5 Best Glue For Styrofoam Reviews 2021

Styrofoam is a great thing when you want to do some creative works. These come at a cheap price and can let you do many creative things!

For doing creative arts and crafts with Styrofoam, you need to have some other things as well like glue, knife, paint, etc.

In this article, we are putting our hands together to guide you through the best glue for Styrofoam so that you do not end up buying the wrong product.

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UHU POR Styrofoam Adhesive, 40g tube

Best Pick

Rating: 9/10

3M 78 Polystyrene Foam Insulation Spray Adhesive

Best Value

Rating: 8/10

Aleene’s 40642 Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Multi 3 Pack

Rating: 7.5/10

best glue for styrofoam reviewsbest glue for styrofoam reviewsbest glue for styrofoam reviews

1. UHU POR Styrofoam Adhesive, 40g tube

As the name suggests, this product is specifically made for using on the Styrofoam. For its high-quality bond, anti-aging feature and ease of use, this is by far the best glue for Styrofoam.

This transparent glue is a flexible adhesive and does not deteriorate over time. So, once the adhesion is created, you are good to go!

When it comes to the working process, this glue works in a bit unorthodox way. You need to apply the glue on the surface, then spread evenly to rest 10-20 minutes. After the resting period, you need to put both surfaces together to get a perfect flexible bind.

This waterproof glue is made in Germany and can be used for bonding Styrofoam to other surfaces like plastic, wood, metal, paper, glass, etc. So, you are not just restricted to gluing Styrofoam alone, rather you can go more creative with a wide range of choices.

Key Features

  • Transparent glue is light weight
  • Specially made for Styrofoam
  • Flexible bind
  • Anti-aging feature
  • Made with high-quality material

2. 3M 78 Polystyrene Foam Insulation Spray Adhesive

If you are looking for a Styrofoam glue that dries fast and easy to apply, we recommend this Styrofoam spray from 3M.

It comes in an aerosol can with a built-in spray to make your task easier than ever. You only need to pick it and press the sprayer to get going.

The sprayer has a width variable mechanism that allows you to apply the glue in different width. So, whether you want a concentrated application for the edge or wide spray for the plain surface, you are covered by this! And the variable spraying mechanism reduces the wastage and cleanup.

This 30-minute bond spray adhesive makes the bind stronger than the Styrofoam itself. So, once the adhesion is created, it is created for a lifetime. But you will have enough time to precisely position your staff before the bond is made permanent.

When you need a product that can bind Styrofoam with other surfaces like wood, metal, cardboard, paper, etc. and you don’t want to get your hand dirty with the glue all over it, this is a great choice for you.

This cylinder glue is made with the highest industry standard and can withstand temperature fluctuations without compromising the bonding.

Key Features

  • Comes in a spraying cylinder
  • Highly adhesive
  • Quick-dry feature
  • The variable width spray mechanism
  • Temperature resistant glue

3. Aleene’s 40642 Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Multi 3 Pack

The Aleene’s quick dry tacky glue is at our #3 of the best adhesive for Styrofoam picks. This is an all-purpose glue that can be used on any type of surfaces including Styrofoam.

This glue is permanent adhesive when it is dried. Another good thing about this is that the glue dries clear. So, you’ll not see any color difference on the surface after it is dried.

This non-toxic Styrofoam glue can be cleaned with soap and water before it is dried. So, you don’t need any other toxic solutions to remove from the surface where it was applied mistakenly.

The 35 minutes drying time is another very good feature when it comes to Styrofoam glue. You have just enough time to perfectly position the surface or clean the wet glue if applied unwantedly. And do not need to wait for too much to dry out.

Key Features

  • 35 minutes dry time
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water
  • Permanent adhesive when dried
  • Multi-purpose product

4. Loctite PL 300 Foamboard VOC Latex Construction Adhesive

This Loctite adhesive is one of the best glue for foam board. This high-quality adhesive is made to easily attach styrofoam board to any type of surfaces i.e. wood, drywall, glass, metal, fiberglass, etc.

When you need a professional grade product to apply on your polystyrene plates and other styrofoam objects, this is a great glue product to have.

This glue comes with high elasticity and extreme bind when dried.

You’ll have around 30 minutes to position the surface perfectly before it is dried hard after around an hour of the application.

If you have to glue a Styrofoam surface area that is not even, this is the perfect glue to apply. It fills the gap and binds the two surfaces hard so that the materials put together do not move.

Key Features

  • Professional Grade glue
  • One hour drying time
  • Dries hard with strong bond
  • Permanent adhesion

5. FloraCraft StyroGlue Non-Toxic Foam Glue

This is another great inclusion in our best glue for Styrofoam reviews. This product is specially made for adhering to the Styrofoam.

This FloraCraft glue is easy to apply and binds your Styrofoam permanently.

Although it dries significantly slow, the adhesion it creates after 12 hours is marvelous. The bind remains intact permanently allowing you to do all your creative works with the Styrofoam. This is a quality product for attaching small styrofoam objects.

If you do not have even surface to glue, this non-toxic styroglue won’t stick well since you need to leave the surface attached for about 12 hours for a perfect bind.

Key Features

  • Easy to apply
  • Binds Styrofoam well
  • Slow drying but don’t release toxic fumes
  • Not good for uneven surfaces

Best Glue for Styrofoam Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing the best Styrofoam glue for craft projects, these are some key things that you must consider. These checklists will help you not to buy a product that is not for styrofoam applications.

1. Multi-purpose

Everything that serves multiple purposes is better than those that serve only one purpose. When you purchase glue for Styrofoam, you’ll find that some glue will remain in the pack after the usage. Unless you are doing crafts regularly, these will be wasted. For reducing the wastage, you should pick a glue that can be used on other surfaces also.

2. Non-toxic Glues

Low-quality glues are highly adhesive but toxic because of the usage of harmful chemicals. There are ways to make the glue highly adhesive yet non-toxic. When you plan to buy some, remember to check the materials. You should always pick the non-toxic glues for avoiding future skin irritation.

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3. Glue Color

Color is an important factor when it comes to arts and crafts. No one likes to see a color difference because of the glue. So, pick a glue that dries clear so that you can apply desired paint on the styrofoam.

Picking up the clear glues has other benefits too. You will not notice that there was a gap and two Styrofoams were attached to get the surface big enough. If there is no glue sticks with clear color, try to find white glue in arts and crafts store.

4. Drying Time

No one loves to wait. Neither I nor you! So, a fast-drying glue is always preferable over a slow drying product. But try to ignore super glues. Let me explain why-

When doing crafts with Styrofoam, you will need to position one on the other. Super glues dry and binds instantly allowing no time to fix any minor mistake. So, getting a glue that dries in around 10 to 30 minutes is the best for Styrofoam.

5. Perfect Adhesion to Polystyrene

As we have recommended above to pick a glue that adheres to most of the surfaces. But remember, you are purchasing the product for applying on polystyrene. So, the product must perfectly bind with the Styrofoam. The best way to know that is to read the product label and description. That should indicate where can you use the product, and where not.

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styrofoam glue for making craft

6. Ease of Application

Some cheap products in the market are not easy to use. You need to put a lot of effort to make things happen with those. For doing some creative work, a cool and calm mind is the key and hard to apply products will interfere with your mood.

So, pick a product that can be applied precisely without any interruption.

7. Durable Adhesion

As you are gluing things together, the object must be to bind the surfaces permanently. Fast drying and permanent adhesion is a must for a product that is made for Styrofoam. I will not be pleased to see foam coming out of the surface after a few days, neither you!

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How to Apply Glue on Styrofoam

Styrofoam is a great material that can be used for many things. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to cut into shapes! One of the most common tasks associated with styrofoam is gluing it. This section will go over how to properly glue styrofoam using hot glue guns and other styrofoam adhesives.

Gather Essentials

Before you start gluing project, make sure to gather essential tools and supplies so that you don’t need to find them in the middle of the process. Here are the things you need-

  • Styrofoam that you will glue
  • Adhesive you’re going to use
  • Soft Bristle Cleaning Brush
  • Gloves
  • Low strength tap

Pick the Right Glue

The first step is to pick the right type of glue. There are many different types of styrofoam adhesives that you can choose from, and the one you pick will depend on what your project is. For instance, if you’re gluing an object onto a flat surface then contact cement or hot melt adhesive might be better for you than something like foam-tac which would need to go in between layers.

Avoid using material-specific glues or plastic solvents on styrofoam as these adhesives can change the shape of the styrofoam.

Clean the Surface

Now, you need to clean the gluing surface with a soft-bristled cleaning brush to get rid of any dust, dirt, or oil.

Gloves are also recommended because the adhesive will stick to your hands very easily and then be transferred onto other surfaces that you come into contact with. If you don’t use gloves then make sure to get them as clean as possible before starting work again.

Apply the Glue

After cleaning, start applying this point, you need to apply the glue around the edge of the styrofoam panel.

The area should be covered with a thin layer that is about half as thick as your fingernail and not too much thinner than that.

If it’s nice and even then use a wet paintbrush for this process because if it dries unevenly then you’ll have trouble fitting panels together afterward. Now leave this adhesive to dry while cleaning up any excess from edges or surfaces near where you were working so that they don’t become contaminated by what might now be an unsuitable material.

Since styrofoam glues take time to dry out, you need to use low-strength tape to keep the panels attached. Otherwise, you may risk ruining things. Don’t use high-strength tape so that you can easily remove the tape without harming the styrofoam panel.

Leave it to Cure

After the application is done, it’s time to let the adhesive dry. This is an important step because if it doesn’t, you may need to follow the process again to attach the styrofoam panels.

The curing process takes around 24 hours, depending on the adhesive you used and weather conditions. So, avoid touching pieces until tomorrow morning. Afterward, make sure you remove the tape carefully.

Since styrofoam is not a strong material, gluing it won’t guarantee that you can abuse the surface. Handle carefully not to break the piece again.

Final Verdict

Styrofoam is an affordable material to give a shape according to your creative thoughts. For making things easier, Styrofoam glues are needed.

We have critically analyzed and researched thoroughly to find out some best of the best products available online today.

We recommend UHU POR and the 3M glue for those who are serious about getting the best products.

If we have missed anything or you have any confusion, don’t hesitate! Leave a reply below. We’ll be there to answer your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glue can be used on Styrofoam?

It’s important to use the correct type of adhesive when working with foam boards because most adhesives will not adhere to this material. Hot melt glue is often the best choice for attaching foam boards together, but it must be used in conjunction with a release agent such as wax or Teflon.

Clear silicone adheres well and can work without using any type of release agent if desired. Clear adhesive and fabric glue also works on polystyrene sheets, but it may not provide as strong of a bond.

Styrofoam glue is also available and can be used just like hot melt glue, but the drawback to this type is that it becomes too stiff with age, making foam board pieces difficult to manipulate.

Is Gorilla Glue good for Styrofoam?

Gorilla Glue is an adhesive that works on both Styrofoam balls and numerous other surfaces. It will work as well or better than the usual hot melt glue when working with foam board, but it does not have a release agent built-in so you must use something like wax or Teflon to keep it from sticking too strongly. The glue bonds well and can work without using any type of release agent if desired.

What kind of glue will not melt Styrofoam?

It is possible to use other types of glue on Styrofoam, but these will not be as durable and may melt or warp the foam. It’s best to stick with hot melt adhesive because it adheres well, resists moisture, and does not tend to distort the shape of styrene pieces when limbs are put in contact with them.

Can I glue Styrofoam to other materials?

Styrofoam does not work well with all types of adhesives. The type of adhesive you choose should be specifically designed for use on styrene pieces, and often it will say “styrene-safe” or “no foam board.” Some plastics can melt Styrofoam, so it is best to stick with hot melt adhesive.

Does Super Glue Work on Styrofoam?

Super glue is not recommended to be used on Styrofoam because it usually melts the foam.

Can Liquid Nails be used on Styrofoam?

Most liquid nails for Styrofoam may not work well because it does not want to stick.

How do you glue wood to styrofoam?

You can use any type of glue that works on both the wood and styrene. If you want to make sure your bond is strong, superglue or epoxy work well for attaching Styrofoam to other materials. Re-positioning a glued joint should be done with caution because hot melt adhesive may not have enough time to set.

Will Mod Podge melt Styrofoam?

Mod Podge is water-based and should not be used on Styrofoam because it will most likely melt the expanded polystyrene foam.

Can I use a glue gun on Styrofoam?

You should not use hot glue guns on Styrofoam because it will dissolve styrofoam. Use basic craft glue instead or go with low temperature glue gun.

How do you seal Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a porous material that should not be sealed because it will trap moisture. You can seal any other surface with spray-on, paint or stain in the same way as you would on wood.

How do you glue glass to styrofoam?

You can attach glass to Styrofoam by using strong super glue or epoxy.

How do you cut styrofoam?

Styrofoam should not be cut with anything other than an electric saw because it will crumble and break apart. You may use scissors on the edge of Styrofoam to trim off excess material.

How do you fix broken Styrofoam?

If you have a broken Styrofoam, it is best to throw away the piece. Because it’s almost impossible to bring it back to its original shape once it is broken. However, you can try once by applying right glue or spray adhesives to bring back its original shape. This will be only possible if the styrofoam has been broken into two clean pieces.

How do you keep Styrofoam from flaking?

To keep Styrofoam from flaking, you should seal the edges of your foam with glue or another type of adhesive. You can also use a spray varnish to coat both sides and protect it.

How do you stick styrofoam to styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a porous material, and it will not adhere to itself. To stick styrofoam together permanently you need adhesives such as hot glue, wood glue or spray adhesive. 

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