidation removal, on cars, boats, high-value furniture, marble surfaces, etc. The required power supply for this rotary buffer is 600W.

Around the polisher’s tail is a 6-setting speed control dial to keep you in charge of the speed per the requirement of any job you are doing.

Low speed (1&2) for waxing and buffing. Medium speed (3&4) for polishing and cleaning. While high speed (5&6) for removing paint defects and oxidation. However, this polishing machine makes tremendous noise during operation.

Its ergonomic design makes it very easy to use by people new to a dual-action polisher. This design comprises of auxiliary handles. An adjustable D-handle and interchangeable side handle to suit your preferred handling, thereby ensuring a comfortable user-experience. Its power cord is 3m long, which is quite fair for mobility.

It comes with a two-year limited warranty. It comes in a bag containing three 7-inch sponge pads (orange; compounding, yellow; polishing, and black; finishing).

As well as one towel, one detachable D-handle, a detachable side handle, one microfiber wash mitt, one spanner, one hex wrench, and a user manual.


  • Comes with essential accessories
  • Its ergonomic design is easy to use
  • Cheap and offers good value for money
  • It doesn’t stall
  • Heavy duty
  • Decent power cable


  • Can feel Heavyweight

9. SPTA 5-Inch 125mm Dual Action Random Orbital Car Polisher

SPTA makes this DAPSET-US DA random orbital polisher with a 5-inch backing plate that moves at a no-load speed of 1000-3800 OPM, requiring a power supply 700W-1000W to deliver good detailing results.

Compared with other DA polishers in its league, its speed is relatively low, which may not be adequate for stubborn paint corrections. Although with this speed range, the polisher has a smooth start and produces minimal noise. You should only consider this if you do minimal paint corrections.

Its speed is controlled by a 6 variable speed dial located at the polisher’s rear. With this speed dial, you can regulate the speed per the requirement of any task.

The on/off switch is by the machine’s side, which is excellent for easy reach and safety. It effectively dissipates heat with its cooling system, ensuring the machine’s surface temperature is cool when operating.

The ergonomic design of this best electric da sander for auto body work is top-notch. It has a 3-way handling choice; there’s a D-handle that rotates 180°, a side handles for flexibility, and a rubberized grip handle for comfortable user-experience.

The complete kit of this polisher comes in a bag containing an apron, four 5-inch polishing pads, four 6-inch foam Pads, a side handle, a D-handle, a wrench, an Allen key, a pair of carbon brushes, a user manual, twelve pcs 5-inch sanding disc, a 250ml rubbing compound, a 250ml supreme polish compound, two pcs 40x40mm microfiber towel, a car wash glove, and foam pads cleaning brush.


  • Self cooling system with smooth operation
  • Ergonomic design, which is easy to use
  • Very low price and offers excellent value for money
  • Comes with a quality bag containing complete professional accessories for all detailing needs


  • Low OPM

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10. FULLWATT Car Buffer Polisher

FULLWATT 6″ Variable Speed Random Orbit Dual-Action Polisher is a heavy-duty polishing machine made with heat-treated precision-cut gears and high-quality fine cooper motor.

Its casing is made from durable anti-impact polyamides. It features a 6-inch backing plate that moves at a no-load speed of 2000-4800 OPM, with a power requirement of 950W to deliver high-end detailing results. It has a 21mm throw its orbits.

A 6-variable digital speed control regulates the speed with a display screen for precision. This feature allows you to set the speed per the task requirement and material texture.

This dual-action polisher’s unique feature is its built-in LED light that comes in handy in a workspace with low visibility. It makes the polisher useable at night if you are working round the clock.

The on/off switch is at its tail for easy reach. Its power cord is 2m, which somewhat ok for mobility.

Ergonomics is relaxed with a grip handle, and a front D-shaped auxiliary handle offers a more comfortable user experience. The flexibility of this design allows you to choose your preferred handling for safe and convenient operation.

It’s versatile, works well on all surfaces, curved & flat, and deliver great results. Also, it comes with essential accessories like a polishing plate, a backing pad, an open-end wrench, an Allen wrench, two carbon brushes, and a 5.7-inch polish pad.


  • Lightweight polisher
  • Easy to use, hence good for a beginner detailer
  • Cheap and offers good value for money
  • Comes with essential accessories


  • The digital speed dial may be confusing

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Best Dual Action Polisher For Beginners Buying Guide

Here are the process we followed to pick the best car polisher for beginners-

1. Rotation Speed

The first thing to check in a tool is its motor capacity. How many orbits per minute can it achieve is a question that you find the answer for.

Generally, 4000 to 6000 OPM is standard for almost any kind of dual action polishing job.

With the highest speed, you should also look for the adjustment settings, and how much slower it can run. We recommend going with the products that can run at as low as 2000 OPM and have at least 4-speed adjustment settings.

But again, the more freedom you get in those adjustment functionalities, the better. You’ll feel more comfortable working with a machine that has a lot of flexibility in speeds and OPM.

2. Corded vs Cordless Buffer

The next thing is selecting between the corded and cordless models. Generally speaking, corded models come with more power in the motor as they don’t need to rely on batteries that have limited power capacity.

However, you exercise less freedom with the corded models as you must connect it to an electric outlet for the machine to run.

On the other hand, cordless models come with less power but give you the freedom to work anywhere you want.

So, think about your purpose. Where will you use the machine, and how likely it is for you to connect the tool with an electric outlet?

3. Weight of the Polishing Machine

Next comes the weight of the tool. The heavier the tool, the more it will become uncomfortable for you to work with it. On the other hand, powerful and durable tools are typically for their construction.

So, you need to find a sweet spot between these two. You shouldn’t compromise the quality for comfort, nor can sacrifice comfort as it will prevent you from working enough time.

That’s why we recommend balanced products with durable build quality and lightweight.

4. Ergonomics

Ergonomics also fall in the comfort category but we have separated this due to its unique nature. Better ergonomics is achieved by the design. How easy it is for you to hold the tool while working? How easy it is to adjust the speed and change the polishing pads are some of the things that you should consider as well while making the decision.

5. DA Polisher Price

No purchase decision is well made without considering the product price. That’s because of some brands that list the products at a lot higher price than it should be.

Luckily, you are here and we have already filtered out all the low quality or overpriced products that you should avoid.

buffing the car with a dual action car polisher

Types of Car Polisher

You will find two types of machine polishers to buff out your car paint, i.e. Rotary polisher, and the dual-action sander that we are talking about in this article.

1. Rotary Polisher

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