10 Best Dust Collector For Small Shop [Reviewed in 2021]

Cleaning the shop after finishing a tedious woodworking project is exhausting. Not only does the floor and equipment get messed up, but the surrounding air as well.

Most times, during projects, the dust produced from sawing or planing woods can fill up the shop atmosphere and make it unconducive for you to carry out the projects efficiently. To solve this problem, you need a dust collector.

best dust collector for small shop reviews

A dust collector will capture 99% of dirt and dust in your shop. It is one of those tools that’s a must-have in a woodworking shop.

However, with the tons of dust collectors in the market, getting a high-functioning one can be tricky. So, we have put together this well-detailed review of the 10 best dust collectors for small shops.







Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Dust Collector

1.75 HP

90 dB

Best Pick

JET DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector

1.5 HP

80 dB

Best Value

SHOP FOX W1685 1,280 CFM Dust Collector

1.5 HP

75 dB

Good Value

Bosch Dust Extractor with HEPA Filter

6.5 HP

70 dB

Runner Up

POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Mounted Dust Collector

1 HP

70 dB

Best Budget

Our 10 Best Dust Collector For Small Shop Picks:

Here are the top 10 handpicked products that are best among thousands of choices available in the market. Have a read-

1. Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Dust Collector (1791079K)

The Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Dust Collector (1791079K) is made from a high-quality all-metal duct to ensure it lasts for years. It functions with a large 12” steel impeller powered by a 1.75-Hp motor that produces robust suction power (1300 CFM).

It features a canister filter that offers excellent filtering surface area by capturing about 99% of 2-micron tiny particles. And, it uses a 6ft power cord that operates on 115V. With a sound rating of 75 to 90 decibels, it works quietly.

You won’t have to bother about changing the cloth bag regularly because it has a 10ft dirt storing capacity, which is large and reduces downtime.

Plus, the cloth bag has a view window so you can tell when it is almost filled up. Thanks to the snap ring on the cloth collect bag, connection/removal is straightforward.

The manufacturer, Powermatic, used their patented TurboCone technology in this effective dust collection system that ensures chips are separated properly to prevent clogging of the canister filter. Therefore, increasing the packing efficiency of the cloth collector bag.

The Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Dust Collector (1791079K) comes with dual 4” ports, allowing it to collect dirt simultaneously from two machines. You can set dirt collection time to your convenience (up to 99 minutes) with the in-built remote-controlled digital timer that uses an infrared sensor. However, the remote only works when you point it directly at the receiver.

That said, there are four swivel casters and ergonomically placed handles for easy maneuvering of the dust collector around your shop. It also weighs 31lb. Powermatic has a 5-year warranty on it.


  • Large impeller
  • Large capacity bag to collect dust with easy installation and removal
  • 5-year warranty
  • Improves air quality by collecting fine dust particles
  • In-built remote-controlled digital timer with an infrared sensor
  • Four swivel caster with ergonomically placed handles for easy maneuvering
  • Dual 4” port for connecting two machines at the same time
  • Improves chip separation


  • The remote only works when pointed directly at the receiver

2. JET DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector

Next on the list is the JET® DC-1100VX-5M dust collector. This premium dust collector functions with a powerful 1.5hp motor that delivers high air velocity CFM (Air Flow @ 4″ (CFM) is 1100).

The motor has permanent lubrication and a fan cooling system to ensure it last-long and delivers high-performance always. Plus, it has a quiet operation having a sound rating between 70- 80 decibels.

This dust collection system features a unique Vortex Cone™ that offers efficient chip separation without clogging of the filter. Its all-steel impeller enhances air intake while its filter bag traps approximately 98% of 5-micron finer particles.

The see-through large (30” diameter x 30” length) dust collection bag allows it to collect dirt for a prolonged time without needing frequent disposal. Thanks to the snap ring on the collection bag, removal/installation is super easy.

With the industrial controls of this dust collector, operating it is straightforward. However, it doesn’t come with a remote. If you desire to use a remote, ensure you get one that’s for the collector’s amperage. Be informed that this dust collector weighs 131.7 pounds and runs on 115V.

The JET DC-1100VX-5M dust collection system comes with four heavy-duty casters for smooth movement within your shop. Its dual 4” dust port allows two machine connections at a time. It also has a 6” dust port for a one-hose connection. JET has a 5-year warranty on it.


  • It runs quietly to collect fine dust particles
  • 5-years warranty with fan cooled motor
  • Good dust collector with 1100 CFM improves shop air quality
  • Its unique Vortex Cone offers efficient chip separation without clogging the filter
  • Dual 4” dust ports for connecting two machines at a time
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy mobility around your workshop
  • Quick connect collection bags


  • No remote control
  • It’s a bit heavy

3. SHOP FOX W1685: Best Dust Collector Under 500

The SHOP FOX W1685 1,280 dust collector is an amazing option for people on a budget who intend to keep their shop free of debris and dust. It functions with a 1.5 HP, single-phase motor that moves at 3450 RPM as well as a 12” steel-impeller that produces 1,280 CFM air suction capacity.

This machine has a powder-coating that prevents it from fading, scratches, and different kinds of wear.

The SHOP FOX W1685 1,280 dust collection system features a top 2.5-micron filter bag made from fabric and a bottom collection bag made of plastic. Both bags are difficult to remove/insert, requiring extra hands.

SHOP FOX has users’ safety in mind, so they included a safety switch to prevent unwanted use. Note that you will need a power supply of 110V, single‐phase, 60 Hz to use this machine.

This dust collector has two modes of operation. You can either operate it as a stationary, central dust collection system or as a mobile dust collector with its four rugged wheels for maneuvering. However, the wheels don’t swivel, which makes movement difficult.

The SHOP FOX W1685 1,280 dust collection system weighs 108lb. Its 6” dust port with detachable Y-fitting dual 4” dust ports allows users to connect more than one machine at a time.

You can as well remove the Y-fitting dual 4” ports to expose the 6” dust port or cover one of the 4” dust ports if you desire to use only one machine. When you buy this machine, it comes with a two-year limited warranty.


  • Powerful motor with a high suction power ensures fine dust collection
  • Two modes of operation
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Powder-coating to prevent fading, scratches, and different kinds of wear
  • It has a safety switch that prevents any unwanted use
  • It can connect to two machines simultaneously
  • It comes with a 2.5-micron filter bag


  • The dust collection & filter bags are difficult to install/uninstall

4. Bosch Dust Extractor (VAC090AH)

The Bosch (VAC090AH) dust collector has one of the best filtering systems in the industry as it uses a HEPA filter. This filter ensures users are protected from the hazards caused by dust.

It effectively traps 99.97% of dry dust & debris at 0.3-micron or larger and complies with the OSHA silica dust regulation. With the large-capacity fleece 9-gallon dust collection bag, you won’t have to empty the dirt frequently, which boosts work productivity. The bag is made from fleece to ensure rough materials don’t damage it.

Furthermore, this dust collector functions with a 6.5 Hp motor that delivers a maximum airflow of 150 CFM and sustains a maximum of 97” static water lift. It features an auto cleaning design that cleans the filter at an interval of 15 seconds to sustain maximum suction power.

However, when cleaning, it makes an annoying sound. It comes with a cord wrap and a hose warp for easy storage & transportation when not in use. Thanks to the onboard storage space, you can store items like wands or nozzles for quick access.

The Bosch fine dust collection system is lightweight (28lb) and very portable. It has a feature that allows it to connect to power tools for easy on/off with a power broker dial. With the long-lasting wheels and locking casters of this HEPA dust collector, mobility within your workshop is a breeze.


  • It connects with power tools and automatically turns on whenever the power tool is in use
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Powerful 6.5 Hp motor
  • It comes with long-lasting wheels and locking casters
  • It comes with a 9-gallon dust collection bag
  • It uses a HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of dust and debris at 0.3-microns


  • It makes an annoying sound when auto cleaning

5. POWERTEC DC5370: Best Budget Dust Collector

Suppose your workshop has limited space then the POWERTEC DC5370 wall-mounted dust collector system is perfect for you. It is one of the most portable dust collectors on this list with 19” x 18.5” x 16” size.

Its wall mounting feature ensures your shop remains organized as it effectively collects all the dust and debris. It comes along with a mounting bracket and a unique clamp and bolt locking system. However, this unit is loud when in operation.

This dust collection system functions with a robust 1Hp motor that runs on either 120V at 7 amp or 240V at 3.5 amp and moves at 3450RPM to deliver an excellent airflow of 537 CFM. It comes with a 2.5-micron 15-gallon reusable bag that offers maximum air purification from all harmful dust and debris.

The bag comes with a built-in window for easy visibility of the dirt level and a dust disposal zipper for easy cleaning and disposal of the collected dust particles.

The POWERTEC DC5370 wall-mounted dust collector is lightweight, weighing 40.8lb. It attaches directly to any machine with its 4” inlet port, which makes it versatile. When mounted, it is about 44” high with the bag inflated.

Additionally, it has a keyed switch that prevents it from operating when not needed. POWERTEC has a one-year limited warranty on it.


  • Mounts to wall
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • It comes with a 2.5-micron reusable bag with a zipper for easy cleaning and dirt emptying
  • Right one for home woodworker


  • Loud

6. WEN 3401 Dust Collector

The WEN 3401 dust collector is a dust collection system for people with a tight budget. It functions with a 5.7 amp motor that provides excellent suction power, moving more than 660 cubic feet of air per minute.

Its 6″ all-steel impeller coupled with the 4” dust port allows it to connect to multiple woodworking tools. This feature ensures your shop stays dust-free regardless of the machine being used.

Thanks to its compact design, it won’t take up much space in your shop. However, it is loud.

This dust collector system has four 1¾” swivel casters lock, ensuring it stays locked in place to prevent any undesired movement between jobs. The caster wheels also make mobility within your shop easy and straightforward.

Furthermore, you can remove the wheels and mount the machine on the wall via the optional in-built wall mount if there are limited spaces in your shop. Be informed that this unit vibrates a lot.

Although the vibration will be minimal when placed on the floor or mounted on a concrete wall but will be awful when mounted to a wooden wall.

The WEN 3401 dust collector comes with a 12-gallon 5-micron dust collection cloth bag with a zipper at the bottom for easy disposal of dirt and cleanup. However, the zipper doesn’t last.

That said, this dust collector is compatible with WEN hoses such as model 28200 10ft dust hose and model 28221 20ft dust hose. Also, WEN backs it up with a two-year warranty.


  • Cheap and offers excellent value for money
  • It can be placed on the floor space or mounted on a fall, depending on preference
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • 12-gallon bag with a zipper at the bottom to empty dirt easily
  • It is compatible with WEN 10ft and 20ft hose
  • Its 4” dust port connects to multiple woodworking machines


  • Loud and vibrates a lot
  • Dust collection bag zipper doesn’t last long

7. BUCKTOOL DC50 Dust Collector

The BUCKTOOL DC50 dust collector is equipped with a 1.2HP 120V induction ball-bearing motor that moves at 3450 RPM to produce an airflow of 750 CFM. In other words, it provides excellent suction power.

This dust collection system has an auto-start design that allows different power tools such as table saws, band saws, bench belt sander, etc., to connect to it—which automatically turns it on when you power on the connected power tool. Although, for a dust collector, it is quite loud.

With its 2.5-micron upper filter bag and the bottom 5.4 cubic feet (16½” x 26⅜”) dust collection bag, you can be assured that it will keep your workshop entirely dust-free.

The dust collection bag features a window that allows you to keep track of the dirt level and a bottom-placed zipper to take out dirt without causing any mess. Plus, the bag uses a soft PET bag clamp that’s so easy to remove and install without causing any harm to your hand.

The BUCKTOOL DC50 dust collector has heavy-duty caster wheels that enable it to be used as both a stationary or mobile dust collector. Thanks to the durable, flexible dust extraction hose with 5 PCS reducer accessory, you can control the suction speed of the machine to suit your project.


  • Powerful suction
  • It comes with a 2.5-micron filter bag and a 5.4 cubic feet dust accumulation bag
  • The dust extraction bag has a window and zipper
  • Heavy-duty caster wheels for both stationary or mobile use
  • Autostart feature
  • It connects to different power tools


  • It is quite loud

8. Delta Power Equipment 50-723T2 Dust collector

Every power tool user is familiar with the high-performance and efficiency associated with the Delta Power Equipment brand. The model 50-723T2 dust collector is one of their top-notch products that effectively collects dust, keeping your workshop clean at all times.

It functions with a 1Hp TEFC induction motor that operates on dual voltages (120/240V), with a 9.5” impeller that delivers robust suction power (750-CFM).

This dust collection system features a 2-micron filter bag with an attached snap-ring and a 6ml see-through chip collection plastic bag for storing chips, dust, and dirt. However, the collecting bag capacity is small and can’t hold up much dirt at a time.

Thanks to the support frame, and heavy-duty steel base, this machine will last for years. It comes with two swivel casters and two 8” rugged easy-gliding wheels for easy maneuvering within your home workshop. Plus, an ergonomic handle to support mobility.

The Delta 50-723T2 dust collector has a five-year warranty. Be informed that it doesn’t come with a hose, and there is no manual to guide on assembling.


  • It comes with a 2-micron filter bag and a see-through chip collecting bag
  • The bags use a snap-ring clamping system
  • 5-year warranty
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Smaller bag for chip collection
  • No hose and manual

9. Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector

Making a second appearance on our list is the Shop Fox company with its W1826 wall dust collector. This model is very similar to the one earlier reviewed, with the difference only being a wall-mounted type.

So, if you love the Shop Fox features but have limited storage space in your workshop, you should consider this model. That said, it functions with a 1Hp 120V/240V (pre-wired 120V) motor that powers a 10″ cast-aluminum radial fin impeller, producing an air suction power of 537 CFM. It is CSA certified.

This dust collection system works with a 2.5-micron filter bag to collect all the dust and debris produced from any woodworking machine in your workshop. The bag has a 1.5 cubic feet capacity and features a window that allows you to tell the dust level, plus a zipper at the bottom.

However, the zipper is small, and you’ll need to reach into the bag to empty the collected dust, which will cause a mess.

The Shop Fox company W1826 wall dust collector comes with a steel base plate wall-mount bracket and a locking screw system for easy and firm attachment on the wall. Shop Fox gave it a white powder‐coated finish to ensure it isn’t prone to corrosion damages. Be informed that it has a single 4” intake hole, so you can only connect one machine at a time. Plus, the inlet tends to get clogged easily.


  • Cheap and offer excellent value for money
  • Works great to collect fine dust and wood chips
  • Wall-mount powerful dust collector
  • Large capacity filter bag with window and bottom zipper
  • CSA certified
  • It comes with a wall-mount bracket and screw locking system


  • The bag zipper is small
  • Its inlet get clogged easily

10. Grizzly G1028Z2 Dust Collector Review

To round up this review is the Grizzly G1028Z2 dust collector. This dust collector is similar to most dust collectors on this list. It operates with a 1.5HP 120/240V single-phase motor that moves at 3450 RPM and a 12¾” cast aluminum radial fin impeller that produces a air suction capacity of 1300 CFM.

Its suction power is powerful. Thanks to the paddle safety switch with a detachable key, you won’t have any issue with an unwanted startup.

Furthermore, it features a 2.5-micron upper filtration bag that will take care of all the dust and debris in your workshop. At the 22½” x 33½” base is a 19½” diameter, 33” depth see-through plastic dust collection bag (5.7 cubic feet capacity) with a quick-release clamp.

The entire body of this dust collector has a premium powder-coating to ensure it resists any corrosion damage. Underneath the base is smooth-rolling casters for smooth movement around your home workshop.

The Grizzly G1028Z2 dust collector has a 6″ inlet and “Y” adapter with two 4″ openings for connecting two machines at a time. Note that it is CSA certified (C22.2 #243-M91) and has UL 1017-4th standards.


  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent air suction capacity of 1300 CFM
  • It comes with a large-capacity dust collection bag
  • Paddle safety switch with a detachable key to prevent unwanted starts
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • CSA and UL certified
  • 6″ inlet and “Y” adapter with two 4″ openings for connecting two machines at the same time
  • Powder coating to prevent corrosion damages


  • None

How to Choose the Best Dust Collector for Small Shop

As not all dust collectors are capable of collecting dust efficiently, you need to know the process of finding the high quality dust collector. In case you are curious about the process we have followed to find out the top 10 dust collectors for using in small shops, here are the steps-

Cleaning Efficiency

The cleaning power of your dust collection setup is a primary consideration, regardless of your woodworking shop’s scope and size. Its power is the combined function of the horsepower rating, amperage, voltage, and frequency.

These factors directly influence the motor capacity, which decides the impact of the actual process of dust collection. It determines how much dust the machine can collect.

Single Stage Dust Collectors vs Two Stage Dust Collector

For small workshops, a single-stage dust collector does the magic. The operation is quite basic but very efficient. The JET DC-1100VX-5M is a perfect example of a single-stage collector that serves well. Single-stage models will function well for you, whether you are running woodworking as a hobby or for business.

The dust collector typically has a system of filtration that absorbs around 2 microns of dust particles efficiently, which will be sufficient for non-industrial workshops and small shops. They also serve well for home uses. The main advantage is that the piping and air filtration system is not complicated at all, same with the operation.

Typically, dust collectors usually come with a single-stage filtration system or a two-stage filtration system. Both designs can be easy to handle, but I’ll recommend the single-stage filtration system for small shops.

Two-stage collectors are more precise and efficient, but they cost more. A two-stage dust collector can get the smallest dust particles sucked up. Dust particles that are as small as 1 micron can’t even escape, same with bigger chunks of wood chips. This option is too bulky for a small shop but definitely should be considered for medium and big workshops.

Type and Size of The Bag

This factor is significant, too, since the dust collected actually gets stored in a bag. The bag type and size count a lot. The basic principle of dust collection is that a vacuum engine sucks dust particle into attached storage. The storage is mostly an extended bag, directed strategically with reference to your woodworking machines.

If your dust collection bag is made of plastic, that is usually a good advantage. A plastic bag is easy to move around and get empty. Some of them have a transparent window for seeing through, making it easy for you to know when the bag is full or almost full.

Collection drums are too heavy when compared to plastic dust collection bags. The only major disadvantage of the plastic collection bag is that it can get damaged or broken if the load is too much; watch out for that.

The Versatility of Dust Separators

This is a pretty impressive innovation that can save some stress and money through improvisation. Dust separators can work together with your wet vacuum or dry vacuum to collect excessive dust with no need for you to purchase a whole dust collection set up.

Separators like Oneida Dust Deputy can serve that purpose. You won’t be buying a shop vac since you already have one. This is an alternative approach that could keep those extra bucks within your purse.

The Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) Parameter

This parameter is a measure of the speed of airflow that the dust collector is capable of. The Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) is mostly between 500 CFM and 800 CFM values. Since the dust collector is mostly used on a daily basis, the required work rate required in terms of particle/air movement must be considered.

The dust generated by the work rate heavily depends on the type of woodworking machine you are using. A common planer can correspond to around 350 CFM, while a band saw will correspond to about 650 CFM or thereabout, depending on the model, material, and working conditions. Put your equipment and machines into consideration before determining how much cfm collector you need.

Space Management

This is a crucial point to note. For small shops, you don’t have all the space in the world. Gigantic dust collectors won’t be the best option for you if you are running a small woodworking workshop but will always have multiple options at your disposal.

Mobile dust collection systems are great options. They are not too heavy or big, and you can easily move them around. Also, a wall-mounted dust collector solves the problem of space management. The POWERTEC DC5370 dust collector is a good example of wall-mounted collectors.

Dust collectors that have mobile wheels and rolling base carriers are very innovative. You can easily move them and change their location. You can also use them in different shops if need be. Space is definitely a factor you must consider when you run a small shop.

Hose Availability and Size

First of all, all dust collection systems don’t come with a hose. That is something to be conscious of, especially if you are on a tight budget. Do you really want to spend that much and still have to purchase the hose to use with your dust collector? There are quite a lot of decent dust collectors that come with the hose, and they are not expensive; just review and scout for them.

The inlet port of your hose must be corresponding to the required application; it must fit the band saw or miter. Make sure it fits well before buying if it comes with the dust collector. A dust collector that doesn’t come with the hose can still be a great choice when you consider credibility or its warranty clauses.

Noise Level of Dust Collector

This is a classic one, a factor that often shows up in discussions of machines and workshop practices. The fact is that there is no stern standardization on the acceptable noise level of dust collectors or even other woodworking machines.

Having a noise floor of around 80 decibels (dB) won’t be bad. That is barely audible under working conditions. It is also not at an alarming rate when work is not even going on.

I have seen some dust collection systems go as 100 dB, but honestly, it’s fine if the noise level doesn’t rise above 70Db. Judging from experience, I don’t think most modern dust collectors will actually give you noise-related issues.

Final Thought

Dust collectors have made it easier for woodworkers to keep their shops dust-free at all times. These machines are available in different designs. There are the ones that feature casters and wheels for moving around your shop, the ones that mount on a wall.

And the ones that can either be mounted on the wall or used as a mobile unit. Thankfully, our list contains dust collection systems with these designs for you to choose from.

In conclusion, we have reviewed each dust collector that made it to our list in detail. Since you made it to this point, you should have found the one best suitable for your needs and shop.

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