10 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor [Reviewed in 2021]

If you love gardening or you work on your lawn often for maintenance, then a dump cart is a must-have.

Dump carts are vitally beneficial to every homeowner with a garden who desires to work smart.

They significantly ease the transportation of heavy gardening and farming materials, and their dumping features make unloading materials quick and straightforward. Most of them attach to a tractor for more convenient and faster transportation.

best dump cart for lawn tractor reviews

However, 80% of dump carts in the market are flimsy and of low quality. They don’t last and aren’t true to their rated weight capacity.

To find a high-quality dump cart, you’d have to spend a lot of hours researching, and quite often, you might end up getting an inferior dump cart.

To save your time, we’ve organized this comprehensive, highly-researched buying guide of the 10 best dump cart for lawn tractors. Have a read!







MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Utility Cart Cargo Trailer

1500 Lbs.



Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart

1250 Lbs.



Agri-Fab Poly 45-0519 Tow-Behind Dump Cart

800 Lbs



Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart

400 Lbs.



Yard Commander 10 Cubic Foot Steel Dump Cart

400 Lbs.

Powder coated Steel


10 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor Picks:

Here are the top 10 dump cart attachments that you can use with your lawn tractor-

1. MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Utility Cart Cargo Trailer

The MotoAlliance utility cart cargo trailer attaches to an ATV, UTV, SxS, snowmobiles, lawn tractors, and any machine with a fixed pin paddle attachment.

It is a piece of heavy-duty equipment designed to offer high endurance and toughness. MotoAlliance built it with an industrial-grade steel frame and bed.

However, its durability depends on how you use it. It can carry up to 1,500lb load and perfectly haul sand, gravel, firewood, lawn projects, ice fishing, dirt, etc., of up to 15 cubic ft with no stress.

The MotoAlliance utility trailer has a spacious solid steel bed measuring 56″ L x 30″ W x 15″ H. Its powder-coated 16 gauge steel tailgate and 15″ mesh side rails detaches to create more space for wider loads.

Connection to any tractor is with a sturdy pin-style hitch design. For easy loading and unloading, the best steel dump cart features a foot release dumb latch and a tilt bed design.

MotoAlliance equipped two 18″ x 6.50″ 4-ply pneumatic tires with rugged treads for firm traction on all terrains. Plus, the tires have sealed wheel bearings that ensure they are easy to maintain and last longer. Due to the big tires, it has a ground clearance of 12″, plus a 1″ axle adds extra ground clearance.

Be informed that this heavy duty dump cart’s maximum speed is 10 mph, and it isn’t on-road compatible. It’s only ideal for use in a ranch, hunt camp, farm, or a home garden. It weighs 150 lb, and it’s elementary to assemble with the user manual.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Very efficient garden tractor dump cart
  • Spacious bed can tow heavy loads
  • Large 4-ply pneumatic tires
  • Easy to assemble
  • 1200lb max load-carrying capacity and 15 cubic ft hauling capacity
  • The pin-style hitch attaches to a wide range of vehicles


  • None

2. Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart

The Ohio Steel 4048PHYB hybrid tractor/ATV cart is made from professional-grade steel and polyethylene, making it durable. It has a large-sized (15 cu ft) structural bed with a load-carrying capacity of 1250 lb for hauling jobs on your lawn.

You can move mulch, dirt, rocks, firewood, and any of your gardening supplies with ease using this cart. However, ensure you don’t carry any load that exceeds its max load capacity so that it lasts long.

This tractor/ATV cart has an innovative rotating multi-hitch that switches between a ball and pin hitch. This makes it connect easily in seconds to a tractor, ATV, or UTV of any type with no tools. It is simple to clean and maintain because of its structural foam bed design.

Also, the bed doesn’t rust since it’s not made out of steel. There are molded and stake pockets and divider slots on the bed for greater versatility. Unloading items is easy, thanks to its foot pedal that activates a swivel dump feature allowing it to dumb what it carries within a 100° radius.

Furthermore, it uses dual 16″ commercial grade all-terrain tires for firm traction on any ground. The dump cart tires make a 12″ ground clearance for smooth movement, and they have grease fittings for easy maintenance. You must always check the tire’s pressure and inflate to 24 psi if required.

Also, the recommended speed is 10 mph. Assembling the best poly dump cart is easy and straightforward, requiring no tools.


  • 1250lb max load-carrying capacity
  • 15 cubic feet bed poly tub dump cart
  • Well-built construction can ferry extremely heavy loads
  • Multi-hitch design switches between a ball and pin hitch for attaching to multiple vehicles
  • 16″ commercial grade all-terrain tires for firm traction on any ground.
  • Simple unloading
  • Easy to maintain garden dump cart
  • Lasts long


  • None

3. Agri-Fab Poly 45-0519 Tow-Behind Dump Cart

The Agri-Fab 45-0519 tow-behind dump cart is identical to the one above. It is made from high-quality polyethylene and industrial-grade steel with powder-coating to withstand heavy-duty use on your farm, garden, lawn, or yard without rusting.

It has a load-carrying capacity of 800lb./17cu.ft, which is plenty enough for hauling large and small scale mulch, dirt, rocks, firewood, and any of your gardening supplies. Plus, it is cheap and won’t hurt your pocket.

Furthermore, this dump cart has a foot lever-releasing dump mechanism pedal for easy unloading of items. However, the pedal looks low quality. It connects easily and quickly to any lawn mower and tractor with its universal hitch.

Its two 16″ x 6.5″ pneumatic tires move smoothly and firmly on any terrain all season. The wheels are easy to grease for maintenance all year long. Plus, they have 6205 roller bearings and don’t swivel.

You can store the Agri-Fab 45-0519 tow-behind dump cart vertically when not used to save space.

Assembling is straightforward thanks to the user manual and an explainer video that comes with its packaging This dump cart has a three-year limited warranty. Note that it is not suitable for use on the highway. Use strictly for farms, gardens, and off-road use.


  • Heavy-duty plastic tub trailer
  • 800lb./17cu.ft load-carrying capacity
  • Three-year warranty
  • Rust proof yard cart
  • Easy to assemble garden dump cart
  • Universal trailer hitch


  • The pedal mechanism is flimsy

4. Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart

The Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM steel garden cart is a four-wheeled cart for transporting large objects such as lumber, fence posts, or tree limbs. It is made from high-grade steel with powder-coating to be sturdy, robust, and corrosion-free.

You can easily transport gardening, and farming loads of up to 400lb/3 cu ft with this cart padded pull handle. It has a bed size of 34″ x 18″. Recently, it got a redesign that features removable steel side panels, making it versatile for carrying longer loads.

This cart has tight-turning steering for easy maneuvering and control. Its four 10″ pneumatic turf tire provides enough ground clearance and smooth movement on any off-road terrain. Furthermore, it doesn’t attach to any tractor, making it not towable.

Easy hauling is dependent on your strength and the load capacity of the materials in the cart. Also, there are no dumbing features for smooth unloading. So loading and unloading rocks, wood, or plants on/off this cart are a bit stressful.

The total height of the cart is 37″, and it weighs 36.6lb. You can use it for other activities beyond farming, like carrying your beach items from your vehicle to your beach spot, hauling generators, and so much more.

Assembling is tool-less and straightforward with the instructional manual. And Gorilla Carts has a one-year limited warranty on it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 400lb/3 cu ft load-carrying capacity
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Padded pull handle for easy pulling
  • Four 10″ pneumatic all-terrain wheels
  • Removable steel side panels with powder coat finish
  • Good for uneven terrain


  • No dumbing features
  • Not towable

5. Yard Commander 10 Cubic Foot Steel Dump Cart

The Yard commander steel trailer cart is perfect for jobs too large for wheelbarrows. It is made from premium steel and coated with anti-resistant powder to last for years.

This cart has a hitch pin for smooth connection to any lawn/garden tractors and ATVs for carrying large firewood, stones, tools, or animal feed with no burden at all. It has a load-carrying capacity of 400lb and a load size of 10 cu ft. The cart bed size is 40.5″x30.7″x13″ and can contain large and heavy materials.

Further, it has a foot pedal release mechanism that offers convenient and easy dumping. Its removable tailgate allows you to load and unload materials with less effort.

Thanks to the 13″ off-road pneumatic tires, this cart has firm traction on any off-road terrain with smooth movement. However, the tires don’t last long and are hard to replace due to scarcity.

Assembling is a no brainer if you follow the well-written manual. When fully assembled, it measures 58″ x 31.3″ x 26.8″ and weighs 61.7lb.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 13″ off-road pneumatic tires offer strong traction
  • 400lb/10 cu ft load capacity
  • Heavy-duty cart with sturdy construction


  • Weak tires

6. Polar Trailer LG 7 Lawn and Garden Cart

Sturdiness and durability are the perks of the Polar Trailer Clam LG7 lawn and garden utility cart. It features a heavy-duty polyethylene tub and tubular frame technology that guarantees its durability.

Aside from that, Polar Trailer performs a durability test on this garden trailer cart to ensure it lasts for years of hard work in your lawn and garden. It comfortably carries a load of up to 600lb and can haul dirt, garden equipment, animal feeds, rocks, and firewood of up to 7 cu ft.

This compact cart size (65″ x 31″ x 28″) is ideal for small, medium, and extensive scale gardens, farms, or landscaping. It has a quick-release tipper latch that connects to standard lawn tractors or ATVs for easy mobility.

Additionally, It tilts and swivels for easy dumping of materials. And it doesn’t have to be unhooked from the tractor to dumb materials because it uses a separate pin for dumbing.

Two oversized all-terrain tires with sealed ball bearings provide adequate ground clearance and firm traction for easy mobility on any surface.

Moreover, it takes less than an hour to assemble if you follow the instructional manual to date. Know that this Polar dump cart isn’t built for highway use. And the maximum speed you should run it at is 10mph.


  • Tilts and swivels for easy dumbing
  • Extremely Durable and well-built plastic tub dump cart
  • Easy to put together poly tub trailer
  • Quick-release latch
  • 600lb/ 7 cft maximum load capacity


  • None

7. LUCKYERMORE Dump Utility Wagon Cart

The Luckyermore dump utility wagon cart is a cheap option for those with limited cash and budget. It has a 26.7″ long handle with a padded grip for easy hauling of materials within your farm and garden. Being made from high-quality plastic, it doesn’t rust or undergo any corrosion.

This cart has a bed size of 37.8 “L x 8.7″ H x 18.5” W and can carry weight up to 550lb and a 3.5 cu ft volume without any issue. It is a perfect solution for transporting items such as dirt, garden equipment, animal feeds, etc., that’s large for wheelbarrows.

However, it can’t cope with heavy-duty use, and it does hold water.

This cart uses four sturdy 3″ x 10″ x 10″ pneumatic wheels that move smoothly on all kinds of terrain. Plus, the handle allows turn of up to 180° for control and easy handling. Its overall dimension is 36.2″ x 19.7″ x 8.7″.

Luckymore equipped it with an innovative quick-release dumping system for convenient loading and unloading of items. It doesn’t attach to a lawn tractor or ATV because there is no locking system to connect them.

The Luckyermore dump utility trailer cart is handy in any season. You can use it to transport falling leaves in autumn, transport soil & mulch for growing plants in spring, carry snow from your house and transport firewood in winter, and so much more. It is not restricted to one use, as its services are limited. Assembling is straightforward and requires no tool, only the user manual.


  • It can carry 550lb/3.5 cu ft load without any issue
  • Big wheels provide stability on all terrain
  • Multi-purpose
  • Quick-release dumping system for comfortable loading and unloading
  • Easy to assemble
  • The padded handle can turn up to 180° for smooth control


  • It can’t connect to a lawn tractor
  • Can’t cope with heavy-duty use

8. Gorilla Carts GOR10-16 Super Poly Dump Cart

The Gorilla Carts brand makes another appearance on this list with their GOR10-16 super poly dump cart. GOR10-16 features a durable, sturdy poly bed that’s easy to clean and doesn’t rust. Its 36″ x 20″ bed can carry up to 1500lb/10 cu ft load effortlessly.

The bed has a quick-release dumping design that makes it tilt for smooth unloading, and at the same time, keeps the cart balanced to prevent it from tipping. Plus, it dumps both hitched and unhitched.

This cart is perfect for heavy-duty farm and garden jobs that have to do with moving large, heavyweight materials. Gorilla Carts used an innovative, improved powder-coated solid steel frame design on this cart for quick and straightforward assembly.

This design also improved its maneuverability and rigidity. A unique feature of the GOR10-16 super poly dump cart is the 2-in-1 convertible handle that can either connect to a lawn tractor/ATV with its hitch-pin or hand-pulled with its soft padded handle.

Furthermore, it has four balanced 16″ heavy-duty pneumatic tires that provide strong traction on any off-road terrain all season. The wheels also offer high ground clearance.

If you are looking for a cart that will last for years, this Gorilla Carts GOR10-16 super poly dump cart is worthy of consideration.


  • Heavy-duty poly tub construction
  • 2-in-1 convertible handle
  • 16″ strong pneumatic tires
  • 1500lb/10 cu ft load-carrying capacity
  • Quick-release dumping design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable dump cart


  • None

9. Agri-Fab 45-0101 Utility Tow-Behind Dump Cart

If you liked the Agri-Fab model 45-0519 but can’t afford it, this model 45-0101 is a cheaper alternative. It features a professional-grade steel bed and frame, coated with anti-scratch paint to stay smooth and clean all year long.

The bed size is 32.5 “W x 49 “L x 12” H and carries up to 750lb/12 cu ft load without any hassle. You won’t have to spend time and drain energy trying to transport bags of fertilizer/mulch, first, animal feeds, or garden tools if you own this cart.

Furthermore, it has a universal hitch that connects to any lawn tractors for smooth and convenient transportation around/within your farm and garden. Unloading items from this cart is straightforward because of its dumping feature that activates with a foot pedal.

All you need to do is engage the pedal with your foot and tilt the cart to dump. Two oversized 16″ x 4″ wheels with pneumatic tires provide smooth and controlled maneuverability on any terrain, whether it is spring, winter, autumn, or summer. The wheel bearings have zerks to allow lubrication for maintenance.

The Agri-Fab model 45-0101-999 utility tow-behind dump cart is straightforward to assemble thanks to its user manual and the company’s assembling video guide on their website. Also, it has a full three-year warranty.


  • Well-built Lawn Tractor Dump Cart
  • 750lb/12 cu ft high load capacity
  • Universal hitch
  • Two oversized 16″ x 4″ pneumatic tires
  • Easy to assemble
  • 3-year warranty
  • Cheap steel tub dump cart


  • None

10. Giantex Dump Cart

The Giantex dump cart is the last cart on our list. It features a premium-quality polyester bed and a solid steel frame with a long-lasting exquisite black finish to prevent rusting.

The 36⅕” L x 19⅘” W x 8¼” D bed has a 75L and 660 lb load capacity to cater to all your farming and gardening transportation needs. 

It is also versatile for use when going to the beach or packing snow in the winter. However, the weight rating doesn’t seem correct, so don’t load it to full capacity.

This cart is not towable as it doesn’t have any hitch. Instead, it uses a long handle with a triangle loop padded hand-holder for easy pulling by hand. The handle can adjust to any angle, allowing you to make effortless turns in your desired direction.

It uses four 10″ ball bearing wheels with pneumatic tires with rugged patterns for excellent traction on any ground in any season. The dump cart’s tires are well-balanced and provide easy maneuverability.

Dumping of items from the Giantex dump cart is made easy because the cart bed has a tilting design, which helps load and unload materials effortlessly.

Also, there is a metal handle for lifting the bed conveniently without stress. When the bed is raised, it stays stable on the metal base, with no tipping. This cart’s overall measurement is 43¾” L x 20⅘” W x 37⅘” D. It doesn’t come assembled, but putting it together requires no skill and tools.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Can carry extremely heavy hauls
  • 10″ ball bearing wheels with pneumatic tires
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ergonomic pull handle


  • Load capacity isn’t accurate

How to Choose the Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor

If you are curious about the process we have followed to pick the top 10 heavy lawn maintenance equipment for the above  list, then here are the most important factors to consider before buying a dump cart attachment-

Capacity of the Cart

The capacity of the cart is probably the most important factor to consider. Since, taking care of the lawn usually involves moving equipment and huge loads, or even refuses that are to be trashed. Also, the things to be hauled usually have different dimensions and shapes.

Therefore, the capacity is one great factor to consider when looking out for a dump cart to use with your backyard lawn tractor irrespective of the purpose like occasional, industrial, and personal uses.

If your dump cart is the wrong size, there is almost nothing to be done. The capacity of the cart to be used with a lawn tractor majorly depends on two factors, the extent of weight and the size of the frame.

Dump trucks with small capacities usually have eight (8) cubic feet as their frame and a weight limit of about 400 pounds.

Larger carts will have a weight capacity that is over 1000 pounds and about 13 cubic feet. Consider your yard when choosing the type of dump cart that you need.

Are you using the cart for personal purposes or industrial business services? The capacity required will always be an estimate subjected to change, so you might want to make up for possible changes that may occur in the future.

Very few carts have extra containers to where you can put a keg or something else. This extra container can be very handy, especially when you want to separate a load from the rest, in order to prevent damage or mix up.

Characteristics of its Materials

Ensure the cart’s bed is not tiny because it needs to resist extreme weights and pressure. The thickness is not the only quality; a strong material is also compulsory when you want a long-lasting bed. Polypropylene bucket is a go-to material, tested, and trusted.

It is also very important to get a cart that has a warranty of at least one year. I have used dump carts that came with up to a 3-year warranty, and some even have more. Most great dump carters come with good warranty policies; lookout for one that satisfies your requirements.

Like various other tools and equipment, the dump cart is exposed to the factors of rust and damage. While it is inevitable, the impact of rust and damages can be drastically reduced. Powder coating is very effective for resisting rust over time.

Polypropylene and steel are great materials that create toughness and resilience for the body of the cart. Also, make sure you don’t expose your dump cart to adverse conditions when it is not necessary. Moist contents are heavy agents of rust; avoid them when you can.

Simplicity of Usage

Basically, the dump cart is not a complex tool, and the operation does not have to be complicated in any form. Since dump carts are designed to bear certain large loads, they should be easy to use and navigate.

Check for one with some features such as a foot pedal for tipping the cart when you need to, so you don’t have to do it by hand.

Furthermore, search for functionalities like fast assembly. You will definitely need to search for a new effective model if a cart requires longer than 30 minutes to assemble it fully.

The simpler it is to operate a cart, the more incredible it will be to use, and the better it is for you to purchase it. The fancy complexities that come with some advanced technology are not for a dump cart. A simple structure with the required capacity should be the goal.

Versatility in Application

Your dump cart must be easily attachable and also fit into different purposes or safe compromises. For instance, you may not even have a tractor in the first place.

You should be able to attach your dump cart to an ATV without stress. The same goes for a truck or car or any other vehicle; the cart should be compatible with them. Dump carts with universal or multi-hitch do the magic; just attach them to any vehicle, and proceed to get the project done efficiently.

Number, Size, and Strength of Wheels

There are no fixed requirements for wheel properties; it mostly depends on the specific dump cart you are using. The wheels must be properly aligned with the base, and they should be perfectly straight.

A slightly misaligned wheel does not only disrupt smooth movement, it can also damage the tire joints and attaching points. Ensure the wheel size has a considerably big in diameter to make the dump cart overcome obstructions on the field with additional impacts. You will need 16-inch wheels or more when you have a big dump cart.

The wheels’ size also determines the ground clearance, which is the gap between the cart’s base and the ground. The wheel size of ten (10) inches or more is appropriate for big carts, and lesser is acceptable for small sizes of dump carts.

Cart with two wheels can also serve well, but the ones with four wheels are more effective for quite a number of reasons. The two wheels in front are the most important ones, though the other wheels also support the movement.

A four-wheeled cart is also easily movable by vehicles other than tractors. Having four wheels gives you the opportunity to replace any of the front wheels that are damaged. Dump carts with two or three wheels can be an option, but the main disadvantage is straight forward. Any damaged wheel can make it impossible for you to use the cart conveniently or use it at all.

dump cart on my lawn

Swivel Function

This is a consideration that supports motion flexibility and the actual dumping process. The swivel acts as a coupling between two joints. This coupling makes room for one part to move or rotate without affecting the other part.

This degree of freedom is required when the cart container needs to be tilted for dumping its content. The tractor or connected vehicle components are not stressed or destroyed in the process.

The swivel, along with a latch for the quick release, can mean everything when you are dumping. They are definitely something to consider when you purchase your cart. Swivel dump cart products will pass the flexibility test with ease.

Final Thought

For you to run a thriving garden and farm, you need a dump cart. Dump Carts come in handy for heavy-duty hauling where wheelbarrows are inefficient.

They are spacious and sturdy for carrying heavy loads, including gravel, rocks, wood, tools, or equipment smoothly on rough terrain without any fault. Most importantly, the dumping features allow easy unloading of items, making gardening stress-free.

In conclusion, we have gone through each of the dump carts on our list, covering their load-capacity, features, sturdiness, and mode of use. The list comprises dumb carts that attach to lawn tractors/ATVs, the ones that are pulled by hand, and one that can be used in both ways.

Since you made it to this point, then we are sure you must have seen the right one for your lawn/farm needs.

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