10 Best Pass Through Socket Sets [2021 Reviews]

Even in the technologically advanced era, we prefer doing some tasks, especially servicing our products independently.

A well-equipped tool kit is something that every DIY guy must maintain to resolve the maintenance needs. And a full socket set is a must in your kit. 

best pass thru socket set review

Pass through socket sets enable us to work in combination with fasteners, nuts, and bolts of various types and sizes. Coming in a protective case, they are sturdy and come with a long shelf life. 

Top 5 Best Pass-Through Socket Sets Comparison:







GEARWRENCH Pass-Thru Mechanics Tool Set


Alloy Steel


Channellock 39100 Ultra Access Socket Set


Stainless Steel


Crescent Brand CX6PT20 Pass-thru socket set




SATA Pass-Thru Socket Set


Stainless Steel


Our 10 Best Pass Through Socket Set Picks:

Here we share with you the top 10 Pass through Socket Sets available in the market-

1. GEARWRENCH 46 Pc. Pass-Thru Mechanics Tool Set

This GEARWRENCH 46 Pc socket set has a sleek and modern design. Possessing this particular piece, you wouldn’t require a deep socket set.

Produced with top-notch quality steel, it comes in a full chrome finished body. The socket has a thin-walled design which increases their preference over other bolts. The handle of the socket set is designed to make it easy to be handled by the customers.

The kit consists of ratchets, extensions, adapters, SAE sockets, and standard metric sockets.  All of them come in a protective case, which makes it easy to store and carry.

The brand assures that this 46 piece product is up to 40% stronger and 50% thinner as compared to other products in the market. It is manufactured in a way that enhances the functioning enabling the user to work seamlessly and effortlessly.  

It has a flexible head that can lock itself into 11 different positions. This gives GEARWRENCH an edge over the deep socket sets as it can reach the narrowest and tiniest of places. Using this socket set with the brand’s handle helps achieve more torque capacity. Coming in a universal size, it can be used effectively in combination with other tools and conventional sockets.

Weighing 3.05 pounds, GEARWRENCH 46 Pc socket set can be a bit heavy to carry, but its usages make it a must-have in our tool bag. Since it’s a 46 piece set, it offers multiple and varied uses to its users.

Despite its bulkiness, it’s a majestic product with all the modern features and designs.

key features

  • 46 piece set with laser etched sizing
  • Offers multiple and varied usages
  • Modern designing
  • A strong and sleek body
  • Produced with premium quality material
  • A flexible head that can reach tight spaces
  • Compatible product
  • Eliminates the use of traditional socket set

2. Channellock 39100 Ultra Access Socket Set

Channellock is one of the uniquely designed and compatible socket sets available in the market. This is another piece that is capable of working efficiently in the narrowest of places.

Channellock socket set is a 16 piece kit with a reversible ratchet handle, SAE and socket metrics, and an adapter and an extension. All the sockets are stored in a protective case. The pieces have a chrome finish, which helps protect them from rusting. This also makes it easy to maintain. 

It comes with a socket extension, which further helps it reach tough spots. The ratchet is, however, a quick-release one which enhances its working.

It is one of the few products designed, keeping in mind the customer’s usage and convenience. It offers a diverse usage with its versatile parts

Channellock set comes in modern designing and powerful functioning at affordable pricing.

key features

  • Modern designs with efficient working
  • Economical pricing
  • Compatible product
  • Can reach the tiniest spots
  • The ratchet handle is reversible
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Offers diverse usage

3. Crescent Brand CX6PT20 Pass-thru Socket Set

Crescent Brand CX6PT20 is another socket set that must have in your tool kit as it will replace the deep sockets in your tool collection.

This is a versatile product as it can be fitted with 6 different types of fasteners, including hex, a square, etc.

It is again a low maintenance product. Every part comes with an engraved marking, which helps the user differentiate the different products.

The brand also ensures that the product is sturdy and durable. Plus, it is up to 40% stronger than  the other standard socket sets. It comes in a modernized and sleek design, making it easy to reach and work efficiently in narrow places. Crescent also assures that this piece is up to 50% thinner than the other conventional ratchets.

It might seem over the budget but will compensate with its powerful working and innovative features.

key features

  • Eliminates the use of traditional socket sets
  • Versatile product
  • Requires low maintenance
  • All the parts are marked for easy differentiation
  • Stronger and thinner as compared to other players
  • Can reach tough and narrow spots easily
  • 4. TACKLIFE Multi-Function Socket Set

    TACKLIFE Socket Set comes in a patented design and technology. It is one of the superior socket sets available.

    The kit comes with 34 pieces, which include sockets, ratchet, extension bars, and adapters. It is manufactured from premium quality materials- chrome vanadium steel alloy. This makes it sturdy and durable. Hence this comes with an extended shelf life.

    Its modern design makes it capable of reaching the toughest of spots, thereby offering multiple usages. TACKLIFE Socket Set is another tool that should be there in your top picks and your tool kits with its modern designing and efficient working.

    Every socket has a distinct characterization with the help of visible laser marks. The toolbox is strong and ensures the safety of the socket sets. This makes it compact and easy to be carried around.

    It would be an apt choice for all kinds of personal and professional usages. Be it fastening nuts at home or working on the construction sites or factories; TACKLIFE Socket Set will come to your rescue.

    key features

  • Comes in patented designing
  • Superior quality socket sets
  • Manufactured with premium quality elements
  • Works efficiently and powerfully
  • All the parts are marked with the laser for easy differentiation
  • Ideal for all kinds of personal and professional usages
  • 5. Crescent 20 Pc. 3/8” Drive Pass-Thru X6 CX6PT20

    This is a 20 piece set comprising various sized sockets ranging from 10mm to 7/8 inch, ratchet, adapter, and a storage tray.

    Crescent 20 Pc is one of the most efficient pass through socket and ratchet technology mechanism available. Its efficient work eliminates the requirement of traditional and deep sockets. This is a compatible model as it can function effectively with six different fastener types, including hex, square, partially rounded hex, etc.

    The brand assures that this product is up to 40% stronger and up to 50% thinner than the other traditional ratchets. Due to its sleek design, Crescent 20 Pc can enter the narrowest of places and work powerfully.

    It comes with an adapter that helps convert the X6 box to enable it to function as the standard square drive socket. Various pieces that are similar in appearance can be identified due to the laser markings on them. Additionally, the sockets coming with this piece are of universal size, and hence, this socket set can work as both traditional deep socket and pass-thru as per the requirement.

    Produced with premium quality material, it offers a sturdy body and comes with an extended shelf life. Due to this, it is also easy to maintain and to be cleansed. Its superior features make it stand out among the other players in the market.

    Crescent 20 Pc offers the best of the products with modern designing, powerful functioning at affordable pricing.

    key features

    • Works efficiently and powerfully
    • Eliminates the possession of a traditional deep socket
    • Versatile product offering multiple usages
    • Can work effectively with 6 fastener styles including rounded standard fasteners
    • Strong and thinner than other available products
    • Can function as a square drive socket with the help of an adapter
    • Can work as both a traditional deep socket and a modern pass through socket
    • Comes with a strong and heavy-duty body
    • Easy to maintain
    • Economical pricing

    6. SATA 21-Piece Pass-Thru Socket Set

    SATA Socket Set is one of the professional designs available in the socket set segment.

    This is a complete 21 piece kit that comprises 10 metric sockets ranging from 10mm to 19mm, 7 SAE sockets ranging from 3/8 inch to 11/1 inch, and pass through sockets. The set is packed in a durable, professional-looking storage box, which acts as a protective shield for the tools. 

    The ratchet comes with a 3-inch extension and two quick-release adapters, which enhance the equipment’s working.

    SATA Socket Set is another brand that assures the users that its piece is 50% thinner and 40% stronger than the other available traditional socket sets and ratchets in the market.

    This offers both personal and professional usages. Its sturdy body and modern designing at an economical price make it one of the must-haves in our tool bags.

    The brand is known for its premium quality tools that offer powerful functioning at affordable pricing. SATA creates tools keeping in consideration the user, the usage, and the user’s convenience.

    key features

    • Offers a unique design
    • Consist of varied socket sizes
    • Powerful working
    • The adapter has a quick release system
    • Strong and sleek designing as compared to other products
    • Affordable pricing
    • Premium in quality
    • Offers multiple usages

    7. GEARWRENCH 23 Pc. Pass-Thru Mechanics Tool Set

    GEARWRENCH offers 23 pieces of a socket set, consisting of flexible pass through ratchet, varied sized sockets including vortex socket, hollow extension, and a quick-release adapter. The socket set comes in a strong protective case.

    This is one of the topmost products in terms of weight. Weighing 1.8 pounds, it is light, which makes it convenient to store and carry.

    GEARWRENCH 23 Pc is one of the sturdiest and durable products available in the socket set segment. Prepared with superior quality materials, they are strong and come with an extended shelf life. They are also one of the thinnest socket sets, which give them preference over the other traditional ratchets.

    With their modern and sleek designs, they can be worked within the smallest and narrowest of places.

    The brand is known for its innovative and well designed tools, and this product is a testimony of the same.

    Having GEARWRENCH 23 Pc in your bag, you won’t require the traditional deep sockets. It can tighten, loosen, or drive any kind of screw, nut, or bolt. Its head is flexible and movable and can be locked in 11 different positions. So, it can reach tight areas with ease.

    Moreover, GEARWRENCH 23 Pc socket set can work as a standard ratchet when used with an adapter.  

    key features

  • Consist of flexible ratchet and varied sized sockets
  • Light in weight
  • Compact and portable
  • Heavy duty product
  • Offers an extended shelf life
  • Produced with top-notch quality materials
  • Offers innovative designs and professional functioning
  • Eliminates the need for the original deep sockets
  • Can work as both a traditional socket and a modern pass-through socket
  • 8. Husky HUVTHRU28PC 28-Piece Universal Thru-Ratchet Set

    The brand Husky revamped the designs and the technology, and this piece is a redesigned version of the same.

    This 28 Husky HUVTHRU28PC piece includes drive through ratchet, sockets of various sizes ranging from 10mm to 9/16 inches, adapters, and extension. Each similar looking part can be differentiated with the laser markings.

    Prepared with high-quality chrome vanadium alloy steel, the socket sets are durable and heavy-duty. This ensures that they have an extended life span. They also have a premium chrome finish that ensures the kit’s protection from rusting and dust. The chrome finishing also helps in low maintenance of the product as they can be wiped and cleaned easily.

    The brand is one of the oldest in the tools industry and hence is known for its top-notch quality products, which offer innovative designs and function powerfully. Thereby, they are known for providing user satisfaction as the pieces are designed, keeping in mind the user’s convenience.

    It not only offers unique design but comes with powerful functioning too.

    key features

  • Offers innovative designs and improvised working
  • Manufactured with superior quality alloy steel
  • Come with a strong and long-lasting body
  • Easy to maintain
  • All the parts are engraved with laser markings for easy differentiation
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    9. Craftsman 19 Piece Universal Max Axess

    This Craftsman 19 Piece socket set includes sockets in various sizes from 10mm to 11/16 inches and a pass through ratchet. It is packed in a strong storage box that ensures their protection from rusting and corrosion.

    The pieces are manufactured with superior quality stainless steel. The components come in a black oxidized finish, which helps protect them from rusting and aids in their effective working as this reduces the friction while they work on hard surfaces.

    The drive through ratchet is one of the strongest in the tools category. It works super efficiently as compared to the traditional socket sets in the market. The socket sets work with diverse sized fasteners like 4 or 12 point, spline, partially rounded hex, or the standard fasteners, just to name a few.

    Offering multiple usages, Craftsman 19 Piece socket set is a one set solution for all your screwing, nutting, and bolting requirements. When worked with its accessories or add on fittings, it can work wonders with the fast working and efficient functioning. Possessing this piece will ensure you are handy for all the emergency fixations.

    The brand, keeping in mind user satisfaction, offers a lifetime guarantee. Craftsman 19 Piece socket set would be an apt selection for all kinds of personal and professional mechanics usages.

    key features

  • Comprises of sockets of varied sizes
  • Prepared with premium quality elements
  • The parts come in an oxidized finish, further protecting them from corrosion
  • Offers a strong body
  • Works efficiently
  • Offers various usages
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • 10. BOSTITCH Socket Set, Pass Through, 65-Piece

    BOSTITCH’s socket set is one of the sturdiest and durable available in the market.

    The brand is one of the few that offer a large socket size of 65 pieces. It is inclusive of drive-through ratchets, 72 tooth gear system, and sockets of varied sizes. BOSTITCH socket set piece comes packed in a heavy-duty storage cast, which ensures their protection from rusting and dust. The various pieces can be demarcated with their distinct stamp markings.

    The parts are produced with premium quality vanadium steel and come in a chrome finish. This ensures that the components are strong and long-lasting. Hence, this is one of the few socket sets that come with an extended lifespan. Due to this reason, they also require low maintenance. They can be cleaned without any hassles. Since the parts are in humongous numbers, the set offers multiple usages.

    The ratchet handle has a rubber grip to ensure it is anti-slippery. So, the over molded grip gives the user a good grip and convenience while using on long threaded rods.

    Considering it is a 65 piece socket set, it indeed weighs heavy. However, its unique design and powerful function, the versatility of the pieces make it one of the right tool to have in your tool rack.

    Coming in innovative design, efficient functioning, and diversity in product components, BOSTITCH socket set is an ideal choice for all your servicing and fixation requirements.

    key features

  • Offers a heavy-duty and long-lasting body
  • Comes with 65 pieces
  • Every part is etched with markings for easy differentiation
  • Manufactured with premium quality steel and come in a chrome finish
  • Require low maintenance
  • Offers multiple usages
  • The handle is anti-slippery, which gives a good grip to the users
  • Powerful working
  • What to Look For in A Pass Thru Socket Set?

    If you have a pass-through socket set, you’ll have an easy time loosening, removing fasteners, or tightening nuts and bolts in your vehicle and equipment. This is because it can reach places that ratcheting wrenches can’t.

    You can buy one for your DIY projects or professional mechanic work. However, these pass-through socket sets look alike and are many, so you’ll have challenges picking on the best socket rails. This is the reason why we have enlisted the top products and added this in-depth buying guide-

    Check on The Number of Sockets You’ll Require

    Before buying a pass-through socket set, ensure you know the number of different sockets, you’ll need. If it’s for professional mechanic use, ensure it’ll serve that purpose. Remember, professional use means you’ll work on socket sets of different sizes that require various pass-through sockets.

    To know this, it’s advisable to go for the big pass-through socket with most tools you’ll need for this job.

    Consider the Size of The Socket

    If you want to buy a pass-through socket, ensure you’ve got the right size of the socket you have. To achieve this, understand the two features of the pass-through socket. Also, know the uses of every type of socket set to help you go for the right one.

    There are the metric and imperial sockets which both have different sizes of settings. If you’re buying the set for professional use, it’s best to go for both types since you’ll come across various tasks.

    But there are those sets that have the two types together. So, if you go with them, you’ll have an easy time carrying it around than having two different tools. To help you choose the right size, know the nature of work you’re to do and its demand.

    Pass-Through Socket Set Price

    Apart from looking at the pass-through socket features, it is wise to look at how much you plan to spend on it. Remember, the price of the best pass-through socket set will differ from one shop to another. The main reason for this can be the manufacturers and the quality you opt for.

    Note that there’s no cheaper pass-through socket set, so if you want to buy, be ready to dig dipper in the pocket. If you want the best and quality tool, have enough money for it.

    The Metric Sizes, Inches, and SAE of The Pass-Through Socket

    You should also know this to avoid picking the wrong pass-through socket set. If you’re working on the old domestic vehicle, check on the SAE or metric, which has measurements in inches.

    But if it’s the modern cars, know that they use metric hardware with measurements in millimeters. If you can afford to buy both for professional use, the better.

    The Kind of Wrench You’ll Be Working On

    Before settling for a pass-through socket set, know the type of wrench you’ll be using for the task. You can either go for impact or manual sockets, depending on the nature of the job you’ve got. If it’s a job that will require you to use an impact wrench, then go for an impact socket.

    However, if it’s a manual ratcheting wrench, the best to help you achieve your target is the manual socket. But don’t try using an impact wrench on a manual socket since you’ll spoil your tools.

    Also, check the overall quality of the build. Generally, high carbon moly steel, high tensile steel, alloy steel are some of the good build materials. Hard chrome is also an option you can consider.

    working on a car with a pass through socket

    Know the Type of Finish on The Pass-Through Socket Set

    You should also know the finishes on the surfaces of the socket set. Most manufacturers use either chrome plating or black oxide as finishes on the socket sets, which prevent them from rusting.

    Each socket has a different kind of finish; for the impact sockets, they’ve got black oxide while chrome plating on manual sockets.

    Black oxide finish is on impact sockets to prevent them from chipping when under use on power tools that can remove the coating. However, the other type of finishes, like chrome plating, makes the sockets last longer.

    This is because it prevents the pass-through socket set from moisture which could result in rusting. With chrome plating, your pass-through socket set will also not keep dirt, allowing you to work with clean tools.

    Check on How Portable the Pass-Through Socket Set Is

    If you want to work on various equipment in different locations, it’s wise to look at the set’s portability. Remember moving around with heavy tools to multiple destinations can be tiresome, especially if you’ve no transportation. To make your work easy, look for a pass-through socket set with a strong carrying case.

    The carrying case should also have a rounded handle that won’t give you a hard time with your hands. Check the case’s interior and ensure it can hold the socket sets in the right position while transporting to avoid losing any tool and irritating sound. Who loves to hear that?

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    Since pass-through socket sets make your work easier, it’s advisable to look at some factors before buying it. Check on the price, the socket’s size, how portable it is, and the number of sockets you’ll need. Don’t forget the SAE, metric and inches of the pass-through socket set as well.

    Here we shared with you the best pass through socket sets in 2020. Since they are increasingly preferred over the traditional tools, having the one that suits your requirements and budget is essential.

    Keeping all the points into consideration, we suggest BOSTITCH Socket Set, Pass Through primarily because this is a 65 piece set, which is the highest in the market.

    The more the number of pieces, the more will be the usage. Hence, it is ideal for personal and professional mechanic work, be it at home or mechanic shops and factories.

    The parts are manufactured with top-notch materials making the set durable. They will last longer and are also easy to maintain. The set comes in a storage case making it easy to handle and carry. Plus, you can store in a storage rack.

    The components are versatile in use and work powerfully. Having this piece will serve as the one kit solution for all our emergency fixation needs.

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