7 Best Masonry Levels Reviewed in 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

Levels are the soul of masonry because they are essential tools that help determine if a surface is at a true level to the horizon or at a true plumb to the horizon.

Every mason relies totally on levels for leveling accuracy when building structures. Levels are meant to be accurate at all times.

However, some levels become inaccurate over time, which can be very frustrating and unfavorable to brick and block laying.

best masonry level

Accuracy, outstanding durability, ergonomic design, and simple to read vials are the characteristics of a good level.

Suppose you are searching for a masonry level with all these properties, built with the best materials that won’t lose accuracy for years. In that case, this best masonry level article is for you.







Stabila 78496 Type 196 Complete 6 Level Kit

10 to 78 Inch – 6pc Combo

16 Lbs.


Crick Tool Crick Wood Level

48 Inch

4 Lbs.


SOLA LSB96 Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level

96 Inch

5 Lbs.


OX Pro Series Box Level

96 Inch

2 Lbs.


Stabila 48296 Mason kit

48 to 10 Inch

8 Lbs.


Our 7 Best Masonry Level Reviews:

Here is our detailed review on the top masonry levels-

1. Stabila 78496 Type 196 Complete 6 Level Kit- Die-Cast Magnetic Torpedo Level

Stabila is a german company that started in 1889. They specialize in manufacturing accurate measuring and aligning tools.

So far, they’ve excelled in the construction & craft industry, with their products being the first choice amongst craftsmen.

This stabila type 196 6-level is one of the most sought-after level kits in the building industry because they are excellent Levels.

The six levels in this kit are of different sizes. Although only the 10″ die-cast torpedo level has a magnet, the remaining five don’t. Their sizes range from 16″ 24″ 32″ 48″ and 78″ lengths to cover vast areas of leveling.

The certified precision levels measure about .029° 1/32″ over 72″ 0.5mm per meter standard side up or reversed.

Stabila electronically modified and examined each level to ensure they deliver flawless accuracy. So with this feature, you’ll get high accuracy and reliability from the levels in this kit.

Each level in this kit features the Stabila top-selling type 196 rib-reinforced frame known for its high-strength, durability, lightweight, and anti-fold properties.

The frame has an electrostatic enamel finish, which makes it easy to rinse with water and shrubbery. The block acrylic glass vials in the Stabila six levels are tightly epoxy-locked in the frame.

The 16″ to 48″ level has an open 300° center vial, while 58″ to 96″ has a twin bridged center vial. But, the vials don’t have adjustments.

Additionally, every level in the Sabila six-level kit has a rubber hand grip for comfortable handling. There are shock-absorbing Endcaps on the levels to limit damages from fall and knock from daily use.

Plus, these Endcaps help sets marks on the wall. However, they are removable, which means you can take them out when taking measurements in tight places to make pencil lines.

Thanks to their metal hang hole, they can be hung to free up workspace. The Sabila kit comes in a nylon case with each level to its pocket for easy organization and movement from construction site to construction site.


  • High-quality
  • Six complete different length levels
  • Comes with a well-organized carrying bag
  • Very accurate levels
  • Stabila type 196 frame


  • The nylon case doesn’t last.
  • The torpedo magnetic force is high and picks up metal dirt a lot

2. Crick Tool 48″ Crick Wood Level

Crick levels is a very close runner up to the Stabila levels. Since the Crick tool company started in 1980, they are renowned for their different sizes, handcrafted unmatched-quality levels, which provide one of the most reliable, accurate leveling in the building and construction industry.

This 48″ level is their most extended level. Everything about this decent level was carefully thought out. Crick tool produced it by hand, coupled with state-of-the-art technologies, to meet present-day masonry demands in levels.

Made in the USA with high-quality hardwood construction for durability, this level will last for a very long time. It has a penetrating type oil coating sealed on the hardwood for easy maintenance, especially for masonry work.

You should apply oil as you use it to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. Thanks to the sizable hole in it, handling on a job site is super easy.

Furthermore, this level features a rigid 16 gauge stainless steel binding around it with Crick Tool’s very own ring shank nails for extra durability.

Also, it has 16 gauge stainless steel end caps, tightened with black oxide screws to limit damages for heavy use and falls.

With these attributes, it withstands the wear and tear of daily masonry use. However, it doesn’t come with a casing, but you can buy one for it if you wish.

This 48″ Crick wood level consists of three-ply manually set green vials, calibrated by machine, with a guaranty to have a precision of .015″ length of the level. It offers the same accurate reading, whether it’s placed straight or reversed. It uses ⅛” chemically strengthened solid lenses for enhanced visibility, which is sealed with silicone and stainless steel retainer clips protectors.

The clips can be easily removed for DIY replacement of the lenses. Moreover, there’s a three-year limited warranty on its entire unit.


  • Heavy-duty and good quality
  • It gives a precise reading both straight and reversed
  • Long-lasting
  • Made in the USA


  • Green vials may fade
  • Made of wood, which makes it somewhat heavy

3. SOLA LSB96 Non-magnetic 96″ Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level

SOLA is another notable brand when it comes to measuring and marking tools. For over 160 years, they’ve shown their passion for precision through their innovative levels and have earned recognition as a leading brand in precision tools.

Their SOLA LSB96 is one of the longest levels on this list with a length of 96″. Its size offers faster and more accurate readings, amongst other levels, which makes it perfect for masonry demands. This version is the non-magnetic one.

This level features SOLA big red aluminum construction (890 g/m strength), reinforced at the rib to withstand heavy use, accidental falls, and high impact. Thus, giving it a long-lasting lifespan.

It has two shock-absorbing removable Endcaps with a slip-resistant surface to prevent damages from a drop or any physical impact. Also, it has two hand-sized non-slip handles for convenient handling on the worksite.

The LSB96 level comprises three SOLA’s innovative shatterproof acrylic-block FOCUS vials filled with fluid not affected by electricity. These FOCUS vials are created with green FOCUS print and green caps that won’t discolor when exposed to sunlight.

Each vial has a bright backing strip that reflects the green color on the leveling bubble for easy distinction of the bubble tip from the FOCUS printing.

Plus, the FOCUS vials magnify the bubble to +60%. These traits make the bubble motion in the vials more noticeable, offering a more accurate reading.

Furthermore, this level standard position precision is below 0.3mm/m (0.017°), and its reversed position precision is less than 0.5mm/m (0.029°).

This precision isn’t affected by a change in temperature, and it has an IP65 rating. The Sola LSB96 FOCUS vials have a lifetime warranty against damage, smog, leak, or imprecision under normal use.

However, if the frame gets bent or damaged, the warranty becomes void.


  • Offers an extensive range of measurement because of its size
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • FOCUS vials with 60% bubble magnification
  • Easy to read in dim light
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

4. OX Pro Series Box 96″ Level

This heavy-duty OX pro series 96″ level is very similar to the SOLA’s 96″ in length, but it’s way cheaper than it. It’s made in a box-like construction with a dual milled aluminum, powdered coated for stability and endurance.

The length of this level makes leveling long distances faster and perfectly accurate. It is 2 ⅝” wide and 1 ¼” deep. Whether you are into masonry, plumbing, carpentry, etc., this level delivers unmatched accuracy.

Also, this box level version doesn’t have magnetic properties.

It comes with three everlasting epoxy-locked vials with solid acrylic casing. Two of the vials are vertically inclined at both ends of the level with Dual-View vial functionality. Simultaneously, one is horizontally inclined in the middle with magnification property for a more comfortable and accurate reading.

The vials have an accuracy of 0.5mm/m. Plus, they aren’t prone to leakages or any damages. However, there’s a lifetime warranty on them.

Additionally, it has air-cushioned shockproof Endcaps made from dual polypropylene material for endurance against unexpected falls to sustain the level’s accuracy.

It also has two anti-slip ergonomic handlebars for a convenient grip. One uniqueness of the OX pro series 96″ level is its custom-built wall grips on both surfaces of the level that provides uniformity on any surface applied. Plus, it helps limit damages on a work surface.


  • Cheap and offers excellent value for money
  • Dual-view vials
  • Anti-slip ergonomic handlebars
  • Wall grips
  • Removable Endcaps


  • Heavy

5. Stabila 48296 Mason kit

Suppose you can’t get the Stabila complete 6-level kit because of a tight budget. This Mason kit is an excellent alternative. It contains three essential masonry levels.

A 24″ mason level, a 48″ mason level, and a 10″ die-cast torpedo level. These levels are perfect for any masonry job. The 24″ and 48″ levels have dead-blow shields that can take trowel handle hitting. Only the 10″ torpedo level has magnetic properties.

All three levels in the mason kit are made with the Stabila type 196 rib-reinforced frame that doesn’t fold and has high-strength, durability, and lightweight properties.

Furthermore, they have an electrostatic enamel finish, making it easy to wash with water and brush. Thanks to their metal hang hole, they can be hung to free up workspace. If you are a professional brick and block layer, this mason kit should be part of your daily tools.

The block acrylic glass vials in the Stabila mason levels are tightly epoxy-locked in the frame. The 24″ and 48″ level has vertical vial at both ends, with a horizontal center vial for easy reading in any position. Only the 48″ has a rubber hand grip for comfortable handling.

However, both the 24″ and 48″ have removable Endcaps that’s shock-absorbing. The Mason kit levels are packaged in a nylon case for easy organization and movement from worksite to worksite. Plus, there are still spaces for extra size levels.


  • Comes with dead blow shield that can take trowel handle hitting
  • Lightweight
  • Stabila type 196 frame
  • Comes with a well-organized carrying bag
  • Very accurate levels


  • The nylon case doesn’t last.
  • The torpedo magnetic force is high and picks up metal dirt a lot

6. Goldblatt 3-piece Torpedo Spirit Level Set

Goldblatt torpedo spirit level set consists of premium-quality three different size levels for diverse professions such as masons, plumbers, tilers, to mention a few.

This set is one of the best spirit level sets available in the market from design to functionality. It has grown a cult-like following amongst artisans and contractors. The three levels in this set are 9″ (magnetic), 24″ and 48″ respectively.

Built from precision-milled 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and stability, these levels withstands all the hustle and bustle that comes with brick and block laying without losing their accuracy. Each of the levels has an accuracy of 0.029P that stays accurate for years with no adjustment needed.

The magnetic 9″ torpedo level comprises three vials strategically placed at 0°, 45°, and 90° with measurements at the edges. You can view them from the top, front, or back.

Plus, it has an in-built night light that functions with a 2AAA alkaline battery (included in the set) for night jobs. The battery life is decent as well.

Similarly, the 24″ and 48″ comprises two vials placed at 0° and 90° that can be viewed from the top, front, or back. The Goldblatt vials are very easy to read, thanks to the brilliant green bubbles in them. Also, the green color of the vials doesn’t fade.

The 24″ and 48″ levels come with a hand-sized grip for comfortable handling. There are rubber made Endcaps at the two ends of the levels to minimize damages from heavy use and rough handling. Each level in this set is versatile for different purposes, and they have a lifetime warranty.


  • Well-made quality levels
  • Multiple views for taking readings
  • 9″ suitable for a night job
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The 24″ accuracy is questionable

7. Sands Level & Tool SLMA24 24-Inch Professional Mahogany I-Beam Level

To round up this list is the Sands Level & Tool Co. SLMA24 24″ level made from mahogany hardwood. Sands Level and Tool Co. used mahogany hardwood to create the SLMA24 24″ level because of its high durability and resistance to wood rots.

So, per the mahogany hardwood properties, coupled with the I-beam frame reinforcement at the edges, this level will last a lifetime. However, it is quite heavy.

It features easy-to-read yellow twin vials at the tip, base, and center. The twin vials at both ends are vertically inclined, while the ones at the center are horizontally inclined.

They have a certified precision of .00004″/in. Also, there are shielding glass lenses to protect the vials from accidental falls or drop. With the shock-absorbing Endcaps at both ends, this 24″ level can handle massive abuse on it. If you love wooden levels, this mahogany SLMA24 24″ level is an excellent choice.


  • Made from mahogany hardwood
  • Very precise
  • Twin end vials for easy readability
  • Durable
  • Cheap


  • Heavier than aluminum levels

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What to Look for When Buying a Masonry Level?

If you are in need of a new masonry level, there are a number of things to look at before making your purchase. In this article, we will talk about what to consider when buying a masonry level-

Size of the Level

You should check to make sure the level is big enough for what you are doing. If it’s too small, then your measurements will be inaccurate and can cause problems like building walls that aren’t straight or cutting boards that don’t fit in cabinets correctly.

In some cases, you may need small levels as well for working on corners and edges where long size levels are not comfortable to work with. So, versatility in sizes should be your first priority.


An important consideration when buying a great masonry level is how durable it will be. If you are using the level for construction work, make sure that the rubber casing and metal parts of your instrument are sturdy enough to stand up to harsh working conditions.

For more general use cases like when laying tile or installing cabinets in a kitchen, consider buying a lower-priced model instead if durability is not your first priority.

Pricing and Warranty

Finally, when buying a masonry level always check the price of the instrument against its warranty coverage. If you are using it for construction work or other heavy-duty projects, make sure that there is at least one year of manufacturer’s warranty before making your final purchase decision. But if you are just using it to set an existing floor or tile, then a three-year warranty will be enough.

Weight of the Level

In order to ensure the level will stay in place, you need a model that has some weight. Some lighter models are also available and work well for smaller projects but can be trickier if they’re used on larger or more uneven surfaces.

DIY vs Professional Works

A good rule of thumb when looking for a masonry level is to look at what you’re going to be using it for. If you are doing smaller DIY projects such as laying bricks or installing tile on a shower floor, then an inexpensive level will do the job.

If you are leveling a large area, such as installing flooring or laying out tiles on your fireplace surround, then an accurate level should be used to make sure everything is straight across the whole project so that it looks nice and uniform when completed.

Final Thought

The search for an outstanding masonry level is a daunting one. You wouldn’t want to buy a level now and start searching for another one because of its inefficiency in a few months or years.

Well, that won’t be the case if you get any of the levels on this list. All levels we’ve reviewed on this list are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

They are precision-crafted to give the purest form of accuracy when placed either in the standard or reversed way.

In conclusion, we hope this list helps you find the level/set of levels just for your needs and budget. Some are made of hardwood if you prefer wood, while some of aluminum if that’s what you like.

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