7 Best Drywall Carts [Reviewed in 2021]

If you are a drywaller, DIYer, or just interested in the process of finishing your walls using drywall, keep reading! Drywall is a heavy and awkward material that can be difficult to transport, leading many people to hire professional installation services for their drywall needs.

But, if you’re looking for an affordable and time-saving way to install your drywall, there’s no better solution than using a drywall cart.

A drywall cart will allow you to move drywall sheets throughout the entire project without straining your hands and back. They are such a lifesaver in drywall installation projects. In this article, we reviewed in detail the 7 best drywall carts. We also included a buying guide below consisting of factors you should consider before buying one.





Pentagon Tool 6115 Professional Drywall Cart Dolly For Handling Wall Panels

Weight: 91lb

Size (inches): 7H x 51W x 23D

Load Capacity: 3000lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.9

GypTool Heavy Duty Drywall Sheet Cart & Panel Dolly

Weight: 97.4lb

Size (inches): 50H x 23W x 48D

Load Capacity: 1800lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

TROLL 1270 Drywall Cart

Weight: 85.8lb

Size (inches): 48H x 44W x 22D

Load Capacity: 3000lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

Goplus Drywall Sheet Cart

Weight: 45lb

Size (inches): 47.5H × 23.5W × 43.5D

Load Capacity: 780lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.7

Snap-Loc General Purpose E Track Panel Cart Dolly

Weight: 52lb

Size (inches): 32H x 20.5W x 38D

Load Capacity: 1200lb

Editor’s Ratings: 4.7

7 Best Drywall Carts:

1. Pentagon Tool 6115 Professional Drywall Cart Dolly

We all know that drywall is one of the most difficult materials to transport. It’s heavy and awkward. But the Pentagon Tool 6115 Professional drywall cart dolly makes it easy to move large quantities of drywall panels from place to place without any strain on your body. This professional-grade cart dolly features a rugged steel design with a 3,000 lbs load-carrying capacity. Pentagon Tools made it with round corners to ensure boards or wall panels don’t get damaged by the cart’s edges.

The Pentagon Tool 6115 Professional drywall cart dolly has four 8” wheels for easy maneuverability on different terrains. The wheels consist of two fixed, one swivel, and one with a brake for safety. However, the wheels don’t last for long under heavy use. You don’t have to worry about spilling the material you are transporting because it has an angled deck to prevent spillage due to clumsiness or bad roads. Plus, its open frame design allows you to maneuver tight corners easily.

This drywall cart doesn’t come with instructions but assembling it is straightforward. When fully assembled, it weighs 91lb. It is also easy to disassemble, making storage and transportation easier. You’ll get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer when you purchase this tool.


  • The cart is made from heavy-duty steel.
  • It has a load capacity of 3000lb.
  • The cart corners are round, so your materials won’t get damaged.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.
  • It comes with four wheels.


  • The wheels don’t last long.

2. GypTool Drywall Sheet Cart & Panel Dolly

Move drywall, plywood, and wall panels from the truck to the Jobsite and within the Jobsite with the GypTool drywall sheet cart & panel dolly. This drywall sheet cart & panel dolly can carry up to 24 x ½” sheets. Built with sturdy steel, it holds up to 1800 pounds of weight without bending or breaking, making it perfect for construction sites with lots of materials on hand.

It also comes with four pro-grade, non-marring, 8″ swivel casters, with one having a locking pin to serve as a brake. These casters feature a tight turning radius and glide smoothly over flat terrain. However, they don’t work great on bumpy terrains. Loading materials on it is a piece of cake thanks to the extra-large opened 45″ x 12″ deck that aids fast loading. The deck is angled to prevent materials from slipping off.

GypTool made this cart with a well-thought-out design. They included a rounded safety bar around the cart to prevent it from damaging wall panels and boards. Putting it together is easy, as well as taking it apart for storage. When assembled, it weighs 94.7lb and has an overall length of 50″, 23″ width, 48″ handle height and 13½” deck height.


  • It is a sturdy drywall cart.
  • Putting the parts together is basic.
  • There’s a rounded safety bar around the cart to prevent it from damaging the materials it carries.
  • Its heavy-duty four swivel casters glide smoothly over flat terrains.


  • The wheels don’t work well on rough terrains.

3. TROLL 1270 Drywall Cart

The TROLL 1270 Drywall Cart is a commercial grade, heavy-duty drywall cart designed to carry and support up to 3000 pounds of drywall sheets. It’s perfect for contractors or homeowners who need an all-purpose tool that finds use in different settings. It can comfortably carry twenty-four ½” boards or sixteen ¾” boards.

The cart features four large 8” rubber casters with 360° turning capability for easy movement in small and tight spaces. One of the casters has a swivel lock that serves as a brake to give you control when moving the cart. These casters are heavy-duty and absorb chemicals too!

The TROLL 1270 Drywall Cart is one of our favorites because it’s easy to assemble and it’s foldable for easy storage! It measures 48” long, 44” tall, and 22” wide when fixed together. Its open-front design is user-friendly because it allows users to load and unload materials without damaging them and hurting themselves. You can remove the upright arm to convert it into a flatbed frame for storing or hauling tools. The downside of this cart is that it is not well balanced. Also, it lacks a deck which would have been an additional advantage.


  • It is foldable for easy storage.
  • The casters are well-built and last long.
  • It converts to a flatbed frame for storing or hauling tools.
  • User-friendly design for loading and unloading materials without any issues whatsoever.


  • It is not well balanced, and it doesn’t have a deck.

4. Goplus Drywall Sheet Cart

The Goplus drywall sheet cart comfortably carries/hauls up to 780lb of sheetrock, drywall panels, plywood, and materials alike without tipping over. It is ideal for carrying your drywall sheets from the store to your vehicle to the Jobsite.

This cart features a durable steel frame with rounded corners to protect you from any accidental injuries and prevent the frame from damaging the material it carries. The steel frame has been painted with anti-rust paint to protect it from corrosion.

Goplus built it with an open design, making it easier to load and unload drywall sheets without much stress. Thanks to the angled sloping 1” handrails, your drywall sheet won’t fall off when hauling. You can even tie up longboards or panels to keep them still for a more comfortable experience. Assembling this cart is easy, thanks to the instructional manual the manufacturer included in its packaging. When fully assembled, it weighs 45lb and measures 47.5″ × 23.5″ × 43.5″.

The Goplus drywall sheet cart has four 6” rugged wheels (two fixed and two universal) that work well on any terrain. Its deck (8” high x 9⅜” wide) provides support to materials. The best part? You’re going to love this cart price because it is affordable and of high quality!


  • This cart is affordable.
  • It is made from durable steel.
  • The steel frame has rounded corners to protect against accident and material damages.
  • Its handrails that ensure materials being hauled don’t fall off.
  • It comes with an instructional manual that makes it easy to assemble.


  • It can’t handle much weight.

5. Snap-Loc General Purpose E Track Panel Cart Dolly

The Snap-Loc General Purpose E Track panel cart dolly is designed to be a versatile and durable cart for transporting drywall panels, lumber, and pipes. It has a 4-sided 1¼” thick steel frame with zinc plating to last for years. With this drywall cart, you can transport drywall of up to 1200 pounds of weight without a fault.

This dolly has four thermoplastic 4” ball-bearing casters for smooth maneuvering. Two wheels have locking brakes for stability when the user wants to lock in place while loading up materials onto the dolly. Snap-Loc included an E-Track system that uses an E-Strap to attach the cart to a truck, pickup, or trailer for quicker transportation. However, the E-Strap doesn’t come with it. The company sells it separately.

Additionally, this cart has a flat top non-slip grip deck that ensures the drywall panels are evenly secured. It is lightweight compared to other drywall carts, weighing 52lb. When fully assembled, it measures 32” long x 20½” wide x 32” tall.


  • It is made of steel with zinc plating to last for years.
  • It has an E-Track system that enables it to connect to a truck, pickup, or trailer.
  • It has four thermoplastic 4” ball-bearing casters.


  • None

6. Pentagon Tools 83-DT5648 6119 Panel Pusher Dolly

Pentagon Tools make our list again, this time with their affordable and versatile 83-DT5648 6119-panel pusher dolly. It is a lightweight cart made for moving drywall panels up to 600lbs. With its adjustable wide wheelbase, this panel pusher dolly can accommodate long drywall sheets. It features a T” screw handle locking system that allows quick and fast adjustments of the wheelbase width. You can adjust the width up to 9”.

This panel pusher dolly was designed for maximum stability, maneuverability, and durability. It will make your drywall installation process easier because you can push panels without having to move a truck or use a lot of strength. Putting it together takes approximately 30 mins. Once assembled, it weighs 18.79lb.

This drywall pusher is perfect for DIYers who want to carry out drywall installation projects in their home! Pentagon Tools built it with heavy-duty steel that will last through years of heavy use. It features two 10″ wheels filled with air for easy mobility around the Jobsite. These wheels are made from solid rubber, which provides increased traction and protection against abrasion while rolling.

One thing to note is that the push nuts that connect the wheels to the axle are substandard, so the wheels detach often. However, Pentagon Tools have a one-year warranty on it.


  • It uses heavy-duty inflatable wheels.
  • Putting the cart together is straightforward.
  • You can adjust the width up to 9” to accommodate more drywall sheets.


  • The wheels often remove due to the substandard push nuts used to connect them to the cart wheelbase.

7. KASTFORCE KF4002 Panel Dolly

The KASTFORCE KF4002 panel dolly will help you transport and maneuver drywall panels, plywoods, or other sheet goods. It’s a great solution for DIYers who need to transport materials from one location to another in their home or workplace. The dolly features two 8” wheels that allow it to glide over most surfaces with ease. It can carry up to 600 pounds.

The KASTFORCE KF4002 panel dolly features heavy-duty steel construction with an industrial grade powder coat finish that will stand up to years of use. Its side plate (15” x 8”) can adjust from 0” to 9” to transport collections of drywall sheets at once. Like with the drywall pusher above, the wheels of this dolly don’t stay attached for long due to poor push nuts.


  • Its rugged tires can glide through any terrain.
  • Assembling is easy.
  • The side plate width can adjust up to 9” to accommodate more drywall sheets.


  • The wheels remove often.

Best Drywall Cart Buying Guide

Drywall is not something that most homeowners use regularly, so it can be challenging to know what type of cart you need. Luckily for you, we have compiled this drywall cart buying guide to help make the process easier. We will go through different factors to consider before making a purchase.

best drywall cart

Load-carrying capacity:

Drywall sheets are heavy, so the first factor to consider when buying a drywall cart is the load-carrying capacity of the cart. A drywall cart with a lower load-carrying capacity will not hold as many sheets. But, it may come at an affordable price. If you’ll need to carry many drywall sheets, you should consider investing in one that can handle heavy loads.


Drywall carts are made from industrial-grade steel and aluminum. While not invincible, they are relatively durable for a piece of equipment put through extensive use. If you need your cart to last longer than just a few job site use, you should look at the quality of construction before purchasing. In addition, getting a drywall cart with a coated paint finish will help resist corrosion, making it last longer.


Drywall carts move with either wheels or casters. The difference between the two is that a caster is an assembly of a wheel and a bracket. The wheels/casters of a drywall cart should be tough and durable so they can handle any terrain, even those with bumps and rocks.

Furthermore, drywall carts come equipped with either four or two wheels/casters. Four-wheeled drywall carts typically have two fixed and two swivel wheels/casters, with at least one acting as a brake. This enables you to maneuver it more easily when carrying heavy loads and offers more options for movement than two-wheeled vehicles. Two-wheeled drywall carts are relatively pushers. They work well but aren’t so efficient.

Also, consider the type and size of the wheels/casters a cart comes with. The larger the wheels/casters, the easier the drywall cart will be to maneuver. Note that non-marring wheels/casters will be ideal when going over carpets or interior floorings.


The weight of the drywall cart will depend on its size and materials used in its construction, but you should also think about what kind of surfaces it’ll be moving across – rough or smooth.

Easy to Assembly:

A drywall cart that is easy to assemble will save time and effort. If you are not a handy person, look out for a drywall cart with an instruction manual that will guide you on assembling it.

Easy to store:

It’s important to consider how the drywall cart will fit in your space or vehicle. A few carts fold up for easy storage and transportation, but others are heavier, so you’ll want to think about where they’re going to go when not being used.


You can buy an inexpensive drywall cart that will do the job if all you need to carry are a few sheets at one time. But if your needs require slightly more, consider investing in a heavy-duty, high-quality cart that will last longer and accommodate your heavier loads.

Final Thoughts

Drywall carts can be a massive help in any drywall installation process. They make it easier to transport drywall and keep everything organized. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best drywall cart for your needs.

We hope that you have found our review helpful in narrowing down your search. Also, we are sure our buying guide has provided you with the knowledge needed to find one that suits your needs. Happy shopping!

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