10 Best Nail Gun For Hardie Trim [Reviewed in 2021]

Nail guns are one of those power tools that’s like a lifesaver. Since their arrival, they have significantly reduced the stress, energy, and time put into nailing workpieces.

They are now a must-have tool in many carpentry shops and households. Presently, there are tons of them in the market, but only a few meet up to Hardie trim’s requirements.

best nail gun for hardie trim

Finding the right nail gun perfect for installing Hardie trim is a daunting task. We know this.

That’s why we’ve compiled this buying guide of the 10 best nail guns for Hardie trim after careful observations of the nail guns in the market. So without wasting any time, have a read!







MAX USA CORP. CN565S3 “SuperSider” Siding Coil Nailer

5 Lbs.

Best For Pro Use


Hitachi NT65M2S 16-Gauge Finish Nailer

3.7 Lbs.

Best For Pro & DIY


Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit

6 Lbs

Best Value For Money


PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

5.5 Lbs.

Best For DIY


NuMax SFR2190 Nail gun

8 Lbs.

Best For Budget


Our 10 Best Nail Gun For Hardie Trim Reviews:

Here are the detailed reviews on the nail guns that you can use for Hardie trims-

1. MAX USA CORP. CN565S3 “SuperSider” Siding Coil Nailer

MAX USA CN565S3 nail gun review

MAX CORP. is one of the oldest manufacturers of industrial-grade tools in the USA. Their cutting edge products have helped a lot of engineers, technicians, and workers to achieve great results.

Speaking of their products, this is the CN565S3 “SuperSider” Siding Coil Nailer, arguably the best pneumatic siding nail in the industry. This nailer features the highest-grade compartments to ensure it’s sturdy and lasts long.

Furthermore, it has dimensions of 11⅞” H x 5″ W x 10⅞” L, making it compact and handy. With a weight of 5.2lbs, it doesn’t give discomfort to the user’s arm.

It has immense power with a minimum operating pressure of 70PSI and maximum working pressure of 120PSI. Due to this machine’s ability, it’s a good option for Hardie board siding and trim.

Magazine capacity and quick nail reloading is another area this nailer excels in. It can hold up to 400 nails and takes little time to reload, which is very good for extended use.

So if you have many areas to cover, you won’t waste time refiling the magazine at intervals. Thus, it greatly improves productivity. With the anti-double fire trigger of this nail gun, it protects from double fires.

However, note that the minimum and maximum length of nail it can carry is .083″ and .099″ respectively. Also, its ¼” air inlet consumes air of 0.05 (FT3/CYCLE).

If you use this nailer, you will discover that it gives a clean finish on any surface. This is because MAX equipped a narrow contact arm to guide the nails, reducing bending.

And the provided no-mar contact tip diminishes the presence of driver lines around the materials. Another thing this machine does is self-cleaning and self-maintenance.

It comes equipped with an end cap filter that collects dirt before it escapes into the engine. The specks of dirt are then sent out automatically when the air hose is removed.

The CN565S3 “SuperSider” Siding Coil Nailer has depth control for flush nailing on hard surfaces. It has a 360-degree easy twist adjustable deflector cap that blows exhausted air in any direction you want.

At the back of the machine is a rafter for hanging in between work. It also comes in a hard plastic carrying case containing essential working accessories.

This machine best suits the professionals. It can do heavy duty works without jamming up unlike cheap nailers.


  • Not jamming
  • Powerful and Heavy-duty
  • Anti-double fire mechanism
  • Worth the money
  • Rafter hook
  • Large magazine capacity with fast loading
  • Hard plastic carrying casing


  • Absence of nail jam removal mechanism
  • Requires air compressor to operate

2. Hitachi NT65M2S 16-Gauge Finish Nailer

The Hitachi NT65M2 16-gauge finishing nailer is another top tier pneumatic nail gun for Hardie trim. It is a 16 gauge finish nailer with an air dusting feature.

Hitachi made this tool with a non-slip elastomer grip trigger and an ergonomically designed flip actuation switch for switching between single fire mode and rapid-fire mode effortlessly. Its lowest operating pressure is 70 PSI, while the highest is 120 PSI.

This makes the Hitachi NT65M2 ultra-versatile for many carpentry purposes.

Also, it has a tool-free depth adjustment dial that moves by just turning it with your thumb. With this feature, you can efficiently adjust how far you want the machine to drive nails into your workpiece. Its magazine holds up to 100 fasteners.

Plus, there’s also a removable no-mar tip that guards the work surface against any damage that may occur. This nail gun is safe and easy to use.

Furthermore, the Hitachi NT65M2 nail gun accepts only nails from 1″ to 2 ½” in length. It has an accessible, clear nose for easy clearing of nails in case they jam. Its rubberized handle provides a firm grip.

Plus, it weighs only 3.7lb, which makes it comfortable for all-day use. Thanks to the angled hose fitting, the hose will stay clear when working in a compact space or overhead.

This offers freedom of movement, which in turn increase working productivity and reduces operator fatigue.

Additionally, it has the patented Hitachi dust air deflector button, then when pushed, deflects dust and debris immediately they appear to keep the work surface clean.

When you purchase this nail gun, it comes packed in a box with a carrying case, safety goggles, and other essential accessories—also, it is guaranteed to last for years because of its construction. Regardless, Hitachi has a 5-year warranty on this unit to boost the confidence of buyers.

Notwithstanding, the Hitachi NT65M2 nail gun offers excellent value for money and a fantastic return on investment.

Due to its reasonable price, both Professionals and DIY enthusiasts will find this one suitable for their nailing job. Compared to Max Corp, this Hitachi model doesn’t lack much features. Only thing that will bother you is its noise.


  • Lightweight tool, great for hardie boards
  • Ergonomic design, can fire nails continuously
  • 5-year warranty
  • Angled hose fitting
  • Easy-clear-nose for removing nails when jammed


  • It’s quite loud when in operation

3. Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag

Freeman P4FRFNCB Finish Nailer

This Freeman pneumatic framing & finishing combo kit is exciting. That’s because this combo kit contains four of the best Freedom nail guns compatible with nails of different gauges for multi-purpose.

The kit includes one 18-Gauge 1¼” straight brad nailer, one 15-gauge 1½” 34-degree finish nailer, one 21-degree 3½” framing nailer, and one 18-Gauge 1¼” narrow crown stapler. They all come inside a carrying canvas bag containing other accessories.

Each of these high power nail guns is heavy-duty with well-thought-out mechanisms. Together, they cover a wide range of projects like Hardie plank siding installation, trimming, crown molding, window casings, baseboards, just to mention a few.

If you buy this combo, you may not need to buy any other suitable nail gun in a long time.

Moreover, they last longer and perform their duties very well. Plus, they don’t require oil to operate.

Freedom made each nailer in this kit with magnesium construction to be lightweight. All nail guns in this kit have an adjustable depth feature for a wide range of applications.

They have air filters and anti-dust caps to prevent dust from entering them, thereby increasing their lifespan. Their 360° adjustable exhausts let you focus air away from dirt.

Also, they don’t damage working surfaces thanks to their removable no-mar tip.

However, there are features unique to some of the nailer in this kit. Know that the 21-Degree 3½” framing nailer alone has an anti-fire mechanism that stops firing when the machine is low on nails.

The remaining three have a quick jam release nose for accessibility if jamming occurs. While only the 15-Gauge 2½” 34-degree finish nailer feature a single/sequential firing.

Additionally, this combo kit comes with seven years warranty and a 90-day wearable part warranty.

One thing that sets this machine apart from others is its good value to money ratio. The price of it justifies the features it is equipped with.


  • Four different nail guns for various purposes
  • 7-year warranty with 90-day wearable part warranty
  • Heavy-duty
  • Canvas carrying bag
  • They have oil-free designs
  • Affordable and offers excellent value for money


  • Getting compatible nails may be stressful

4. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

The PORTER-CABLE is known for three things. Quality, performance, and reliability. These are the features of this PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer. It is the only battery-powered nailer on this list.

This nail gun functions with a 20 Volt MAX Lithium-ion battery and delivers about 1,500 nails sequential firing in a single charge. The unique motor of this nailer ensures consistent firing into various materials of different hardness.

Also, productivity is on another level with this nailer because it doesn’t need a hose or costly gas cartridges to function, making it readily available to use.

Furthermore, PORTER-CABLE made this nail gun very straight-forward to use. Almost all of its settings are tool-free and require no brainwork. For instance, it has a tool-free release lever, and jam release incase nails get stuck.

However, take note that only nails of 18 gauge works with this tool. That said, it has depth adjustment wheels for consistent countersinking of nails correctly. Its magazine capacity of 100 nails makes it ideal for prolonged use.

Additionally, PORTER-CABLE equipped it with a multifunctional LED light to illuminate dark and tight corners for precision nailing and error indication. Its ergonomic handle for comfortable handling.

With a weight of 5.8lbs, we can say this nail gun is lightweight and won’t give pain to the arm if used for long. It comes with two no-mar bars, and its fastener length capacity is between the range of ⅝” to 3″ length.

The PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX cordless brad nailer has a trigger lock-off for safety operations. It also has a belt hook for keeping it close to you.

If you get this nail gun, it comes packaged in a box containing a PCC680L battery and PCC691L charger. Also, there’s a three-year limited warranty and 90-days money-back guarantee on it.

If you are not planning the machine for heavy duty jobs regularly, this Porter Cable machine is better considering its price point. It provides great value compared to Max Corp & Hitachi, only if you are not using it for heavy duty works.


  • Functions on battery and doesn’t need a compressor or hose
  • It increases productivity tremendously
  • LED light
  • Battery last long when fully charged
  • Pretty Lightweight and powerful
  • It has a three-year limited warranty with 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Almost all of its settings requires no tool
  • Budget friendly device with perfect finish


  • It may jam sometimes

5. NuMax SFR2190 Nail Gun Review

Next on the list is the NuMax SFR2190 Nail gun with amazing features. This air-powered pneumatic 21° nailer with a durable, lightweight magnesium body has enough speed and power for Hardie siding and trim projects.

Although, it’s not restricted to Hardie trim boards alone. You can use it for other carpentry jobs. However, its full round head accepts only 10-12 gauge nails ranging from 2″ to 3½” in length, which makes it limited to some jobs.

Regardless, many features make this nailer stand out, which you’ll see in the next paragraphs.

The NuMax SFR2190 Nail gun has a dual trigger that lets you conveniently switch between quick shots and a single shot for accuracy. Working with this tool keeps the workplace clean thanks to the 360° air exhaust that blows debris away from your face.

You can also adjust the nailing depth with your finger per the job requirement. There’s an air filter to prevent debris from penetrating the machine, and at the same time, circulating air between the engine and the environment. It has a pre-installed ¼” NPT that fits standard hoses.

One of the amazing features of this nailer is its anti-dry fire mechanism. What this does is that it prevents the machine from damaging when the magazine is low by halting firing.

This feature helps the operator know when the nails get finished. Moreover, it has a pull-back pusher for the magazine’s fast reloading after the anti-fire mechanism kicks in.

This machine has no-slip teeth and a removable no-mar tip that reduces the machine’s marks on work surfaces. The no-slip teeth are exposed when the no-mar tip is removed for gripping on surfaces for easy firing.

Ergonomics is on point in this nailer. The rubber handle ensures your hand stays firmly gripped and comfortable while the machine is in operation. Although compact, but a little bit heavy on the arms. The NuMax SFR2190 Nail gun has a year limited warranty, and it does last long.

If you are looking for a nailer in budget, this should be the solution for you. Its weight may make it difficult to work with for longer period but the other features are not that far from the top pick machines.


  • One-year warranty
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism to indicate when nails are low
  • 360° air exhaust
  • Dual trigger
  • Affordable machine for budget
  • It doesn’t jam


  • Heavyweight
  • Works only with 21° nails

6. Metabo HPT Framing Nailer (NR90AES1)

For those who may not know, Metabo HPT is the new name for Hitachi’s Koki Holdings America division. So, its a reliable brand.

Although, that was all that changed. The same tools they make then is what they make now but under the new name. That said, it’s worth mentioning that the Metabo HPT nailers have been receiving a rated pro preferred nailer award by builder and developer magazine from 2014 to 2019.

This is because their roofing nailers have a lot of features that make working with it straight-forward.

This Metabo HPT framing nailer (NR90AES1) works with 21° plastic collated nails from 2″ to 3½” in length. It is well-balanced with dimensions of 20-¾” L x 4 15/16″ W x 12-11/16″ H, weighing only 7.5lb, which is light on the arm for extended use with only minimal user fatigue.

Furthermore, it has a dual trigger set that quickly changes from sequential nailing to rapid firing during operation. Plus, a two-step nail loading feature that makes loading nails a fast process.

This nailer works well for Hardie trim, flooring & framing, truss build-up, window build-up, etc. You can adjust its nailing depth to countersink or flush drive by just adjusting the dial without changing the compressor’s pressure.

It has a magazine capacity of 64 nails, which is not that much, but it’s still ok. If jamming occurs, it possesses an open nose design to clear it out quickly and easily. Additionally, its rubberized handle provides comfort and a secure grip.

The Metabo HPT framing nail gun (NR90AES1) complies with all the safety rules for pneumatic nail guns in the USA.

Its operating pressure is 70-120 PSI, and it doesn’t have a fully adjustable exhaust port. However, the 5-year warranty on this nailer is an excellent bargain.


  • Easy to use with easy drive adjustment
  • Five-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty nailer made from durable materials
  • Affordable, great for DIY projects


  • No air exhaust
  • No anti-dry fire

7. BOSTITCH Framing Nailer (F21PL)

The BOSTITCH framing nailer (F21PL) is a 2-in-1 nailer. It comes with two nose pieces for converting between plastic-collated framing nails and metal connector nails application.

This ideal nailer accepts 21° plastic collated nails with length ranging from 1½” to 2½” and metal connector nails of 1 ½” to 2½”. BOSTITCH made this nailer with high-quality magnesium because of its lightweight and strength properties.

Thus, it’s very light (8.1lb) for extended use, causing minimal arm pain, and it’s durable too.

Furthermore, this BOSTITCH framing gun produces a nail driving power of 1,050″/lb. Its firing mode is sequential, with an included contact trigger for a bump fire.

The operating pressure of this nailer is between 80PSI and 120PSI. It has an innovative push button that allows users to set nail depth per job requirements.

Also, this roofing nailer’s maximum magazine capacity is 60 nails. You can load either 60 21° plastic collated nails or 60 metal connector nails in it. Note that the magazine loading is at the bottom.

This nailer has dimensions of 14.25″ H x 20.25″ L, which makes it compact for use in tight spaces. Additionally, it has an adjustable rafter hook for hanging on a rafter between jobs or when not in use.

The rubber grip also provides comfortable and firm handling. With the easy jam clearance feature of this power tool, you will be able to clear out nails effortlessly should jamming occurs.

However, there’s no dry fire lockout feature to tell when the gun is out of nails. BOSTITCH has a seven-year warranty on this nailer to boost trust in their product.


  • Works with either 21° plastic collated nails or metal connector nails
  • Magnesium construction making it lightweight
  • 7-year warranty
  • Push button for changing nail depth
  • Works better on fiber cement siding compared to Bostitch coil siding nailer


  • No dry fire lockout feature

8. DEWALT Brad Nailer (DWFP12231)

The DEWALT brand is at the forefront globally amongst power tools manufacturers. Their products have gained the trust and loyalty of many tool users in the world.

Once again, they produced quality in this DWFP12231 brad nailer. The pneumatic DWFP12231 brad nailer uses a sequential style trigger to drive 18 gauge glue nails of length varying from ⅝” to 2″. It has 9.8″ H x 10.28″ L x 2.68″ W magnesium housing that makes it sturdy and lightweight (2.65lb). Its minimum operating pressure is 70PSI, and the maximum is 120PSI.

Furthermore, it functions with a motor completely void of maintenance thanks to the air exhaust for deflecting debris away from work surfaces.

It has a tool-free nail depth adjustment with detents for setting the precise nail depth requirement for any job. This nailer’s magazine can house up to 100 nails, which significantly improves productivity.

Although, there’s no dry fire lockout as well in this tool. But if it jams, its tool-free jam removal mechanism helps remove nails effortlessly.

At the nose tip of this nailer is a removable no-mar pad that reduces the mark it leaves on workpieces. Thanks to the ergonomic anti-slip over-mold handle design, it provides improved control and comfortable handling.

If you need to do something in between jobs, it has an adjustable belt hook for attaching close to you. This Dewalt brad nailer kit comes in a heavy-duty carrying case alongside a safety google and a user manual. It has a three-year warranty, one-year free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee for it being a DEWALT product.


  • Ready to use straight-out-of-box
  • Magnesium construction making it lightweight
  • It has a 3-year warranty, a year of free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Large magazine capacity
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ergonomic over-mold handle


  • Air may leak from the nail hole
  • Absence of dry fire lockout feature

9. 3PLUS HCN45SP 11-Gauge Nailer

Suppose you want to install Hardie trim on a roof, and you need a sturdy pneumatic nail gun with well-built features, including a large magazine capacity.

Then this heavy-duty die-cast aluminum constructed pneumatic nailer should be your go-to. The 3PLUS HCN45SP nailer drives 11 gauge 15° to 16° nails with length from ¾” to 1¾” full head coil roofing nails. Moreso, it has a large magazine capacity of 120 nails, making it perfect for big jobs. Plus, it makes you work faster, boosting productivity.

This nail gun has an interchangeable trigger for swapping between full sequential mode or contact fire mode. Be informed that the pressure it operates with is between 70PSI and 120PSI.

So, ensure your compressor can supply air between that range. Furthermore, the tool-free adjustable depth dial helps control the nail’s depth without reducing the air compressor’s pressure.

Its integrated skid pads ensure it doesn’t slide off on roof surfaces if laid on its side. This skidpad feature is a nice one because it saves the nailer from accidental falls that can damage it.

If jamming happens during operation, this nailer has a split-nose design for effortless nail removal.

Also, it has a shingle guide to ensure the nails maintain the same distance from one another. With its 360° adjustable exhaust, you won’t have to worry about used-up air blowing on your face. Simply guide the exhaust in the direction you want the air to go.

This tight budget nailer comes with hex wrenches, safety glasses, a small oil bottle, and a manual. Not to mention, it has a one-year limited warranty too.


  • Made from sturdy die-cast aluminum
  • Compact nail gun powered by air compressor
  • The last nail in the magazine always pops out to indicate it needs a refill
  • Cheap and offers excellent value for money
  • Lightweight aluminum design


  • None

10. Metabo HPT Coil Siding Nailer (NV65AH2)

Metabo HPT finish nailer takes the last spot on our list with its coil siding nail gun (NV65AH2). This gun is similar to the Metabo HPT earlier reviewed, but it’s a coil siding nailer and has some additional features not present in the other one. It works with 15° wire collated nails, and 16° plastic collated nails with length ranging from 1½” to 2½”.

The recommended pressure for this nail gun is between 70 to 120PSI. Also, it comes with a ⅜” air inlet.

This Metabo HPT (NV65AH2) nail gun has enough power to drive three nails per second. It has a switch for interchanging between steady firing or contact nailing, making it versatile for both big and small jobs.

Also, its tilt-bottom magazine capacity is between 200-300 nails for prolonged use. Plus, the magazine has a side load for smooth and fast loading.

With a size of 11-27/64″ x 5-3/64″ x 11-3/16″, a weight of 4.5lb, and a soft handle, this nailer is user-friendly. Furthermore, Metabo HPT added a movable air deflector for directing consumed air in any preferred direction.

They also included a removable no-mar tip for reducing any accidental mark the machine may place on a workpiece. And a plastic shield for deflecting wire collation, which improves user safety. The 5-year warranty on MEtabo HPT nail guns also applies to this version.


  • Side shield for safety
  • High-capacity magazine
  • 5-year warranty
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Easy to use


  • No belt hook

Best Nail Gun For Hardie Trim Buying Guide

Nail guns have been taking over from hammers. Here are a few tips on things to consider before purchasing one:


You won’t love to replace a hammer with something that is too heavy for you to carry. If the device is too heavy, fatigue will set in during work. Apart from fatigue, coordination and accuracy are partly sacrificed if the nail gun’s weight is not favorable.

A weight of around five pounds can be a blessing; there are a few nail guns on this weight range. You can go for something slightly heavier if it works well and has other advantages to make up. But we recommend lightweight machines so that you don’t feel stressed after putting a few nails.

Minimum Recoil

Recoil is the rebounding effect of the device at works, mostly manifesting through vibration. Every engine system is expected to have some recoil due to the operational motion.

The goal here is to get a nail gun that has the least amount of recoil. Most modern nail guns have internal systems reducing recoil during operation. Go for less; too much of the recoil effect can lead to extra hard work and tiredness, which can ultimately lead to an accident.

While working with a nail gun, make sure there is a necessary space to accommodate recoil. Not having that space or putting an extra push on the gun in order to cancel out recoil may lead to double fire; a case where unintended nails are discharged. So, go for minimum recoil, not stopping the recoil.

nailing trim with a pneumatic nailer

Ease of Operation

Basically, the nail gun is a sort of replacement for hammers. It should be easy to work with. The device must be easy to operate and must be very efficient. If not, why not use a hammer. 

Weight and design have a lot to do with this factor, but size also matters. If it is too big, it gets difficult to use the nail gun in tight angles and small spaces. That is the flexibility you don’t want to avoid.

The device should easily be applied to various scenarios. Also, watch out for an ergonomic grip design. Handling and grip may contribute the most to ease.

Safety Lock

This function is a significant feature. During work, safety should come first. The safety lock is a function that prevents the shooting of nails, even when the device is on.

This is great when you are done with nail shooting. It prevents accidental discharges. Whenever you are not actively working on Hardie siding and trims or shooting nails for any reason, engage the safety knob.

Sequential Mode and Bump Mode

A lot of nail guns have these modes to make work easier and operations more specific. Usually, you might want to go for a quality nail gun that has these modes; that won’t be a bad choice to nail hardie board trim.

If the nail gun doesn’t have these modes, it doesn’t mean getting the gun is a bad idea. For a nail gun without the modes, check for how easy it is to make up for the absence of the versatility.

Usually, to achieve the bumps, press the gun against the surface and maintain your stance while you hold the trigger. For the sequential effect, depress the tip fist, then you can proceed to shoot the nails.

If the compromise is not that easy or if it ripples back too much on your hand, then you shouldn’t buy that nail gun. Honestly, a trigger for bump mode and sequential firing mode is something I can personally do without. I don’t mind having it too.

Nail Extraction System

You need a nail gun with an effective nail retrieval technique. This factor is not to be understated. During woodwork, it is a common thing to change the nail location or have to retract a nail that was shot.

The corrective measures will halt the constructive process if your nail gun is not up for a fast and effective nail extraction.

Dealing with Dust

Dust is a common problem in woodworks, which seems inseparable from the core of the process itself. A common problem is a dust covering worked surfaces.

Some nail guns have successfully tackled this problem. Check if the gun has an integrated air duster; if that is integrated into the device, it is definitely a plus. Wiping off dust makes the hardie trim job neater, faster, and clearer. You might want to pay some extra bucks for this function. It is obviously not going to be a waste of money.

Jamming Frequency

This is a tricky one. There is hardly any nail gun that doesn’t jam, but there is a bigger problem, there is no specific measure that tells you how often this happens.

You can only tell from experience, but it doesn’t have to be yours. That is what product reviews are for. If the jamming is pretty often, then you want the nail retraction game to be on point.

Final Words

Gone are those days where people rely on hammers and physical strength to fasten nails. Technology has made it more comfortable and time-efficient to install Hardie siding and other carpentry applications with the invention of nail guns.

All things considered, we’ve picked and reviewed the best available nail guns in the current market with all the details you need to know about them. Nine of them require a compressor to work, while one (PORTER-CABLE) is battery powered.

In conclusion, we hope you find the quality nail guns right for your need on our list. Note that even if most nail guns do not require oil to function, it’ll be best choice to add drops of oil to lubricate them once in a while. In doing so, you reduce the tendency of jamming and experience a better working rate.

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