13 Best Rivnut Tools – Top Nutsert Tool Reviews 2021

Rivet nuts are the go-to tools for many as they are quite convenient for using on metal sheets no matter how thin they may be.

Especially they stand out for not burdening the sheet with excess weight, and as a result, these are also good when you don’t want to deform the sheet. And with a proper nutsert tool, you can be done with the work in minutes.

best rivnut tools review

But as its popularity has risen over the years, so has the variety of the tools. Hence, in this review, we will take you through the best rivnut tool for different sizes.

Top 5 Best Rivnut Tools Comparison:






Giantisan 16″ Rivet Nut Tool

12 Pcs.


Astro Pneumatic Riveter Tool

8 Pcs.


TACKLIFE Professional Rivet Nut Tool

8 Pcs.


KIARUO Pneumatic Rivet Nut Gun

3 Pcs.


REXBETI 14″ Rivet Nut Tool

7 Pcs.


Our 13 Best Rivet Nut Tools Review:

For this review, we are looking at the tools specifically for the job and are excluding wrenches or other alternatives.

1. Giantisan 16″ Rivet Nut Tool

Giantisan takes the top of this list for their easy-to-operate and fast tool. As a brand, they have always been at the top of the game because of the innovative products they come up with, and this one shows their expertise right away.

After trying this on several sheets, we expected to find ourselves worn out, but it didn’t happen because it has almost an effortless functionality. The design displays a long arm, which significantly reduces the excessive force you have to exert on it and makes the whole process comfortable.

But where a hobbyist will truly enjoy using this is its easy operations. Changing the mandrels are as easy as they are fast. So, if you’re trying out different rivet nut sizes, there’s no better device than this. You can switch between as many as 12 sizes and try out all this in one go because it takes so little time to change it up.

Hence, this is a device we often recommend to learners and hobbyists. They’ll relish the versatility and ease this offers. And even if you’re using this occasionally, the learning curve is simple and only requires 3-4 steps to get done.

Now, let’s talk about the material. This was made from thick carbon steel; this isn’t a flimsy tool that will break as it has the proper materials. But more than that, Giantisan further improved it by making this more resilient against corrosion by heat treating and black phosphating.

If you’re looking to use this tool in the long run, we will recommend this set for its durability. Finally, we give added points to this for the strong case that it comes in. Don’t fear losing the nuts and bolts as they are all secured in the sturdy case.


  • Effortless to use
  • Changing mandrels is super easy and fast
  • Uses steel and is sturdy
  • Versatile tool won’t corrode even when stored


  • Comes with many pieces and nuts, so it’s a bit difficult to organize

2. Astro Pneumatic Tool: Best Pneumatic Rivnut Tool

Pneumatic tools are usually avoided by casual users because they charge more. But Astro has got you covered. Their pneumatic is one of the best rivet nut tools and is also quite affordable.

Even if it costs more than the general hand tools, these are worth it because they save you time, effort and get the job done to perfection. This piece of perfection comes with 8 different mandrels. So, you can use a single device to accomplish all your crimping activities.

What you will love about this is the instant action. Bring out the kit, load it, and plunge! And you’re done unless you have more crimping to do, of course.

Changing the nose pieces is as easy as they come. It can be done in seconds, and the riveting itself is a fast and swift process. Place the nut and run the tool. However, if there isn’t enough airflow, you might need an extra stroke.

With a maximum capacity of 3/8’’, this is more than adequate for regular use and needs. Also, you have more options, as you can use both aluminum and steel nuts.

This is a great tool for those who aren’t too confident in setting it up with their hands. The device does all the work for you, and you can just sit tight and enjoy a finely riveted sheet.

But if there’s one complaint we would make about this, it’s that the instruction isn’t adequate enough. So, absolute beginners might want something they are more comfortable with. With that said, this is still a great device if you know the ins and outs of it, so don’t be discouraged.


  • Affordable pneumatic tool
  • Comes with 8 different nose piece sizes
  • Powerful and quick
  • No need to set up with hands; the tool does all the work


  • Instructions on the device need to be more detailed

3. TACKLIFE Professional Rivet Nut Tool

Tacklife says they did thorough research to present their customers with a fast and effective tool. Whether they have accomplished that is for you to ultimately decide. But according to us, they have done a pretty good job. What brings them in our top three is the innovative nature of their lever.

It isn’t the usual turning method that can be a bit difficult to get used to for beginners. Their way uses a much faster and easier push and pull mechanism that involves no rotating. Hence, no need to fret over which side to turn. Simply follow the motions of the handy handles.

Speaking of the handles, they themselves are quite unique. Good grip on the handles feels perfect in your hand. Further, they are long and broad, fitting snugly in your hands.

This comes in a set of 7 mandrels and 80 rivet nuts. If you’re wondering how you will manage it all, well rest assured as you also get a lucrative case with separate sections for all items.

The rivet gun itself is strong, so it will last you a long time if you use it properly. And the easy push and pull method accompanied by the easily replaceable mandrels make this a complete device.


  • Long and ergonomic handles
  • Straightforward push and pull mechanism
  • Mandrel changing is easy
  • Comes in a well-designed case


  • Beginners might take longer to get the hang of it

4. KIARUO Pneumatic Rivet Nut Gun

Rivet nuts were already the game-changer because of their blind operations. That is, they can be crimped from a single side. But with these new and exciting pneumatic tools, the process is becoming more futuristic and fun than ever before.

This isn’t a cheap gun, but it’s definitely worth every penny as it’s one of the best rivet guns that you can find at present. People who can make do without using rivnuts regularly might not find optimum value in this, but if you want a device to last, then we do recommend this.

First of all, the gun has three separate heads, and each has its own locking system. This enables you to get on quickly by replacing the mandrels. This makes your work time much more efficient as changing the nose pieces can be quite draining and time-consuming if not done correctly.

When we said this would last, we also meant you would enjoy having this for a long time. This is a well-constructed riveting tool that you can’t do without once you have seen its usability. It has a noise-reducing system, so the tool won’t be excessively loud.

On top of that, the design features an air regulating valve to let you adjust how much pressure you want to apply while working. This function is especially effective when you’re working on a variety of projects that demands different riveting selections.

The gun may look heavy, but it’s quite lightweight, and even if you’re putting in the long hours, you won’t feel burdened or tired, which you will love because, with this, you can work on all kinds of sheets, cabinets, chassis, and even decorations. It will crimp in nicely onto any surface, making your design a work of perfection.


  • An efficient gun that works with a push of the button
  • Designed with noise reduction features
  • Has an air regulating valve
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Price is a bit higher

5. REXBETI 14″ Rivet Nut Tool, Professional Rivet Setter Kit

Rexbetti offers the most competitive price and delivers one of the best nutsert tools out there. They are a brand known for their affordable tools and bolts, which makes them quite popular because you know you will never run out of spares. Hence, both hobbyists and pros enjoy their available and reasonable products.

This brings us back to this simple yet efficient tool that is going to be useful whether you’re simply working on your DIY project or professionally manufacturing stuff.

The first thing we noticed was the long and rubber handles. These gave us second thoughts, but the moment you hold on to it, the anti-slip resistance on it ticks up, and you feel the firmness of the device. Hence, the rubber handle has a strong grip, and people with sweaty palms are bound to appreciate it.

However, the second concern we had over this is the material. But Rexbeti has pleasantly surprised us here as well. The rivet gun tool uses thick carbon steel with heat treatment, which is always how these tools should be made.

Their finished work on this is more than acceptable as it’s adequately corrosion resistant and won’t suffer rusts even if you store it for a while.

Finally, it comes with 60 nuts and 7 mandrels. However, this uses M6 mandrels, which are not as available as other kinds. But you can still find them in their stores or directly contact them for replacements. Also, this comes in a strong carrying case, which will keep the device safe.


  • Long and slip-resistant handle
  • Made from heat-treated carbon steel
  • Comes in a strong and good-looking case
  • Reasonable price


  • Mandrels not always available

6. Astro Pneumatic Tool-Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

When looking for hand and rivet tools, a brand that you can never miss is Astro. They have made their name in the industry for having some of the best hand tools. Their variety of products makes them the go-to brand for many professionals, which is why their rivet tool is known as one of the best pneumatic rivnut tools available.  

Gone are the days when you need a bunch of hand tools to simply change a mandrel. Now you can do so with your hands alone and do it faster than ever before. As this has a toolless and quick head changing design, you can expect fast results.

These features torque multiplying hinges providing a strong and reliable performance as it adds more force to the tool. The rivnuts themselves are a quite reliable and permanent solution for any attachment. And can be used on many sheets and for all kinds of work like body panels, bicycle attachments, etc.

Unlike other products, this actually has a shorter handle, which is well suited for work that requires more control. The handles work firmly and provide a strong grip.

Overall, if we are looking at the end result, you will be more than satisfied. Not only are the rivet nuts meant for perfect crimps, but the tool itself does the work carefully with precision. So, you get a smooth and flat result without burdening the sheet.


  • Mandrel changing doesn’t require additional tools
  • Has a small handle with more control
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be used for a variety of products


  • Handle pulls unevenly

7. RZX 16″ RIVET NUT TOOL Hand Blind Riveter

Nutsert tools have only one job, but it’s an important one. With that said, many might not want one to spend too much on it for this reason. Hence, for these people, RZX has the perfect solution. Their riveter set is an all in one set that comes for a very reasonable price that you will be more than happy to pay.

First of all, like the other products of this list, this, too, uses tool-free mechanisms. This means no extra tool is involved in replacing nose pieces. This is a huge time saver that only those who have used rivet nuts before would understand.

Not only that, but it also means you have more time and energy to work on your other products.

Speaking of energy-saving, this whole unit was designed, keeping that very concept in mind. This is why including this on our list wasn’t a difficult choice at all. The design has a much longer range. This 16-inch length is properly constructed using carbon steel.

And they haven’t spared any expenses on the handles either. Having a longer design is better for amateur users as it requires less pressure to use this kind.

But where this really earns its place is the mandrel. This inexpensive set comes with 12 different mandrels, making this the perfect tool for any learner who wants to know all about rivets. Having this many options also ensures you can work on a variety of applications like body panels, furniture, jeep modifications, etc.

However, first-time users can face difficulty understanding how the mandrels are replaced because the instruction manual isn’t adequate enough. We recommend taking help from someone to understand the procedure.


  • Longer tool and well built
  • Has a carbon steel construction
  • Comes at a reasonable rate
  • The set includes 12 different mandrels


  • Instruction could’ve been better

8. Zision tool 16″ Hand Rivet Nut Tool

Zision is a brand highly known for its riveters and snug fit fasteners. They have the tool as well as the nuts under their belt, making them a complete brand for riveting needs. Sought after by professionals for their advanced grade tools, Zision is more appreciated than we thought at first.

The highlight of their rivnut tool is it comes in a long size and with many interchangeable mandrels. This is a complete set to accomplish any crimping job. And what makes this even better is they actually have warranties and reputation to back them up.

A warranty is always more appreciated in products like this because you might get a wrongly configured product on delivery. Therefore, having that added assurance is a boost that only good businesses can offer.

As we said before, the shaft is long with 16 inches of carbon steel. The handle, on the other hand, is of the perfect size and well-balanced. But the main advantage of the design is that it features double compound hinges making it more adaptable to different options.

This is a device you can accomplish a bunch of crimping work with. However, you do need to dig the hole beforehand with another tool. Further, this comes with 11 nose pieces. There’s a wide range of options, so you don’t need to get to the shop looking for spares anytime soon.

One thing we always appreciate is good customer service. These hand tools require some assistance when you try for the first time, and as a brand, Zision gives that support. However, the smaller mandrels are not as sturdy and can break after a few turns.


  • Long and sturdy shaft
  • The brand is known for reliable warranties
  • Comes with 11 different nose pieces
  • Can accomplish a variety of work


  • Smaller mandrels may break sooner

9. ARES 70418 Heavy Duty Rivet Nut Setter 

Ares is a brand that is always coming up with new and innovative products. They have different tools, and all are unique in their own space. And since their inception, they have worked to make their products according to what their customers want, and that’s what we love about them.

Their blind nut gun isn’t just for normal sheets; these work on any thin material that is too much for normal fasteners. Now, if you’re working on large projects that require extra caution and attention, then this might just be what you’re after.

Why? Because this was designed to work thin surfaces without deflating or marking them without any spot. This rivet gun tool will smoothly crimp on the sheet and attach the parts. And this works on aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Moreover, Ares made sure that this isn’t just another tool in the market. By making their handles shock-proof and comfortable, they have added that extra bit, which shows their commitment.

The ergonomically designed handle is suitable for working longer.

The switching of mandrels is an important part of any riveter. This rivet nut setter has done well to pay attention to it as the process is almost instant and straightforward. On top of that, it can be done without the hassle of needing extra help.

Finally, for the price, this is well worth the purchase. And the instruction is also good enough to understand the mechanism. However, you might want to rely on better nuts than the ones that come with this because from what we have seen, they are not the best for thicker surfaces.


  • Instantly switch the mandrels
  • Great for using on thin sheets
  • Has a shock-proof handle
  • Durable and firmly built


  • The nuts in the set are not very sturdy

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10. 16” Hand Rivet Nut Tool, Professional Rivet Nut Setter Kit

Before buying a new tool, you must make sure what you plan on doing with it because every tool has a range it can support. For this hand riveter, though, the options are much more than in most alternatives. All the different nosepieces which support almost all sizes of rivet nuts will help you with your projects.

The best part about this is its beginner-friendly. As a beginner, you don’t know much about the good nosepieces and nuts, so a package that includes it is oftentimes more useful as you don’t need to buy the parts separately, which is why this would be a great option for those who are looking for a hassle-free toolkit.

As this comes with 11 mandrels and 55 nuts, you can use this many times to get an understanding of how each works and which rivet size is best for the type of work you’re interested in. The nuts come in their own packets and can be stored in them.

For the construction, this, too, uses the much reliable carbon steel. The material is heat resistant and also resistant to corroding and rusting. This is a hand tool that will last you years from now.

However, the mandrels and rivets will need to be bought as you can’t use the nosepieces forever. But regardless, the tool itself is very sturdy and lasting.

But if there’s one thing we didn’t like is that for being a complete set, it didn’t come in any kind of case. So, you will have to use a case of your own to store them if you do choose to buy this set.


  • Beginner-friendly set
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design
  • Doesn’t corrode or rust over time
  • Comes with 55 rivet nuts and 11 mandrels


  • Doesn’t have a carrying case

11. WETOLS 14″ Rivet Nut Tool

One of the most reasonable deals on this list comes from the popular brand Wetols. Their products have always been well-received and liked, and their 14-inch Riveter is no different either. This is a tool that fast-paced DIYers will love.

Now, when trying this out, the difference is size is readily noticeable. It’s 14” in size, so it’s smaller than the usual tools. But that’s the look Wetols were going for when they designed this shaft. They wanted an easy to use and lightweight device that anyone can get the hang of instantly.

But have they succeeded in doing that? Yes, they have. This device was targeted for the DIYers who are not committed enough for a heavy-duty $200 nutsert tool, or having one for the specific job of riveting will give them even more commitment issues.

For them, this inexpensive and small tool is exactly what they were searching for, and Wetols is the brand to deliver it to them.

It comes in a neat case where everything is organized, which is one of the major points that went into selecting this tool. Working with nuts and bolts can get messy, so having it all organized is not only a time saver but also a stress reliever.

Another thing you ought to like is it comes with 10 separate rivnuts for each kind of mandrels. This is a unit that you won’t regret spending on.


  • Easy and quick to use
  • Packed in a blow case
  • Perfect for light projects
  • Well-designed and lightweight


  • Not recommended for professional use

12. RZX 16″ RIVET NUT TOOL Hand Blind Riveter, RIVNUT Riveting Tools with Nut Setting System

This is another hand tool from RZX, but the overall package on this is better balanced. The tool itself is similar, and both are good for riveting nuts.

If you’re into heavy-duty riveting projects, this rivet gun tool will help you a lot. This was designed for smoothly working in all the corners while you do simple push and pull tasks. The shape of this is also made with the intention of working in hard to reach areas.

And that’s why this is a great option for those who work on difficult projects that require you to get precise results from blind riveters. Moreover, a blind riveter is best for attaching and crimping into sheets that make working on the opposite end difficult. And this does the job to perfection.

Also, when using this, you will notice the design makes using the tool almost effortless. You won’t waste time fixing it up either as changing the mandrels on this requires almost next to no time. Use the labor and time saved on this to witness the precision of the rivnuts.

Further, the main reason for buying this from a third party is they promise better service. And if your mandrel breaks, the first replacement will be free.


  • One free mandrel replacement
  • The mandrel is easy to change
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable to use
  • Great for heavy-duty projects


  • The manual isn’t helpful enough

13. 14” Rivet Nut Tool, Meterk Professional Hand Rod Rivet Gun

The final product on this list is one of our favorites. Meterk is not exactly best known for their rivet guns alone, but that’s what made them venture out of the usual designs and come up with an innovative tool. Hence, looking at the advantages and features of this, we couldn’t help but pick this for our top pick.

Right of the box, we noticed the shape of the handle, which is curved, unlike most of the other tools. At first, we weren’t entirely sure if this is just for making it more fashionable or does it have a purpose. But after using the device, we saw the curved handle actually makes for a more comfortable hold.

And using it for long hours won’t put a strain on your hands. That’s not all; the handle is made from rubber, so it is also slip-resistant.

This is definitely a professional tool. And a common problem that users face with rivnut tool is unclear instructions. But Meterk has done well with that. The instructions are clear, and there are even video tutorials to help you out.

Also, when it comes to the durability of the product, this uses premium carbon steel to make the shafts, which give them perfection. On top of that, it also won’t corrode or rust if you store it.

Further, another thing we liked is the smooth functioning of the device. Rotating the knobs are swift and won’t lag. You will get a sense of contentment after using this.

As we mentioned, this is a professional tool, so you can use this for a wide range of operations, including attaching metal sheets, cars, furniture, etc. But if you’re a hobbyist, even then you will enjoy using this.


  • Runs smooth and fast
  • Has a durable construction
  • The user manual is clear and lucid
  • Curved handle provides more comfort


  • Some users faced issues with their mandrel size

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Best Rivnut Tools Buying Guide

Here is a brief discussion on the factors to consider before buying the best nutsert tool-

Weight of Tool

Rivnuts are not actually complicated but working with them be very tasking. This is because there are extra considerations to be conscious of; one crucial consideration is weight. A lot of rivet tools, especially the cordless ones, weigh about 2.5 to 5.5 pounds. It is harder to use a heavy tool for longer periods of time.

You should be concerned about the weight of the tool before and after the battery is inserted. This is because you can analyze your available power sources and how much you will need to use the batteries. The myth has been debunked a long time ago; a heavily built tool is not necessarily stronger or more stable.

worker inserting nuts with a rivnut tool

Power Considerations

The capacity and battery gauge are always a significant performance factor to note in the workshop or home tools. Does your device even come with a battery? How fast does it charge? How long does it last? Usually, lithium-ion or lithium batteries are always a great option to go to. Also, you may even want to get an extra battery pack too so that you don’t have to wait when one is down.

If the type of battery your electrically powered device uses fits into other tools and devices; that is a big plus. 12 – 20 volts are the regular voltage rating, but it is pretty straightforward; higher voltages deliver more power.

That is the major reason for you not to disregard recharging time and means. Ideally, you want high voltage and high Ampere-Hour (Ah) capacity for your battery. That way, you have more power supplied, and the battery lasts for a longer time.

In hand powered nutsert tools, you should check for maximum leverage so that you exert enough force. On air powered rivnut tools, you should check PSI and CFM rating so that it matches your power requirements.

Sizes Count

Rivnuts are appreciated for serving in tight spaces, which is why you must consider the size of your rivnut tools and how they blend well with your applications. The common nuts ranges are M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, and M12. Is there any particular one you work with the most? Or there some sizes you don’t even work with at all?

Rivnut tools can be as long as 15 inches and as thick (average height) as 13 inches. These numbers are extreme. There are portable ones too, a lot of smaller devices. Every tool’s inner structure is different; that is why some devices have more balance than the others. This structure, combined with physical size, decides the general ease of handling the tools during operation.

Power of Traction

When setting the rivnuts, how much force can the tools exert to get the job done? That measure is the traction power, and it is conventionally noted in newton or pound, with a pound being equivalent to around 4.5 newtons.

The rivnut tools typically comprise traction powers ranging from 8,500N (1.9 pounds) to 24,000N (5.4 pounds). These values are majorly dependent on the source of power and the nature of tool design.

The Pulling Force

This measures the length of the pulling span. When the hand tool is used to set the nut, how far can it pull the mandrel? This is an essential part of getting the job done. For cordless rivnut tools, which are more common these days, the pulling force usually between 20mm and 21mm. That is equivalent to 0.797 inches to 0.827 inches.

The Volume of Work and Time Considerations

You might want to factor in your proposed estimated work rate for the new tool you are getting. If that won’t be realistic, the average installation time of different tools can be the time-related factor that covers work volume.

If you consider these, you may avoid the most drastic choice mistakes. Here are a few estimates of approximated installation time per rivnut, based on repeated trials and the records:

  • Spin-Pull Pneumatic Type Production Tools – 8 seconds
  • Lever Arm Tools that have Quick-Spin Spindle – 12 seconds
  • Plier or Lever Arm Styled Tools – 20 seconds
  • Spin-Spin Type Pneumatic Tools – 11 seconds
  • Cordless Rivnut Tool – 11 seconds

Comfort and Access

Your tools must give you easy access to working areas. It may not be beneficial to assume working dynamics mentally. Take some time to watch YouTube videos of the tools in action. That gives you a more practical view of the operation. You also want an excellent ergonomic grip that can be sustained over the periods of operation.

Materials in Use

There two approaches here: the material you work with and the material the tool is made of. In comparison to the others, stainless steel rivnuts are not efficiently installed using pull actions. Tools that required spinning actions can be more demanding and not necessarily as efficient or fast.

Many operators love rivnut tool with steel mandrels of chrome molybdenum and prefer the iron body. In summary, you want a rivnut tool that is strong and not too heavy.

Finally, make sure that your tool suppliers also offer repair service and sales of spare parts. This is particularly important because different tools have different dynamics and may require specific repair and service approaches. The availability of spare parts is the last problem you want to encounter.

Final Words

This review should give you an overall idea of how much to pay and what to expect in the set. Rivnut tools come in such a wide variety and price ranges that an average person will get confused.

But don’t let that stop you from getting a tool that’s going to save you hours of extra work.

Lastly, these are the best rivnut tools that you can currently find, and if you can’t choose between them, check the availability and buy the one that ticks all the boxes.

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