10 Best Drywall Saws [Reviewed in 2021]

One of the most overlooked tools in drywall installation is the drywall saw. This saw cut through sheets of plasterboard, wallboard, and gypsum without any difficulty because its teeth are specially designed for this type of work.

Today, there are many different drywall saws available, but what separates them from one another?

In this article, we will review in detail 10 of the best drywall saws on the market. Also, you will find out from our buying guide factors you should consider about these tools before making a purchase decision. Have a read.





WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5” Pro Jab Saw Drywall Hand Saw

Power Style: Manual

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Blade Length: 6.5”

Editor’s Ratings: 4.9

Rotozip SS355-10 High-Speed Spiral Saw

Power Style: Corded

Weight: 2.5lb

Cutting Speed: 30,000RPM

Editor’s Ratings: 4.9

WORX WX550L Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw

Power Style: Cordless

Weight: 4.2 lb

Cutting Speed: 3000 RPM

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

DEWALT Rotary Saw

Power Source: Corded

Weight: 3.2 lb

Cutting Speed: 30000 RPM

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

Klein Tools 31737 Folding Jab Saw

Power Style: Manual

Weight: 8.6 ounces

Blade Length: 5.2”

Editor’s Ratings: 4.8

10 Best Drywall Saw Reviews:

1. WilFiks Razor Sharp Pro Jab Saw Drywall Hand Saw

The WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5” pro jab saw drywall hand saw is designed for cutting drywall quickly. This hand saw has a sharpened tip that pierces through drywall, sheetrock, plastic pipe, or other similar materials with ease. Its 6.5” razor-sharp blade with 7 TPI  induction-hardened teeth is made from high carbon steel that resists rust and corrosion. So, you will get years of use out of this investment!

The WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5” pro jab saw is perfect for any drywall professional or a do-it-yourselfer looking to get the job done fast. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your palm. It reduces wrist strain, blisters, and calluses on your palms and fingers. From the handle to the tip of the blade is a length of 12.5”. WilFiks added an extra secured blade to the handle assembly for safety.

The WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5” Pro Jab Saw is lightweight, weighing 4.2 ounces. Be informed that it doesn’t come with a sheath, so you have to store it in a safe place.


  • It is made from TPI high carbon steel that resists rust and corrosion.
  • The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your palm.
  •  It has a sharpened tip that pierces through drywall effortlessly.


  • None.

2. Rotozip SS355-10 High-Speed Spiral Saw

The RotoZip SS355-10 high-speed spiral saw is an advanced drywall saw that cuts drywall with ease. With this power drywall saw, you can make plunge cuts, freehand cuts, and cut-outs in drywall. It is best for cutting circular holes in drywall.

The team of engineers at RotoZip has combined their expertise with leading-edge technological innovation to create this compact, lightweight saw to tackle freehand and plunge cutwork in all kinds of materials – from hardwoods to composites like PVC pipe. Its powerful 5.5AMP motor produces 30,000 RPM to cut through drywall material quickly without heating up.

The ergonomic design and lightweight (2.5lb) provide maximum maneuverability while also maximizing comfort during use, making it perfect not only for seasoned pros but beginners looking to make quick cuts in drywall, sheetrock, and materials alike. Thanks to the bump switch, you can turn it on and off with one hand.

The RotoZip SS355-10 spiral saw dual grip zones provide superior comfort and control in horizontal and vertical positions. Its exhaust vents direct debris away from the tool so you can maintain safe cutting conditions without any interference. The length of this drywall power saw is 6ft, which is long enough to keep the workspace uncluttered.

It comes with guide point zip bits, saber cut zip bits, and (⅛”, 5/32″ ¼”) collets. But these bits don’t last, so you may find yourself purchasing bits now and then for this tool. There’s a circle cutter guide and a dust management kit compatible with this drywall saw. However, you’ll have to purchase them separately. RoboZip has a one-year limited warranty on it.


  • It is lightweight (2.5lb) and has an ergonomic design.
  • It functions with a powerful 5.5AMP motor that produces 30,000 RPM to cut through drywall material.
  • It features a bump switch for easy on/off.
  • Its exhaust air vents direct debris away from the tool, maintaining a clear line of sight.
  • There is a one-year limited warranty on it.


  • It produces a lot of dust.

3. WORX WX550L Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw

The WORX WX550L axis convertible jigsaw is a versatile tool for cutting drywall or other materials. This unit converts from a jigsaw to a reciprocating saw with the flick of its pivoting, red push button. You can easily go back and forth between the jigsaw and reciprocating saw, depending on the project at hand.

One of its best features is the precise and effective orbital cutting (3000 revs/mins) of drywall and tough materials, providing clean cuts without leaving behind messy edges or burrs. However, it doesn’t have enough power to cut through tough materials or any wood greater than 2-3 inches. You should use this saw for cutting less thick materials like drywall, sheetrock, and materials alike.

That said, this saw is cordless, meaning it functions with a battery. However, its 1.5Ah 20V battery doesn’t last more than 20 mins. If you own any WORX cordless tool, the battery will be compatible with this saw, whether it’s a 20V, 40V, or 80V battery. Or get extra batteries with this saw.

This drywall saw lightweight (4.2lb) design makes it easy to use even on big jobs. It has an ergonomic handle that reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury. Its working blade can be replaced quickly without needing a tool. So, if it gets dull while you are working on a project, you can easily change it. This saw works with any standard reciprocating saw and t-shank jigsaw blades. Plus, it comes with four blades, three jigsaw blades, and one reciprocating blade.

Dust is a problem when cutting drywall, but the WORX WX550L integrated blower will keep dust and debris away from the surface of your cut so you’ll work more efficiently and comfortably. When you buy this tool, it comes packaged with a 1.5Ah 20V battery, 0.4A charger, and bits. WORX has a three-year warranty on it.


  • It is a jigsaw and reciprocating saw in one.
  • It works with any standard reciprocating saw and t-shank jigsaw blades.
  • Its integrated blower keeps dust and debris away from the surface of your cut.


  • The battery doesn’t last long.
  • It doesn’t have enough power for tough/thick materials.

4. DEWALT Rotary Saw (DW660)

DEWALT is a power tool brand that has been in the market for decades. A lot of professionals use their power tools daily. The company offers a wide range of products, including saws and cut-out tools. One of these tools is the DEWALT DW660 rotary saw. This drywall saw functions with a powerful 5 amp motor that produces 30,000RPM to cut through drywall.DEWALT designed it with a turn-on/bump-off dust-sealed switch to allow users to shut the tool off easily and to prevent dust from damaging it, ensuring it lasts long.

Amongst the many drywall saws in the markets, it has one of the fastest tool-free bit-changing systems. Simply locate a black button close to the front of the tool, push it to unlock the bit assembly, loosen the collar on the bit holding assembly, and remove/insert a new bit. A downside to this fast bit tightening system is that it doesn’t hold the bit firmly.

Furthermore, the DEWALT DW660 rotary saw comes with a general-purpose bit, drywall bit, ⅛” and ¼” collets. However, the bits don’t last. We’ll advise you to buy extra bits to use with this saw. This saw is user-friendly. It has a slim body and ergonomic design that gives less fatigue over prolonged use. Plus, it weighs 3.2lb, which is not heavy.

A jam-pot construction provides Jobsite durability. You can easily set the blade depth to the thickness of the drywall you are cutting to avoid damaging electrical and data lines. To boost buyers’ confidence in its design, DEWALT has a three-year warranty, one-year free service agreement, and 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • It has a lot of power to cut materials of different thicknesses.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Changing bits is a stress-free and tool-free process.
  • Its turn-on/bump-off switch allows users to shut the tool off easily.
  • It has a three-year warranty, a one-year free service agreement, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The saw bit tightening system doesn’t hold the bit firmly.
  • The bits don’t last.

5. Klein Tools 31737 Folding Jab Saw / Drywall Saw

Klein Tools have been manufacturing quality hand tools since 1857. They are known worldwide as a top manufacturer in their field because of their design and innovation. One of their high-quality, yet affordable products is the Klein Tools 31737 Folding Jab Saw. This saw features a 5.2” 8 TPI blade made of high-quality carbon steel with triple ground teeth that can cut through drywall, wallboard, plywood, plastic, and other construction materials in both directions.

This jab saw has a Lockback mechanism that secures the blade at a full 180° and 125° for those hard-to-reach spots. It is ergonomically designed to offer premium comfort. Its handle is cushioned for easier palming to make it comfortable to use for long periods and has a non-slip grip for firm use. The saw weighs 8.6 oz, making it lightweight.

This Klein Tools tool folds up for easy and safe storage to prevent it from punching through tool pouches and bags. Opening the blade from the handle is easy. But, folding it would require you to press the silver lever at the back of the handle. Klein Tools included a lanyard hole in the handle for tethering, and they have a one-year warranty on it. 


  • It is easy to use.
  • The blade secures at a full 180° and 125°.
  • You can fold it to keep it safe and to prevent it from damaging a storage material.
  • It is a 5.2” 8 TPI blade made of high-quality carbon steel with triple ground teeth.
  • It has a one-year warranty.


  • None

6. Goldblatt Folding Drywall Saw/Jab Saw

The Goldblatt folding drywall saw/jab saw is cheaper than the Klein Tools 31737 folding jab saw. It features a 5” 8 TPI bi-metal blade with precision triple ground teeth for clean, faster, and effortless cutting in both directions (push and pull). The blade has a sharpened tip that punches through drywall, plastic, and PVC with ease. You’ll find this saw useful whether you are a DIY, a framer, a general contractor, or a woodworker.

The Goldblatt folding drywall saw/jab saw folds out and locks into place. Goldblatt equipped it with a sturdy locking system that holds it in place when used in a folded state. Press the button at the back of the handle to unlock and close the blade.

Its handle is ergonomically designed to fit most hands, ensuring there is less fatigue when using it. The handle also has an anti-slip super grip that reduces the chances of it slipping from your hand. Plus, it’s lightweight (9.5 oz), so you won’t have any issue handling it. Goldblatt added an extra secured blade to the handle assembly that ensures the handle is firmly attached to the blade.


  • It is foldable and affordable.
  • The blade is well-built with precision triple ground teeth.
  • It has an ergonomic handle with an anti-slip super grip.
  • It is lightweight.


  • None

7. Shark 10-2206 Rockeater Drywall Saw

The Shark 10-2206 Rockeater drywall saw is a heavy-duty saw that can cut through drywall. It has a 6” 7 TPI high-quality carbon steel blade with a sharpened puncturing point for scoring or plunge cutting. The teeth in this blade are diamond ground to give the best cutting performance on a single layer or multiple layers of drywall. Overall the saw length is 11”.

This drywall saw weighs in at 3.2 oz and has an ergonomic anti-slip handle, making it easy to use for long periods without getting tired. There’s no extra blade to secure the handle, so the handle tends to lose from the blade. However, the manufacturer, Shark, has a one-year warranty on it.


  • This saw is lightweight.
  • The blade teeth are diamond ground to give the best cutting performance.
  • There’s a one-year warranty on it.


  • The blade doesn’t stay firm to the handle for long.

8. STANLEY FATMAX Jab (20-556) Hand Saw

The STANLEY FATMAX Jab (20-556) hand saw is a reliable and durable saw for cutting drywall and sheetrock clean but aggressive at 90° with minimal effort. Its 8 TPI blade is 6” long with a sharpened tip for puncturing drywall. The blade induction-hardened teeth have the patented SharpTooth technology that cut 50% faster on push and pull strokes than traditional tooth designs. One downside to this tool is that the blade is thick, so it makes large cuts, which might not be perfect for cutting extension boxes holes in drywall.

The STANLEY FATMAX Jab (20-556) hand saw comes equipped with an ergonomic plastic/rubber handle for comfortable handling. The handle also has slip-resistant so that you don’t lose control of the tool during use. Plus, it weighs 4.9 ounces, which makes it lightweight and easy to use. The manufacturer, STANLEY, has a limited lifetime warranty on it.


  • The saw blade is very sturdy and has patented SharpTooth technology that makes it cut 50% faster than standard blades.
  • It makes cuts at 90°.
  • There’s a limited lifetime warranty on it.
  • It features an ergonomic plastic/rubber anti-slip handle.


  • The blade is thick, so it makes big cuts.

9. Tarvol Folding Hand Saw

Tarvol offers an affordable, lightweight folding hand saw for cutting drywall, wood, bone, trees, and plants. It folds down to 8.5″ and only 2″ wide. This saw has a 7” 1.2mm thick 7 TPI blade that’s 100% rust-free. However, it doesn’t have a sharpened tip, which means it can’t puncture drywall.

The Travol folding hand saw cuts well with a forward stroke but feels like it gets stuck when pulled during a backward stroke. Its blade locks firmly in place when closed or opened. There’s a locking mechanism a few inches before closing the blade that prevents you from accidentally hurting your fingers when closing it.

This hand saw not only cuts well, but it’s comfortable to use. It features a rubberized pistol grip handle with a flare at the bottom that ensures it won’t slip out of your hands while you work. Plus, it’s lightweight (7.2 oz), which makes it easy on your wrists! Sadly, there’s no extended blade to secure the handle so, the blade detaches from it under heavy use.


  • It is foldable and has excellent safety locking features.
  • It is lightweight and features an ergonomic pistol grip handle with flare.
  • The blade is corrosion-free.
  • It cuts drywall well, and it’s easy to use.


  • It doesn’t have a sharpened tip.
  • It doesn’t last long.

10. DEWALT DWHT20123 Folding Jab Saw/Rasp Blade Combo

The DEWALT DWHT20123 folding jab saw/rasp blade combo includes two blades, a rasp, and a standard jab saw blade. This means you won’t need another tool for detailed jobs like cutting out electrical outlets or trimming corners. The Jab saw is a stainless steel 4” 8 TPI blade with a sharpened tip and triple ground teeth designed to cut through material quickly with minimal effort — while the stainless steel rasp is perfect for material removal.

The folding design allows you to easily store this lightweight (0.2 oz) piece of equipment in any small space or drawer without taking up much room. There’s a locking mechanism that locks the blade in open and close positions for safety. However, this mechanism is not sturdy enough for heavy-duty use. The DEWALT DWHT20123 folding jab saw/rasp also has an ergonomic bi-material handle for comfortable use. DEWALT has a lifetime warranty on it.


  • It comes with a blade and a rasp.
  • DEWALT has a lifetime warranty on it.
  • The ergonomic bi-material handle makes it easy to use.


  • The locking mechanism isn’t efficient.

Best Drywall Saw Buying Guide

What are the factors you need to consider before purchasing a drywall saw? That is the question we will answer in this buying guide. As you read through, please keep in mind that these 10 factors are guidelines for any type of drywall saw.

best drywall saw reviews

Blade Length (Inch):

The blade size is the most important factor to look for when purchasing a drywall saw. Standard drywall is typically ⅜” thick, so you do not need a very long blade to cut it.  However, buying a saw with a long blade would give less hand fatigue when cutting through large pieces of drywall that are far away or in high spaces. While longer blades are easier to work with for certain jobs, they have difficulties making small holes.

Blade Point/Tip:

The blade tip is also an important aspect of a drywall saw. Pointed blades are best for making holes in the wall, while rounded blade tips are best to make more precise cuts and push through drywall with less effort. So, keep this in mind when purchasing a drywall saw.

Power Style:

Drywall saws come in three power-style, namely electrical, battery, and manual.

  • The electrical type of saw requires an outlet and has a power cord, so it is not portable.
  • The battery-powered drywall saws can be used on the go but will require batteries to function properly.
  • The manual style does not run off any energy sources and needs someone to manually push the blade through whatever they need cut or scraped. This kind is also cheaper than either of the other two options listed above!

Our list contains drywall saws with each of these power styles, and we have reviewed them thoroughly. So, whichever one is your preference, we have got you covered.

Tooth Edge/Ground:

If you noticed from our review, most of the drywall saw blades on our list come with teeth edges that are double or triple ground. A double-ground or triple ground teeth drywall saw provides more abrasive power than traditional blades, as well as better cuts when making holes deep into the drywall. So, go for a drywall saw with either double ground or triple ground teeth.

Folding Properties:

Some drywall saws can fold into different angles for making complex cuts around corners or holes. This kind of drywall saw is versatile and recommended for those who do different designs on drywall. Drywall can be a hard material to work with, but these foldable drywall saws make it much less challenging to cut drywall at corners or angles. Moreover, you’ll be able to store the saw safely because the blade folds into its handle.

Keep in mind that with foldable saws comes the issue of locking mechanisms. If you’ll opt-in for a foldable saw, make sure you get a saw with a sturdy locking mechanism to ensure that the blade does not fold back when in use and vice versa when stored.

Handle Type:

The handle type is another feature buyers should pay attention to when deciding what kind of drywall saw best suits them. There are two popular options for handles; straight-handle and pistol grip (or D-shaped). The straight handle is the most common type, but it doesn’t fit all hand sizes. The pistol grip handle style is also a popular option perfect for people with larger hands as it offers more control when sawing through the drywall.


The weight of the drywall saw is an important factor to consider as it will determine how easily and quickly you’ll be able to finish your cutting job. When deciding on the drywall saw to buy, make sure you look for one that’s lightweight to prevent your arm from getting exhausted.


It’s also worth considering what brand you’re going to purchase your drywall saw from. Just like any other type of power tool or appliance, some brands are better than others! However, it’s the features and quality of the drywall saw that should take precedence over which brand is best.


How much are you willing to spend on your drywall saw? This is why it’s important to consider all the factors listed in this guide, as they will determine what price range of drywall saws you should look at.

Final Thoughts

Drywall saws are an invaluable tool for drywall installation projects. A sturdy drywall saw will make your project much easier and faster. Each one of them that made it to our list has been thoroughly reviewed, covering their features, specs, blade length, etc. We also educated you on some factors to consider so that you can purchase the right one for your needs and project

In conclusion, the best drywall saw for you will depend on what your needs are for it. If you’re just looking for a quick fix or don’t plan on using it too much, then there’s no need to spend on an expensive one. On the other hand, if you have more projects ahead of you, then investing in something of quality now can save headaches down the line. It all depends on how big your project is and what type of job you’re doing with it.

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