5 Best Post Hole Digger For Tractor Reviews 2021

A post hole digger is a powerful tool that attaches to a tractor to dig holes for fences, posts, planting trees, etc. They are heavy-duty and PTO-driven, which makes them fast and efficient at drilling holes.

Suppose you are in the market for a quality post hole digger. And you are confused about the right one to buy for your tractor.  

Then, check out our comprehensive review of the 5 best post hole diggers for tractors in 2020.

best post hole digger for tractor

This well-written review contains all the information you need to know concerning each post hole digger that appears on this list.

It will help streamline the daunting task of choosing a post hole digger that best fits your tractor. So without further ado, let’s begin!





Tool Tuff Earth Ogre S21 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger


Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 3-Point Tractor Post Hole Digger


Titan 30HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger


Our 5 Best Post Hole Diggers For Tractor Picks:

Here is our list for the top post hole digging augers that you can use with tractors-

1. Tool Tuff Earth Ogre S21 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger for Skid Steer Tractors

Tool tuff is a North America farm and agricultural tool company founded by colleagues in the farming industry. The company specializes in the production of high-quality tools to solve farm problems. Their expertise is seen in the features of this earth ogre S21 hydraulic post hole digger for skid steer tractors.

This powerful and productive post hole digger is solid, easy to operate, and time-efficient. It is a heavy-duty digger that fits all types of 45″ skid steer plates and does hole digging flawlessly.

However, the skid steer tractor must pump the compressed hydraulic oil at a flow rate within 12 gallons per minute to 21 gallons per minute, up to 4000 psi.

Furthermore, this top pick post hole digger has a swivel mount that allows it to be mounted in five various positions on the skid steer tractor. You can mount it at the center, full right, full left, half right, or half left positions.

This tool-tuff post hole digger version is a 12″ earth auger combo. It is made with a durable plate of 8mm welded steel construction to withstand heavy use without fault. The pivot is greaseable to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

It comes with a cradle for supporting its hydraulic powerhead when moving from a worksite to another. This digger has a quick attachment frame. The top of the frame is coated with an anti-slip compound that prevents the operator from slipping when climbing/exiting the skid-steer tractor.

This earth ogre S21 hydraulic post hole digger is compatible with all drill bits used with a 2″ hex drive system. It comes packaged with quick-connect fittings, hydraulic hose, drill bits, and accessories needed for straightforward connecting to a skid-steer tractor.

There’s also a one-year warranty that covers only manufacturing defects. Normal wear, tear, and damages aren’t covered in this tool. This machine is very useful for digging fence holes, signboard holes, or planting trees.


  • Heavy duty hydraulic auger
  • Made of 8mm welded steel
  • Packed with all the needed items for connecting to a skid steer tractor
  • Five mounting options
  • Digs earth holes effectively
  • Comes with a 12″ auger bit
  • One year warranty


  • None

2. Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 3-Point Tractor Post Hole Digger for Compact/Sub-Compact/Cat 0 Tractors

The second spot on this list is the Tool Tuff pole-star 400 3-point tractor post hole digger for sub-compact, cat 0, and compact tractors.

It is a state-of-the-art, premium quality, sturdy steel structure posthole digger that has helped farmers, landscapers, and property owners deliver fantastic digging results for decades. Efficiency, durability, and Sturdiness are the advantages of this post hole digger.

It has a heavy-duty 90° gear box and comes with three different 36″ long compatible earth auger bits (6″ 9″ and 12″ diameters) that bolts with a 2″ gearbox shaft.

You can work with 48″ long augers, depending on the task at hand. But it will probably drag on the ground when moving the tractor from a Jobsite to another.

Also, the three different diameter earth augers this post digger comes with are standard with replaceable edges.

Strength is guaranteed with its 2⅞” tubing with four different adjustment hole sets and a manual canister. It has a high strength A-frame with a 21″ lift arm positioning.

This post hole digger has a robust 1 series power take-off (PTO) driveline that drives adequate power from a tractor to carry out its productive digging activity. Its PTO features safety shields such as six 1⅜” diameter quick release and 1¼” diameter round with shear bolt.

The Tool Tuff pole-star 400 3-point tractor post hole digger comes with a hardware kit with essential clips and bolts. It can as well be bought alone, without augers, if you’ve got one.

Overall, it is fast, rigid, and highly effective. With the one year warranty of this tool, you don’t have to worry much about its durability.


  • PTO driveline with safety guard
  • Comes with 6″ 9″ and 12″ auger bits
  • Compact and powerful
  • Heavy-duty 90° gearbox
  • Digs post hole fast


  • Fits only compact, sub-Compact, and Cat 0 tractors
  • Works with only high-powered tractors

3. Titan 60HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger w/6″ Auger 3 Point Tractor Attachment

Titan implement is a manufacturing company that produces excellent tractor attachments at a friendly price. They are one of the best, if not the best, manufacturer of tractor attachment globally.

One of their masterpieces is this Titan 60HP 3 point PTO post hole digger with a 6-inch auger bit. Compared to other top brands post hole diggers in the market, their Titan 60HP is a superior beast.

It connects with any standard tractor’s three-point latch and PTO. It’s suitable for any tractor that has 31HP up to 60HP engine. So if your tractor power is below 30HP, it can’t power this equipment.

Due to the material and technology involved in producing this post hole digger, it is quite pricey. Yet, it offers excellent value for money.

This posthole digger is built from high-grade steel construction tubing of 2⅞” diameter. There are protectors on the driveline, gearbox output shaft, and gearbox U-joint for safety. Note that this digger gearbox(225lb) is oil-filled and has a rate of 3.18:1.

A 6″ auger bits comes with this post hole digger that can drill a hole up to a depth of 24″ for securing very tall posts. With this auger bit, this Titan post hole digger can effectively drill multiple holes on ample farmlands and difficult rocky soils.

The Titan 60HP digger, coupled with the 6″ auger bit, weighs 256lb making it convenient to move around. You can also attach 9″ and 12″ auger bits to this digger if the need arises.

But they are sold separately. The PTO this post digger comes with moves at a speed of 540 RPM, fast enough to penetrate any dense soil. PTO-driven machines are scary, so ensure you don’t wear loose clothing when operating this tool. And also, keep your distance from the rotating auger bit.


  • Great option at Reasonable price
  • Drills hole up to 24-inch
  • Fits any tractor’s existing three-point latch
  • PTO with safety guard
  • Comes with a 6″ auger bits


  • Three points holes may be small for some tractors
  • Operates with only tractors with power from 31HP to 60HP

4. Dirty Hand Tools Model 90 Three-Point Hitch Post Hole Digger 

The Dirty hand tools brand is a branch of the Frictionless world holding company in Westminster, Colorado. They are a professional producer of high-grade outdoor equipment.

This Dirty hand model 90 three-point hitch post hole digger is a premium choice for those who desire fast and stress-free post hole digging. It’s easy to mount, time-efficient, and productive at digging post holes. Thanks to its design, you can operate it from the tractor’s seat.

This three-point post hole digger is made from high-density steel to withstand all the beatings from drilling through tough soil. It is compatible with category 0-1 tractors that have a type 0 or 1 three-point hitch rear.

The diameter of its three-point hitch is 1⅝” while the head link pin and the left arm pin has a diameter of ⅝” respectively.

This model 90 post hole digger has a robust gearbox with a driveline that transfers power to the auger bits.

It connects quickly to a six spline PTO. You can attach either 6″ 9″ or 12″ auger bits to it with no worries. Although, this digger doesn’t come with an auger bit. You’d have to purchase one with the diameter of your choice separately.

There are the Ranchex brand six-inch (101017), nine-inch (101018), and twelve-inch (101019) augers bits compatible with this model in case you want to buy. The spiral tip and carbide cutting teeth of these auger bits are also replaceable.

This digger weighs 222lb, which makes it lightweight and easy to transport from one Jobsite to another. It has a well-written instructional manual for coupling and mounting on a tractor. The gearbox, boom, and A-frame has a three-year warranty, while the driveline has a year warranty.


  • Perfect for compact tractors
  • Excellent quality for money
  • Drills deeper holes fast
  • Heavy-duty output with powerful tractor
  • Lightweight
  • Warranties and safety manual


  • Doesn’t come with an auger bit

5. Titan 30HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger w/6″ Auger 3 Point Tractor Attachment

The final position on this list is occupied with another Titan product. The Titan 30HP high-density steel post hole digger with 6″ auger 3-point tractor attachment is very similar to the first one reviewed but meant for tractors with power engines on/below 30HP.

So if your tractor’s engine is on/below 30HP, this post hole digger is highly recommended. Plus, it digs holes satisfactory.

This post hole digger boom and frame are constructed from sturdy 2⅞” construction grade steel tubing for durability and endurance on tough soil conditions. It attaches to any tractor with a standard three-point latch and PTO.

There are protection shields on the driveline, gearbox output shaft, and gearbox U-joint. The 206lb gearbox it functions with is filled with oil and has a rate of 3.18:1.

This post hole digger also comes with 6″ auger bits that can drill a hole up to a depth of 2-feet for high fences.

Thanks to this auger drill; it can effectively drill multiple holes on extensive farmlands and stiff clays. There are also 9″ and 12″ auger bits compatible with this digger, but they’re sold separately.

The total weight of this Titan tractor attachment is 231lb, which is light enough for easy transportation. The Tractor PTO shaft moves at a 540 RPM speed for fast penetration of any rocky soil with dense surfaces.


  • Works extremely well for installing fences
  • Heavy-duty
  • Operates with tractors on/below 30HP
  • Comes with 6″ auger bits
  • PTO with protectors
  • Drills holes up to 2-feet


  • Hard to mount

Best Post Hole Digger for Tractor Buying Guide

There are some post hole diggers out there that are worth every penny, and some are not. Here are some of the important things to watch out for:

Ease of connection

Since the post hole digger is to be connected to a tractor, an important factor to be considered is how easy it is to get it efficiently connected to the tractor. A lot of tractors have 6 spline PTO auger and you will need a hole digger that is compatible with that too.

Get a digger that works well with both the small subcompact tractors and also the larger ones. Make sure the joints and attaching components are intact and made of resilient material, that is because you might have to attach and detach them very often, all depending on your volume of work and diversity.


You need to get a post hole digger that is not limited in terms of diversity. Different lands have different topographies and textures, therefore, requirements to work on them may differ.

Some post hole diggers have self-sharpening blades that are capable of digging through various soils and landscapes, including rocks and tough soils. Such self-sharpening blades are made of steel and can maintain sharpness for the digging edge, even over long time usage.

Heavy duty steel is a go-to trusted material for versatile blades. Since most hole digger has this, it is quite appropriate for it to have a pivot lubricator too. The use of grease with the tools pivot and blade will ensure that destructive friction is avoided while working with different types of soil.

If you have a 2 gear shaft or you have a 2 gear shaft auger, a lot of versatile post hole diggers will work with both.

Presence of protective shield

It is not all post hole digger that come with a protective shield and that is a factor that should not be understated. Shooting stones and flying debris can be really dangerous, especially when the tool is working at high speed or working on a tough soil.

Quality shields should be provided along with the PTO driveline. This feature should not only keep you safe, it also gives you less worries and more confident presence. You achieve more when you don’t need to look out for yourself.

Replaceable edges

Firstly, it is good to have a strong and effective blade, especially a self-sharpening one like I mentioned earlier. It is not all. With experience, you will later realize that it is even a greater feature for the tool to have removable edges. One shoe doesn’t actually fit all in the business of post digging.

The simple way the soils and topography are different for various places, that is the same way various edges are perfect for different jobs. Even if you have a self-sufficient blade edge, it doesn’t hurt to have different options.

These options serve greatly for different scenarios; they also ensure longer life span of edges. Also, make sure the material for the replaceable edges are resistant to corrosion.

Flow rate of work

The operation of the post hole digger is heavily depending on rotational components which can technically translate to the rate of work. Angular velocities and rotational speed is an actual specification to be stated.

An experience operator knows the parameters required for each job but there is an acceptable range of timed revolutions. With a minimum speed of about 10 rpm and a maximum speed of about 125 rpm, your post digger is ready to handle most jobs.

Working dynamics

It is not all post hole diggers that can work in challenging situations. Having a post hole digger that can work uphill or even work in sloppy area is definitely a deal.

To know the extent at which the post hole digger will perform, it will require a solid level of experience or intense research. Trust me, the consultation and researches will definitely be worth it.


Weight is definitely an important factor. The hole digger should not be too heavy, massive weight reduces the ease of mobility and connection. There are some diggers that weigh over 200 pounds, you don’t usually want all that weight.

The only reason you should buy a heavy post hole digger is if it has other advantages making up for that downside.


In general, the post hole digger is not really a very cheap tool. It is definitely a wise thing to look out for an option that comes with some warranty. A warranty lasting between one to three years is great. Within the time frame, you will enjoy some benefits from the manufacturer or distributor.

Services and repairs are free under the warranty grace period in post hole diggers including gas powered auger. You won’t be in headache when the digging edge is getting blunt or the rotating speed reduces, all that will be covered by the distributor or manufacturer, among other services to maintain tool quality.

Final Thought

Each post hole diggers that made it to this list are made from premium quality steel to withstand all the hustle and bustle that comes with digging through dirt.

We have reviewed them with their respective features, as well as the type of tractors they fit best with. They all have safety protectors around the tractor PTO shaft to ensure you are protected from any accidents that may occur.

When choosing the right post hole digger for your tractor, ensure it matches your tractor’s power and category. All post hole diggers on our list are compatible with 6″ 9″ and 12″ auger bits. So, anyone you choose, you don’t have to worry about it not matching these sizes auger bits. Although, some come with all three diameter auger bits mentioned, some with one (6″), while some with none.

In conclusion, post hole diggers are PTO-driven, which make them dangerous. There’re safety guards for safe operation, but the operator needs to be safety conscious. Ensure you don’t wear any loose clothing while digging holes with this equipment. Otherwise, it may pull it in as it rotates, which will be hazardous to you.

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