7 Best Lumber Rack Buying Guide [Reviews 2021]

Are you searching for a way to organize and store your lumber effectively? If so, you need a lumber storage rack.

A lumber storage rack helps organize lumber in a way that keeps you and your lumber safe.

It’s a space-saving storage option that’s multi-functional for storing other items such as pipes, ladders, PVC, etc. They come in different styles and designs.

best lumber storage rack reviews

There are lumber racks that stand on the floor, mount on walls, ceiling, or at the back of trucks.

Whichever one you prefer, go through this buying guide of the best lumber rack in 2020. Without wasting any time, have a read.







West Horizontal Storage Rack

2000 Lbs.

14 Gauge Galvanized Steel


Bora Portamate Wood Organizer

600 Lbs.

Heavy Duty Steel


Homydom Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage

330 Lbs.



Dewalt 3-Piece Wall Mount Cantilever Rack

273 Lbs.



7BLACKSMITHS Six-Level Lumber Storage Rack

600 Lbs.

Powder Coated Steel


Our 7 Best Lumber Rack Picks:

Here is our list of the top 7 racks that you can use to store and organize lumber-

1. West Horizontal Storage Rack

To kick off this list is the heavy-duty horizontal storage rack from the West brand in Canada. This rack is very sturdy and can hold lumber up to 2000lb.

Not only lumber, but it’s also perfect for storing PVC, plumbing pipes, plywood, skateboards, plastic moldings, metal tubings, and a lot of industrial construction items.

The West company made it from 14-gauge galvanized steel construction to prevent corrosion and last long. It has seven arms levels with 8″ vertical arm spacing.

This horizontal storage rack arms adjust from 0″ to 12″. The arms can adjust in or out, depending on how you want it or what you want to store. Additionally, these arms support user-supplied shelving.

Each of them has a weight capacity of 140lb to store items with no sweat. Plus, there are multiple units for storing extra-long materials.

You can install casters on them to make transporting items with it in the job site or worksite easy and stress-free. This rack is straightforward to assemble.

Once assembled, its dimensions are 5½ft tall, 5ft wide, 3ft deep. At the bottom, the vertical rails extend out to ensure it stays firm and balanced on the ground without any shakings. Also, this rack is space-saving and has a 12-months warranty.


  • Heavy-duty and well-build
  • It has a weight capacity of 2000lb
  • 12-months warranty
  • Simple to assemble


  • None

2. Bora Portamate Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Metal Rack

Organize your woods and lumber with the wall-mounting Bora Portamate PBR-001 6-level lumber storage rack. This rack is versatile for storing all your building and household materials in one place.

You can set it up in your garage, shed, basement, or in a workshop. It doesn’t take up much space. Bora Portamate built this rack from powder-coated 1″ steel tubes to possess strength, endurance, and durable properties.

So rest assured, this rack will last long. The best part is, it’s cheap.

It has 6-level black, gray, or orange painted shelves that hold approximately 110lb each. What that means is that, with this rack, you’ll get a storage capacity of 660lb.

These shelves are ideal for storing lumber, firewood, gutters, sheet metal, PVC pipes, ladders, skis, snowboards, golf clubs, and a lot of different items. It allows you to use vertical space to the maximum.

As earlier mentioned, this rack is a wall-mounting style, so it’s effortless to install but permanent. Ensure you mount it well to prevent it from removing and damaging the materials stored on it.

Its packaging includes two vertical bars of 41″, 12½” horizontal bars for making up to six rows, and all the essential hardware you’ll need to assemble it. Bora Portamate recommended distance between each vertical rail is four to six feet, and between shelves is 8″.

However, you can vary it to suit your needs or buy more pairs if the lumber or items you want to store is longer.


  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty and well built
  • Wall-mounted, which saves space
  • Versatile
  • Its organization is top-notch
  • Cheap and offers excellent value for money


  • A bit permanent and can’t be easily adjusted once mounted

3. Homydom Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Metal Rack with 3-Level Wall Mount

The Homydom wood organizer and lumber rack is very similar to the Bora Portamate but has some distinct features. It is a 3-level wall-mounting rack made with heavy-duty high-impact steel construction.

Its construction makes it scratch resistance and long-lasting. This rack is ideal for keeping lengthy materials such as lumber or pipes. You can mount it in your garage, house, shed, basement, or outdoors. Plus, it doesn’t take up space.

Furthermore, a pack of this rack has three shelves with 110lb load-carrying capacity. All three combined give this rack a maximum load-carrying capacity of 330lb. So two packs will provide you with a double load-carrying capacity of 660lb, and so on.

Also, mounting and assembling is a straightforward task. There are six adjustable holes in the middle of the bar at different locations for a user-customized arms placement according to the size of items that will be stored.

This rack is very affordable. Its overall dimension is 7″ H x 16″ D. It comes with an installation manual and all the needed hardware for easy assembling and installation.

Also, Homydom has a lifetime warranty on this product to assure buyers their product is quality and well-made.


  • Affordable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Organizes items well
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Simple to install and assemble
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Quality control not up to par

4. Dewalt 3-Piece Wall Mount Cantilever Rack

Dewalt is a popular, tested, and trusted tools manufacturing brand. People familiar with their power tools and machines can testify of the exceptional properties they possess.

This Dewalt 3-piece wall-mounting cantilever rack likewise includes remarkable properties. Its rails are made from industrial-grade powder coating that won’t break or discolor, while the arms are made from heavy-duty steel to last for years.

It keeps and stores your lumber, wood, dowels, metal pipes, etc., firmly and securely.

This Dewalt 3-piece rack cantilever arms are of varying length and load-carrying capacity. Its short arms (6″) overall holds 150lb, medium arms (10″) overall holds 75lb, and long arms (12″) overall holds 48lb. These arms make this rack have a total load capacity of 273lb. Each arm has a 2.5″ flat tab that stops round objects from rolling off.

Thanks to the cantilever design that features locking pins, you can adjust each arm in a 2.35″ increment. Also, the locking pins stop the arm from detaching if you load the rack aggressively.

The 36″ tall rails mount easily on finished and bare 2 x 4 studs or walls in your garage, workshop, shed, or in the open.

It comes with a well-written instructional manual to guide users on how to install and mount it, as well as all the essential hardware. Since it’s a Dewalt product, it has a one-year limited warranty.


  • Sturdy and simple
  • Cantilever arms can adjust in 2.35″ increment
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty
  • The instructional guide helps the assembling process


  • Total weight capacity is low

5. 7BLACKSMITHS Six-Level Lumber Storage Rack

The 7BLACKSMITHS wall-mounting six-level lumber storage rack is another great option for storing your lumbers. It’s also ideal for keeping other items like pipes, skateboards, ladder, and so on.

7BLACKSMITHS made it out of steel for durability and powder coated it to prevent rusting or fading. Due to its construction, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. You can mount it in the garage, shed, or wherever you need it.

This storage rack has six arms, and each arm can hold up to 100lb load, making a total load capacity of 600lb. The arms are 12 ½” wide to ensure the lumber or items placed on them don’t fall out. Be informed that they are factory preset and not adjustable.

The 41″ vertical rails with pre-drilled holes make mounting and installation a stress-free job. You won’t have any challenges installing and mounting this storage rack. Plus, it comes with the essential hardware.

The 7BLACKSMITHS wall-mounting six-level lumber storage rack is flexible and can be user-customized. You can set the distance of one rail to the other, depending on the length of what you want to store.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Works well indoors and outdoors
  • Flexible


  • Poor quality hardware

6. TMS 800 LB Truck Pick up Rack

If you are into transporting lumber in a pickup truck from place to place, this TMS 800 LB truck pick up rack should have your attention. It comprises a pair of 2″ diameter sturdy (front and back) adjustable truck ladder bars built from steel to be durable.

This rack has multiple functions. It is perfect for hauling heavy and long items such as lumbers, pipes, ladders, pool equipment, kayaks, etc., that a standard pickup bed can’t fit. And for the price, you can’t beat it.

This pickup rack can hold a weight of 800lb effortlessly. Its maximum height is 30″, this is including the height of your truck’s bed. The width is flexible and adjusts from 5ft – 7ft to suit different truck bed sizes.

With this pickup rack, you will have peace of mind concerning your stored items’ safety because they won’t fall off your truck. Installing and assembling this rack is also a simple task.

It has two pre-drilled holes on each side that use bolts and nuts to fix the racks firmly on your truck. Plus, it comes with eight bolts and eight screws, which is all you’ll need to install and assemble. Note that you must drill eight holes into the top of truck bedsides.

However, the top of this rack can be removed or adjusted to create clearance when loading items higher than 30 inches. You can also install with pickup camper clamps if you don’t want it permanent on your truck.


  • Flexible and easy to adjusts
  • Sturdy
  • 800lb load-carrying capacity
  • Multi-functional
  • Affordable
  • Mounts on a wide variety of trucks
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Comes with the essential hardware


  • None

7. Yeejoy 4 Set Overhead Garage Storage Rack

If you don’t have space for standing racks and wall-mounting racks, you might be interested in this overhead/ceiling mounting rack.

The Yeejoy storage rack hangs differently from all the racks in this list. It hangs on the ceiling/overhead for storing ladders, lumber, garden hoses, kayak, lumber, sports equipment, pipes, and so on. This package is the 4 set that measures 16″(41cm) x 11.8″(30cm) x 0.8″(2cm), allowing you to store long materials. You can buy additional sets if the material you want to store is longer.

Yeejoy made this rack from heavy-duty, premium-quality tubular steel bars to last long, and powder coated it to prevent corrosion.

Furthermore, this rack’s arms have an EVA slip protector on each side to protect the steel bars and prevent stored items from falling off. This rack has a load-carrying capacity of 50lb. Places you can hang it include plaster, wood, brick, and concrete walls.

Additionally, the Yeejoy storage rack is easy to install. It comes with 16 screws and 16 plastic bolts hardware.

All you have to do is mark holes on your ceiling or where you want to hang it, then punch the holes and put the plastic bolts into the holes.

What’s left is to tighten the screw with a screwdriver, and it’s all set up. Yeejoy offers 24/7 customer support for this rack and a full refund if you don’t like it after purchase.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction with powder-coating to prevent rust
  • EVA slip protector for the steel and protection of stored items
  • Comes with the required hardware for stress-free installation
  • Long-lasting


  • Can only hold 50lb load

Best Lumber Rack Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a new lumber rack, then this guide will help you make an informed purchase. We outline all of the features that are important when choosing a lumber rack for your needs. From the size and weight capacity to construction type, we’ve covered it all!

Size of the Rack

The size of the lumber rack is important when deciding on which one to buy. Larger racks are good for storing long pieces while smaller ones are best for storing shorter, thinner boards.

You also need to consider where you’ll be installing your new rack and who will install it since that can dictate whether a smaller or larger model would work better. When installing, make sure to measure the area that you’ll be using so you know how much space is available.

Weight Capacity

The capacity of a lumber rack can also affect your decision on which one to buy. The weight capacity should reflect what type of wood it will store and whether or not there are other items stored on it as well.

Lumber Rack Measurements

The height and width of the lumber rack are also important considerations when buying a new one. If you have high ceilings, then you may want to get a taller model so that your boards don’t hit the ceiling as they’re stored on it. A wider rack is good for storing thicker items such as plywood, as well.

Construction Material

The material used for making the rack is another important factor. If you will be storing heavy lumber, then a rack made from wood or steel is best suited for your needs.

Plastic racks are also good for those who store lightweight lumber as they are less likely to hold moisture and keep the product dry. However, it is best to pick one made of wood or steel as plastic is not as durable as the other materials.

lumber stored on the rack for future use

Mounting Type

Whether the rack needs to be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor is another factor to consider. If the lumber rack is being mounted on the wall or ceiling, then it needs to be built with certain types of materials that are designed for those purposes.

For example, if you will have your lumber rack mounted on a concrete slab and need something heavy-duty, then an all-steel construction would be best suited for this purpose.

If you choose a wall mount or ceiling mount rack, then you must ensure that the wall or ceiling is sturdy enough to hold the weight.

Lumber Rack Price

The price of the lumber rack should be considered before buying one. There will be some racks that cost more than others and if budgeting is an issue, then those should not be chosen for purchase. However, there are also many inexpensive options available as well. Make sure to balance your requirements and budget to eliminate the risk of spending too much or getting a low-quality one for a cheap rate.


The look of the lumber rack is also something to consider. If you will be mounting it outside, then there are many types that have a weatherproof finish and those would be better suited for this purpose.

However, if you plan on storing your lumber inside, then appearance may not matter as much or at all. There are some that are unfinished and these may be cheaper to purchase.

Ease of Installation

The installation of the lumber rack is something that should be considered before purchasing one. If you have someone who can install a new wood rack for you, then this will not pose much of an issue, but if not, this might need some consideration prior to buying it so that you can have it installed.

You will also want to consider the installation of any hardware that may be required for your lumber rack as well. Some racks are designed with all of the necessary mounting items included, but many require stand-alone brackets or other hardware in order to install them properly and these should not be overlooked.

Final Thought

Lumber racks significantly help with organizing the home, garage, workshop, and truck. When there are limited storage spaces, they come to the rescue and offer a lasting solution to storage needs.

The best part is they are versatile for storing a lot of other large items like ladders, metal pipes, etc. so getting a lumber rack is a good investment.

Our list covers all kinds of lumber storage racks there is. It comprises a standing rack, wall-mounted racks, a pickup truck rack, and an overhead/ceiling rack.

We have reviewed them in detail, covering their construction, load-carrying capacity, and assembling/installation. We hope you find the best one for your storage needs.

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