10 Best Hole Saw For Cutting Thick Metal [Reviews of 2021]

Today, we are going to discuss the 10 best hole saws for cutting thick metals. Hole saws have made hole operations easier for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, construction workers, to mention a few. 

They are one of the must-have tools for making holes in different materials. We’ll be focusing on the ones used for cutting thick metals.

As we all know, hole saws that cut thick metals will require sharp, sturdy teeth and very rugged construction. However, many hole saws in the market can’t even make a single hole in a thick metal without breaking.

best hole saw for metal reviews

This is a disappointment, which makes the life of workers difficult. We have heard the worries of workers regarding the inefficiencies of hole saws. Therefore, we researched and compiled this well-detailed review of 10 hole saws that will cut holes through thick metals without any fault.

Most of them are a kit with different sizes of hole saws to meet a wide range of applications. After reviewing these hole saws, we’ll educate you on choosing the best hole saw for your project.







LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit




Greenlee Carbide Cutter Hole saw

9 Piece



Milwaukee All Purpose Professional Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit

28 Piece

Hardened Steel


DEWALT Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

9 Piece



Diablo DHS14SGP Hole Saw Set




Our 10 Best Hole Saw For Cutting Thick Metal Picks:

Here are the detailed list of the top hole saw kits that are specifically made to cut metal-

1. LENOX Tools (308042000G) 26-Piece Hole Saw Kit

The LENOX Tools (308042000G) 26-pieces hole saw kit comes with different hole saws to cut wood and metals of different diameters. It consists of ( ¾”, ⅞”, 1″, 1⅛”, 1⅜”, 1½”, 1¾”, 2″, 2⅛”, 2¼”, 2½”, 2-11/16″, 3″, 3¼”, 3⅜”, 3⅝”, 3¾”, 4⅛”, 4½”, 4¾”) hole saws, standard 1L, 2L, 5L (½” shank) arbors, and three pilot drills (two 4321 & one 56PD). This kit is a big daddy style.

Each metal cutting saw in this kit is made from bi-metal and has an enhanced wall thickness, improved tooth geometry, thin kerf design, and excellent coating that ensures they last long and reduce tooth loss.

They have more extensive and sharp blade for cutting metals swiftly and feature an innovative speed slot staircase design for the effortless ejection of a plug with a screwdriver.

This speed slot design also helps remove metal chips and sawdust efficiently, as the hole saw produces smooth & fast cuts, preventing plugs from getting stuck.

The LENOX Tools metal cuttings saws feature the innovative T3 technology, making them last 1.5X longer than previous models of LENOX Tools hole saws. This technology also enables them to produce cleaner cuts by increasing their height by 10%.

However, do not use this kit to cut stainless steel because it will dull their blades. That said, they come in a well-organized heavy-duty carrying case for easy transportation. Be informed that this kit is costly but worth the price compared to other hole saws.


  • The kit contains different hole saws for cutting different diameters, three arbors, and three pilot drills
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures drilling efficiency
  • Fast metal drilling solution
  • Speed slot staircase design allows easy removal of plugs with a screwdriver and metal chips
  • Larger and extremely sharp blade
  • Well-organized carrying case
  • The hole saws don’t wear out quickly


  • Expensive

2. Greenlee (648) Carbide Cutter: Best Hole Saw For Stainless Steel

The Greenlee carbide cutter 9pcs metal cutting saw kit quickly and easily cuts different kinds of metals like iron, copper, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic sheet, to mention a few. It is a perfect hole saw kit for plumbers to cut through stainless steel sink for faucet installation.

This kit consists of (⅞”, 1⅛”, 1⅜”, 1¾”, 2″, 2½”) hole saws to cut metal tubings of different thickness. It also includes a quick-change auger that works with varying sizes of hole saws and allows you to change hole saws by merely pushing a button on it and turning.

The carbide tipped hole saws in this kit provide optimum cutting performance and durability that will last for years. Furthermore, they have a flange that prevents over-drilling. You can use the dispensable cobalt-steel pilot drill with a split-point tip included in the kit to limit walking.

However, only cutter heads with sizes above ¾” has ejector springs that help make the removal of slugs an easy process. Note that the minimum chuck size requirement for the hole making saws in this kit is ⅜”.

The Greenlee carbide tipped hole saw kit comes with a nice, heavy-duty carrying case and weighs 2.84lb, making it convenient to transport. It is pricey, but if you want quality, then the price shouldn’t be a turn-off.

You can use these hole saws in both a hand drill and a drill press, which won’t affect their life span. Plus, they produce perfect clean cuts.


  • It comes with different hole saws for common size diameters
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Perfect for plumbers
  • Lightweight
  • It has a carrying case
  • Its quick-change auger works with different cutting blades


  • Expensive

3. Milwaukee 49-22-4185 All Purpose Professional Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit 28 Piece

The Milwaukee Ice Hardened metal cutting saw kit consist of (¾”, ⅞”, 1″, 1⅛”, 1¼”, 1⅜”, 1½”, 1¾”, 2″, 2⅛”, 2¼”, 2½”, 2⅝”, 3″, 3¼”, 3⅜”, 3⅝”, 3¾”, 4⅛”, 4¼”, 4½”, 4¾”) bi-Metal hole saws, ⅜” & 7/16″ hex shank arbors, 7/16″ no jiggle arbor, three 3½” optimized pilot bit, and ⅛” hex key.

The hole saws in this kit offer a 50% longer life than most hole saws in the industry due to their construction. They are made from steel and don’t have a surface coating that tends to wear away quickly.

Instead, they are made by a cryogenic hardening process that converts austenite (soft metal) to martensite (hard metal). So they are very durable.

This kit contains all you’ll need to cut holes in different metals and wood of various sizes, whether you are in industries such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, construction, etc.

Plus, it isn’t that expensive as the last two reviewed above. Each hole saw in this kit has extra steel and 8% cobalt behind its teeth for cutting stability and durability.

They feature Milwaukee patented Matrix II bi-metal construction with a unique precision-ground tooth geometry that cuts fast and doesn’t break easily.

Furthermore, each of the hole saws has a positive rake angle for aggressive cutting and a deeper gullet for easy removal of chips. They also have a radiused back face that decreases the teeth’ stress, which improves the blade’s life and performance.

Thanks to the all-access slot design, a screwdriver will fit underneath the plug for easy plug removal.

The Milwaukee hole saw kit comes with a heavy-duty carrying case and weighs 14.62lb.


  • The kit comes with 22 different sized hole saws
  • The hole saws have cryogenic hardening processes for extra durability
  • Unique precision-ground tooth
  • The hole saws have an all-access slot design for easy plug ejection
  • Deeper gullets for fast removal of chips
  • The hole making saws come in a heavy-duty carrying case
  • Great cutter heads for electrical and junction boxes


  • None

4. DEWALT Bi-Metal Kit: Best Hole Saw For Wood

The DEWALT hole saw kit is very affordable, costing below $100. It contains nine items including (⅞”, 1⅛”, 1⅜”, 1¾”, 2″ 2½”) bi-metal hole saws, and a small & large quick-change mandrels.

Each hole saw in this kit features thick and hardened backplates to deliver fast cutting of metals, wood, and plastic without distorting. Plus, their tooth form improves chip removal.

Be informed that they are made in the USA with high-quality M3 steel plate. So you can bank on their quality.

The DEWALT hole saw features a C-clamp design for tool-free clamping on surfaces without damaging the surface. Each hole saw has an alignment window and lofty bushings that allow them to deliver precise height placing and vertical drilling.

With their deeper saw design, they cut 2-by materials in a single pass. Also, their wide, continuous slot makes removing and ejecting plugs a simple task.

This kit includes two adjustable bushings that work with both common backsets and door thicknesses. The quick-change small and large mandrels increase productivity by allowing you to change hole saw blades faster.

However, they aren’t very durable. Dewalt has a 30-day money-back guarantee on it.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures fast drilling speed
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable metal drilling solution
  • It clamps tool-free
  • Wide slot ensures easy removal of plugs and chips
  • The hole saw blades in this kit cut 2-by materials in a single pass


  • The mandrels don’t last long

5. Diablo DHS14SGP 14-Piece Hole Saw Set

The Diablo DHS14SGP 14-piece hole saw kit contains (⅞”, 1″, 1⅛”, 1⅜”, 1½”, 1¾”, 1½”, 1¾”, 2″, 2⅛”, 2½”, and 2-9/16″) bi-metal hole saws, one mandrel, one pilot bit, and two (½” and ⅝”) adapter nuts.

The hole saws teeth of this kit have been enhanced to provide high-performance and fast cutting of aluminum, metal, stainless steel, plastic, and drilling wood. They cut up to a depth of 2⅜” for 40% deeper holes in a single pass with less vibration.

Moreover, each of them has slots for tool-free removal of plugs and metal/wooden chips.

This kit’s quick-connect mandrel is a one-size design that fits all Diablo hole saws and features a snaplock system for easy and fast mounting of the hole saws. The kit comes in a rugged plastic carrying case for easy storage and transportation.


  • It comes with different sized hole making saws
  • The hole saws cut different metals, plastic, and wood fast
  • Easy plug and material removal
  • The kit comes with a quick-connect mandrel that fits all Diablo hole saws
  • Carrying case
  • Positive locking system


  • None

6. Bosch HDG11 11-Piece Diamond Hole Saw Set

The Bosch hole saw set is another amazing set of hole saws that cut through different wood, stainless steel, metals, and hard materials like porcelain and granite. It consists of ¼”, 5/16″, ⅜”, ⅝”, 1″, 1⅜”, 2″, 2¼”, 2½” bi-metal hole cutters, one mandrel, and one AutoStart™ pilot bit.

The hole saws in this kit have vacuum-brazed diamond grit that ensures they cut faster and last for years. Each of them has carbon edge teeth for high-speed performance, producing clean cuts.

Furthermore, these hole saws are part of Bosch’s patented quick-change universal hole saw system. There’s a quick-change adapter for swift interchanging of hole saw sizes within seconds and also to remove materials and plugs easily.

Thanks to their segmented teeth, they don’t overheat and produce a lot of debris. The AutoStart pilot bit that comes with this kit is loaded with a spring and has a retractable shaft for accurately drilling a hole without needing a pilot hole.

Plus, it helps make holes without scratching the workpiece surface.

The Bosch HDG11 11-piece diamond hole saw set comes in a well-built plastic carrying casing for easy transportation. It weighs 0.48 ounces, and it’s a perfect option for cutting holes in tiles.


  • The hole making saws in this kit have diamond grit that produces clean cuts
  • They cut different materials, including porcelain and granite.
  • Pilot bit easily snaps
  • Time-efficient
  • Accurately drill holes


  • None

7. Spyder 600887 13 Piece Bi-Metal Steel Hole Cutter Saw Kit

The Spyder 13-piece bi-metal hole saw kit is perfect for projects that involve making extensive holes in sheet metals, plastic, and wood. The kit includes nine bi-metal hole saws of ¾”, ⅞”, 1 ⅛”, 1 ⅜”, 1½”, 2″, 2⅛”, 2¼”, and 2½” diameters, 8″ & 10″ hex pilot bits, and 8″ & 10″ universal arbor adapters.

The hole saws in this kit cut five times faster than common hole saws because they cut at sharp edges. They feature a rapid core eject technology that ejects slugs with the press of a button to boost work productivity.

Moreso, if you need to expand a hole, you can stack the hole saws on top of each other. However, it is a hassle to separate the stacked hole saws after drilling.

The 8″ and 10″ detachable arbor adapters that come with this kit work with literally every hole saw. So, you do not need to change the ones you already have.

The Spyder 13-piece bi-metal hole saw kit is very affordable. It comes with a plastic carrying casing for convenient transportation and weighs 2.54 ounces.


  • The hole saws in this kit cut 5X faster than regular hole saws
  • The kit comes with 8″ & 10″ universal arbor adapters
  • Well-organized carrying casing
  • The hole saws can be stacked on top of each other to expand a hole
  • Affordable yet long life
  • Automatic disc ejection technology for smooth job


  • It is challenging to separate stacked hole saws

8. SUNGATOR 18-Piece Hole Saw Kit

The SUNGATOR 18-piece bi-metal hole saw kit is one of the cheapest hole saws kits you can get in today’s market.

The hole saws in this kit have Knife-edged sharp teeth for cutting holes through PVC board, drywall, metals, plastic, and wood. 

They are of different sizes including ¾”, ⅞”, 1⅛”, 1⅜”, 1½”, 1¾”, 2″, 2⅛”, 2¼”, and 2½”. Each of them is 2mm thick and has rugged bi-metal construction for resistance against rust and wear, ensuring they are durable.

Additionally, the two large hole saws have four slots for the smooth removal of plugs and dirt. Each hole saw in this kit has a three-point fixation that firmly attaches to the drilling machine with nuts.

However, to interchange one hole saw with the other, you will need a ¾” deep-well socket and ratchet, which may be cumbersome to carry around.

This hole saw kit comes with one large mandrel, one small mandrel with an adapter, and one spare pilot drill for replacement.

The mandrels are for different saw sizes and are compatible with impact drills, bench drills, vertical electric drill, etc. While the pilot bit features a 135° split point for smooth, skate-free drilling.

The SUNGATOR 18-piece bi-metal hole saw kit comes with a unique carrying case that features a foam base that keeps all its content fixed without falling even if turned upside down.

So, you don’t have to worry about losing small parts stored in the kit. It also comes with a user manual for clear direction on how to use it.


  • Very cheap and offers excellent value for money
  • Rugged construction
  • Works well for different materials
  • Wear-resistant and rustproof hole saws
  • It comes with a manual for direction on its uses
  • Two of the large hole saws have four slots for easy removal of slug and plug
  • The mandrels of this kit are compatible with different types of saws and drills
  • Unique carrying casing


  • Interchanging hole saws can be a hassle due to the three-point design that fixes with nuts

9. EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter

Suppose you don’t want to get a full hole saw kit due to the kind of project you have or your budget, then the EZARC 1½” tungsten carbide tipped hole saw is for you.

This hole saw finds use in cutting holes in a wide variety of materials. It is made for industrial-grade stainless steel and features an optimized tooth geometry for cutting smooth holes through stainless steel, aluminum plate, plastic, thick metals, iron pipes, FPR, and PVC up to 25mm thickness like butter.

This Ezarc carbide hole cutter has a 10X longer lifespan than regular hole saws in the industry. With a cutting depth of 1½”, you’ll find it useful in many industrial applications and home decorations.

Furthermore, it features a chip groove and deploying hole design for the effective removal of chips. It comes with a pilot drill bit, spring, and wrench, so you don’t have to buy any other additional accessories before using it for your drilling projects.

However, the pilot drill bit is weak and may break under heavy use.


  • Well-built
  • It cuts 1½” holes in a lot of materials
  • It lasts 10X longer than common hole saws
  • Chip grove and deploying hole design for removing chips easily
  • It comes with a pilot drill bit, spring, and wrench


  • The drill bit it comes with is flimsy

10. DRILLPRO 13-piece Hole Saw Kit

The DRILLPRO hole saw kit is another cheap alternative to the high-priced hole saw kits. It contains hole saws with outer diameters of 0.63″, 0.71″, 0.79″, 0.87″, 0.98″, 1.02″, 1.10″, 1.81″, 1.38″, 1.57″, 1.77″, 1.97″, and 2.09″.

These good hole drilling saws are constructed from HSS high alloy steel, with precision carbide teeth for cutting stainless steel, wood, and a whole lot of different materials.

Plus, they are durable and possess wear-resistant properties to ensure speedy drilling.

The hole saws in this kit are compatible with vertical electric drills, hand-held drills, and mobile belt magnetic drill. Each of them has a 3.93″ diameter shank, which is approximately 9.84″ in length.

Be informed that the DRILLPRO 13-piece hole saw kit doesn’t come in a carrying case. DRILLPRO has a 90-day return policy with 100% refunds if you don’t like what you get within 90 days of purchase.


  • Heavy-duty construction can drill wood and sheet metal
  • 90-day return policy with 100% refunds
  • The hole saws in this kit work well to cut holes in a lot of materials
  • The kit comes with 13 variable teeth technology to drill holes
  • It makes metal drilling easier with faster drilling speeds


  • No carrying casing

How to Choose the Best Hole Saw For Cutting Thick Metal & Stainless Steel

It’s crucial you get the hole saw that would suit your needs. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned dollars on a tool that won’t benefit you. Therefore, quickly go over these key factors to consider before choosing the best hole saw for cutting thick metal and stainless steel.


Buying a hole saw from a well-known, reliable brand is important to getting value for your money.

You wouldn’t want to get a hole saw from a brand that doesn’t back up their products or has terrible customer care. So settle for a brand that has proven to deliver high-quality products and have a fantastic customer care service.


The construction of a hole saw determines its ruggedness and also how fast and smooth it will cut. Most hole saws in the industry are constructed from heavy duty metals.

Bi-metal hole saws are a combination of soft, spring steel and high-speed steel (HSS) teeth for cutting through different materials and providing longer life.

HSS is used for the hole saw teeth because of its high resistance to wear, while softer materials like spring steel is used for the hole saw body because it absorbs impacts, which is important when drilling holes in tough materials.

There are different kinds of HSS, and the one used by a manufacturer in making a hole saw will determine the performance of the hole saw. However, you should look out for how many round holes a hole saw will cut before it requires a replacement.


The hole saw design has to do with the mounting mechanism and the slots it has for removing slugs and plugs. A hole saw with wide, angled, and offset slots is user-friendly as it allows easy access to remove plugs with the aid of a screwdriver.

Furthermore, to use a hole saw, you’ll require an arbor and often a pilot bit. Arbors, or mandrels as some people call it, mount the hole saw to a drill chuck. Some hole saws kit comes with a universal mandrel for mounting all the hole saws in that kit.

However, some mandrels have a tool-free quick-change mounting mechanism, while some will require nuts and wrench to mount onto a drilling machine or a saw.

The difference between the two mounting styles is that the hole saw with a tool-free quick-change mandrel doesn’t require any tool and mounting to a drill chuck is a stress-free process. However, it may not attach firmly to the drill chuck.

The other mounting style that requires a wrench and nuts to mount is stressful but will attach more firmly to the drill chuck.

Cutting Efficiency

Hole saws mostly come in a kit with different sizes for precise cuts. You must check the available sizes of hole saws a kit contains so that you know the size of holes they can produce if it matches your project needs.

There have been situations where people buy a hole saw kit, and they didn’t get one or two sizes important to their woodworking project. So, to prevent this from happening to you, check the sizes of hole saws in a kit.

Thankfully, we listed the sizes of hole saws in each hole saw kit reviewed on our list. You can always go back and check the sizes.


The price of a hole saw is also another important factor to consider. In reality, you get what you pay for.

But, some cheap hole saw kits offer equal or more excellent value for money than most of the expensive ones.

That said if you are a DIYer that wants to take on a one-time project in your home or office. You should opt-in for cheap ones that would still perform well.

However, if you are a professional, then go for the expensive ones that have been proven to stand the test of time.


This factor may not appeal to you at the initial stage of buying a hole saw kit. But, along the line of use, when a particular size of a hole saw, or a part of the kit gets damaged or missing, then you’ll understand how important this factor is.

On an occasion where you misplaced or damaged a part of your hole saw kit, are they easily replaceable? This is an important question you need to ask before choosing a hole saw/hole saw kit.

Make sure there are replacement options for the parts of the hole saw kit you will be buying.

Carrying Case

A carrying case is important to store your hole saws safely and also for easy transportation. Having one come along with your hole saw kit is vital.

Final Thought

Thanks to the invention of hole saws, making holes in different materials is as easy.

However, the drilling machine you attach your hole saws needs to produce enough power to drive it effectively through the metals.

When you combine the right hole saw with the right drilling machine, you’ll get the cutting performance you desire.

In conclusion, we have reviewed each hole saw on our list thoroughly, covering all the important aspects. We also educated you on how to choose the best hole saw for your need.

If you made it to this point, we are sure you have found the hole saw that best suits your project and budget.

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