10 Best Hand Saws For Cutting Trees & Logs 2021

In our fast-paced life, all we desire is to have the required technology, products, and services to ensure there are no glitches while we complete our tasks. 

We want the same when we are working in our yard or while camping. All we wish to cut those small trees, bushes, and branches down in just one go! While having such tasks at hand, possessing a sharp hand saw comes to our rescue. 

A portable, compact, noiseless, and sharp tool which cuts through will help us chop off the woods to trim and beautify our porch or to create space for lighting a fire or putting up our tents while camping or backpacking.   

best hand saw for cutting down treesbest hand saw for cutting down trees

Considering these criteria in consideration, we bring to you a list of the best hand saw for cutting trees in 2020. You just need to go through the review and choose the one which fits your bill and is within your budget.

Top 5 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees & Logs Comparison:






BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw

5.64 Lbs.


Bahco Bow Saw

2.1 Lbs.


Gunpla Pro Hand Saw

2.49 Lbs.


BAHCO PC-24-TIM Timber Saw

0.88 Lbs.



2 Lbs.


Our 10 Best Hand Saws For Cutting Logs & Trees:

Here is our top 10 hand saws that you can use to cut down trees and logs with ease-

1. BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag, 3.4-Amp

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw is one of the top quality and professional products in the hand saw category.

They are ideal for all your sawing needs. Be it cutting the dead wood, slicing the metal needs, or chipping the plastic, this hand saw will be your one-stop solution with its 4600 SPM motor.

The handheld power tool comes with a 6 feet cord which makes it easy for the users to carry it around while you are on the garden grooming sessions. BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw is light in weight and is compact, making it your ideal companion while on a backpacking trip. Along with this piece, you would also receive a sharp blade, a metal slicing blade, along with a storage bag. 

The best bit is this product comes in medium size and multiple colors. It comes with a single handle making it convenient to use even in rough cuts.

Plus, The efficient cutting tool is long-lasting and durable. It efficiently cuts off the tough wood and the strong metal pieces. This good saw is extremely easy to be handled and used by many users.

This heavy duty pruning saw comes with a safety button that makes the machine work at your command and also ensures safety when running on electricity. This hand tool is ideal for straight cutting all types of tough substances ranging from wood to metal.

Although it comes with a long power cord, it won’t create any trouble. It will help the user shift swiftly from one spot to another to cover a large area while cutting and slicing. 

You should choose this Black+Decker model if you prefer an efficient machine for all your cutting, slicing, and sawing needs. With its great features, it is a must-have for your indoor gardening sprees and outdoor adventure trips.


  • Ideal for cutting both wood and metal
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with various equipment combos
  • Available in many colors
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Strong body and good functioning
  • Easy to be handled by all kinds of users
  • Fast cutting ability


  • It can be tough to assemble the product especially the hand saw blade
  • Not good for cutting wood in tight spaces

2. Bahco Bow Saw #9 All Purpose – 3/4″ x 36″ blade

Bahco Bow Saw is a perfect combination of traditional hand saw with modern functioning. It has a strong tube frame body made of steel that makes it durable for use. Its sturdy body ensures it has a long shelf life as well.

This bow saw is light in weight which makes it easy to carry. Its slim and compact design makes it portable for your outdoor trips.

One can’t be misled with the sleek and portable looks. It comes with blades that are long but hard and sharp which further helps the users to saw the substances powerfully. Its edgy blades and ergonomic design make it the best saw for multiple usages. The saw also has a lever for easy blade change.

Bahco Bow Saw is available in a nicely painted body ensuring its protection from rust and dust. This product is known for its premium quality blades which will last longer and won’t require re-sharpening.

You should go ahead with Bahco Bow Saw #9 All Purpose – 3/4″ x 36″ blade if you have a lot of sawing, cutting, and trimming trees requirements both indoors and outdoors. The innovative design with a long-lasting body and pocket-friendly price tag make Bahco Bow Saw an ideal selection for your needs.


  • Combination of traditional appearance and modern designing
  • Durable body and multi purpose saw
  • Sleek and compact body
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Portable to carry
  • Superior quality blades
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Comes in the enameled body to ensure it is rust-proof


  • Quality might not be up to the mark

3. Gunpla Pro Hand Saw

Gunpla Pro Hand Saw is another great option for the people looking for a hand saw for cutting logs. This is a 3 piece saw- one is a rip or crosscut saw, the second is a backsaw and the third is a jab plasterboard saw.

The rip and the backsaws come with three cutting edges which ensure that this machine works 50% faster and powerfully as compared to other players available in the market.

It is known for its superior quality and durable products. The blades are produced from premium quality 65 manganese steel which gives it a strong look and finish. The handles are made from PP grade plastic making the saw comfy enough to be held and used easily by users of all age groups and for all kinds of jobs.

The blades are sharp ensuring the sawing is smooth and seamless. They are hardened and inducted for rough and tough use. They are ideal for all types of personal lawn grooming or professional on-site works. This is again light in weight which makes it easy to carry.

Gunpla Pro Hand Saw can be used for cutting and reducing a diverse range of substances including tree limbs, wood, laminate planks, plasterboard, etc

With its durable body, good lifespan, sharp blades, and efficient functioning, this can be an ideal choice for you.


  • Multiple purpose usage
  • Works efficiently on various substances and surfaces
  • Works 50% more powerfully than the other traditional pruning saws
  • Made with premium quality elements
  • Durable and sturdy body
  • Sharp blades ensuring the smooth functioning
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ideal for lawn trimming and professional jobs


  • Might not cut wood efficiently
  • The metal surface might rust after its use

4. BAHCO PC-24-TIM 24 Inch Professional Cut Timber Saw

BAHCO PC timber saw is a simple two-part machine held together by screws. This product comes with three teethed blades. This ensures that the blades are sharp and edgy to use. The saw is ideal for cutting all types of woods.

It helps to create deep cuts on the tough wood and is ideal for rough use on all kinds of timber.

While the sturdy blades are edgy, they can be re-sharpened as and when required. 

The hand tool is produced with a design that provides twin-way efficiency. So, it is powerful both while pushing and pulling it on the surface.

You can cover the blades with a plastic tooth cover to ensure its protection from dust and rust. The ergonomic handle is created with a good quality rubber material ensuring the user has a firm grip while sawing thereby completing the job with minimal effort. 

Its sturdy body makes it ideal for roughly chopping off the woods of all kinds. It is another lightweight saw which makes it portable and compact enough to carry around.

BAHCO PC timber saw will be an ideal choice if your requirement is limited to cutting, sawing, and chopping the woods. However, the only point to be taken care of that is the blades can be damaged if not covered with a sheath. Additionally, they would require re-sharpening once a while. 


  • An ideal choice for cutting woods of all kinds
  • Sharp blades with a rubber padded handle
  • Light in weight
  • Provides dual efficiency
  • Good for rough use


  • Can be damaged if not maintained well
  • The blades would have to be re-sharpened once a while

5. DEWALT Hack Saw, 5-in-1

DEWALT Hack Saw is a 5 in 1 product coming up with hand saw and hack features and hence is known for its multiple usages.

It has two blades of 45 degrees and 90 degrees that help in cutting the substances and chipping or trimming branches. This is a unique design with the saw blade attached to the front part of the machine.

This helps the saw to cover a large area and ensures there are deep cuts and the sawing work is done efficiently on rough surfaces.

The front handle can also be used for cutting small and different obtrusive surfaces. The long blade covers a large area while you are at work in turn helping you to complete your sawing work in less time and with minimum power. 

It can be used for cutting and slicing hard materials like plastic and metal. The teeth of the straight blade are sharp yet hard, ensuring a long shelf life of the saw.

This comes with a hacksaw blade thus giving the twin features of a traditional hand saw and a thin bow saw. This is designed in a way to handle tension so that it can cut and slice hard substances and instill deep cuts.

DEWALT Hack Saw should be in your top pick list due to its innovative design, 5 in 1 feature, sturdy body, and powerful working on a variety of substances. 


  • Comes with 5 in 1 feature of hand saw and hack saw
  • Unique design with a blade attached to the front saw
  • Designed in a way to create tension and eventually helps cover large areas and cuts them deeply
  • The front saw can be used for cutting small surfaces
  • Durable product


  • Can be a bit heavy to carry
  • Changing blades can be a bit tedious

6. DocaPole Hand Saw with Pole Attachment

DocaPole hand saw is known for its dual purpose of saw and trimmer.

This can be used to either climb up huge trees by using the pole saw feature or can be used as a traditional hand saw for trimming branches, chop, and cut those thick branches, bushes, and logs.

The curved blade is sharp and edgy. The hardened steel blades with chrome plate makes the hand saw durable and rustproof. They ensure the sawing and cutting are done smoothly yet deeply. The handle is light making it easy for the users to have a good grip while working with the tool.

The product is strong and is long-lasting. You can either use it as it is or as an extension in the form of an extension pole, long handles, metal poles including 12’’ or 24’’ DocaPole models.

Be it on the floor log cutting or high-level branches to be trimmed, this saw will be your companion. It comes with a two-directional tooth design. Despite being strong, this is light in weight and easy to carry. DocaPole hand saw is amongst the best if pruning along with sawing is your top priority.

With its multiple usages, durable body, effective functioning, twin use, the DocaPole hand saw would be a great choice for both your indoor lawn trimming and outdoor camping requirements. 


  • Multiple usages
  • Can be used as it is or as an extension
  • Sturdy body
  • Light in weight making it easy to carry
  • Comes with a light handle and sharp teeth


  • The extension version might not be beneficial at all times
  • The teeth might not seem sharp enough to ensure deep cuts
  • The tightening screw might not stand true to its term and can make the saw wobble and fumble

7. WilFiks Pro Hand Saw Review

True to its word, WilFiks Pro Hand Saw is one of the pro cutting tools, popular for its precise cuts. It comes with a modern design of the traditional saw along with contemporary features. Its innovative design makes it easy to use without much power and hassle.

It can be used on a variety of substances like wood, plastic, plywood, board, etc. Its teeth are induction hardened making them last five times more than the other cheap players in the market. This makes the blade durable and sharp for inflicting deep cuts and ensuring a seamless cutting experience for the users.

WilFiks Pro Hand Saw is made up of high carbon steel blade which makes it sturdy and ideal for rough use.

The handle is made up of anti-slip material which prevents the product from slipping from the user’s hands and will ensure that they have a firm grip on the machine while at work. It can fit the hand of all sizes and is designed in a way to reduce the pressure and tension in the user’s hands and make the saw do the maximum work. It also gives the saw a good cutting angle and pressure/tension.

WilFiks Pro Hand Saw comes with three cutting surfaces which cut 50% more than the traditional hand saws. It ensures deep cuts in two modes both while pushing and pulling. 

You can opt for this product if you are a gardener, a carpenter, a professional worker, or an adventurous traveler as this will be the ideal solution for all your sawing, gardening, pruning trees, cutting, and trimming needs with its strong body, long shelf life, and efficient functioning.


  • Modern design and functioning
  • Can be used to slice and dice various surfaces
  • Blades are strong and sharp
  • Cutting tree trunks is easy with anti slip grip.
  • Designed in a way to cut deeply by its tension
  • Three efficient cutting surfaces providing 50% more efficient working than other pieces
  • Suitable for both personal and professional jobs


  • Might not be great to prune tree branches
  • Might not work efficiently as it claims to be
  • Won’t work with cutting tree limbs smoothly

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8. Coher Folding Hand Saw 

Coher Folding Saw is another versatile product that can do heavy duty pruning. It offers multiple usages like other products we have reviewed in the guide. The unique selling proposition of this product is its foldable design. This not only makes it easy to carry but also makes it a good choice for all types of requirements ranging from professional to leisure gardening. 

Produced with superior quality 65 manganese steel and TPR substance, it is not only sturdy in design but is also rust-resistant. Despite having a strong body, it is light in weight. 

Its handle is made up of a non-slip material and is supported by a leather strap that provides stability and enhances its functioning. 

Since it can be folded, the blade angle is adjustable making it the perfect selection for all kinds of users be it, beginners, or skilled artisans.

Its portability and multiple uses elevate its level from a necessity to an adornment. It can be used on a variety of substances like small branches, tree limbs, bushes, logs, plastic, PVC to name a few.

With its versatile features, durable body, foldable design, and affordable pricing, it is a must-have in your tool kit.


  • Traditional appearance with innovative design
  • Modern functioning
  • Offers multiple uses
  • Durable, compact, and portable due to its foldable design
  • Works with various surfaces and comes at a great price


  • The saw might not be sharp enough to cut efficiently
  • Might not have a good lifespan

9. Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Green Wood

Bahco comes in two variants- dry wood and green word along with different sizes ranging from 21’’ to 30’’. While it is preferred mainly for professional and construction projects, it can be used for gardening grooming sessions too.

It comes with a sleek yet strong body. Plus, the hand tool offers a distinct tension feature that leads to the creation of high tension so that the machine makes deep cuts smoothly and helps the user to cut in a straight line.

Produced with premium quality steel, it is long-lasting and sturdy. And, it is light in weight and is easy to handle as well.

Bahco saw consists of an ergo handle which also comes with a knuckle protector ensuring comfort and protection of the users. Even though it is compact and lightweight, it is ideal for all kinds of rough usages and works efficiently in all kinds of woods. It also offers replaceable blades for cutting dry wood and fresh wood.

This high-quality tree cutting saw comes with a pointed nose that will help reach and smoothen the cutting process in large and tough areas. It is ideally designed for cutting down trees.


  • Comes with replaceable blades for dry and live wood
  • Ideal for cutting and chopping woods
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • The pointed nose helps it reach in tough spots
  • The handle comes with a knuckle protector
  • Ideal for both personal and professional usages


  • The users can face technical glitches with the product

10. Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw, 21-Inch

This black beauty is a good choice for trimming bushes and clearing out the branches. The ground steel blade ensures they are extremely sharp and the tool is suitable for rough use. Plus, it comes with a rustproof coating giving it an extended lifespan.

Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw comes with a safety lever which ensures that the cutting is controlled and calculative. The body is made of premium tubular steel which not only makes it light in weight but also easy to carry and handle.

The handle is comfortable and helps the users have a good and comfortable grip on the best pruning saw.

While the blades will have to be replaced but that won’t happen any time soon due to its durable and sturdy body. With its advanced features, this piece will also be worth the price you will pay if you pick this.


  • An ideal choice for light and basic tasks
  • Rustproof and strong blades
  • Cuts sharply
  • Comes with a safety lever which ensures the user has better control while sawing
  • Durable body
  • Comes in two sizes


  • Not good for rough and tough work
  • Might not match up the quality expectations

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How to Choose the Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees

Different professionals cut down trees and logs of wood for different purposes.

From individuals involved in the woodwork to professional craftsmen and carpenters, the need for a good hand saw should not be understated.

When buying a new hand saw, or even a used one, there are some factors you need to consider. Let us discuss some important factors.

Comfortable Grip

The handle of a hand saw can make all the difference in the field, from precision to perfect control over the regular saw during operation. Some features that dictate the type of grip that fits your need are the size of wood, and how huge your hands are. Others are the activities you are involved in, and the required intensity.

Understanding the perfect grip for you might take some experience but for beginners, always consider the size of the hands and the type of trees you work with.

Typically, large handles can make the operator lack sufficient force; which will also lead to loss of precision. If the hand saw’s grip is bad, the operator’s performance will drop with reference to cutting speed and meeting up with time.

The material used for the production of the grip is also essential. From experience, rubber handles are most appropriate for various jobs. The main advantage of a rubber handle is that better grip firmness is maintained than in other types of handles. The rubber handle is very efficient even when the hand is covered in sweat.

Blade Thickness

The hand saw can be used on different types of materials. Various trees have different qualities that are specific to them, and these properties can dictate the required thickness of the blade to a very large extent.

Thick blades are equivalent to efficient performances, especially when the type of wood being worked on is also thick. The stiffness generated by thicker blades ensures that the operator maintains the needed precision easily.

However, a strong, thick blade is not always a necessary requirement. The saw blade thickness factor is not needed when you are working on thin cuts. These include working on furniture or when involved in correctional cuts. In cases like that, a great blend of flexibility and tooth geometry is the winning formula.

Blade Material

Blades are majorly made by steel, but the type of steel may vary. The material used in making the blade is very instrumental in determining how long the blade will last, which indirectly impacts the saw’s general longevity.

Hardened carbon steel is very tough and long-lasting; it also inhibits rusting processes to a noticeable amount. The authenticity and grade of blade steel also vary for different companies and manufacturers; it won’t be a bad idea to go for a trusted manufacturer.

cutting tree branches with hand saw

Appropriate Tooth Geometry

This factor is more technical, especially if you are new in the business. This factor’s intricacies will definitely be cancelled out by experience, but an informed discussion can go a long way.

An important part of tooth geometry is the sharpness of the cutting edges. The sharpness of blade teeth is dependent on job requirement too. A lot of experts will attribute their efficiency to the sharpness of the blade teeth.

Good teeth geometry will also require less force from the operator. The HBX saw is a good example. The saw comes with 3-phase grinding, which allows three different positions of grounding when in use.

This option creates more convenience and requires less force. When doing furniture works also, the Ryoba saw comes in handy with two cutting edges.

Availability of Blade Cover

The protective sheath is a part essentially constructed for the protection of the pruning saw and safety of users. A user-friendly structure with a protective cover can never be a bad investment because safety should always come first.

Apart from protective services, the protective sheath also offers other benefits. The life expectancy of the hand saw is another advantage of having a blade cover. It will take a longer time before needing to change the saw blades, and in general, the hand saw is kept more intact over time.

Weight and Strength of The Frame

Apart from the blade, the frame is also a major part of the saw. The frame and blade primarily make up the hand saw. The material used to manufacture the frame should not be too heavy.

A heavy frame causes fatigue and ultimately leads to poor precision. Bulky frames are also hard to handle, even before fatigue sets in.

On the other hand, the frame must not be weak in the quest to have lesser weight. The frame is technically half of the hand saw; you definitely want it to have good strength and resilience.

An example of a good blend of weight and strength is the tubular steel frame that comes with Fiskars products and some other products. Get a strong frame that doesn’t weigh too much, and you are good to go.

Final Verdict

Now that we have listed out the top 10 best hand saws for cutting down trees, it is your call as to which one you wish to go ahead with.

While choosing one out of these would be certainly tough, it won’t be impossible. All you need to do is make a priority list and choose the one that fits the bill including the design, the blade and handle quality, the functioning, the budget, and any extra features the hand saw is providing.

While many people prefer reciprocating saws over the hand saws, there are many instances where you can’t use a power tool. A great handheld manual saw with stainless steel blade can make many of your tree pruning and log cutting tasks easy and effortless.

Before starting with your gardening kit, make sure to wear safety glasses for extra safety.

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