5 Best Paint For Styrofoam Reviews 2021

When you want to do some crafts at an affordable rate, there is no better option than the Styrofoam.

These are easily available, comes at cheap price, and most importantly, lightweight. For their endless benefits, Styrofoam becomes the first choice for everyone who is into crafting.

For giving the styrofoam a nice and interesting look, you need to apply proper paint on them.

For making your task easy finding the best paint for Styrofoam, we have reviewed 5 best picks that can give the Styrofoam the exact color you want.

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ARTEZA Acrylic Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes (22 ml, 0.74 oz.)


Sargent Art 24-2498 Count Artist Quality Acrylic Paint Set, 12, Assorted


Zenacolor Acrylic Paint Set, 24 Acrylic Paints


What is Styrofoam Paint?

A particular type of paint that are specially made for using on the styrofoam. Generally acrylic paints goes best with the styrofoam. So, we recommend best acrylic paints to use on the styrofoam.

Our 5 Best Paint For Styrofoam Reviews

1. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes (22 ml, 0.74 oz.)

The 60 color acrylic paint set from ARTEZA is our pick for the best paint for styrofoam. With this set in hand, you will be able to give the Styrofoam any color you want.

The 60 color set contains 60 different vibrant color shades allowing you to put any color you want on the foam board.

This artist-quality color comes in an organized and sturdy box. The box will allow you to keep things organized after the work is done.

One of the great things about the paint is its durability. It does not fade away after a few months like other cheap paints. So, you can do all your professional staff with it without thinking about the color durability.

The ACMI-certified paint set is not-toxic and thus safe for use by any person above the age of 5.

Key Features

  • 60 shade color, made from great materials
  • Acrylic paint thus perfect for Styrofoam
  • Artist-quality result
  • Comes with a greatly organized box
  • ACMI-certified non-toxic paint

2. Sargent Art 24-2498 Count Artist Quality Acrylic Paint Set, 12, Assorted

The Sargent Art product is making America great again! Yes, you’ve rightly guessed, this is a made in USA product.

12 high-quality acrylic paint that allows you to lay down your thoughts into the painted surface quite well.

This paint set is water-resistant when dry. So, there is no question about the durability. Water-resistant colors are way more durable than the other ordinary paints.

When it comes to ease of use, this paint set comes in 12 bottles with a flip-top dispensing feature. So, you don’t need to do any hassle dispensing the exact amount you need for doing things right.

One drawback that we found about the paint set is that you’ll see cracks forming on the dried paint. This will hamper your artwork when you do art on the canvas, but for Styrofoam, this won’t make much difference.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant paint
  • 12 high-quality acrylic paint bottles
  • Easy dispensing feature
  • Made in the USA
  • Paint can crack when dried

3. Zenacolor Acrylic Paint Set, 24 Acrylic Paints

Zenacolor 24 color acrylic paint set is at our #3. This ACMI certified non-toxic paint set can be used for using on the Styrofoam, canvas, and wood.

If you are looking for something for your children, or yourself, this can be a great paint set to have.

A great feature of this paint set is that you can clean any mistakenly applied paint with soap and water.

Although this is a 24 color set, you can get hundreds of shades by mixing the colors. This thing is only possible for its high quality and easy mix feature. When you mix two or three paints, they mix well unlike other paints. So, a great place to show your creativity.

The painting set comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee also. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back from the manufacturer!

Key Feature

  • 24 color acrylic paint set
  • Non-toxic paint certified by ACMI
  • Can be easily mixed to get more color shades
  • Easy clean up with soap and water
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

4. Apple Barrel PROMOABI, Assorted Colors 1 (18 pack)

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, this Apple Barrel product will serve your purpose.

This USA made product is specially curated for Styrofoam, wood, and plaster. So, you will see a great painted surface on your Styrofoam after the application of this.

Since it is a water-based paint set, two or three colors can be blended easily to get a new shade for more creativity. If you have not tried this before, try this now. New colors will open new opportunities!

For the beginners, the cleanup option is a mandatory feature to have. And this Apply Barrel set can be cleaned up with simple water and soap. So, don’t worry about this.

Key Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Water-based Acrylic paint
  • Non-toxic thus safe to use
  • Blends smoothly
  • Specially made for Styrofoam
  • Easy to clean

5. Acrylic Paint Set 60 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL

If you are looking for a full-color palette for using on Styrofoam and other surfaces, these 60 colors paint set by Crafts 4 ALL is a go-to for you.

Although 60 shades cover almost all the colors we generally think of, you have the option to mix and blend different colors to get a new shade.

This paint lasts longer when perfectly dried. From beginner to professional, this paint is an all-purpose paint.

This non-toxic paint is a great product to have in your craft bag. And the best part? The manufacturer offers replacement if anything goes wrong with the shipped product.

Key Features

  • Perfectly blends with foam finish
  • High-quality paint for Styrofoam
  • Long-lasting paint
  • No toxic material is present
  • Customer satisfaction ensured

Best Paint For Styrofoam Buying Guide

How To Choose The Perfect Styrofoam Paint?

These are the criteria by which you should find the perfect craft paint to use on Styrofoam projects-

1. Type of Paint

The first thing you need to check is the type of paint. Acrylic paint goes best with the Styrofoam. So, when you are looking for paint for Styrofoam, make sure to check whether it is acrylic paint or not.

2. Durability

Perfect artist’s paint must last long. You’ll not love to see your paintings fading away after a few days or months. So, you need to check whether the paint can hold the surface strong and remain the same for a long period.

3. Easy to Clean

For creative works, you’ll do a lot of mistakes or change your mind a lot. For making up those changes, you need to find a paint that can be cleaned easily. There is a lot of paint that can be removed with soap and water. Try to buy one of those options for easy cleanup.

best paint for styrofoambest paint for styrofoambest paint for styrofoam

4. Non-toxic

Working with any toxic substance can lead to skin irritation. For avoiding those unexpected medical conditions, check whether the paint is non-toxic or not. Generally, all the paints are non-toxic nowadays, but it is always better to double-check before the purchase.

5. Perfectly Blends

You’ll be buying a set of paint of 12 to 60 colors. But there will be situations where you’ll need more color shades or a different shade that is not present in your paintbox. So, how would you get that in a quick time? By blending two or three colors, you can easily get your desired color shade. So, get a paint set that easily blends and gives you more color options to try.

6. Affordable Paint

Affordability is another thing you must consider before buying. No one loves to spend more when there are products available at an affordable rate. Look for affordable options that accommodate all the features that we have talked about in this buying guide. Generally, you should get your desired high-quality paint set at around 30 to 50 bucks.

color painted styrofoam blocks art

How to Apply Paint on Styrofoam

Acrylic paints are the best type of paint to use on Styrofoam. Apart from the acrylic paints, you can use other paints as well to give your Styrofoam a new color but that will cost you more. And some paints, i.e. spray paint can dissolve the Styrofoam. So, you must be careful when choosing paint for the Styrofoam.

1. Take the Desired Paint Bottles

The first step towards a painted Styrofoam is to take the desired color paint bottles in your hand. Try to take measurement of the Styrofoam and get an idea about the amount of paint you will need to paint the whole surface.

Generally, there is hardly any rule for measurement because of creativity. No one knows your taste and how you are thinking. So, try to measure the whole Styrofoam surface you need to cover with the paint and get an idea of how much paint will you need. Then, multiply the amount with 3 or 4 as you’ll need around 3 to 4 coats of paint on the Styrofoam to get your desired color on it.

Avoid solvent based paints on your art projects.

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2. Pour Paint on Paper

Pour the paints on a palette paper or any scrap paper. Pouring on the paper will allow you to get the foam brush soaked with the paint easily and make your application faster.

If you are not sure about the amount of paint you need to pour, start with small amounts of paint from every bottle. In this way, there will be no or very little wastage. And after one or two rounds of painting styrofoam, you should learn the measurement and get a better idea. Since styrofoam has porous surface, paint dries pretty quickly on it.

3. Apply the Paint

Start applying the paint from the corners of the Styrofoam where you need precise application. Try to go slow on the edge so that you do not end up applying more than necessary.

After the edges and corners are painted, you can now paint open surface fast with the paintbrush or a foam brush.

4. Let the Paint to Dry

After a coat of paint is applied, let the surface dry out. For getting an idea about the time it will take to dry out, see the label of the paint.

When drying the paint, try not to use a fan. Doing this can spread the paint if you have applied a thick coat anywhere on the surface. Apart from that, dust can get stuck on the surface which can easily ruin all your efforts to make a great piece of craft.

5. Apply Additional Coats

Apply additional three to four coats for getting the perfect color that you looking for. Generally, Styrofoam does not get the perfect color with a coat of acrylic paint. So, you must apply several coats for the desired color.

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Final Words

As you end up reading this, you should already know about the best pick, how should you choose the best paint for Styrofoam and how to apply them.

We hope the article helped you to get your answers. If you have more questions that remain unanswered in this article, we encourage you to get the help of the comment box below. We will get back to you soon with the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint can you use on Styrofoam?

You can use acrylic paint to coat Styrofoam. The acrylic will harden and become more durable than the foam itself, but it is not recommended for exterior work because of the lack of durability in rain or direct sunlight. Acrylics are water-soluble so you should make sure that any spills get cleaned up quickly before they dry.

Does acrylic paint stick to styrofoam?

Acrylic paint will stick to styrofoam, but it is not recommended for exterior work because of a lack of durability in rain or direct sunlight.

How do I make Styrofoam paintable and smooth?

You can coat Styrofoam with a primer before using acrylic paints. This will help the paint to adhere better, and also give it an even surface that is easier for painting.

Can I use latex paint on Styrofoam?

Yes, you can use latex paint on styrofoam. This is a great option for projects that need to have more durability outside of the home or other interior work.

How do you waterproof painted Styrofoam?

If you want to waterproof your styrofoam, use latex paint with primer and then seal it with polyurethane or an outdoor gloss. This will help protect the surface from water damage.

Can you spray paint Styrofoam balls?

Yes, you can spray paint styrofoam ball. However, you can’t use regular spray paints to paint polystyrene. You will need a primer first for the best results with styrofoam specific paints.

Spray lightly and in even coats to avoid pooling or drips of the paint on the surface. Allow each coat to dry before spraying again.

How do I create an interesting texture with Styrofoam?

A great way to create a textured effect with styrofoam is by using the heat gun. By moving it over an area of the surface, you can simulate realistic wood grains or other textures.

Do not press too hard on your Styrofoam when applying paint because pressing too much will cause indentations in the material that are difficult to cover up.

How do you seal Styrofoam for painting?

To seal your styrofoam before painting, you will need to do a couple of things. First, sand the surface lightly in order to get rid of any rough patches and create a smooth surface. Then paint on at least two coats of primer and allow it to dry for 24 hours between each coat. This will ensure that the surface is completely sealed and ready for paint!

Can you waterproof styrofoam?

There are a few different things you can do to waterproof Styrofoam. One option is using an epoxy sealant and then painting styrofoam with whatever color paint works best for your project. This will make the surface watertight, but also delicate so be careful about how much pressure you apply when applying the epoxy. Another way to waterproof the surface is to use a product called Foam Cushion Plus. This is a spray-on coating that will seal any gaps in the foam and keep it from soaking up anything spilled on it.

However, none of these are 100% effective and it may start soaking water after some time. The only way to achieve full water protection is by using polyurethane wrapping.

How do you keep Styrofoam from crumbling?

You can use clear packaging tape to wrap the styrofoam and keep it safe from crumbling. If you are using polyurethane already for waterproofing, it may work just fine if you use a heat gun to make the material attach to styrofoam firmly.

Can you use watercolor on Styrofoam?

Since watercolor is acrylic paints, you can use them on Styrofoam. It may not be the best idea to use oil paint as it will dissolve styrofoam eventually and make it crumble after some time.

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