8 Best Grout For Shower Reviews 2021

Final touches matter, right? For your showers, bathrooms, or pools, you need grout to make your tiles sound perfect. Whether you renovate, build your house from scratch, or fix your wall tiles in patches, you will need suitable grout in the final stages.

It seems to be easy to pick grout, but it is not, many people end up buying grouts that do not suit their specific work. And for that reason, you should be careful when buying and applying it.

In this article, we will go through the 8 best grout for shower to help you decide on the best grout.



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Use On


Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Grout

Best for Professional Use

1/16″ to 1/2″ Joints

CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout

Great for DIY

1/16″ to 3/5″ Joints

Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout

Best For Small Grout Repair

1/16″ to 3/5″ Joints

CUSTOM Premium Grout

Best For Color Enthusiasts

1/16″ to 1/2 inch Joints

What is Grout?

Grout is a mixture of cement, sand and water. This material is used for sealing the gaps or holes of the wall or floor. Generally, this is used for filling the gaps of the tiles.

There are different types of grout, such as- sanded and unsanded grout etc. Will discuss more on that in the last part of the article.

Our 8 Best Grout For Shower Picks

1. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Grout Premium

Without a doubt, Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Grout is a uniquely designed grout product that leaves your space with a creative ambient.

The universal grout ensures that the walls are completely stain-resistant. Also, it has an easy-to-use application method that makes usage stress-free.

The even blend and color uniformity makes the product stand out in the market. 

Its general use is opened to stone floors, glass, and ceramic tiles. This allows just about anyone making use of the product in various homes.

Unlike grout products with environmental restraint, this can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. This makes it compatible with both exterior and interior walls applications. 

Because of its extended long life, this grout has been generally accepted and preferred in lots of homes.

The fact that its strength has also been compared to other competitors and still stands makes it unique. When we speak of strength, we talk of chemicals that could be toxic to grout’s composition.

Regardless of how toxic they might be, SpecraLOCK Pro Grout always remains immune. Interestingly, the packaging is built to withstand any form of environmental conditions. Keeping its content intact and ready for use at any time of the year. 

Regardless of its remarkable benefits and composition, some folks still consider the grout to be too thick. Since not everyone uses a product the same way, we can say that its overall composition is thick. This sometimes might hinder the cleaning of certain areas, since it would be difficult for water fragment to penetrate.

Spillages or grout haze can be challenging to get off the tile surfaces during applications. However, they do eventually, and the grouting comes out exceptionally nice.

It’s best for professional application. Compared to CGM 500 TG it has higher strength, and longer lifespan. But due to thickness, it’s hard to mix and hence, not suitable for DIY use.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly functioning water-resistant grout 
  • Even blend and color uniformity on your floor tiles
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior wall applications 
  • Utterly immune to bathroom cleaning chemicals
  • Extra grouts are difficult to wipe off when dried
  • Incredibly thick and difficult to mix

2. CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout

Since the launch of this product, the overall bathroom look of many homes has changed drastically.

The CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout is a product capable of sealing each hollow in your bathroom. It is popularly known for its waterproof features, and how well it works smoothly even on wet areas. 

The net weight of this grout product is 10 pounds but goes for within a strikingly affordable price range. The white grade color grout product leaves your bathroom wall tiles with an elegant finish. 

Active users of CGM 500TG Pre sealed Waterproof Grout have testified to its self-application instructions. This makes it possible to grout your bathroom tiles surface without hiring professional help. 

The step-by-step instructions on how to get a firm application of the grout are attached to the product. Also, it is opened to the addition of color to brighten up your grout fillings. You can style the fillings with whichever color suits your taste. This product is among our best grout for the shower list because of its durability and premium packaging. 

Because of the chemical composition of this grout, it is often advisable to apply with extreme caution in your homes. Unlike other grout products, this would most likely cut through your skin when exposed to its contents.

Also, since it dries off quite fast, ensure you take out the excess grout off the granite tile or mosaic tile surfaces. Lastly, the product makes uneven grouting edges difficult to achieve.

It’s step by step instructions along with its powerful waterproof feature sets is apart from many other similarly priced products.

Highlighted Features

  • Dominant waterproof feature 
  • Descriptive step-by-step instructions for DIY application
  • High-quality durability and premium packaging
  • Neutral color that enables creativity during styling
  • Water-sealing qualities
  • Difficulty when patching uneven edges
  • Highly reactive to the human skin upon exposure

3. Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Grout Squeeze

This pre-mixed grout squeeze comes in a ready-to-use tube that makes application easy on your bathroom surface.

The dependability of this product ensures that just about anyone with zero expertise can apply it.

Aside from its user-friendly feature, this grout squeeze also offers premium durability. Manufactured to meet high standards, its praises proceeds with the product. 

For spillage and excess squeeze during the application, its easy water wipe feature gets them off instantly.

Its unique composition makes it just as strong to bound and also easy to wipe off. One of its sort out features is the mildew and water resistance effect it brings to the surface of your walls. The products go within the standard price range and have a dimension of 1.5 x 2.5 x 10 inches. 

This Red Devil Grout Squeeze adheres to tiles, wood, wallboard, and masonry. This means unlike most grout products in the market, this serves a multipurpose use.

Also, the squeeze can be applied to both ceramic and mosaic tiles. To get an elegant finish, the product is best applied after taking off the existing grout. 

The adhesive nature of the product does not extend to grouting a bathtub. While many have made the mistake of using this product for grouting a bathtub, it doesn’t work. Also, to get the content out, one might have to shake a couple of times. This is because when not in use, the materials inside accumulate at the base of the tube.

It’s by far the best one but it comes on a small tube which is only suitable for small repair works. Can’t use it for large whole house applications.

Highlighted Features

  • Pre-mixed composition for easy application.
  • No expertise required for application.
  • Mildew and water-resistant effect.
  • Leaves a fine finish on applied areas.
  • Adheres to glass tiles, wood, wallboard, and masonry. 
  • Content dries out easily when not in use.
  • Not to be used for grouting bathtubs. 

4. Custom Bright-White Simple Premium Grout

The bright-white content comes in a simple, pre-mixed, and easy to spread lotion.

Its pre-mixed feature allows anyone to apply the grout to the wall surfaces with ease.

The Custom Premium Grout product has quite a high resistance for stains.

This means after the application; its content is produced to be repellent to stains and dirt. Also, after application, it is almost impossible to notice a crack or shrink moving forward. 

Families and establishments who look forward to a grout restoration soon should consider this product. The effect creates on old tiles and walls has made it an everyday use among grouting contractors. 

When dealing with little spots and simple grout breakage, this product comes out very handy. The simplicity and the pre-mixed feature is just the way it is.

The pre-mixing factor also prevents you from mixing just a little for small jobs and throwing away the rest. The product sits perfectly well on reputable vinyl tiles. 

The packaging of this grout product isn’t as professional as it should be. Often, the packaging is known to dent, hereby causing leaks of the content.

The thing all the other products lack is fulfilled by this one. You can choose color beforehand to avoid extra coloring hassle which is not available in other products.

Highlighted Features

  • Bright-white color for creative styling 
  • Simple and easy to use pre-mix content
  • High resistance and tolerance for stains
  • Zero affinity for cracks, shrinks, and stain
  • Easily dries upon exposure to air
  • Usage applicable to vinyl tiles

5. Custom Delorean Gray 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout

Unlike traditional grout that requires mixing and lots of mess, this pre-mix grout makes life easier.

Speaking of stains and cracks, the product’s complete resistance ensures that your tiles are free of them.

This premium grout formula is conserved by mold guard technology. Its Delorean gray color keeps the grout of your tiles attractive and unique to your guests. 

The drying time and step-by-step instructions of the product are attached to the packaging for proper guidance.

The quart-sized simple premium grout is 3.35 pounds and is of dimensions of 5 x 6 x 5 inches. Its chemical composition is best compatible with wet surfaces to ensure proper grouting. 

The hardness level of this product leaves the flooring with a solid finish and elegant look. Because it’s already mixed, typical grouting can be done in no time.

Making it time effective and easy to use without any expertise. Grouting selective tiles type requires a various approach, ensure to check the instructions. 

Just like the Custom bright-white grout, this also has not good packaging. Although the gray color might be attractive, it sometimes doesn’t suit all colors of tiles. This can be a major lapse in progress since you might have to repaint the spot.

Highlighted Features

  • Unlike traditional grout, its pre-mixed content make application easy
  • Total resistance against cracks, stains, and dirt
  • The Delorean grey color leaves the tiles with a unique blend of colors
  • A fast drying time of less than one hour
  • A tough composition that restricts evenly spread

6. Custom BLDG Linen Non-Sanded Grout

We seem to have been talking about Custom grout products as we look at the too bed grout for the shower.

This is because the manufacturing company has been known for years of experience in the production of grouting materials.

The polyblend feature of this product enables strong, durable, and long-lasting grouting results. Every drop of the grout contains a polyester structure that makes bonding possible.

The product dimensions are 8.8 x 8.8 x 5.8 inches, and it is affordable.

Spreading is precise with this grout because its components are firmly held together.

Did I forget to mention its super easy-to-use characteristics, and how it requires just mixing with water? Well, to get a full solution of this grout, it is often advised to incorporate the content with water. This helps the polymer structures and makes application smooth and less tedious.

It’s almost impossible to get wastage when grouting any porous surface with this product. But keep in mind that it reduces quality when excess water is applied.

As said earlier, it’s easy to mix feature is just about the only thing most users comment on. The product comes in just the right size for those looking to grout small areas.

Unlike other products with huge sizes, this helps fulfill that purpose perfectly well without wastage. The neutral color of this grout allows you to apply any color of your choice.

The product delivers twice as compared to what the regular home depot brings. Also, it’s the right choice for bathroom flooring renovation when the grout is needed. 

This grout is sometimes not recommended to folks who have a lot of areas to cover when grouting. Because its container is relatively small and would not hold the amount of grout needed for such projects.

Highlighted Features

  • An unsanded grout product 
  • Multiple color choice to pick from based on your tiles background-color
  • Additional polymer structure to ensure effective bonding
  • Easy to mix feature
  • Minimal content available for small grouting areas

7. Red Devil House & Home Restore Pre-Mixed Tile Grout 

The Red devil tile grout comes with a unique water-resistant formula that makes it easy to fix loose tiles. Its durability and composition give the product enough strength to bond mosaic and glass tiles. 

The tube has an EZ Squeezer that enables an even flow of the grout during application. This way, you do not have to worry about each section not getting enough grout as you apply it on the floor tiles.

Also, there are different formulas for tile adhesive, kitchen and bath caulk, wallpaper seam repair, and window and door caulk. 

The Red Devil tiling grout has a drying duration of less than 30 minutes, leaving an elegant look on your tiles. 

Its mild acrylic and ammonia scent leaves the tiles with a pleasant fragrance and a not terrible stench. With its 5 oz capacity, the tube can withhold just a considerable amount of grout for basic grouting. Also, the tube-squeeze design looks quite attractive and makes working fun. 

With this red devil grout product, the DIY grouting becomes available and stress-free. By just reading the directions, anyone can apply this pre-mixed grout to their tiles. For folks who think hiring a grouting contractor is a waste, then this product is your haven.

Holes in drafty windows can also be fixed using this grout. This way, you do not necessarily have to change to get a new one. Caulking that area of the window with this product makes everything back to the way it was. 

The roll-up section requires so much force to get the content out of the tube.

Since the material is quite hard after the first liquid, it takes a while to get the grout out. People who like to manually remix their grout with water find this product useless. Because it comes in a pre-mix form, yet they feel the content is still very hard.

Also, depending on how long you got it, the drying technique makes it easy for the content to react to temperature. Sometimes, if placed in a cold environment could come out in little balls. 

Highlighted Features

  • House & Home restoration pre-mixed grout, available to all kinds of bathrooms
  • Mild acrylic scent
  • Tube-squeeze design technique for precise applications
  • Easy to understand DIY instructions for home use
  • Solid caulking and grouting on all forms of tiles
  • Excess pressure to be applied in the roll-up section
  • Reacts to harsh temperature due to its fast drying features

8. Elmer’s E873 Tile Grout

The tile grout makes it impossible for water to get into the area, and also resists cracking and shirking.

Also, the mildew resistant feature ensures that the amount of work invested is not in vain. The non-flammable squeeze tube grout keeps your bathroom tiles free from flammable ignition, unlike other products.

Its content is entirely non-toxic and is safe to wash off easily when in contact with the human skin. 

Elmer’s E873 Tiling Grout comes with an acrylic latex formulation that ensures a high-quality bond to your tiles, no matter whether it is porcelain or natural stone. This product has been known and recommended as one of the best shower grouts to be purchased online. 

The neutrality of the color makes you get creative when styling the grout. Its liquid state makes the application process go smooth and easy to wipe off. The grout pen feature ensures that you get a precise filling of the content at the pointed area. 

If the instructions given are correctly followed, you should look to get an even spread with a neat finish. The grout pen makes it easy to have little or no excess spillage during the application, and this is exciting.

After application, be rest assured that your ceramic or mosaic tiles would be left without a haze. If applied right, the entire grouting should be completed and solidified within a 48hours span. 

For homes and establishments that need a product for massive grout restoration, this isn’t the best tile grout to use.

The tube comes in a 6 ounces pack and has a limited capacity for just little grouting tasks. If you try increasing the content of the grout by adding water, you only end up reducing its efficiency. Lastly, the grout has a high tendency of drying up if not used within specified time frame.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely resistant to water and liquid penetration
  • Grout pen feature for precise application of the grout
  • Works on all kinds of ceramics and mosaic tiles
  • Solidification span of 48 hours in total

grouting shower for a durable finish

How to Choose the Best Grout for Shower Tile

Finding grout is not a big deal but finding one that suits your particular type of job is a very big deal. People often end up buying wrong packages for the lack of knowledge regarding the specific problem and its solution.

To make your task easier, we are elaborating the way that will help you to choose the perfect grout pack for your work.

1. Water Resistance

Since you are looking for the grout that will be used in the shower and shower floors get wet often. You need to pick a product that can resist water from penetrating the grout sealer When buying grout for shower tiles, make sure it clearly indicates in the packaging that the product is water-resistant.

2. Anti-Flammable

Non-flammable products are highly advised to be used in the home and offices for safety reasons. This extra feature can restrict the flame from spreading fast in case any fire incident occurs.

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3. Non-Toxic Material

Since grouts are made of different type of raw materials and it includes some harmful materials also that can cause injury to the human body if gets in contact. Although most of the modern grout producing companies condition grout materials in a way so that it does not harm people. But it is always advisable to see whether the pack clearly says that the grout is non-toxic for the human. Generally, cement based grouts and waterproof epoxy grouts are non-toxic and safe for use.

4. Different Colored Grout Options

There are some cheap grouts available in the market that look so appealing but have disadvantages. One of the most common disadvantages of cheaper materials is that they do not come with color options and can’t be colored subsequently after the application. Everyone tries to decorate the shower walls and not getting the proper color can ruin all the efforts you put on it.

5. Stain Resistant

Anything that is made for the shower repairs or any wet areas must be protective of the stain. Since the water leaves marks on both horizontal and vertical surfaces when dried, it will ruin the decoration and overall look soon unless the surface material does not have the protection against permanent stain.

So, take a product that will prevent stains with regular cleaning.

6. Joint Width

When buying grout for bathroom floor, keep in mind the width of the delicate tile joint. If the width of the tile gaps is less than 1/8th inch, then you can use unsanded grout on it. But wider grout lines than 1/8th inch requires sanded grout for better durability.

7. Dry Time

Drying time is another important feature to be looked for in the grout pack. The faster the grout dries, the faster you can use the shower. So, if you are renovating the shower walls or repairing a small portion of the backsplash, we recommend picking the fast-drying grouts that has low curing time.

8. Mold and Mildew Resistance

Moisture is the heaven for the mold and mildew, and the shower remains moisture all the time. So, when picking a pack for your shower, you must find the mold resistant grout. Otherwise, you will end up having a moldy bathroom tiles within a few weeks and purchasing mold killers for a considerable price!

9. Grout Price

Price is an important factor when you buy anything. In the grouting industry, there is a lot of unreasonable pricing. So, when making a purchase decision, make sure you pick the authentic grout and paying exactly for the consideration you are getting from it.

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Shower Grout FAQ

What Grout Color to use?

There is no hard and fast rule for selecting grout color. You can select colors as your wish but we recommend using grout colors that match with the color of the tiles.

Using the same color in the tiles and the grout will give your floor a nice look. I have seen some people using different colored grout than that of the tiles for decoration. If you want, you can do so as well.

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What is the best type of grout to use in a shower?

The best type of grout to use in a shower is non-sanded. Non-sanded grouts are easier to clean and maintain, the color never fades or changes over time which ensures that your bath is always looking its finest. You will also need less sealant on these types of surfaces as opposed to sanded ones because of the non-sanded composition.

Is there mildew-resistant grout?

Some grouts are mildew resistant. It’s best to use a sealant as opposed to the type of grout you’re using if you want an easier time keeping your bathroom free from mold and other types of bacteria that can lead to health risks such as allergies or respiratory problems.

Which grout is best for the bathroom?

If you have a humid bathroom or are in a high-moisture area, silica grout is recommended. It’s not as porous and will be more resistant to water damage than other types of grouts.

Is there special grout for showers?

Most types of grout are suitable for shower installation. You may want to consider using a waterproof sealant on the surface, as it will be more resistant to water seepage and help keep your bathroom free from mold or other bacteria that can lead to respiratory problems or allergies.

Can you use a shower without sealing the grout?

There are no hard and fast rules, but sealing the cement grout before using a shower is usually recommended. It’s often done as part of tile installation because it helps protect against both moisture damage from water overflow or overflows, plus mold growth that can cause respiratory problems. If you don’t seal your grout now, you may have to do it later and you’ll have to remove the tile.

Is epoxy grout better than regular grout?

Waterproof Epoxy grout is a new material that has been used in recent years due to its superior ability to resist mold, stains, and sticking. It also features increased stain resistance and can be applied to the surface of your shower for an aesthetic appeal. In contrast, regular grout just seals off space between tiles or porous stones but does not offer other advantages.

Is epoxy grout worth the money?

The resins in waterproof epoxy grout are chemically stronger than the previously used materials, which means that it has a longer life and will not deteriorate as quickly. The downside is that for this reason, it can be more difficult to work with. Additionally, while you may have heard about how great epoxy grouting is, if your old grout is good then it does not necessarily mean that you need to go out and buy the new stuff.

Final Verdict

Fortunately, just one product catches our attention due to its overall features and additional benefits. For this review, the Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium is our recommended choice for prospective buyers.

Its high stain resistance has been tested and trusted by quite some users. The bacterial-induced elements protect the grout joints from stain and other microbes. Also, the fact that it is just as effective as it is simple makes it handy to anyone during application. 

This product stands out in our best grout for shower list is because it has one of the best packaging and delivery service ever, unlike other grout products that have great content but poor maintenance and packaging. The Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium delivers perfection to every user upon purchase. They also offer a 1-year warranty to unsatisfied users and those who have complaints.

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