10 Best Heat Gun For Crafts [Reviewed in 2021]

Making crafts with a good heat gun that’s versatile is easy and fun. As a crafter, there’s nothing like a heat gun that places you in control of its temperature and airflow for your crafting work.

best heat gun for crafting

Plus, being compact and having an ergonomic handle for easy use, with an equipped support stand for no-hand use. Having such a kind of heat gun will boost your productivity.

However, searching for it is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve prepared this comprehensive buying guide of the 10 best heat guns for crafts in 2020 just for you.



Max Heat




SEEKONE 1800W Heat Gun


1.43 Lbs


DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display


2.3 Lbs


Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit


4.4 Lbs.


Chandler Tool Embossing Heat Gun


0.8 Lbs.


EnerTwist ET-HG-1500 Heat Gun


4.2 Lbs.


Our 10 Best Heat Gun For Crafts Picks:

Here is our detailed reviews on the top heat guns that you can use for crafting-

1. SEEKONE 1800W Heat Gun

SEEKONE specializes in the manufacturing of professional power tools. Their 1800W heat gun is ideal for automotive engineers, electricians, mechanics, to mention a few.

It is made with high quality stainless steel + ABs plastic, and it’s available in different colors. Its powerful 1800W heater functions with two fans and an input of 110V, 50Hz to supply adequate air with high temperatures in seconds. Also, it weighs 1.43lb and has dimensions of 9.76″ x 7.56″.

This hot air gun has two operation modes. Mode one has a temperature range of 120℉ (50℃) to 840℉ (450℃), with an airflow range of 190L/min to 210L/min. While mode two has a temperature range of 120℉ (50℃) to 1200℉ (660℃).

These modes are regulated with the temperature and airflow dials equipped at the back of the heat gun. Simply rotate the temperature dial counter-clockwise to cool and clockwise to heat up.

The same applies to the airflow dial. This SEEKONE heat gun is versatile for different activities such as paint removal, wax painting, pipes bending, welding, removal of rusted bolts, and other heating or melting purposes.

Furthermore, this hot air gun has a well-thought-out ergonomic design. Its corrosion resistant nozzle is made from stainless steel for durability and efficiency. There are heat emission holes to increase heat transfer, thereby regulating the heat gun motor’s working temperature.

Plus, it has overload protection that detects overheating and shuts down the engine to prevent damage. The oversized handle is shaped for a firm grip and prevention of strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Additionally, its heater has a high-temperature protection guide against accidental touch. Maneuverability during work is easy thanks to its 5.25ft industrial-grade cord.

The SEEKONE heat gun comes in a compact, well-organized plastic carrying kit containing a putty knife & pocket scraper, with five different nozzles for air flow control.

These nozzles include large/small deflector nozzles, air reduction nozzle, reflector nozzle, and glass protection nozzle. Also, SEEKONE has a lifetime free refund or replacement policy on this unit.


  • Two modes of operation with varying temperatures
  • Separate air flow and variable temperature control dials
  • Highly effective and time-efficient for multi-purpose heating activities
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cheap yet compact design
  • Comes packaged in a carrying case with essential accessories
  • Heavy-duty and durable


  • The case may not last

2. DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display

DeWalt heat gun

If you are conversant with power tools, then the name DEWALT shouldn’t be new to you. If it is, then know that DEWALT is a USA brand and is one of the top leaders in the power tool manufacturing industry.

Their products are trusted by technicians and engineers worldwide because they feature state-of-the-art technologies and designs to produce the best result. This DEWALT D26960K heat gun is proof of their expertise.

The D26960K heat tool is made from heavy-duty plastic with steel compartments to last long. It has a power of 1550W and functions with an input of 120 volts for its heating action.

Further, it has three-position switch airflow settings that it uses to operate. One is the off position when the machine is not in use: two, a high setting with an air flow rate of 17.7 CFM. The third one is a low setting, with an airflow rate of 8.5 CFM.

One uniqueness of this D2690K heat gun is it’s equipped LCD that lets users modify its working temperature setting within 50-Degree increments.

However, its minimum temperature is 150℉, while the maximum is 1,100℉. These features make this hot air gun suitable for a wide variety of jobs where steady heat supply is needed, such as paint removal, varnish removal, drying paints, heat wraps, etc.

Most importantly, safety is advantageous with this tool, thanks to the in-built patented kickstart support that improves stability and prevents it from tipping over.

It also has integrated overload protection that turns off the heating unit automatically to prevent overheating. Its in-built vertical stand for placing its back on surfaces is a nice feature.

This heat gun ergonomic handle comfort is on another level. You can use it for hours, and there won’t be any pain or discomfort. Plus, the whole heat gun weighs only 2.3lb, which is light for prolonged use.

Storing it is also comfortable with the built-in hang ring. It has a 10ft cord for a distant convenient use from the power source. This cord has a protector that ensures it doesn’t pull out of the heat gun under heavy use.

The D2960K heat gun comes in a carrying case containing a cone nozzle, fishtail surface nozzle, and ten other essential accessories.

DEWALT has confidence in its products, so there’s a three-year warranty, one-year free service, and a ninety days money-back guarantee on it. Although this machine can be a bit pricey, it’s worth every dime.


  • Heavy-duty
  • LCD screen that allows 50℉ increment
  • Well-thought-out design
  • Three-year warranty
  • It has a carrying case
  • Heats up fast
  • It comes with different nozzle shape and essential accessories


  • It’s pricey

3. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit

Milwaukee heat gun review for crafting

Milwaukee is another well-known brand that produces excellent battery-powered tools. They made it to our list with their M18 heat gun kit. This M18 heat gun is different from the ones we’ve reviewed above. It’s high-powered and functions with a rechargeable 18V battery.

Most corded heat guns don’t have the power this M18 has. Its powerful heating coil gets into operational temperature (1000° F) in six seconds. Plus, you won’t have to go through the hassle of electric cords, which boost productivity.

Furthermore, this heat gun has the Milwaukee innovative REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence temperature management system that boosts its overall lifespan. Although, there’s no temperature variable dial, which means you have no control of its temperature.

The on/off switch also helps turn down its temperature. Also, it has a built-in LED light indicator. Thanks to the equipped long secured nozzle, it won’t get unprotected surfaces burnt.

There’s a ladder hook for hanging in-between uses, which comes in handy during prolonged use. The M18 is a very compact heat gun having dimensions of 6.39″ L x 7.87″ H.

It’s suitable for multiple occasions where heat is required, and it’s more efficient than some corded heat guns. Ergonomics is as well good in this hot air gun with its user-friendly handle.

The XC5.0 battery of this M18 heat tool features Mikauwee REDLITHIUM™ battery technology that can heat over 40 connections. This M18 heat gun comes packaged in a carrying case consisting of an M18 XC5.0 battery, ⅜” concentrator nozzle for concentrated heat flow, hook nozzle, and charger.


  • Functions without cord which increases productivity
  • Uses an 18V Mikauwee REDLITHIUM™ battery
  • Nozzle guard protection
  • High-performance heating coil
  • Integrated hanging hook


  • The battery may not last long duration jobs
  • No thermostat to regulate temperature

4. Chandler Tool Embossing Heat Gun

Suppose you are on a budget and need to get a heat gun with essential features but at a low price. This North American made Chandler embossing heat gun has our recommendation.

This heat gun, made with impact-resistant premium-quality plastic coupled with steel precision-heating elements, will last a long time. It works on 120V. However, its maximum power is 300W, which isn’t encouraging compared to its kind on this list.

Despite this, the 300W power is enough for shrink wrapping pvc, shrink tubing, automotive, electronics, embossing powders, decals, stripping paint, EVA foam, to name a few.

The Chandler heat gun has dual heat settings (high/low) that deliver variable temperatures for different heating functions.

The low settings give a temperature of (200℃/392℉) for delicate jobs, while the high settings supply a temperature of (300℃/572℉) for troublesome and heavy duty projects. It utilizes a 6ft cord for maximum mobility from the power source during operations.

This heat embossing gun doesn’t have a gun style handle, but its ergonomic design is laudable. Firstly, it has a very compact size (11.8 x 3 x 1.2 ) that makes it comfortable for prolonged use.

Secondly, it’s incredibly lightweight (0.8lb), which reduces fatigue to the arm during operation. Thirdly, it has a well-thought-out stand for placing on work surfaces without the hot nozzle having contact.

Lastly, it produces minimal noise when in use. These features make this heat gun loved by technicians, DIYers, automotive engineers, hobbyists, crafters, artists, etc.

Furthermore, the Chandler heat gun has the Underwriters Laboratories certification (UL CERTIFIED) for its safety standards. Its insulated body prevents electric shock.

Plus, the window opening at the tail provides adequate heat transfer while it’s in operation, preventing overheating. Thus, it doesn’t get hot on the outside.

It has a plastic safety shield on the nozzle that prevents it from burning working surfaces and fire hazards. You also get a lifetime replacement for any manufacturer’s defect. And it doesn’t come with a carrying casing.


  • Easy-to-use and Long lasting
  • Cheap and overs excellent value for money
  • It has lots of safety features
  • UL CERTIFIED and best budget tool with simple design
  • Dual temperature settings
  • Compact and light weight
  • Premium-quality embossing heat gun


  • It’s not so powerful
  • It contains lead
  • No carrying casing

5. EnerTwist ET-HG-1500 Heat Gun

EnerTwist ET-HG-1500 heat gun is another budget-friendly option with unique features. This hot air gun has a high-performance 1500W motor with a power rating of 120V 60Hz.

Its professional equipped heater gets to operating temperature in seconds and runs for up to 500 hours non-stop. Note that the minimum temperature is 140℉ (60℃), and the maximum is 932℉ (500℃).

Plus, it has a variable dial at the rear with nine different settings, enabling you to adjust its working temperature effortlessly.

What standout this heat gun from others is its three fan-speed settings. Mode I (low) has 140℉ (60℃) at an air flow of 500 L/min, mode II (medium) has a temperature range from 176℉ to 572℉ (80 to 300℃) at an airflow of 300 L/min, while mode III (high) has a temperature range from 176℉ to 932℉ (80℃ to 500℃) at 500 L/min airflow rate.

This heat tool’s different modes, coupled with its temperature capacity, makes it suitable for an extensive list of DIY projects.

You can use it for tasks like removing paint, crafting, embossing heating, removing adhesive-backed floor coverings, drying paint or plaster, heating shrink, thawing, etc.

There’s a honeycomb air vent at the rear of this machine for efficient heat transfer with the surrounding to prevent overheating. In addition to the vent, it features an overload protection that shuts it off when it overloads.

The heater compartment has a removable protection guard.

The ergonomic anti-slip soft handle provides the ultimate comfort for extended use. It also has a built-in rear back support stand for placing it upright in-between use or not in service. Thanks to its A- US-style 6ft cord length, you can move freely at a distance from the power source while using it.

This heat gun has a compact size, weighing only 4.22 lb. A carrying case, four nozzle deflectors (reduction, reflector, glass protection, and wide jet surface nozzles), and five paint scrapers are what comes along with this heat gun upon purchase.


  • It can work for hours
  • It has nine different temperature settings
  • It has three airflow mode
  • Ergonomic design, good for jewelry making
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with a case containing essential accessories


  • It may start smoking in the high mode setting

6. Wagner Spraytech 0503038 Redesigned HT400 Heat Gun

Perhaps you prefer a heat gun with a palm and pencil grip, then the Wagner HT400 heat gun is for you. Wagner designed this heat gun to fit comfortably in the hands of the user.

It has three handling positions. You can hold it by the palm, like a pencil with its cool touch sidebar, or hands-free thanks to the integrated stand it comes with.

Its compact size plus the concentrated nozzle makes this heat gun perfect for any heating job that requires precision.

This Wagner HT400 dual temperature heat embossing gun features durable, insulated plastic construction, and it has a power of 360W. It functions with a dual (high/low) temperature setting.

At the high settings, it gives off 680°F temperature, while at the low setting, it supplies 450°F. With these features, you can use this heat gun for embossing, stripping paint, shrink wrapping, crafting, etc. Not to mention, it’s also a cheap alternative to many pricey heat guns out there.

Additionally, this versatile tool weighs 0.9lb, which is very light. You can use it for hours without feeling a single pain in your arms.

Plus, it has a 6ft long cord length for comfortable use away from the power source. Wagner has two years warranty on it to boost the confidence of prospective buyers. Note, it works on 120V and doesn’t come with any accessories.


  • Three-way handling (palm, pencil, and hands-free)
  • Dual temperature setting
  • Two-year warranty
  • It heats up fast
  • Good for Heavy-duty projects with insulated body


  • May stop working for no reason

7. XPEOO Heat Gun Kit

The XPEOO heat gun is an excellent heat gun with 1500W power that operates on 110/120V 60 Hz. Apparently, having dual high/low temperature & airflow settings seems to be the trend of modern heat guns as the XPEOO heat gun also has the feature.

At its high setting, it supplies temperature at the range of 122℉ – 1022℉ (50℃ – 550℃), with air flowing at 500L/Min, while at the low setting, temperature ranges from 122℉ – 572℉ (50℃ – 300℃), at 350L/Min airflow. You can select any of these settings with the back switch. However, there’s no dial for regulating the temperature.

A distinct attribute of the XPEOO heat gun is its fast heating to a stable temperature. Once you plug it in, it takes just 1.5secs to get to operational temperature.

This feature comes in handy when you have limited time with more work to do. Additionally, it has a durable plastic and metal design, with safety protection from its heating compartment.

There’s also an air vent at its rear side for good heat circulation with the environment. Note that this heat embossing gun tends to release smoke when plugged. Though, according to the manufacturer, it’s a normal phenomenon.

Also, this machine ergonomics quality is top-notch. The handle is very soft and comfortable to use for long periods.

Plus, it has a back cover flat and bracket to support no-hand use. It weighs 2.4lb, which is favorable to the arm. The 6ft power cord is sufficient for unrestricted mobility from a power supply.

If this versatile tool becomes defective over time, the manufacturers offer replacement or refund options for you to choose from.

It comes with ten multi-purpose add-ons consisting of a paint shovel, five nozzles, and four paint shovel attachments.

These add-ons, coupled with its dual speed settings, make this heat gun ideal for shrink wrapping, epoxy resin, shrink tubing, crafts, vinyl wrap, thawing pipes, and stripping paint, electronics repair, removing air bubbles, etc.


  • Takes 1.5secs to get to working temperature
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and simple to use
  • Dual switch temperature setting
  • Comes with essential multi-purpose accessories
  • Affordable and offers excellent value for money


  • May release smoke when starting, although not a defect

8. Mlife Mini Heat Gun

The Mlife mini heat gun is designed in the shape of a long pencil, with an extended nozzle (0.9″) for precision jobs. The nozzles have a safety shield for burn protection. It’s one of the compact heat guns on this list for carrying out a very detailed/delicate heating task.

The portable body with 8.7″ x 8.7″ measurements is made from an insulated plastic to prevent any electric hazard. It uses 120V 60Hz to deliver a power of 300W for its heating activities. Moreover, it has two temperature settings for versatility.

The high-temperature setting of this mini heat gun supplies heat at (300℃/572℉), which is sufficient enough for jobs requiring much heat. When set low, it provides heat at (200℃/392℉) for delicate work.

Thankfully, the switch selector’s location is at the heat gun’s rear, making it accessible and effortless to operate. It has a rippled shaped vent for effective regulation of the engine’s heat to prevent overheating, which boost durability. Plus, this dual temperature heat gun is cheap and has UL certification.

The Mlife mini heat gun performs well for making epoxy tumblers, but it’s not restricted to only that. It also works well for crafting jobs like embossing, shrinking wrap, removing paints, and electronic jobs.

This portable hot air gun features a stainless steel bracket for resting upright on surfaces when not in use. The extra-long cord also helps boost productivity.

For its overall features and versatile usages, this is our pick for the best mini heat gun.


  • Great for epoxy tumblers
  • Dual temperature setting
  • Simple to use for diy craft embossing
  • Cheap yet durable quality
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Safe operation in household projects


  • No airflow regulator
  • Doesn’t get very hot

9. Homidic Heat Gun

The homidic heat gun is made with premium quality stainless steel inner and durable plastic outer. With its mini dimensions of 9.44″ x 1.97″, it’s perfect for small delicate jobs.

It functions with 110V and delivers hot shrink air for 10-mins then requires cooling before it works again. This is because it has low wattage. Therefore, this heat gun is not efficient for long hours of use.

Besides, you can’t use this heat gun for paint removal or jobs that require high heat because its maximum temperature is 200°. A good thing with the low power is that its fan produces minimal noise.

Recently, Homidic updated this heat gun with a longer power cord (6.56ft) for drying paints, electronic repairs, and crafting purposes.

So, if you need a electric heat gun for making crafts, then it’s perfect for it. This heat gun has only an on/off switch. There’ are no controls for regulating its working temperature or airflow either, which means you’re not in control.

Furthermore, it has a pencil design with an embossed anti-slip rubber for a firmer grip, making it one of the best embossing heat gun.

It also has an integrated stand for support on tabletop use. Both the left and right sides of this heat gun have professionally placed vents to reduce its working temperature end extend its life. It comes with DIY essential add-ons for versatile use.


  • Suitable for delicate projects
  • Embossed rubber around the body for a firm grip
  • Long cord
  • Essential add-ons for DIY projects
  • Good for embossing projects


  • Low wattage
  • No internal temperature and airflow control
  • Not suitable for extended use

10. TECCPO Heat Gun

TECCPO heat gun is the last on this list with amazing features. It’s one of the high-quality heat guns that give off alot of heat.

This machine works on 120V and has 1500W power to deliver hot air at a maximum of 1112°F in just 1.5 sec. TECCPO also equipped this heat gun with three-mode airflow settings and a six-speed temperature dial to provide users with total control of its operations.

It’s well-equipped for paint stripping, heat-shrinkable film, wood drying, plastic bending, adhesive softening, to mention a few.

It supplies air at 122°F, 250L/min in colling mode (I), 122°F – 896 ° F, 250L/min in low mode (II), while 194°F – 1112°F, 500L/min in mode (III). The yellow dial help set the temperature as required.

This feature makes this heat gun ultra-versatile for jobs that demand low, mild, and high temperatures.

Additionally, it has honeycomb vents that cool the inner temperature. But just in case, there’s a safety in-built overload protection that shuts down the motor if any overheating issue occurs. Note that when turned off this heat gun at (0) setting, it fan has 1-min auto-cooling before it finally off.

The TECCPO 3D ergonomic non slip soft-grip handle makes it comfortable to use. It can sit upright on tabletops using the built-in stand for hands-free use.

The 5.91ft long power cable offers free usage from a power supply. You’ll get a wide & narrow concentrator hot nozzle, glass protection nozzle, and a reflective nozzle as included accessories in this heat gun package. There’s a two-year warranty also on this unit.


  • Three-fan settings
  • Six-speed temperature control
  • Honeycomb vent
  • Outstanding support stand
  • 1-min cooling-off time for the safety of both the machine and user
  • Heavy-duty with overload protector
  • Easy to use and ultra-versatile


  • None

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Best Heat Gun For Crafting Buying Guide

Heat guns are essential in crafting. Here are some factors to consider while choosing a heat gun for your personal or professional use:

Working Temperature

This factor is critical. It is practically the essential working parameter since the purpose of a heat gun is to supply heat for crafting or any other heating operations. You need to know the minimum and maximum temperatures a heat gun can generate to prevent abnormal heat.

Most heat guns have a minimum temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit), although so have as low as 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). Heat guns with very high heat capacity can have as much as 600 degrees Celsius (1112 degrees Fahrenheit) as maximum temperature; you may not need that much.

Some heat guns do not allow adjustable temperatures or heat levels. Most of those types basically reach for a fixed estimate of temperature, around 200 degrees Celsius in a lot of cases.

Paying extra money for adjusting temperatures won’t be a bad idea. Apart from having adjustable heat control, go for a heat gun that fits the temperature range you actually need.

The Versatility of Heat Gun

While crafts maybe your major concern while copping a hot air shrink gun for yourself, heat guns can be used for many other functions. They can be used in wrapping projects. They are also applicable for processes tubing or layer joining.

If you are working for fun, indoors or outdoors, heat guns are handy in dealing with decals, connectors, and others. Other professional uses in electronics tweaking, repairs of mobile phones, EVA, and others. Heat guns with adjustable temperatures are more versatile.

Works including epoxy resin, embossed power, shrinkable film, and rumer stomp are also achievable. Heat guns that have plastic bodies can be limited in use. You should only go for that if it serves you well. A few heat guns also come with external kits, which can be up to a hundred of them. Some give you a bunch of extra accessories too.

These external kits and pairs of accessories give you the freedom to customize your heat gun kit to fit required purposes, outdoors or indoors. Extra accessories to enhance performance can include things like extension pipes, pieces, nozzles, and others.

Fast Heating

Time is a serious factor when you have a deadline on the work you are doing. Some heat guns take time to get adequately heated up for the job. This is not desirable. Go for a heat gun that can be ready for your crafting usage within a short period. Although reaching the maximum temperature may take some time, the minimum heat level should be easily activated without wasting time.


The weight of a heat gun should be reasonably low. A lightweight heat gun makes room for precision and ease of use. Some heat guns can have weights as low as 2.2 pounds, even though that is not common. Around three or four pounds of weight is quite workable.

The weight factor can be easily understated for heat guns because most heat guns generally fall into the same range of weight. If you are the type who does long stretch works, you might want to consider the weight more seriously than those who arte occasional user of the machine.


Lack of high-level precision is a common problem in works involving heat guns. Most times, a narrowly generated heat line is big, narrow, but very condensed. That way, a heat gun can be applied in quiet angles without any issues. Precision is a big factor when safety is considered. When a high level of heat is misdirected or wider than expected, it can threaten the operator and materials being worked on.

If your heat gun comes with a nozzle or set of nozzles, that is the deal. Befitting nozzles can direct heat in the required way. If you have a set of nozzles, that will allow you to have more freedom. For this factor, considering a heat gun that accepts detachable nozzles will be the goal.

Size of the Heat Gun

The general size of the heat gun is vital to take note of. The precision factor mentioned already is dependent on size too. A super big heat gun cannot be easily used in tight spaces; it may not even be usable at all.

Also, size can contribute to weight, mostly depending on the size’s manufacturing material and design structure. Generally, you want to get a small heat gun that is efficient for the required job function.


 A lot of heat guns don’t have warranties when you purchase them. Check if the specific product that you are picking has a warranty. I have seen some heat guns that have up to a 2-years warranty.

What could be sweeter? Any servicing or replacement will be handled by the manufacturer or supplier for the agreed period. This may even come with free replacement of faulty parts, depending on the terms of the warranty.

Final Thoughts

Heat guns are handy tools for crafting. Advancement in technology has made possible heat guns with different temperature settings, designs, and safety properties.

Plus, there are a lot of brands in the market that make excellent ones. Nevertheless, we picked the best brands while compiling this list.Each of the heat guns we reviewed is outstanding with one or more properties.

However, some feature multiple mode temp/airflow settings, coupled with essential add-ons for multi-purpose use. At the same time, some on the list are designed for a specific purpose.In conclusion, we’ve reviewed each of them with their specs and capability. We hope this buying guide has helped you decide on the one that best fits your crafts needs and projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an embossing gun the same as a heat gun?

Yes, they are almost the same. Both machines are made for heating targets. Embossing guns are specifically made for precise craft works whereas regular heat guns are for general heating works. Plus, an embossing gun is normally cheaper than a regular heat gun due to its less power requirement and body mass.

How hot does a craft heat gun get?

The temperature of the heat gun will vary depending on how much power is delivered to it. You can expect a typical model to reach up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough for most purposes, though some models offer greater intensity.

However, craft heat guns don’t require much heat rather they are better when they have multiple heating intensities. Generally, you’ll see crafting heat guns going up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

What can I use instead of an embossing heat gun?

The best substitute for an embossing heat gun would be a standard all-purpose heat gun. It will take about twice as long to accomplish the same task due to the difficulty in controlling the heat and confining the heat in a certain location, and you’ll need to keep it in motion constantly. You can use a hairdryer if you don’t have access to anything else, but it is not recommended because they are not as powerful.

Can you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun?

If you are in a pinch, then yes. However, it is not recommended as the hair dryer does not emit enough heat to properly melt the adhesives and other crafting supplies and will take much longer than using an actual heat gun would.

Can you use a regular heat gun for embossing?

Regular heat guns are not meant to be used for embossing. This is because the higher temperatures that a regular heat gun puts out make it difficult for you to achieve the desired results from an embossed project. The control in temperature levels required for embossing cannot be achieved by using a standard, air blowing heat gun.

However, you can still do the job with regular heat gun but the work won’t come as good as it would be with an embossing heat gun.

How do you shrink tubes without a heat gun?

Good question! You can try using a hair dryer, but the results are not as good and may take much longer. Alternatively, you can place your tubes in an oven set to 300 degrees F for about a minute; this will shrink them without having to use a heat gun.

However, it is not recommended to put tubes inside the oven as it can be dangerous and may result in damaging your oven.

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