10 Best Parts Washer Solvent Reviews 2021

Many uses are out there for parts washer solvents. Even though the name indicates washing parts, those solvents could be great cleaners in general.

You have a metal part, a dirty sink, a messy floor, or even a spot on your cloth. Solvents/ cleaners will help you remove any dirt and make any part spotless. 

So now, we will review many solvent products to let you find the best parts washer solvent for your needs.





B’laster 128-PWS Industrial Strength Parts Washer Solvent

Best For Motor Oil

CRC 05067 Parts Washer Solvent – 5 Gal

Best For Grease & Dirt


Best For Shop Floor Cleaning

Zep Professional R19935 Parts Washer Solvent with Citrus, 5 Gallons

Best For Professional Use

Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

Cheapest Parts Washing Solvent

Our 10 Best Parts Washer Solvent Reviews:

Here are the top 10 solvent products for parts washing-

1. B’laster 128-PWS Industrial Strength Parts Washer Solvent

Since you are searching for the best parts washer solvent, you probably know how parts like engines and any mechanical objects get dusty and oily in a way that might stop working.

But those problems are easy to solve by using a cleaner like B’laster solvent. This solvent can slide through multiple kinds of oil and grease and dissolve them. 

It will leave the parts free of any sediments. No matter how small or tricky parts you have, the B’laster solvent will effectively do its job. 

The formula of this product has a high flash point endurance that could handle up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if your washer uses heating techniques to deal with the parts, you could choose this product with a relief.

However, you should be careful if your washer is a water-based one because of the petroleum substance in the product. It could be insufficient and even dangerous to use petroleum-based solvents in a water-based parts washer. 

This product is safe to use on all different kinds of metal surfaces. It is also safe to use on most of the plastic or painted surfaces.

The B’laster 128-PWS Industrial Strength Parts Washer Solvent has a less intense odor than the same category products.

This works better than competitors when you are cleaning motor oil. However, you should take CRC solvent if you want to remove grease efficiently as well.

Key Features

  • Excellent results on different kinds of oils and grease
  • Can handle up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Usable on all metals
  • Usable on most of the plastic or painted surfaces
  • Low intense smell

2. CRC 05067 Parts Washer Solvent – 5 Gal

This product is more like a cleaning solvent than a strong all-in-one parts washer solvent. It is suitable for brake plates and generally any big parts.

The CRC 05067 Parts Washer Solvent removes all kinds of oil, grease, sediments, and dirt instantly. No matter how greasy your metal parts are, the CRC 05067 can handle it quickly and efficiently. 

It applies to all metal materials as well as to multiple surfaces of plastic. And it has no adverse effect on painted surfaces. So, with its significant amount and different uses, you probably find this solvent super useful if you do regular cleaning for your greasy metal parts.

Although this product has excellent features like high heat endurance and instant cleaning effect, it lacks what it takes to be satisfactory for professionals. 

The instructions are displayed clearly on the outside of the container, and you should follow it carefully because these types of materials could irritate. And medical intervention might be needed if you misuse it or children encounter it.

Unlike most parts washers, this works equally to both metal and plastic surfaces. For eliminating grease and dirt, there is hardly any product close to this.

Key Features

  • Fast observable results
  • Variety of metals and plastic usability
  • Up to 154 degrees Fahrenheit endurance
  • Midrange quality
  • Usable on painted surfaces


A water-based solvent cleaner that will give you much flexibility when diluting and applying.

There are many diluting ratios for different purposes, but the lighter Oil Eater becomes, the more challenging to deal with tough soils. So, it depends on your task and the thickness of the grease or dirt. 

It works very well to clean oily metal stuff like pistons and screws. Also, it can be a good fit for rubber seals. 

Another different use is to apply on floors, especially shop floors, you know, shop floors could be filthy and needs a robust and safe cleaner like this. 

Speaking of safety, this water-based solvent is biodegradable and approved by USDA. So, you can use it safely in kitchens or any other tools that we use for cooking purposes like grills. 

However, you can still be careful and sanitize such tools after cleaning. Also, it is very harmful if you forget to dilute it, so keep in mind that this product from Oil Eater cannot be used concentrated.

Back to the advantages, this product can be used with many washing and applying tools like washing parts machines, pressure washers, floor scrubbers, and sprays. 

Having tiny spaces in any metal part or any other stuff would be a headache when it comes to cleaning, but with pressure washers and Oil Eater, you will not think about it at all.

Another essential feature is that it is not flammable. Also, it has a low odor. 

Final notes are to pay attention to any instructions to keep yourself healthy and safe and be patient while opening and tightening. There is a pour spout, so don’t worry about having any mess.

The feature that sets it apart from other degreasers is its ability to use on shop floors. It works great to clean any mechanic shop floor where different kind of oil, dirt, and contaminants create mess.

Key Features

  • Water-based cleaner
  • Different diluting ratios for different uses.
  • High flexibility
  • Not flammable
  • Multi usage like cleaning floors, kitchen hoods

4. Zep Professional R19935 Parts Washer Solvent with Citrus, 5 Gallons

A powerful parts washer solvent with citrus since citrus is one of its main components; it would have a substantial impact on grime, grease, and soils.

No matter how difficult you think it could be to clean tough soils on metals in different parts and shapes, the Zep Professional R19935 Parts Washer Solvent with Citrus will do it just right.

You will be grateful for having such a product if you work in the automotive or maintenance industry. The solvent is meant to be used by professionals.  

Whether you have cars, motorcycles, trucks, or you work in the machinery industry, this product will help you in your different tasks. Also, it will save you money when it cleans spotlessly so that a broken-down tool might return to work well. 

Time to use Zep Solvent, you might not need to use your hands to rub; you only need the right parts washer because this type of solvent doesn’t work with water-based parts washer solvents. It is very flammable, and it could be risky if used with the wrong parts washer.

So, pick one that is customized for flammable solvents. 

After that, you can air-dry your metal parts with no rinsing or scrubbing unless there are hard grease and soil, then you would soak the chosen piece of metal in this solvent, and use a brush to loosen those spots. 

Finally, you will use high air pressure to get any pieces dried.

If you are a professional, you should look no further. It cleans better than the other products and leaves oil coating on the surface for making the metal rust resistance.

Key Features

  • Best parts washer solvent for professionals
  • Ready to use cleaner
  • Citrus solvent
  • Can be used on aluminum surfaces
  • No strong smelling
  • Very flammable

5. Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

You might still search for a proper fit cleaner since there are multiple uses for solvents. However, we think that you will find a use or more in this cleanerـــ the Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser. 

It is an all-purpose cleaner; you can find it usable in every part of your home or workplace given that you work in the automotive, machinery, and any industrial fields.  

You can use this industrial degreaser in two ways; one is to dilute it so that you can apply it safely on light tasks at home. Another is to let it concentrated in case you have tough soils to deal with. 

Even though it is degradable, non-toxic, and safe, total care must be adhered to.

Back to its strong formula, it works on all washable surfaces like fabric, concrete, fiberglass, metal, and more. 

This gives us an insight into how inclusive this product is. 

Matching the material surfaces, we can think of applying it on our sinks, tiles, floors, carpets, upholstery. 

And it will work perfectly with engines, metal equipment, and vehicles. 

However, Simple Green Company has many related products for different purposes, so you will find many cleaners from this particular company, but each has a specific job.

Finally, it is an easy product to use that it comes with a spout; you will apply, clean, wait a bit, rinse, and dry. That’s it.

Unlike ZEP and Oil Eater washer, you can use this at your home. Plus, it is cheaper than all other products we have reviewed above.

Key Features

  • Versatile usability
  • Safe for home uses
  • Strong cleaner for industrial uses
  • Water-based cleaner
  • Needs to be diluted
  • Easy to use

6. Simple Green Extreme Aircraft and Precision Cleaner, 1 Gallon Bottle 13406

Here we have another product from Simple Green, but this time it focuses on aircraft and machinery purposes. 

This pick is great for professionals who deal with day-to-day metal cleaning in vehicles or any other equipment. You know, any engines need permanent maintenance, and cleaning is the main part of maintenance. 

So, Simple Green Extreme Aircraft and Precision Cleaner could be an excellent solution for cleaning hard-to-remove grease, dirt, and soils. Besides, it could be applied safely on plastics, paints, metals, and coatings, leaving no damage. 

Its functionality process starts with cutting through the dirty spot in a way that they can be dissolved; then you end it by rinsing your selected surface easily.

You can also use multiple washer equipment to get the best of this product, depending on your task. 

Like other Simple Green products, it is biodegradable, and it has low toxicity compounds. The smell is okay; no strong smell. 

Finally, you can dilute it or use it concentrated, it all depends on your tasks.

Key Features

  • Great cleaner for professionals
  • Focuses on aircraft and machinery cleaning purposes
  • Low-toxic substances
  • Works well on multiple surfaces
  • Works well on different types of metal
  • No strong smell

7. CRC 14416 HydroForce Industrial Strength Degreaser – 1 Gallon

Previously in this review list, we have mentioned a CRC midrange use product, but now we got the real deal. This product is by far the best parts washer solvent.

The CRC 14416 HydroForce Industrial Strength Degreaser is a superior product in every possible way. It works with almost anything that may come to your mind, even on a concrete surface.

This product, depending on the dilution level, works perfectly on machines, motor parts, and concrete surfaces. So, whatever your need is, this product can do it thoroughly. 

Due to the low foaming nature of this product, it forms a perfect choice for all kinds of high-pressure washers, whether it is handheld or it is an industrial one. And that gives it extra power to deal with grease and sediments.

It is a water-based degreaser, and it is non-flammable. That makes it safer under pressure and heat.  

Although it is super effective and strong on grease and dirt, it causes no abrasion on the surfaces. And you may think a product with such features cannot be safe on plastic surfaces, but you are mostly wrong because it is safe on most of the plastic surfaces. So, please feel safe to use this product wherever you need to.

Key Features

  • Highly effective
  • High-pressure endurance due to low foaming
  • Non-flammable
  • Causes no abrasion and soft on most plastic surfaces
  • NSF C1 registered

8. Graymills M5005-141 5 Gallons Cleaning Solvent Super Agitene 141

This item does what it says without overweighing its abilities. It is quick as it claims and dissolves oil and grease fast.

And as they admit that this product could irritate, they make a nice gesture by adding a Hand-Ease with the container. So, don’t worry about your skin after dealing with Graymills M5005-141.

It coats the parts with a layer of lanolin after it cleans and removes the oils and greases from the parts. That layer helps the parts maintaining their condition without rust. And that is a feature even the best products on our list do not have in their listed features.

This product has a relatively decent flashpoint that could reach up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit, but we do not recommend to heat it at all.

The Graymills M5005-141cannot handle pressure well, and it could be hazardous if you try to make it an aerosol. But it may work with some specific compatible pumper.

This product has strong VOCs, so be careful when using it in closed, unventilated places.

This item is NOT legal in California due to the incompatibility of the components with the local standards.

Key Features

  • Fast grease dissolver
  • Adds a lanolin coat to the parts
  • Hand-Ease with the container
  • Poor pressure endurance
  • Harsh VOCs
  • Illegal in California

9. Simple Green 19005 Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser, 5 Gallon Pail

Again, we will discover more uses of cleaners with Simple Green, which is an impressive resource to buy your cleaners from. It still proves that it is the most versatile cleaners/ degreasers, provider. 

Simple Green 19005 Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser reflects the versatility of Simple Green since it works for a wide range of tools and parts. 

The most important feature is that you can deal with it safely, whatever you want to clean; your clothes, stoves, grills, and any other stuff that requires high caution when it comes to clean since most cleaners contain harmful chemicals. 

Another sensitive industry that this product deals with perfectly is the medical and cosmetic field. It could be applied safely following the product instructions. 

Meeting the requirements of FDA and Montreal Protocol Guidelines gave it a significant advantage so that it is approved insensitive cleaning stuff. 

Now, how will we use it? It is a water-based cleaner. You can dilute or not, depending on where you are using it. For kitchen uses, it must be diluted, for example. However, read the instructions carefully. 

Dealing with light tasks doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to clean hard soils and grease with this product. 

It works perfectly to dissolve any dirt so that you can easily rinse your parts.

Keeping in mind light and heavy tasks, this cleaner works well on stainless steel, whether you have some stainless-steel kitchen furniture, or you, as a professional, deal with different metal types while working in any industrial field.

The final feature is that it has no color or fragrance. So, overall it is better than any petroleum-based solvents. 

Key Features

  • Versatile usability
  • Water-based cleaner
  • Deals perfectly with home sensitive uses
  • Works safely in medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic field
  • High ability of rinsing
  • No fragrance at all

10. EcoGen ECOPRT-B Tool & Parts Cleaner Concentrate, 5 gal Bucket

It is another environment-friendly cleaner since it has no toxic substances. It is also not flammable, so you can use it without thinking about any upcoming irritation or allergies. 

EcoGen ECOPRT-B Tool & Parts Cleaner Concentrate is easy to use, no specific requirements except diluting with water, and you will see clearly that you need 3parts water with a 1-part concentrated cleaner. 

Speaking of usability, this cleaner can work well to clean dirt, grime, and oil on a variety of equipment. 

However, it takes time to cut through a soiled surface. You will have to dip your tool in a bucket with this diluted cleaner, wait for a few minutes to let it dissolve any dirt, finally, pick it up and flush with water. Sometimes, you will need a scrub brush while soaking your tools. 

One thing to take caution of is to try not to deal with untreated aluminum using this cleaner because it might become corrosive.

Key Features

  • Environment-friendly cleaner
  • Safe for workers
  • Water-based cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • It takes time to dissolve dirt

How To Choose The Best Parts Washer Solvent?

Purchasing parts cleaner is not that hard of a task when you know for which reason you are buying the product.

1. Solvent Material

Checking the material by which the solvent is made is an important factor when you have sensitive skin. You’ll see some solvent that indicates whether it irritates skin or not.

Nowadays, almost all the manufacturers try to provide products that are not harmful to the human body but you should not rely on them. Check the material of the product before purchasing for removing the risk of future irritation.

2. Packaging Size

Packaging size is an important factor when it comes to parts washer solvents. It’s because different people need different amounts of solvents. You’ll not need a gallon of solvent for cleaning small parts. So, when purchasing the product, make sure you choose the right size that can conveniently complete all your parts washing tasks.

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best parts washer solvent reviewsbest parts washer solvent reviewsbest parts washer solvent reviews

3. Object of Purchasing

Knowing the purpose for which you are purchasing the parts cleaner is a vital factor to get the best value out of your money. Some people require a solvent pack in their storeroom to clean parts from time to time and some want fresh solvents for only one task.

When you are from the first group, you should pick a product that can be easily stored for future use. If not, you can purchase one without thinking much about storage.

Another test is that you should know the application. Whether you’re using the solvent in the automobile parts or industrial parts is an important question to answer before buying the perfect one. Although most of the solvents can effectively clean industrial and automobile parts, you should double-check whether the one you picked can do that too.

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4. Ease of Use

When you are purchasing the solvent for the first time, you should go for the one that is easy to use. Some products need to be mixed with other materials like water or other liquids. This is an extra hassle for the beginners.So, look for the product that comes with clear instructions of usage or take one that does not need any mixing.

5. Not Hazardous & Eco-friendliness

Whether the product is environment-friendly or not is a question, you should ask before purchasing. Eco-friendly parts washers are good for humans too as they contain little or no harmful substance in them.

So, keep distance from the products that are not friendly to the environment.

How To Manage the Parts Washer Solvent Wastes?

Wastes that come out of washing the parts are more or less hazardous. Exposing the wastes to the skin can irritate. So, it is important to properly manage wastes after washing.

The best way to manage the solvent wastes is to call a waste management company to pick your wastes and treat them in their plant.

You can manage the wastes by yourself after making the lab test for contaminants. If the lab test comes out that the wastes are not hazardous or toxic, you can simply bury the wastes in the ground. But again, this needs lab clearance for avoiding future hazards.

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Final Verdict

Of course, you can always choose a product depending on your specified needs. Still, we have discovered good and better products on our list, and it is time to conclude.

In all-purposes, high-value category, we can say with high confidence that the CRC 14416 HydroForce Industrial Strength Degreaser is the best parts washer solvent on our list.

After reviewing these products, it must be said that the Simple Green 19005 Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser, 5 Gallon Pail has the safest usability even on clothes and furniture. 

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