10 Best Drywall Stilts For the Money 2021 (Reviews)

Need to do some renovation on the drywall ceiling? Or maybe have something in mind that needs you to lift yourself a bit more?

When you have to do priming or painting on the whole house, it is inconvenient to do work on a high wall or ceiling. A pair of drywall stilts must be used for making your drywall renovation work faster and easier.

We have spent hours in research and analysis to guide you through the best drywall stilts for the money. Keep reading-




Editor’s Rating


SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts 24-40 inch

Size: 24-40″

Load: 22 Lbs.

Stilts Weight: 18.4 Lbs.

Best for Professionals

GypTool Pro 48″ – 64″ Drywall Stilts – Silver

Size: 48-64″

Load: 225 Lbs.

Stilts Weight: 27.7 Lbs.

For Professionals Needing Extra Height

Pentagon Tool Professional 18″-30″ Black Drywall Stilts

Size: 18-30″

Load: 228 Lbs.

Stilts Weight: 15.5 Lbs.

Best For DIY

Brief Description of Drywall Stilts

Drywall stilts are a type of lifting tool where two poles or pillars, generally made of strong aluminum or steel frame, are used to extend the height of a person. This is like adding additional height to your body so that you can reach high walls and ceilings without ladders.

These are an effective way to save time as you will not need to get off and move the ladder frequently. You have the lifting mechanism installed in your body and you can walk with those allowing you to move faster.

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Our 10 Best Drywall Stilts Reviews

1. SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts 24-40 inch

If you are looking for a product that is high quality, easy and safest to use, this model from SurPro is the best bet for you. For its balanced design, quality build and never-ending safety features, this is our best pick for this buying guide.

This pair of stilts comes with a double wing bolt feature relieving you from thinking about your safety and security when using it.

You can start using this pair without any tools. Most importantly, it has all those features that are needed to give you improved mobility.

It is lightweight thus you will feel more comfortable when moving around for your work, whether it is drywall priming, painting or other.

Although it is lightweight, it is not weak. It can take a load of 225 lbs. and will do a fine job.

Its two-sided support makes it one of the most balanced and stable products out in the market. Plus, you get a wide variety of lifting options from 24 inches to 40 inches. So, whether you need a small lift or a big one, this will cover you.

This magnesium made tool is made for durability. With ordinary wear and tear, this pair will serve you for years. And you get a year of limited warranty with this product. So, an indication of quality, indeed.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Lightweight design, thus better mobility
  • Stable and balanced
  • Comfortable for new users too
  • Load limit 225 lbs.
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • working height adjustment from 24 to 40 inches

2. GypTool Pro 48″ – 64″ Drywall Stilts – Silver

When it comes to providing the best value within a reasonable price point, there is no alternative to GypTool. They always provide high-quality materials at an affordable price point.

It has a wide variety of height flexibility allowing you to lift yourself from 48 inches to 64 inches. You’ll find very few products allowing you to lift yourself more than 5 feet but this tool is doing this for a while. Thanks to its safety features and flexible height mechanism.

It is made with high-quality aluminum allowing the manufacturer to make it lightweight yet durable. Its adjustable brace and straps allow people of different shapes to wear and work with it.

Like other top-quality tools, this also allows you to adjust the height without seeking the help of other tools. So, you only need your pair of hands to adjust the height and tighten the straps. Then, you are good to go!

It can take a load of 225 pounds. So, you shouldn’t worry about your weight unless it exceeds 225 pounds.

Talking about durability, this is one of the most durable products you can buy right now and allows a whole lot of flexibility for comfort.

Key Features

  • Great for painting and wiring
  • Height adjustment from 48 inches 64 inches
  • Good Quality aluminum stilts
  • Adjustable straps and brace for flexibility
  • 225-pound weight capacity.
  • Tallest drywall stilts
  • Not recommended for new user

3. Pentagon Tool Professional 18″-30″ Black Drywall Stilts Review

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to replace ladders and want to make your drywall repair or renovation work more comfortable, this pair of stilts from the Pentagon Tool is our recommendation for you.

This pair is lightweight allowing you to move more freely in your work area. This has been made possible only for the high-quality aluminum construction that ensures low weight yet durable product. Plus, you get rubber soles attached underneath the pair to prevent slipping on the floor. If you are worried about your slippery ceramic or marble floor, this tool can relieve you from that.

Its heel plates and foot straps are adjustable, allowing a wide range of human shapes to use this tool without any customization.

This pair can bear a load of 228 lbs. which is a bit more than what you get from the other two stilts we have reviewed above. Having said that, it has some limitations too. You can only lift yourself from 18 inches to 30 inches with these cheap drywall stilts.

The manufacturer has certainly thought of people having an interest in DIY projects. That’s why you get an option to choose among four different color options of this drywall stilts model.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Aluminum construction
  • Non slip design
  • Adjustable foot straps and Heel plates
  • Safe for new users
  • 228 lbs weight capacity
  • Different color options

4. Warner 24″ – 40″ Strap N Stride Aluminum Drywall Stilts

Warner is a renowned brand when it comes to Drywall stilts. They are providing good quality products from the very beginning and here is a product that worth mentioning in this buying guide.

It is one of the safest and secure products available currently in the market. Warner added quite a few safety features to make things smooth and easy for the user.

This product comes with an anti-slip feature preventing the stilts from slipping and hurting you. It is lightweight also. So, you can freely move around without feeling much pressure in your legs.

Its adjustable heel cups and wide foot plates give you the best comfort when using it. You will have more space for your foot improving balance and stability to a good extent.

The adjustable lifting mechanism works well by which you can easily adjust the height from 24 inches to 40 inches.

This pair can take a load of 230-pound maximum. On top of that, this product is extremely durable and can go without any repair for years.

Key Features

  • Durable drywall stilts
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Wide footplate and flexible heel cup
  • Lightweight stilts
  • 230-pound load-bearing limit
  • Easy to use
  • 24 to 40 inches height adjustment feature

5. Yescom 24″-40″ Professional Grade Adjustable Drywall Stilts

If you are looking for a pair of heavy duty drywall stilts in an affordable price range, Yescom can be a great solution for you.

It comes in different size options allowing you to choose one for your particular need. And the replaceable parts give you the assurance about the long time usage without spending much on a new pair.

The tool is lightweight, thanks to the aluminum alloy frame by which it is constructed. The high-quality rubber sole is used at the end of the stilts for skid resistance.

Its high-quality straps and flexible heel brackets also hint you about the safety of using this product. It can take up to 227 lbs of load without giving you much worry.

However, the spring that comes with the tool is not up to the mark and can act unusual sometimes. So, this is a concern when you are new in stilts things. It will not feel that comfortable when moving around for the works.

Apart from that, this tool is a great option for the DIYers looking for a pair of height extending stilts to reach the ceiling or high wall.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height
  • Different size available
  • Good safety features with skid resistance
  • High grade aluminum build
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Lightweight product
  • Can take up to 227 lbs weight

6. GypTool Pro 15″ – 23″ Drywall Stilts For Beginner

If you are looking for a pair of drywall stilts for beginners, this model from GypTool is the perfect fit for you. Although we are categorizing this as a beginner level tool for its low height, it is a professional grade feature-packed tool that can serve a professional for years.

This pair is made with the best quality crafted aluminum giving you the assurance about durability. With its easy height adjustment with bare hands, this pair is one of the easiest to use stilts money can buy right now.

Its flexible foot straps allow a variety of people to use it and have a load capacity of 225 lbs. So, whether you are getting it for professional work or want to learn how to work with stilts, this is a tool that can serve you all.

It is an authentic stilt with multiple safety features assuring the user about comfort and safety.

As we have already hinted about the low height, this is a thing that can resist a lot of people from buying it. You can increase your height from 15 inches to 23 inches with this tool. So, a bit less than what an ordinary pair of stilts offer. But for professionals, this tool can increase mobility, ease of use and portability a lot.

Key Features

  • Crafted aluminum build stilts
  • Easy to use and move
  • Best for beginners
  • Smooth height adjustment without tools
  • 225 lbs load capacity
  • Extends height from 15 to 23 inches

7. Goplus Drywall Stilts Drywall Lifts For Painters Taping

A list of drywall stilts would have been incomplete without including a product from GoPlus. They have been in the industry for quite a while and making a significant impact to make our tasks easier when working on DIY projects.

The model from GoPlus is made with high-density durable aluminum that is lightweight. This allows you to move with the tool freely in the job site without pressurizing on your leg muscles. They also claim that you can freely walk with these tools with body bionic design.

This easy to wear pair comes with adjustable heel plates, self-locking metal buckles, and flexible foot straps to allow a wide variety of people to use it.

It comes with anti-slip function too for giving you a firm grip to the surface when working with this.

Apart from using on drywall repair and renovation works, you can use this to work on plasters and can do stage performance with ease.

This comes with black and silver color options along with two different size options. So, you can pick according to your taste and need.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum made
  • Durable build quality
  • Body bionic design
  • Easy to wear and walk
  • Anti-slip function for safety
  • Two-color and two size options
  • 227 lbs load capacity
  • Can be used for stage performance and recreational activities

8. BLACKHORSE-RACING 24 inches -40 inch Professional Grade Adjustable Drywall Stilts

As the name suggests, this pair of drywall stilts from Blackhorse Racing is one of the best adjustable stilts available right now.

It has an easy bare hand height adjustment feature which is great for mobility. It is very annoying to use tools to adjust the height every time. So, a step towards giving the user comfort they are looking for.

You can use this to lift yourself from 24 inches to 40 inches to do your job. If you need more height to cover, the other size variation will cover your job. That can extend the height from 48 to 64 inches!

With increased height, the risk of accidents also increases. To ensure a safe lifting mechanism, this tool comes with 3 position adjustable heel brackets, adjustable metal buckle straps and wide heel plates. These safety features ensure firm attachment of the body with the tool for better stability and balance.

Its lightweight body allows the user to move more freely. And when we talk about mobility, the concern of skidding comes at our mind. To ensure more safety, it has an inbuilt slip-resistant rubber sole that protects you from slipping.

This tool can take up to 225 lbs of weight without any problem. If you are worried about the durability, I’m saying you! This product is a durable one and in case you break a part of this, you can replace that with a replacement part very easily.

Key Features

  • An easy handheld height adjustment mechanism
  • Skid-resistant rubberized feet
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Enhanced safety mechanism
  • Replaceable parts
  • 225 lbs load-bearing capability

9. ZeHuoGe Drywall Stilts 24″-40″

ZeHuoGe drywall stilts are at #9 of our list of the most authentic drywall stilts. It is made with high-quality safety features along with the best quality construction.

You’ll feel comfortable wearing and walking this pair without worrying much about your safety. It has a rubber sole for friction with the floor so that you do not slip when moving. It attaches the person with the tool firmly so that it remains stable and feels like normal walking.

The durability of this product is a thing that requires mentioning. After years of usage, it should remain almost like new! Thanks to the strong aluminum alloy construction.

This product is made with the utmost flexibility so that it offer easy motion and better safety.

This pair can take up to 227 lbs of human load and comes in two different color options, i.e. blue and silver.

Key Features

  • 227-pound load capacity
  • Skid-resistant
  • Safe to use
  • Stable and balanced pair of stilts
  • Strong aluminum build material
  • Locknuts ensure more safety

10. Stark Premium Drywall Stilts Lifts Walking Stilt

If you want a pair of heavy-duty drywall stilts at a cheap price point, this pair from Stark will serve you best.

It is made with high-density aluminum for better durability and allows rough usage for years. So, a great pair of stilts for professionals.

Since this pair is lightweight, you can easily carry them from one place to another and it is convenient to store this. So, a plus for the professional drywall contractors.

This little tool is made with body bionics design for comfort and ease of use. So, you will not feel much pressure on your legs when using it.

Although it is a great tool, it has some limitations too. You will feel difficulty adjusting the height with bare hands sometimes. So, it is better to get a wrench in the first place to adjust the height.

In the safety category, this tool is not far behind than the other products we have reviewed in this guide. It has skid protective rubber sole to protect you from slipping, got wide footplates and adjustable strap for better protection.

Key Features

  • High-density aluminum made
  • Heavy-duty stilts
  • Convenient to carry and store
  • Easy to wear and walk
  • Slip protection by the high-quality rubber sole
  • Load capacity of 220 lbs

Best Drywall Stilts Buying Guide

Buying drywall stilts are not so hard when you know what to see in the product. It is easy to find an authentic product for your specific problem when you know your objective. Here is a quick guide to pick the best plastering stilts within minutes-

1. Safety

Safety should be the first concern when you are looking for a pair of stilts. Since these extend your height and you are giving all your weight on those two artificial legs, you must be 100 percent sure about their safety mechanism.

Modern stilts come with different safety mechanisms and most of the time, price varies for the higher safety features. Safety features include attaching your body to the stilts firmly, allowing your feet more space than necessary, having skid protection installed in the stilts, and proper stabilizing mechanism.

2. Comfort

Comfort comes along with safety. As you are not worried about falling from the height, you will feel more comfortable working with the drywall stilts. But apart from those, you should look for a proper spring mechanism for smooth walking, soft cushion on the ankle, etc.

3. Durability

When you buy a product, you must ensure that it is durable enough so that you do not end up buying a product every year, if not month. Durability comes with better design, high-quality build material, and proper usage. You need to ensure that you get a product that is designed for your work and made with high-quality material like steel, aluminum or magnesium.

When in other tools, nuts and joints are not so important as they come in cheap and easily replaceable. But in drywall stilts, nuts and joints bear your weight and failing of those can be disastrous to you. So, make sure you get high-quality materials all along, not only in the body.

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working on home remodeling with drywall stilts

4. How Much Should You Spend

This is a question you must ask before every buying decision. When we mostly give priority to the cheapest possible options in other buying decisions, no one should do that in case of stilts. Compromising quality for saving a few bucks can have a disastrous effect. If you have budget limitations, compromise on other non-essential products that do not have much impact on your health.

5. Extendable Height

How much the pair of drywall stilts can extend is another important factor to consider. You have to measure your height and how much you need to extend your height to reach the highest limit where you need to reach to do the work.

For example, if you need to lift yourself 24 inches, consider getting a product that can be extended from 18 to 40 odd inches. So that you can adjust the height for comfort when needed.

6. Weight

The weight of the product and the capacity of the product to take a certain amount of weight. Both need to be checked before the purchase. Lightweight drywall stilts will give you more mobility and freedom. These are easy to carry, so if you are going to use it for professional works, you must pick on that is lightweight and have all the other features mentioned above.

The other thing, load capacity must be checked. You can’t buy drywall stilts that can’t carry you. Try to get a product that can carry 20% more than your weight for keeping yourself safe. For example, if you are 150 pounds, you should consider buying a product that can carry a man of 200 lbs.

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How to Use Drywall Stilts for the First Time?

Using drywall stilts is not so hard once you know how to wear and walk with it. This requires a bit of practice before you start feeling comfortable using these-

How to Use Drywall Stilts infographic

1. Adjust Height & Make both even

This is a crucial step. You must make both the stilt even before wearing it. Walking with uneven stilts will imbalance your body and you will lose stability resulted in falling from a height. So, take precise measurements about how much you need to lift, and make both even.

For starting, you should start with the lowest height. Higher heights mean decreased balance. So, start with low height and increase over time.

2. Clear the room

As you are wearing those for the first time, you will have difficulty moving. It will be difficult to move for you when there are a lot of things in the room. So, try to clean things up and open space without any tools is the best place to practice walking with stilts.

3. Tighten the bolts and straps

After you make both the stilts even and clear the room, you now need to wear those. After placing your feet in the right places, make sure you tighten the bolts and straps so that you do not slip out of the feet panel.

Nowadays, drywall stilts come with multiple straps and safety mechanisms. You should carefully learn how to attach those and make yourself safe.

4. Start slow

As you are now ready, you should slowly stand on the feet and try to balance yourself on the stilts. Get the help of a wall if you are afraid of falling from a height. After you are stable on your feet, start walking forward slowly. Do not rush, go slow. Place one step forward and then lift the other one to take another step. This way you will start walking faster after a few hours of practice.

5. Do not walk back

You should never walk back when you are new with the stilts. This will imbalance your body and certainly hurt you. Since this is an important tip, I have included this in the steps so that you do not miss this.

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Which is the Best Drywall Stilts You?

Now that you know how to choose the best plastering stilts and how to use them, you are now thinking about the best pick for you. This is a common thing among buyers, including me. When you start planning to purchase a product, we confuse ourselves.

To make a perfect decision, you need to think about the objective. Why do you need this? If this is for heavy-duty usage, go with the best product available in the market. If it is for occasional use, you can compromise with the durability things but do not ever compromise with the safety features.

As you have the exhaustive buying guide along with the top 10 products of this time, you should be able to find the best fit for you easily.

Is it Hard To Walk on Drywall Stilts?

When you are new, it can be very scary. But it is not hard to walk on drywall stilts once you get used to it. Make sure to do enough practice with proper support before you start working with Drywall Stilts.

How Much are Sheetrock Stilts?

It fully depends on quality of the product. You will find stilts from 50 bucks to a whopping 500 USD. So, it is not wise to make a conclusive statement on this.

Are Stilts Dangerous?

Drywall stilts can be very dangerous if you do not use them properly. When you don’t know how to walk on drywall stilts, you must learn and practice before doing any work with those.

Once you learn to walk on drywall stilts, it becomes your second nature of walking.

What Do You Call Someone Who Walks on Stilts?

In a word – Stilt Walker.

Final Verdict

For DIYers or painters, drywall stilts are time-saving, convenient and cost-efficient. If you want us to recommend the best drywall stilts for you, we will recommend the SurPro S2.1 Drywall Stilts for its heavy-duty working capability, durability and mind-blowing safety features.

If you have budget limitations, our value for money pick is also not far behind the best pick, so you can go for it too.

If we have missed anything or you have something to say, feel free to use the comment box below to reach us.

Here is a nice demonstration on how to walk on drywall stilts-

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