10 Best Floor Buffer For Home Use [Reviewed in 2021]

Sometimes, it can be challenging to maintain the shine on your floors. After scrubbing with your hands for hours, you won’t still get the desired result, which is exhausting and, at the same time, disappointing.

Cheer up; we have good news for you. There’s a way out, and it is by using a floor buffer. A floor buffer will clean any floor and restore the shine with minimal effort from you.

It works with either brushes or pads that move at a reasonable speed to clean and polish your floors perfectly in less time.

best floor buffer for home use

There are floor buffers for different floor types. To know the best one for your home floors, go through this well-detailed review of the 10 best floor buffers for home use in 2021.

After that, we will educate you on some key factors to consider before choosing a floor buffer for your home. Have a read!







BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner


9.5 Pounds


Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine


33 Pounds


Viper Venom Series Low-Speed Buffer


109 Pounds


Prolux Core Floor Buffer

Prolux Core

28 Pounds


Homitt Electric Spin Power Scrubber


5.28 Pounds


Our 10 Best Floor Buffer For Home Picks:

Here are the detailed reviews on the top floor buffers that you can use in your home-

1. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

The Bissell Spinwave hardwood floor mop is specially designed for those tired of scrubbing with their hands on their knees.

The best floor buffer machine features a 0.9 amp motor that delivers enough power to remove tough stains on hard floors such as tile, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum floors. The motor powers its cleaning activities without making lots of noise.

This floor buffer has a cleaning path width of 14″. It works with two anti-rotating soft-touch microfiber cleaning pads that clean hard floors gently and leave them sparkling and shiny with no streak.

You can exchange the soft-touch microfiber cleaning pads with the two washable scrubbing pads to clean, tough, sticky messes. Bissell includes these pads in the packaging box.

With the 28 ounces capacity water tank of this mop, you won’t have to refill the tank often when cleaning large areas.

Plus, the tank is easy to fill, causing no mess. The on-demand spray trigger on the handle comes in handy whenever you need to let out the right amount of cleaning solution/polish on a particular floor area.

The BISSELL Spinwave hardwood floor mop and cleaner are very easy to maneuver around and under furniture thanks to its swivel steering and lightweight design (9.5lb).

It has a 22ft power cord that’s long enough for continuous cleaning without switching outlets.

When you buy this mop, it comes with two 8 oz specially engineered BISSELL® multi-surface formulas that easily remove tough stains and are gentle on hard floors.

The downside to this mop is that the buffing pad drivers may break down within months of use. However, BISSELL has a two-year limited warranty on it.


  • It has a two-year limited warranty
  • BISSELL includes two of its specially engineered BISSELL® multi-surface formulas in its package
  • Lightweight and very easy to maneuver
  • On-demand spray trigger
  • Powerful motor with quiet operation
  • It comes with two soft microfiber pads and two round scrubbing pads for tough stains
  • 22ft power cord


  • The buffing pad drivers don’t last long

2. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine

The Oreck Commercial Orbiter home floor machine is an excellent floor buffer for cleaning many floors. Its precision-engineered induction motor is made from industrial-grade zinc & steel and has no motor brushes, gears, and belts.

So, it will last a long time. No matter the type of floor you have in your home or office, this floor buffer will effectively clean it to give a professional-looking result.

It cleans grout stains on tiles, restores lusters in hardwood floors, removes oil & grease from concrete floors, brings back the shine on marble floors, and deep cleans carpets to remove dirt & stains.

Thanks to its 50ft extra long power cord, you can carry out continuous cleaning of multiple rooms and floor areas without changing power outlets. Also, it is very safe to use around kids, pets, and older people.

This versatile machine works with a uniquely designed head drive that rotates in a random orbital pattern for easy gliding over the floor to prevent swirls, sanding marks, brush marks, etc.

You can use buffing pads, brushes, bonnets, shampoos, and cleaning solutions with this floor buffer. But you will have to buy them separately. It comes with none. That said, it has a cleaning path of 13″.

The Oreck Commercial grade Orbiter floor machine power switch is on the handle for easy access without having to bend your back. It is easy to use and maneuver.

But, its weight of 24lb makes it a bit heavy. Oreck Commercial has a one-year limited warranty on it.


  • Versatile and works on many floors
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 50ft extra long cord for continuous use
  • Maintenance-free random orbit motor


  • It doesn’t come with any brush, pad, or cleaning attachments

3. Viper VN2015 Venom Series Low Speed Floor Buffer

The Viper VN2015 Venom series low-speed buffer is elementary to use, offering 100% control on all your cleaning activities.

It has finger controls, a safety lock switch, and a universal clutch pad to keep you in charge of your cleaning activity.

This low speed floor buffer features a powerful 1.5hp, 66-frame motor made up of an all-steel triple planetary gearbox that produces a rotational speed of 175 RPM to clean, brush, and polish all kinds of flooring surfaces.

It comes with a pad drive and has a cleaning path of 20″. All you have to do is purchase any 20″ buffing pads or bonnets that suit the floor surface you intend to clean.

With its all-metal construction, it will withstand all the hustle and bustle that comes with rugged cleaning. It comes with a 50ft yellow power cord to provide uninterrupted cleaning of sizable areas from one power outlet.

Additionally, you can get a compatible water tank for this buffer if you desire to use it as a carpet cleaner.

CSA has approved the Viper VN2015 Venom series low speed buffer safe to use so you can use it around kids and pets. It is handy and easy to maneuver around corners and tight places.

However, its weight is 109lb, which is a bit heavy for some older people to use. That said, it comes with a three-year warranty on parts and a two-year labor warranty to boost buyers’ confidence in its quality and durability.


  • CSA approved rotary floor machine
  • It has a three-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on labor
  • Powerful 1.5hp motor with all-steel triple planetary gearbox
  • Easy to use thanks to the finger controls, safety lock switch, and universal clutch pad
  • Extra-long 50ft power cord for uninterrupted cleaning
  • All-metal construction


  • It doesn’t come with any cleaning attachments

4. Prolux Core Floor Buffer

The Prolux Core floor buffer head features a high torque, robust motor that produces up to 150 RPM. It cleans, wax, buffs, and polishes many flooring surfaces such as hard wood floors, tile floors, marble floors, carpet, and vinyl floors.

This motor orbits randomly to prevent leaving swirl/sanding marks and streaks on your floor. When a buffer head moves in one direction, it leaves behind marks. But if it moves randomly, it doesn’t leave spots or streaks behind.

This floor buffer machine comes with a set of four pads and a heavy-duty hard scrubby brush for cleaning tiles, concrete, and other industrial surfaces.

However, if it is on delicate surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, etc., exchange the hard scrubbing brush with a soft scrub brush or medium scrub brush. Note that the soft scrub and medium scrub brushes are sold separately.

This floor buffer has a cleaning path of 13″. It is easy to use and has a locking pivot that releases by engaging a foot pedal. Its industrial-grade telescoping handle can adjust to your preferred height and the height of anyone in your home so there won’t be any back pain experience. Thanks to the anti-scratch rubber wheels, it moves with ease.

The Prolux Core buffer has a 50ft extension cord for cleaning broad floor areas without unplug and plug from a power outlet.

Prolux backs it with a 3-year limited warranty on the motor and a 2-year warranty on the remaining unit. You can even use it to dry-clean carpets by loosening up soils on carpets, then vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.


  • Easy to use and maneuver thanks to its anti-scratch rubber wheels
  • Its telescoping handle adjusts to any height
  • It comes with a hard brush and four buffing pads
  • It cleans ceramic tile and protects marble scrubs
  • Its powerful random orbiting motor won’t leave streaks or marks behind
  • It can be used for dry cleaning carpets
  • 3-year motor warranty and 2-year parts warranty


  • None

5. Homitt Electric Spin Power Floor Scrubber

The Homitt Electric Spin Power floor scrubber is the first cordless floor buffer on our list. It works with a battery-powered motor that delivers similar cleaning power to that of a corded floor buffer.

Because it is wireless, you won’t go through the limitations and hassle of cords. The lithium-ion battery powers it continuously for 30 to 40 mins of cleaning. And it takes 3.5 to 4 hours to get a full charge.

Do not deep clean the mop with direct water, as it could spoil the battery and may be hazardous to you.

This floor buffer head features two 6.5″ pad drivers that rotate 90° at speed ranging from 120 RPM to 150 RPM. It comes with two microfiber scrubby pads to remove tough stains and two soft-touch microfiber polishing pads to protect and polish delicate floors such as laminate, hardwood, marble, etc., perfectly with no scratches. These pads are washable & reusable.

The start button is at the bottom for easy access. You can use this floor buffer machine as a dry mop or wet mop and as a floor polisher because it has a 300ml tank to store water/solutions.

There are two ergonomically placed control buttons on the handle that controls water spray and the pad drivers’ rotation. However, the spray controller requires 2AAA batteries to work, and you’d have to buy them separately.

The Homitt Electric Spin Power scrubber lightweight (2.8lb) design and portability make it effortless to transport from one floor level to another. With a single hand, you can maneuver it to clean all the areas and corners of your home.

Furthermore, it has a handle with adjustable height from 40″ to 47″ to suit different users, eliminating back pain or discomfort due to bending.


  • Cordless tile floor scrubber
  • Extremely lightweight
  • User-friendly and easy to maneuver
  • It comes with two microfiber scrubbing pads to remove tough stains and two microfiber polishing pads to protect delicate floors
  • Adjustable handle
  • Cleans well


  • The sprayer doesn’t last long

6. Boss B200752 Scrubber

The Boss B200752 scrubber has a powerful motor that rotates its dual pad drivers at 470 RPM for effective cleaning. It cleans, buffs, and polishes all kinds of floors such as vinyl, tile floors, hardwood, concrete, and laminate floors with no stress on you.

All you have to do is use the included cleaning accessories accordingly. For deep cleaning of hard floors, use the scrub brush, while for light cleaning and polishing hardwood floors and others, use the soft microfiber pads. It has a 10″ cleaning path.

This floor buffer is ETL certified, so it is safe to use around children. With a weight of 7lb, it is easy to maneuver with no resistance. It features durable anti-scratch wheels for easy transportation and a power release pedal activated by foot. However, its 18″ power cord is kind of short for cleaning extensive areas without switching outlets.

A downside to the Boss B200752 scrubber is its short handle that’s not ideal for tall people. So, if you are tall, consider another floor buffer machine. Also, it requires minimal assembly before it’s ready to work.


  • ETL certified floor cleaning solution
  • It weighs 7lb and is very easy to maneuver
  • High Power motor
  • Works on all kinds of floor
  • It comes with two scrub brushes and two washable microfiber pads


  • Short handle

7. Bissell BigGreen Commercial BGEM9000 Easy Motion Floor Machine

The Bissell brand makes another appearance on our list, this time around with their BigGreen Commercial BGEM9000 Easy Motion floor buffer. This floor buffer has a 5.4 amps motor equipped with an orbital head that moves at 175 RPM, producing no torque, no gouging, and no swirling.

It doesn’t leave behind any streak or mark after cleaning. There is a trigger switch at the handle that keeps you in control of the orbital head rotation, making it user-friendly. Be informed that this floor buffer works with a 12″ drive pad.

The Bissell BigGreen Commercial BGEM9000 Easy Motion floor buffer is a multi-versatile floor buffer for cleaning any floor. It dry cleans carpet and kills microbes, buffs hard wood floors, polishes & protects vinyl and marble, scrubs & cleans bricks, slates, tiles, and grouts, and removes oil stains from concrete. It has a 13″ cleaning path. Plus, it weighs 24lb, making it easy to move around and under furniture.

This floor buffer machine comes with a 2.4L solution tank and an in-built electric pump to control the quantity of solution dispense during cleaning. However, the hose that connects the tank to the pump removes often, causing the solution to leak out. So you have to check the connection any time you want to use the tank. That said, its 35ft yellow power cord allows you to clean extensive areas without the need to change power outlets.

The power switch is on the handle for easy access without bending. Bissell has a 5-year limited warranty on the motor and a year warranty on the other parts. This commercial grade cleaner is one of the best floor polisher in budget.


  • It has a powerful motor with an orbital head
  • User-friendly floor polisher
  • Multi-versatile for cleaning all kinds of floors
  • It has a 5-year limited warranty on its motor and a year warranty on the other parts
  • It comes with a 2.4L tank and an in-built electric pump


  • It leaks
  • It doesn’t last long

8. Powr-Flite C1600-3 Classic Metal Burnisher

The Powr-Flite’s C1600-3 classic metal burnisher functions with an all-metal 1.5hp motor that produces a high speed of 1600 RPM to burnish or polish any hard-surface flooring effectively.

It has a dual-level power switch for both left and right operation and a safety interlock switch that activates by the thumb to prevent accidental startups.

This single pad floor buffer comes with a flexible 20″ pad driver that ensures a full pad-to-floor contact in both high and low areas at all times. Its 1.5″ all-chrome tube is sturdy and durable.

There are two front wheels for smooth maneuvering of corners and tight spots and 4″ non-marking self-lubricated rear wheels for easy transportation.

The Powr-Flite C1600-3 classic metal burnisher weighs 101lb, and unlike other floor buffers, Powr-Flite evenly distributes its weight, making it easy to maneuver. It has a 75ft UL listed power plug for continuous cleaning of multiple rooms from one power outlet.


  • Powerful motor, can polish hard floors effectively
  • Evenly distributed weight
  • Heavy-duty all-metal construction
  • Durable
  • It comes with heavy duty wheels for smooth movement and easy transportation


  • None

9. Vmai Electric Mop

The Vmai electric mop is another cordless floor buffer that produces similar cleaning results to corded floor buffers. You can use it on different hard floorings like hardwood, vinyl, tile, marble, to mention a few.

It has a head that functions with powerful dual-spin motors that move at 250 RPM to remove tough stains from your floor. The mop head has a LED light to provide illumination for dark areas and for you to spot dirt easily.

This floor buffer portable design makes it fit into compact places like kitchens, toilets, etc. It weighs 6.9lb, so it’s very lightweight and easy to move from place to place. Further, it comes with an in-built easy-to-fill 300ml water tank. You can either fill the tank with water for wet mopping or with floor wax to polish and wax your floor.

Also, there’s a spray button on the handle that dispenses the liquid on the floor in the right amount you want.

The Vmai electric mop has a free-standing design for convenient storage without taking up much space. Its adjustable handle allows users of different heights to use it comfortably, with no back pain or discomfort. The handle’s joint rotates 60° for easy maneuvering around your home and under furniture.

This floor buffer machine comes with two washable pads (a scrub pad & a soft-touch microfiber pad) for different floor textures. Its battery lasts for 25 mins of wet mopping and 30 mins of dry mopping. You can detach the battery and charge separately. However, the battery doesn’t last up to a year.


  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • Adjustable handle
  • The battery is detachable and has a moderate life
  • LED light to provide visibility in dark areas and to see spots
  • It comes with a reusable, washable scrubby pad and soft-touch microfiber pad


  • The battery stops working in months so, get extra batteries if you buy this floor buffing machine

10. Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop

The Gladwell cordless electric mop is a powerful battery-powered floor buffer with multi-functions for mopping, cleaning, and waxing any floor type. It has a 330ml water tank and a button for spraying water/solution on the floor in your desired quantity.

You can use all the functions simultaneously to get a profession-looking floor. Thanks to its LED light that illuminates its cleaning path, you can easily spot stains and clean dark areas.

It operates with two spin motors that remove stains, dirt, and bacteria from hard floors including, wood, marble, vinyl, tile, to mention a few. These motors have a quiet operation without disturbing the occupants of your home.

Furthermore, the Gladwell cordless electric mop battery has a charging time of 2-hour and lasts for 30 to 40 mins. It features a handle with 180° rotation for smooth maneuvering around your home. Plus, it is lightweight (0.01 ounces) and easy to move from place to place.

This mop comes with two washable mopping pads, two washable waxing pads, a DC wall charger, and an instructional manual for its usage. Also, there’s a full 1-year unlimited warranty on it.


  • Cordless option
  • Multi-functional
  • It has a 180° rotational handle
  • Full 1-year unlimited warranty
  • Lightweight
  • LED light
  • Works well on all kinds of hard floor
  • Moderate battery life


  • It doesn’t last long

Best Floor Buffer for Home Use Buying Guide

Let’s quickly go over key factors to consider before purchasing the best floor buffer for your home.

Type of Floor

Before buying a floor buffing machine, the first thing to consider has to be your home floor type. Concrete, asphalt, and industrial floors are more rigid and require a heavy-duty floor buffer with a hard scrubby pad.

However, tiles, ceramic, vinyl, marble, and hardwood floors are more delicate; therefore, you should use a soft-touch floor buffer and soft microfiber pads on them. Using an incompatible floor buffer and a wrong pad on your floor can damage it for life.

Moreover, some floor buffing machines allow you to control its cleaning power and are compatible with different pads for cleaning different floor types. These types of floor buffers are perfect if you have different types of floors in your home.


Floor buffers come in two types of power-style, namely, corded and cordless. A corded floor buffing machine comes with a power cord, while a cordless floor buffer works with a battery. The corded versions are restricted by their cords’ length but have more cleaning power than the cordless versions, which have no restrictions.

Motor type & Horsepower

Generally, traditional floor buffers are equipped with motors having Horsepower between 1.5hp to 5hp. The higher the Horsepower, the more RPM it produces, creating more cleaning power and making the machine easy to move.

Additionally, some floor buffers motor rotates the pad driver(s) in one direction. This rotation is excellent for removing tough stains, but the downside is that moving the pad(s) in one direction leaves behind streaks and marks on floors.

To prevent streaks and marks from appearing after cleaning, some manufacturers use a motor that rotates randomly. Random orbital motion removes tough stains, leaving no line or pattern that will ruin the beauty of your floor.

Rotational speed per minute (RPM)

Floor buffers that are ideal for home use on delicate floors like marble, laminate, hardwood, to mention a few, typically have a low-speed ranging from 175 RPM to 250 RPM.

This is because any speed higher than this can ruin your floor. However, if you have rugged floors like concrete and asphalt, go for a high-speed floor buffer.


Compact sized floor buffers will get into tight spaces, but it will take a longer time to clean a large area. In comparison, large-sized floor buffers would be hard to get into tight spaces but will cover many grounds quicker.


There is an appropriate amount of weight a floor buffer should have to produce shiny, professional results. Too light floor buffers won’t have enough power to control the cleaning pads when moving at high speed. However, a low-speed light buffer is perfect for home use because it’s easier to operate and maneuver.


You must check the height of a floor buffer handle before buying because if the height isn’t corresponding with your height, you will experience back pains and discomfort whenever you clean. However, some modern floor buffers have telescoping handles that adjust within a specific range to fit people with different heights.


The ergonomics of a floor buffer relates to how comfortable it is to use. Things like the location of the power switch and other functional buttons for easy access, as well as safety features, are worthy of consideration.


Most floor buffers either come with brushes or pads or both. However, some don’t come with any accessories. So check the accessories that come with a floor buffer before buying.

Note, brushes are ideal for industrial floors like concrete, etc., while microfiber pads are ideal for delicate floors like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, etc.

Functions and Efficiency

Floor buffers are primarily used to buff and polish floors, but some can do much more like clean and mop floors. These functions make them versatile. Also, some are compatible with brush heads and pads for cleaning both industrial floors and delicate floors.

Water Tank and Sprayer

If a floor buffer comes with a tank and a sprayer, that is a plus. It means you can polish and mop using one machine. The larger the tank, the less often you refill and vice versa.

Also, a sprayer helps you dispense the right amount of liquid you want on the floor. However, floor buffers with water tanks take up more storage space than the ones without a tank.

So, you must have enough storage space before buying a floor buffer with a tank.

Final Thoughts

Floor buffers are essential for any homeowner that desires to keep floors shiny without stress. They are easy to use, versatile, and highly functional. With no dangerous chemicals and no in-depth knowledge of floor polishing, you’ll be able to keep your floors polished at all times.

In conclusion, we have thoroughly reviewed each floor buffer on our list, covering their spec, features, capacity, etc. We also discussed some key factors to consider before deciding on the best one for your home. Happy buying!

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