10 Best Propane Forge Reviews 2021 [Gas Forge Buying Guide]

Are you trying to find the best gas forge to get into forging as soon as possible? Then we’re here to help you with your journey. 

Finding a decent gas forge is a tedious task; it may very well be a never-ending task if you don’t know what to look for in the wild.

Don’t worry, though. With our help, you will find the an excellent gas forge that meets all your demands.

best propane forge review

Once you’ve found it, you will finally have the change to forge any knife you want without a single problem. Without any further ado, let’s go through the most valuable gas forges.

Top 5 Best Propane Forges Compared:








Hell’s Forge HF2 Portable Propane Forge


19″ x 6.75 x 3.5″



Castmaster Propane Forge


21.1″ x 13.6″ x 13.3″



Simond Store Gas Forge


16″ x 11″ x 11″



Hell’s Forge Double Burner Gas Forge


19″ x 8″ x 8″



Simond Store Knife Making Propane Forge


58″ x 18″ x 12″



Our 10 Best Propane Gas Forge Picks:

Throughout this list, we’ll go in-depth why you should buy the following gas forges if you want to into blacksmithing. We’ve carefully chosen these so that you can get your money’s worth.

1. Hell’s Forge HF2 Portable Propane Forge

If you’re serious about forging, you need the best tools to accomplish mind-blowing results, and that is precisely what this gas forge has to offer.

At first glance, you will notice how well-built this gas forge is. All the welds are nice-looking; it is a pleasant gas forge to look at. And it doesn’t feel like some low-quality product.

The walls of this gas forge are incredibly thick. It is also coated with 2,300-degree ceramic coating. With only one burner running, we got the burner up to 2,100 degrees, and the results were mind-blowing.

Moreover, the way this gas forge is made allows this forge to work with any propane tank you have at home. It doesn’t matter if it is a small propane tank or a big one; chances are it will work fine with the gas forge.

The gas forge works exceptionally well. We’ve done extensive testing with this tool, and we have achieved excellent results. So far, it has worked flawlessly.

What makes this gas forge stand out from others is how well constructed it is. Seriously, we’ve tested many gas forges before, and it is incredibly hard to find a gas forge that can compete with this one.

Setting up this gas forge is also pretty easy. You don’t even need to look up a video to assemble this tool. You’ll get by just fine with the manual.

Overall, when you consider this machine’s quality and how well it works, you really can’t go wrong with this product. It has everything you need as a blacksmith.


  • Excellent quality
  • Double burner
  • Well-built design
  • Exceptional results
  • Easy to set up
  • Cons

  • Takes a little bit of time to heat
  • 2. Castmaster Double Burner Propane Forge

    To step up your forging game, you need the B087RTKJLH – the best gas forge from Castmaster. Rest assured, with this model, you’ll become an outstanding blacksmith.

    While being caught up in all the excitement when getting this excellent machine, we noticed how easy it is to assemble it. You have everything you need inside the box.

    When you first take a look at it, you’ll notice how large it is. Its large design allows you to fit in large metals that you wouldn’t be able to load with a regular forge.

    Heat loss is a common issue with many models, which, as you might guess, is super-inconvenient for any blacksmith. Luckily, this mighty option is protected by strong materials that prevent heat loss.

    A quality forge needs fire bricks. They are necessary for any professional blacksmith as they withstand extreme heat, which is essential when forging.

    This company is nice enough to add two durable fire bricks to help you get started as soon as possible.

    Don’t settle for only one burner. This well-built machine has two forges to help you get things done. In the long run, you will need two durable burners. While it is true you can get by with only one burner; you’ll eventually need two if you want to make progress as a blacksmith.

    The most impressive thing about it is how well it works, unlike other one-trick-pony forges. Even if you primarily get it for knife making, you can also use it for farrier making, and much more. 


  • Wide application
  • Prevents heat loss
  • Exceptional burner
  • Durable gas forge
  • Easy to use
  • Cons

  • A little bit expensive
  • 3. Simond Store Forge: Cheapest Propane Forge

    Are you looking for the best propane forge for an affordable price? If so, you will absolutely love this model Simond Store.

    This single burner forge is not to be underestimated by any means. Despite its size, it can reach up to 2,600 degrees of forging temperature. We got it up to 2,600 degrees and performed incredibly well.

    If you’re a beginner, you want to have a pleasant time forging for the first time, which is why this company includes a durable fire brick, which provides a stable surface.

    The way this gas forge is built makes it an ideal tool for professionals and beginners alike. Standard hobbyists that need a reliable gas forge for an affordable price will also find it excellent.

    We find unique about this product because the company behind this gas forge did not lower production costs when building this beautiful machine. Because it uses durable materials, this gas forge is more likely to be by your side for a very long time.

    Another cool feature of this machine is how efficient it is handling the heat. It has a unique system that slowly expands the burner’s efficiency. By doing this, you’ll get stunning results when you finish forging. 

    Overall, this forge gas has everything you need to forge stuff. The stunning quality it offers is not found elsewhere, which is why this machine excels at forging.


  • Long-lasting design
  • Powerful burner
  • Includes a fire brick
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cons

  • Only one burner
  • 4. Hell’s Forge Double Burner Gas Forge

    With the help of a professional, you can forge anything that comes to your mind. And that’s when this most excels the most.

    Let’s start with our favorite feature; this machine is large enough for those folks that need a large forge to fit in large metals that they wouldn’t be able to fit in with a regular machine. 

    One noticeable thing about this machine is how it takes the materials to the next level with the construction. It is five times thicker than other gas forges, making it an excellent choice for fellow blacksmiths.

    Just like the previous gas forges we’ve gone through, this one includes two durable fire bricks to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience when using it.

    With two burners to ensure you have an enjoyable experience while using this product, both burners can reach 2,300F, making it a perfect choice for forging.

    Any blacksmith needs to know how fast it takes for this machine to heat up. With this model, you’ll forge anything you need in little to no time. You won’t feel like this gas forge takes forever to heat up. 

    This machine also has a protective shield that allows the gas forge to reach high temperatures without getting damaged in the process. The protective layer is the most important thing about this gas forge. Without it, the machine wouldn’t survive in the wild.

    And finally, assembling it is pretty straightforward. You’ll figure it out in no time.


  • Excellent performance
  • Durable design
  • Protective shield
  • High temperature
  • Double burner
  • Cons

  • Insulation doesn’t cover the whole surface
  • 5. Simond Store Knife Making Farrier Forge

    Once again, we have a robust model from Simond Store. And just like the previous one, it can also reach a maximum temperature of 2,600 degrees.

    The company behind this well-built product does it best when building gas forges. And it shows on this product with its correctly polished stainless steel design, which is resistant to corrosion.

    However, the whole idea behind this sturdy design is to protect the machine from overheating down the line and make it more durable for people that want a durable option. 

    Another excellent feature that other propane forges can only dream about is fuel consumption. This model heavily reduces fuel consumption and still performs like a beast — so no need to worry about your big propane tank consumed in the blink of an eye.

    If you’re worried about this gas forge not working with your gas supply, there is a high chance it will work just fine with the gas connection—so no need to worry about that.

    This model also has a modern system that allows the gas forge to restrict the air flowing inside the propane when you’re forging, making this machine highly efficient when heating up.

    You can also find a fire brick at the bottom of this machine. The fire brick is there to help the machine hold heat.

    So, why should I bother with this model? We’ve concluded that this is an affordable choice to get into the game as soon as possible. Its simple yet robust design is everything you will need as an average blacksmith.


  • Comes with accessories
  • Portable design with nice air flow
  • High temperature
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Durable design and quality construction
  • Cons

  • Burner air intake pipe needs some improvement
  • 6. Simond Store Single Burner Propane Forge

    Moving onto our sixth choice, we have another sturdy and reliable gas forge.

    This model uses binding materials to ensure that it can withstand high temperatures for long periods; it also ensures that the model can last for as long as possible.

    Even though this model does not have a double burner, you can still get impressive results with its highly-efficient single burner. The burner might be small, but it can quickly heat up and easily reach 2,600 degrees, just like the premium ones.

    At the bottom of the gas forge, a fire brick can be found. The fire brick is there to ensure the machine can withstand fire.

    Another thing this machine excels at is heating. Compared to other models we’ve reviewed, this one deserves some credit. It heats any metal you throw at it in a short amount of time — and it still accomplishes excellent results.

    Putting it up together is relatively simple. Once you get this machine out of the container — you pretty much have everything you need to set it up. And you also have a manual to help you in the process.

    The nozzle of this machine uses sophisticated stainless steel to ensure the nozzle can remain in great shape. And because of its durable design, it provides you have proper combustion inside the gas forge.

    Overall, this is an excellent machine for a beginner blacksmith and a DIY-ER. While it might only have a single burner, you can still accomplish great results with it, and it has other features to make up for it.


  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Exceptional burner
  • Very High temperature
  • Heats pretty quickly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cons

  • Stand serves no purpose
  • 7. Hell’s Forge HF1 Knife Making Propane Forge

    There is nothing better than a propane forge that gets the job done. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll absolutely love this model.

    Its beautiful oval-shaped design makes this machine an excellent choice for smaller projects. And it allows the gas forge to get closer to the actual flames.

    To enhance this product’s longevity, this model adds a coating, which you need to apply. This coating acts as a protective shield that will make your propane forge more durable.

    For smaller projects, this machine works like a charm. Its single yet powerful burner will blow your mind. Also, you can get the burner up to 2,300 degrees, and it will perform incredibly well.

    Because of its high capacity to heat up metals, you can use this model for knives, jewelry, and much more. And like the previous gas forges, we have gone through so far, this one also includes a fire brick, which you can find at the bottom.

    We know how annoying it is to deal with gas forges that can barely heat metals. This company, too, knows this pretty well, which is why this gas forge ensures you get the right amount of heat, making this model incredibly fast when forging.

    As we’ve said before, we like simple designs. This forge is easy to assemble, and there is no need to spend additional hours figuring out how to do so. With the manual, you will through the setup process in no time.

    One thing we love about this model is portability. Because this is a small propane forge, you can easily carry it around, and always have it by your side, if you plan on spending some time away from home.


  • High-quality design
  • Portable 
  • High-temperature capacity
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Long-lasting machine
  • Cons

  • Legs are not long enough
  • 8. Simond Store 3-Burner Gas Forge For Knife & Farrier Making

    This time we have another powerful gas forge from Simond Store. At this point, their high-quality products never seem to disappoint us.

    With a powerful heat capacity, this well-built gas forge can reach up to 2,600 degrees. And because of its triple burner capacity, you can use three propane tanks to maximize your results.

    Durability is the biggest concern for any blacksmith. After all, nobody wants to get a cheap product that will break after a few months, so we chose the Simond Store again. This model has a sturdy design that protects the machine from overheating.

    Moving onto the next feature, you’ll notice how good this model is when it comes to low fuel consumption. The machine was designed to reduce as much fuel consumption as possible, making this gas forge a special purchase if you care about fuel economy.

    Inside the gas forge, you can find a 1-inch material ensuring the machine can hold up pretty well up the amount of heat inside.

    The inside of this machine is also pretty large. If needed, you can fit in large projects that you might want to get done on the weekend.

    Compatibility is not an issue with this product. If you’re in the United States or Canada, chances are this machine will work fine at home.

    The gas forge has a unique system that allows air to circulate inside the machine, which increases the overall efficiency of the product.

    In short: this product has proven to be an excellent choice for DIYers that want to get started as soon as possible.


  • Well constructed
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • High-quality materials
  • Exceptional temperature
  • Durable design
  • Cons

    • Low-quality gas regulator

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    9. Simond Store Oval Blacksmith Forge

    Isn’t it exciting when your ideas become a living thing? It’s even more satisfying to have a gas forge that ensures you have the best forging experience.

    An exceptional machine really makes a difference in your projects’ appeal, which is precisely why we recommend this machine. Its powerful heating system allows this machine to provide outstanding results when forging.

    This machine was designed to provide and resist extremely high amounts of heat. It can withstand up to 2,600 degrees with its durable design. 

    The oval-shaped design makes this machine an ideal tool for smaller projects that you might want to work on the side when you’re with your family.

    DIYers love this gas forge as they can forge their very own knives, tools, and many more items. And when compared to other options, the results with this product are on a whole new level.

    When heating up this machine, there is a system inside, which regulates the air that flows through the machine. Because of this, the machine can reach a stable and healthy flame when forging.

    Also, this is a double burner, which allows the user to have an enjoyable experience when forging. As you make progress forging, you’ll need more than a burner to get better results.

    This model will come in handy for future projects for anyone who needs an affordable, reliable, and high-quality gas forge. And even if you’re a little bit more advanced, you’ll still find this tool to be quite useful.


  • No need to coat
  • Resistant design
  • Double burner
  • Excellent results
  • Perfect for beginner blacksmiths
  • Cons

    • Knob sometimes doesn’t work properly

    10. NC Whisper Momma Atmospheric Forge

    Last but not least, we have a gas forge from a well-known company in the forging community. 

    What makes it stand out from the competition is its highly-functional and efficient burners. The burners of this machine are one of the best you will find nowadays. They provide exceptional flame temperature, making the final results look fantastic.

    Moreover, what we enjoy the most about this product is how well the heat is distributed throughout the machine; this allows the machine to have a more sustainable way of maintaining the heat inside the gas forge, which equals better results.

    With this gas forge, you can easily reach 2,3500 degrees in a short amount of time — that’s more than enough heat for most of your projects at home.

    Its small size makes this machine an excellent choice if you want to carry it around. This is also extremely lightweight — and this way, you can carry it without it feeling like extra weight.

    The heat of this gas forge will gradually increase in a reasonable amount of time. Its high efficiency and fast forging times really show how robust and durable this gas forge can be compared to other market options.

    Furthermore, the model itself is quite large. If you want to work on large projects with this machine, you will be pretty happy with the final results. 

    The materials the company used for this perfect forge make it a durable machine. It doesn’t feel like a cheap product but rather like a product that won’t stop working any time soon. 


    • Top-notch results
    • Outstanding performance
    • High heat capacity
    • Large space
    • Heavy duty steel exterior


    • Outdated gas regulator connection

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    Best Propane Forge Buying Guide

    As we have reviewed the top 10 forges available on the market, you may have been wondering how did we pick those out for you! So, here are the points that we have mostly considered along with some other minor factors to make the list.

    Size of the Forge

    Are you looking for a good forge for your workshop? Or do you need one for just DIY projects? A professional needs a big forge that can accommodate different types and sizes of metal. However, we don’t recommend going with the big-size forges for the DIYers as an increase in size has a significant impact on the price of the forge.

    DIY guys should stick to the portable and basic sizes so that the forge serves the purpose without costing much. On the other hand, professional blacksmiths must consider many other factors apart from the projects available in hand. You may have small projects now, but you will be dealing with big products as well. So, the forge should accommodate the metals now and in the future.

    Ease of Use & Maintenance

    Who wants to use a complicated product? No One. That’s why you should pick a product that is easy to use and maintain.

    In many cases, we check the ease of use but don’t bother about the maintenance part when buying. But this hits us hard in the long run. Make sure the product you choose can run without much maintenance.

    Fuel Efficiency

    Forges are of no use without the fuel. While every forge needs fuel, a fuel-efficient forge can certainly save hundreds, if not thousands of bucks in the long run. So, you should get a product that uses less fuel to generate high heat.

    propane forge operating to soften a metal sheet

    Durability & Build Quality of the Forge

    The build quality is important in every purchase. The hearth is going to be in immense heat while you put metal pieces inside it. If there is any defect in build quality, that may cause serious issues both to the workpiece and yourself.

    So, make sure the forge is built with solid quality material. Plus, it must be durable. A good quality forge can serve you a lifetime. But a bad quality one will leave you in hassles.

    Burner Count & Size

    This is relevant to the first point we have discussed. Generally speaking, the bigger the forge, the more burners it comes with. But you shouldn’t skip this step to avoid getting scammed.

    The forge should come with enough burners with the correct size that fit your job. It is dependant on various factors like what product you are working on and how busy you are in dealing with these pieces.

    Heating Capability

    The more heating capability a blacksmith forge comes with, the better. However, you may not need more than 2000 degrees Fahrenheit heat in most cases. But you should aim for a forge that can heat up to 2500 to 2800 degrees Fahrenheit to have some flexibility in your work process.

    Casting or Smithing

    Whether you are looking for a forge for casting or smithing is another crucial point to consider. In most cases, people look for a smithing forge. A casting forge comes in a cup shape where you can melt the metal to make a product by pouring in the mold. This creates almost a near-perfect shape without much effort in hammering and reshaping. You only need to shine it up with a grinding machine.

    Smithing on the other hand requires constant heating, hammering, and reshaping for a long period. Hence, these are open-ended forge where you can put a metal piece to soften so that you can get the perfect shape by hammering it. This requires you to put the metal piece multiple times into the forge.

    So, you should know what you are searching for to pick the right product for the job.

    Blacksmith Forge Price

    We don’t recommend having a budget forge for the professionals. So, your budget should be as flexible as it can be. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend thousands on a poor quality product. By flexibility, we mean that you should search for the features, without filtering out products due to the budget limitation.

    For DIYers, I recommend the opposite. You shouldn’t spend more than it is necessary when you are not going to earn money with it. Or you may not use the tool for years after a couple of use. So, you should be more restrictive in your budget.

    Store-bought Forge vs DIY Forge

    There are clear lines between a DIY build and a professionally built forge. The most important concern in a DIY forge is the safety of the operator. You won’t know what’s going to happen if anything goes wrong. You will be dealing with more than thousand-degree hot metal pieces and a hearth heated up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The forge can quickly become a source of fire accidents if not perfectly built. That’s why we don’t ever recommend going with a DIY forge.

    Other issues that you may see in DIY forge are lack of fuel efficiency, which requires regular maintenance works as they tend to break apart quite often. Plus, DIY forges are not easy to use, nor they look neat.

    So, if you have a budget limitation and can’t buy a quality store-bought forge now, we recommend you to wait until you have enough money to spend on a quality forge. There is no point risking your life to save merely a few hundred bucks.

    Types of Blacksmith Forge

    Various types and sizes of blacksmith forges are available nowadays. Among those, these three are the most popular and safe to use-

    Solid Fuel Forge

    This type is made to use solid coal or wood as fuel to generate heat. These are generally found in large workshops because of the less cost of fuel. However, this type of forge is hard to maintain as you need to constantly clean the interior of the hearth. Without cleaning, you won’t have enough room for refueling and doing the next job.

    Propane Forge

    The most popular type in almost all user base. No matter you are a professional or hobbyist, propane forge is a perfect fit for you. Due to the use of propane, you don’t need to bother about continuously cleaning the hearth. Plus, you can do a lot of work in a small gas forge which is impossible to do in solid fuel forges.

    Induction Forge

    The induction forge uses electricity to generate heat inside the hearth and these are becoming popular among the users. Like propane, the interior of these also remains clean. Plus, you don’t need to have a cylinder of propane to run the forge. That’s why these are considered the most portable forge nowadays.

    Final Words

    When it comes to finding the best gas forge, there is a lot that you want to take into account before you can make the right purchase. But it all boils down to what you need to accomplish with a gas forge.

    You might need a small alternative, but other people might need a massive and bulky option. So focus on these needs. That should take you to the right one.

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    What is the best propane forge?

    It is pretty hard to recommend a universal best blacksmith forge for everyone. Because a newbie requirement and a pro requirement will differ a lot. One that is best for a beginner blacksmith may not even worth considering for a professional.

    So, we recommend reading our top 5 products, if not all top 10 to understand which will serve your purpose.

    How much does a propane forge cost?

    Depending on the quality and the size of the forge, it may cost from $200 to $2000. However, if you are talking about popular ones, those are in the range of $300 to $500.

    What is the best forge for beginners?

    We recommend Simond Store 1 Burner Gas Forge for the people just starting and is planning to buy a new one after getting hang of the skill. If you want to continue with your first ever forge, we recommend going with at least a two-burner forge. In that case, Castmaster and Hellsforge are two great options.

    Can you forge weld with a propane forge?

    Depends on the forge you own. Generally, a 2 or 3 burner forge should be able to achieve the heat for forge welding. However, there are other factors to consider as well like insulation, heat concentration, and space available inside.

    What is the easiest metal to forge?

    Among popular metals, copper is the easiest metal to forge. Apart from copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and mild steel work great for forging.

    Does a propane forge need a blower?

    Generally speaking, store-bought units come with everything needed to get started as soon as you get the product delivered. So, you won’t need a separate blower to use with your propane forge.

    How much propane does a propane forge use?

    This depends on different factors like how many burners you are using, forge size, how much heat you need to generate, the insulation, and the efficiency of the product you are using.

    To be honest, you won’t be able to guess it before you start using the forge. However, for a hobbyist setup, you can start with 20lbs. tank and see how long it serves.

    How big of a forge do I need?

    For a DIY or hobbyist, a 2 burner setup is perfect for doing almost anything. But for professionals and business-oriented buyers, it should be the biggest one available that suits the task in mind. Read our buyers guide above to know more about this.

    How hot will a propane forge get?

    A forge can get up to 3500 Degree Fahrenheit (around 2000 Degree Celcius). However, this depends on multiple variables like fuel, air circulation, insulation, and the metal you are working with.

    Which metal Cannot be forged?

    Cast iron can’t be forged due to its fragility. Due to its low melting point, this metal can be easily cast.

    What is better gas or coal forge?

    We recommend gas forge. Coal forge comes with a lot of cleaning and maintenance hassle that you may not want to bear. On the other hand, propane forges are easy to use, reliable, and work neatly without requiring any significant cleaning works.

    Is blacksmithing legal?

    Yes, blacksmithing is generally legal almost all over the world. However, you should check your local if they have anything to surprise you regarding this.

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