7 Best Humidifier For 1000 Square Feet [Reviewed in 2021]

Are you searching for a humidifier to make your home more comfortable to sleep and breathe in this winter season? If so, this article is for you. Read on!

The winter season is upon us, making the surrounding air dry and difficult to breathe. Moreso, people begin to experience dry skin, dry throat, nose irritation, irritated vocal cords, dry cough, nose bleed, cracked lips, to mention a few.

best humidifier for 1000 square feet

To relieve and prevent all these dry wintry air effects, you need a quality and functioning humidifier.

There are tons of humidifiers in the market, and finding a high-quality and highly-functional one is a daunting task.

However, we’ve researched and compiled this buying guide of the 7 best humidifiers for 1000 square feet.







Vornado Evap40 Humidifier

1000 Sq Ft

9 Pounds


Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

800 Sq Ft

13 Pounds


Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic Humidifier

750 Sq Ft

5.07 Pounds


AIRCARE D46 720 Tower Evaporative Humidifier

1200 Sq Ft

11.25 Pounds


Air Innovations 801B Ultrasonic Humidifier

700 Sq Ft

5.2 Pounds


Our 7 Best Humidifier for 1000 Square Feet Picks:

Here are the top 7 humidifiers that you can use in a open space of 1000 square feet-

1. Vornado Evap40 Humidifier

To kick off this review is the Vornado Vortex Evap40 humidifier. This powerful humidifier creates a cozy atmosphere in a 1000 square feet living space in under a few minutes.

It has deep-pitched blades that suck in dry air in large volume through its dual humidifying filters (wicks) and then distributes the humidified air uniformly around the atmosphere using the patented vortex action.

However, the filtration system doesn’t last, mostly when you use hard water. So, it’s advisable to use distilled water or soft water.

With this whole house humidifier, you won’t worry about dryness in your living space. It is perfect for relieving dry skin, dry throat, nose irritation, irritated nasal passages, vocal cords, dry cough, and cracked lips typical in the winter season. Plus, it operates quietly, making it comfortable for home.

This large humidifier has a mechanical control panel for selecting between three humidity levels and fan speeds, keeping you in charge of your room humidity.

At a low setting, the fan blades move at 750 RPM, 1150 RPM at medium, and 1600 RPM at high. 

As time goes by, the Vornado Vortex Evap40 humidifier built-in humidistat masters your frequently used settings and automatically adjusts the room’s humidity and air circulation to maintain it.

Its dual removable 4-gallon capacity water tanks are enough for extended operation, requiring fewer refills. The tanks are easy to fill without causing a mess and easy to clean.

This humidifier comes with an 8ft 2-pin polarised power cord that works on 120V. Vornado has a five-year warranty on this humidifier to boost buyers’ trust in its durability and quality.


  • It has a quiet operation
  • Easy to fill removable large capacity tanks
  • It has a control panel with a three-speed setting for selecting your desired humidity level
  • It works well, producing white noise only
  • 5-year warranty
  • It weighs 9lb


  • Filters don’t last, and replacement filters are expensive

2. Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

The Venta LW45 air washer is a humidifier and an air purifier in one machine. It helps humidify and purify the air in indoor spaces of up to 800 square feet to an optimal level 40-60%, making the atmosphere conducive and comfortable for you. However, it is expensive.

This whole house humidifier doesn’t work with filters, but just water. It features a rotating disk stack that cold evaporate water to humidify the air.

Cold evaporative humidification is the most hygienic humidifying process because it reduces toxic air pollutants like dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens in air down to 10 μm.

Furthermore, it has an easy to use control panel that houses an on/off switch, 3-settings of humidity levels to choose from, and an LED status display.

While in operation, it doesn’t give off ions, ozone, or white dust. It comes with a 3-gallon water tank that has a water level indicator to keep you informed of the water level at all times.

When the water in the tank gets low, the machine automatically shuts off to create awareness. Venta even included a water treatment additive to soften hard water.

You can also add their aromatherapy to the water to give your indoor space a pleasant and welcoming scent.

Proper maintenance of the Venta LW45 air washer is straightforward thanks to its user-friendly design that allows the housing and the motor to detach easily.

All you have to do is separate it, dispose of the remaining water, clean the dirt and impurities from the basin, rinse the disk stack, couple back, and you are good to go. It’s advisable you clean every 10-14 days of use for it to last long. However, it has a two-year warranty.


  • It’s a 2-in-1 humidifier and an air purifier
  • 2-year warranty
  • It comes with a water treatment additive
  • No filtration system, no noise
  • Reduces dust and toxic air pollutants
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • 3-gallon water tank capacity


  • Expensive

3. Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic humidifier is perfect for humidifying 750 square feet spaces, producing a maximum humidity of 550m/h.

You would have a better sleep and breathe fresher air with it in your living space. Plus, it’s friendly to use around babies, ladies, and plants.

This humidifier works with two 360°adjustable nozzles that evenly humidify the atmosphere and an extra-large 6L bottom load water tank.

The tank lasts up to 40 hours in one fill, eliminating the stress of constant refilling.

However, you’d have to take the machine apart to fill the tank with water, which can be a stressful process. Be informed that this humidifier air filter spoils quickly if you use hard water.

However, using distilled water will make the filter last longer. Regardless, it’s advisable to change the filter every three months.

This humidifier has a humidity monitor and is very easy to operate because of its LED touch control panel. It also comes with a remote for comfortable control at any range. With its cool and warm mist settings, you’ll stay warm, relaxed, and comfortable in any season.

The cool mist makes the surrounding air moist, which is healthier for breathing and sleeping. In comparison, the warm mist increases the air temperature for relieving cold symptoms and increasing comfort in the winter. Also, the mist tube is accessible for cleaning.

Furthermore, the Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic humidifier has an in-built humidity sensor that monitors your humidity setting and automatically adjusts to maintain it.

If you want to sleep, work, or study, it has a sleeping mode that turns off the LED lights and reduces the operating sound below 34dB. You can set it to turn on/off at your desired time with its 12-hours timer.

This humidifier has an aromatherapy tray box for adding essential oils to make the air scent pleasant. It comes with two aroma pads and an 18-month warranty from the day of purchase.


  • 18-month warranty
  • It has a sleeping mode that’s also useful when you want to study or work
  • It automatically adjusts to your ideal humidity setting
  • Produces both warm and cool mist
  • Large tank and Essential oil tray
  • It has touch buttons and a remote
  • Humidity monitor


  • The bottom load water tank is stressful to refill and may cause a mess during the refilling process.

4. AIRCARE D46 720: Best Humidifier For Large Room

The AIRCARE evaporative humidifier can humidify up to 1200 square feet’ indoor space. From one corner, it keeps multiple medium sized rooms humid and comfortable, especially during the winter season.

It comes with two 1040 super wicking filters and two large capacity 2-gallon water tanks that allows it to run up to 50 hours in one fill so you won’t have to refill regularly.

When the water in the tank gets low, it shows a red light, and when it dries up, the machine automatically shuts off as a reminder. However, removing the tank is stressful due to the machine’s design.

This humidifier has digital controls and a humidity monitor for you to know your room’s precise humidity. Its four fan speed settings allow you to set the room humidity to your preference.

Note that it makes a lot of noise at the highest speed setting, while at the lowest, it runs silently. You can also set it to sleep mode to reduce its operating noise when you want to sleep, study, or work.

Thanks to the adjustable humidistat, this humidifier will always maintain your ideal room humidity.

The AIRCARE tower evaporative humidifier is lightweight, weighing only 11lb. Its power cord length is 60″. Whether you need it to retain the proper shape, strength, and sound of a musical instrument or to remove dryness from the air, this humidifier is equal to the task.

Additionally, AIRCARE has a two-year limited warranty on its motor and one year on other parts except for the filters.

For its overall features and versatility in usage, this gets an edge over the Pedestal humidifier by AirCare.


  • It humidifies indoor spaces up to 1200 square feet
  • 2-year limited warranty on its motor and one year on other parts except for the filters.
  • Large capacity humidifier has dual tanks for long operation
  • 4-speed settings with noisy fans
  • It has digital controls and a humidity monitor
  • User friendly controls for effective humidification


  • It’s not easy to refill the tank, and it will leak if you don’t fix it well back into the machine

5. Air Innovations 801B Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Air Innovations 801B ultrasonic humidifier is perfect for changing a 700 square feet space humidity. It rehydrates skin, soothes dry eyes, postnasal drip, scratchy throats, and improves sleep.

It runs completely silent, working continuously to make your low humidity environment comfortable and warm. This humidifier is constructed from antimicrobial plastic to prevent bacteria and fungus growth. It comes with a permanent ceramic filter to help trap impurities in your water.

With the two 2.15-gallon tanks, it will run for a full 120 hrs non-stop in one fill. The tanks have integrated handles at the top and bottom for easy carrying and a wide opening for easy filling.

However, it fills from the bottom, and you have to remove it to fill. When the tank is low on water, the machine will shut off for safety and reminder. Note that if you live in an area with hard water, it’s advisable to distill water before you put it in the tank.

The Air Innovations 801B ultrasonic humidifier dispenses cool mist with a 360° rotating nozzle that ensures the mist is uniformly spread around the surrounding.

It is easy to use because of its user-friendly digital display interface for regulating the mist level, dimming the LED display light, and other functions. You can use the humidistat button on the interface to set your desired humidity level.

And the built-in humidistat will monitor and maintain the optimal humidity level you set, avoiding too much moisture.

This large room humidifier can convert from a tabletop humidifier to a floor humidifier thanks to the 15″ extension nozzle that comes along with it.

Its programmed timer allows you to set your preferred time for it to on and off. It also comes with a remote for convenient control and handling at the comfort of your bed or couch.


  • Easy to use with a digital readout display interface
  • Dual large capacity water tank
  • Permanent ceramic filters
  • It can be used on the table as well as on the floor
  • Built-in humidistat to monitor and maintain your ideal room humidity
  • Timer included in the cool mist humidifier
  • It comes with a remote for convenient handling
  • It releases cool mist form a 360° rotating nozzle
  • Automatic shut off feature and attractive design


  • Its plastic construction doesn’t last long

6. Hupro Premium Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

The Hupro premium ultrasonic cool & warm mist humidifier will keep the humidity of 700 square feet space at a comfortable level between 30% and 70% in any season.

It helps people with sleeping problems, dry skin, sore throat, cracked lips, itchy eyes, and reduces flu viruses’ in the air.

This humidifier works with a permanent ceramic filter. It produces both cool and warm mist up to 140°F. However, in cool mist, it runs longer, while in warm mist, it runs shorter.

Its cool mist enhances your room’s comfort, keeping you relaxed and cozy, while its warm mist increases the room temperature in the cold season.

This humidifier features a top-fill 4L water tank that lasts for 30 hours of operation before requiring a refill. Top fill water tanks are more comfortable to fill, clean, and do not need to be removed from the machine, unlike bottom-fill tanks. When the water finishes in the tank, it automatically turns off for safety.

Be informed that using hard water with this large room humidifier will result in white dust being dispense. To prevent this, use soft water or distilled water. Also, it has an aroma box for essential oils to make your room scent nice.

This humidifier has a smart humidification system with touch button controls that features an auto mode, constant humidity level, and mist speed output functions. Auto mode (activates when you touch the power button) monitors the room’s current humidity level and automatically balances it with the existing room air temperature.

Constant humidity level allows you to set the room’s humidity to your preference between 30% to 75%. And the mist speed advance slider enables you to select the mist output between 1-5 speed settings.

The Hupro premium ultrasonic cool & warm mist humidifier 12-hour timer allows you to set when it should on/off, and its sleeping mode turns on all the lights and sounds.

It has a remote for convenient handling. When you buy, it comes with a year warranty and support from HuPro.


  • Permanent ceramic filter
  • It produces both cool and warm mist
  • It has a timer and a sleeping mode
  • Top fill water tank
  • 1-year warranty and support from the manufacturer
  • It works well to ensure balanced humidity level in large spaces


  • None

7. TaoTronics Humidifier

The TaoTronics humidifier is similar to the humidifier above. It produces both cool mist and warm mist to keep you and your household comfortable during the winter and summer.

Its extra-large 6L top-fill water tank allows it to run for about 60-hours in a 753 square feet indoor space before requiring a refill. The tank has a wide opening, making it easy to fill without causing any mess.

You can add your favorite fragrance to its aroma tray to make the air in your room smell friendly and welcoming.

This humidifier features touch LED display buttons for ease of use and a humidity monitor to tell your room’s exact humidity. It also has a remote to control all its functions from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

Thanks to its automatic humidity monitoring, your room humidity will remain at a comfort level between 55% to 65%. This feature allows it to turn off automatically when your selected humidity is gained or turn on when the humidity is below the level you’ve set.

You can decide the amount of mist the humidifier dispenses with its three mist level buttons. And control the mist temperature with the three mist temperature buttons.

Furthermore, it has a sleep mode that turns off the LED lights and reduces the operating noise to create a conducive atmosphere for sleep without disturbance. It has a 9-hour timer that allows you to choose when it on and off to save energy.

The TaoTronics humidifier has a 30-day money-back guarantee without reason and a 12-month warranty. A downside to this machine is that it experiences some manufacturing defects and may stop working in a short period or may provide excessive moisture. Also, the company’s customer care isn’t helpful.


  • It has 6 liter water tank capacity
  • It produces both cool and warm mist
  • Automatic humidity monitoring
  • Easy to operate controls
  • It has a timer and sleep mode
  • It comes with a remote control
  • 30-day money-back guarantee without reason and a 12-month warranty


  • It may stop working due to manufacturing defects
  • Bad customer care

How to Choose the Best Humidifier For 1000 Square Feet

Curious about the process we have followed to pick up the top 7 best large room humidifiers for this buying guide? Here is the secret sauce-

Tank Capacity

I need to start with this factor as it is quite foundational. Once the humidifier tank is empty, the humidifying process stops.

What is the essence of having it if it won’t be actively working and keeping your atmosphere in shape? A lot of humidifiers come with sufficient tanks; some even have extra tanks.

Typically, you want your tank capacity to be around 3 gallons or more if that is the only tank available.

I have seen humidifiers that have tank capacities of over gallons, and that may be the show killer for a 1000 sq feet room.  If your humidifier comes with multiple tanks, the total volume should not be less than 3 gallons too.

With such tank capacity, you don’t have to be troubled by the stress of refilling the tank or tanks. Refilling the humidifier once a day is decent.

Noise Level

Humidifiers are generally not expected to make a hell of noise pollution, but some do.

Most great humidifiers don’t really have heavy or distorted sounds. When noise is a factor, it is a competition of choosing the quietest option.

For me, the standard is simple. I don’t want to hear any loud noise from the humidifier one I step away.

Availability of Caster and Caster Wheels

This factor should not be understated, especially if you cherish flexibility and ease of use. A good castor will have efficient motion system. That way, you are less bothered about the stress of moving the humidifier about.

Sometimes, you just want to change the location of the humidifier. A set of strong castor wheels will make that very easy for you, along with the grip of the humidifier. The grip is totally dependent on the design structure; it should be easy to hold and direct.

One primary advantage of having swift castor wheels is that you will get your refills easily done and on time. Since refilling the humidifier will most likely be a daily routine and necessary task, you don’t want to treat the factor lightly.

Presence of Gauge

Knowing the water status of your humidifier is a very useful function. It is not enough to just time your refilling routine; you need to know the water level any time you are willing to check.

Having a water level gauge is key. It makes it convenient; especially if you are a busy person that just checks randomly, you will quickly know if you need a refill or not.

A fancy gauge is not even a necessity here. Some humidifiers have see-through tanks that reveal the level of available water. With a transparent tank, you don’t need to bother too much about checking for a refill.

The status is always right in front of you any time you come in contact with the humidifier.

Weight of the Humidifier

Your humidifier should not be very heavy, especially when the tank/tanks are empty. Moving the humidifier around is partly a function of weight.

If it is too heavy, the versatility and portability are missing. While you consider other factors, don’t forget you might want to get the humidifier to other rooms too.

The ease of moving when needed, and refilling, is the among the major reasons you want it to be moderate in weight.

Humidistat Availability

The incorporation of the humidistat is a great innovation. It is a device that measures the natural humidity level in the room atmosphere; that way, you know exactly what’s up.

Having a humidistat as part of your humidifier lets you see and know the proper humidity value, and you can also set a precise target. With that level of control and transparency, your humidifier serves you more.

Availability of Air Purifier

Believe it or not, some humidifiers come with an air purifier. This technology allows your device to clean up the air while it simultaneously maintains your air moisture level.

This type of humidifier has multiple health advantages, and in my own experience, I believe spending some extra funds for that purpose is worth it. Not many humidifiers come with that function. You might want to look out for it before purchasing your humidifier to ensure better air quality.

Ease of Installation

Installing some humidifiers may not be easy. Due to this fact, you might need the help of a professional.

This may be due to poorly conveyed instructions in the manual or some deep technicality aspect. Some humidifiers will even require you to purchase extra parts to be used for installation.

That means spending extra bucks. Is the time, stress and extra money worth it? The answer to that question will let you know if that is the particular humidifier you want to go for.

Humidifier Price

There is no fixed price range to recommend because every humidifier is unique and different from the others, both in function and longevity.

Scheme out the factors that are important to you and compare the price of humidifiers that offer those functions. Also, check out reports and reviews to know more.

Final Thoughts

Humidifiers are beneficial, especially in the winter season, when the wintry air causes many skin problems and difficulty breathing.

They help regulate an indoor space’s humidity to make the environment conducive and comfortable for the occupant(s).

Many faulty products are out there in the market, but we’ve done our research, providing you with this detailed review of the best ones.

In conclusion, we have reviewed each humidifier on our list, covering their spec, features, square feet, etc. Hopefully, we have streamlined your search and found you the best one for your home.

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