10 Best Sandblasting Cabinet & Sandblaster Reviews 2021

Looking for a way to remove rust effectively? Or maybe setting up your new workshop?

Either way you need an authentic abrasive media blasting cabinet that is alternatively know as sandblasting cabinet.

For making your task easy and effortless to buy the best sandblasting cabinet till date, we have analyzed hundreds of choices and handpicked only a few among them.

If you are not intending to buy a whole blasting cabinet setup rather looking for the best sandblaster instead, we have covered the topic too. Keep reading-





Grizzly G0714 Industrial Blast Cabinet

Size: 51-1/2" x 69-1/2"x 47"

Working Pressure: 5-35 CFM @ 125 Max PSI
Rating: 9/10

OEMTOOLS 24815 Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Size: 25" x 20.5" x 20.8"

Working Pressure: 13.2 CFM @ 90 PSI

Rating: 8.5/10

Eastwood Modular Blast Cabinet

Size: 28" X 18" X 12"

Working Pressure: 7 CFM @ 90 PSI

Rating: 8/10

LE LEMATEC Portable Sand Blaster Gun Kit

Size: 11" x 3.5" x 9.5"

Working Pressure: 12 CFM @ 100 Max PSI

Rating: 9/10

COLIBROX New 10 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster Kit

Rating: 8.5/10

What is Sandblasting Cabinet?

Sandblasting cabinet is a leak-proof compartment to allow the operator to safely blast any surface with abrasive media. Because of safety issues with open sandblasters, sandblasting cabinets have emerged as a saver for the handymen.

Sandblaster cabinets come with different safety mechanisms and allow you to work from outside of the hazardous zone. This has been made possible by integrating gloves and glass vision in the cabinet by which the operator watches and controls the blaster placed inside the container.

Our 10 Best Sandblasting Cabinets Reviews:

1. Grizzly Industrial G0714 – Industrial Blast Cabinet

If you are looking for the best sandblaster without comprising a thing, this G0714 model from Grizzly Industrial is the pick for you.

It comes with a 1.5 horsepower dust collecting motor giving you the highest quality dust collection experience effortlessly.

This cabinet is equipped with a large blast compartment measuring 37.5 inches wide and 29.5 inches tall. So, whether you are doing restoration work or repairing anything, this blast cabinet will suit you perfectly.

You can adjust the working pressure from 60 to 125 PSI with this sandblaster. So, whether you need high pressure or moderate, this Grizzly model should do your job perfectly.

Its front-loading mechanism makes it easy to use and the easy media change feature allows you to work faster than ever! And you get good-quality lights pre-installed inside the cabinet for added visibility.

This high-end sandblasting cabinet comes with great pair of gloves giving you a secure and healthy sandblasting environment.

Highlighted Features

  • 1.5 horsepower dust collection
  • Large blast compartment
  • Adjustable working pressure
  • Front loading cabinet
  • Easy media changes
  • Internal lighting ensures good visibility
  • Good quality gloves

2. Dragway Tools Model 110 Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet & Built in Dust Collector

A complete sandblasting cabinet that comes with all the high-end features at an affordable price point.

It has a large compartment to allocate most of the tools you are supposed to put into it. The top-load system ensures an easy to load and unload feature without any hassle.

The cabinet recycles blasting media for reusing efficiently saving your time and money on media change.

It is equipped with a high-quality spray gun that is ergonomically designed for ease of use. So, you’ll feel more comfortable using the machine.

One great thing about the professional sandblasting cabinet is it is sealed perfectly restricting the air inside the cabinet wholly for a high-quality sandblasting work. For all the efforts on ergonomics by the manufacturer, this became one of the easiest and most comfortable to use products in the market.

One drawback about this product is its inconsistent build quality. Some come in great build quality and some just don’t survive in the long run.

Highlighted Features

  • Large compartment for greater flexibility
  • Great dust collection system
  • Recycles and reuses media
  • Ergonomic spray gun and gloves
  • High quality seal
  • 5 CFM or larger air compressor

3. OEMTOOLS 24815 Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabinet

If you are looking for a small sandblasting cabinet for DIY or finishing small automobile equipment, then this abrasive blast cabinet from OEMTOOLS is the perfect shot for you.

Since this product is a durable one and comes at a cheaper price point, it became one of the most favorite sandblasters among DIYers.

Its replaceable parts ensure flexibility and the good quality light ensures better visibility when working with it.

Although it is a great tool to have in your garage, it is not for all sandblasting works. It is a small product thus limits you to the small equipment that fits into it. Because of the congested space inside the cabinet, it is hard to use the machine easily.

Having said that, this is one of the cheapest sandblasting cabinets you can find in the market that comes with good quality equipment. So, overall it’s more than a value for money, in our opinion.

Highlighted Features

  • Small abrasive blasting Cabinet
  • Replaceable Parts makes it longlasting
  • Durable build
  • Affordable Price point
  • Quality light and gloves for ease of use

4. Dragway Tools Model 260 Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet

Another powerful sandblasting cabinet fully equipped with necessary machinery from Dragway Tools. It has 4 ceramic nozzles that come in a couple of 6 mm and 7 mm sizes.

The steel construction of this cabinet ensures greater durability allowing you to use the machine for a longer period. As it is a front-loading cabinet, it is easier for you to do your sandblasting job fast.

The internal light and top glass view ensure precision work with this sandblaster cabinet.

The product comes with 50 lbs. media which is a great thing for people starting out sandblasting works. You can start blasting sands with this machine as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. A big step forward!

It is a standard-sized product measuring 46 inches Wide x 33 inches High x 35 Inches Deep. So, you should be able to smooth up things easily with this product installed.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 ceramic nozzles
  • 50 lbs. media included
  • Steel construction made for durability
  • Front loading cabinet for ease of use
  • Internal light for greater visibility
  • High quality long gloves for flexibility

5. Grizzly Industrial G0708-24″ x 48″ Blast Cabinet

An industrial-grade sandblasting cabinet is a dream for many handymen and DIYers for their ease of use, efficient dust collection, and fast working capability. Considering the requirements of people of this category, Grizzly Industrial has come up with this great blast cabinet model.

It has a foot pedal control system that is optimized for greater efficiency and a built-in pressure regulator ensures the exact amount of pressure you need to do the job.

For its big compartment and comparatively larger side load window, this blast cabinet is a true heck of a deal for those looking for flexibility.

It comprises a powerful dust collection system that is run by a whopping 1.5 horsepower motor ensuring quality work for years to come.

If you are worried about durability, Grizzly industrial assures you with their high-quality steel construction and industrial-grade components. So, with proper maintenance and care, this product should last a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Good Control with Foot pedal and pressure regulator
  • Side loading cabinet
  • High quality dust collection system
  • Durable steel build
  • Industrial grade components

6. Eastwood 28 in. X 18 in. X 12 in. Modular Blast Cabinet Bench Top

A small sandblaster cabinet for small works that saves time and money. This Eastwood Bench Top cabinet model is a 28x18x12 inch product that can’t fit all your parts and machinery that needs blasting with sands.

But with its wide viewing window and minimal media requirements, this has made it through to our top 10 list as a cheap sandblasting cabinet option for DIYers.

When you can fit your task inside this, why would you spend more than a thousand bucks on a large cabinet? It saves space, is built with great quality steel that can withstand abuse for years, and provides industrial-grade results.

So, for those who are on a tight budget or looking for a small sandblaster, this one from Eastwood is our pick for them.

Highlighted Features

  • Small cabinet requires less space in your job site
  • Wide viewing window and internal light
  • Can work with as low as 25 pounds of media
  • 28x18x12 inches internal dimension
  • Good for DIYers

Our 4 Best Sandblaster Reviews:

1. Sand Blaster Gun Kit

A lightweight and portable sandblaster gun that accommodates versatile media without any worry. Whether you are looking for a sandblaster for a DIY project or your auto and furniture restoration, this sandblaster gun kit can be a money saver for you.

Unlike sandblasting cabinet kits, this is only a blasting gun that requires an air compressor and moisture filter for work. So, you’ll need to purchase those with the gun unless you have them in hand.

However, this sandblaster is a great tool considering its ergonomic handle that eases your work a lot without costing you more money. And it can be used in an abrasive blasting cabinet too! So, great versatility in application.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile media usage makes it a top choice
  • Great for DIY, furniture and auto finishing
  • Can be used in cabinets
  • Easy to use with adjustable nozzle
  • Good ergonomics
  • Lightweight and portable

2. 9TRADING New 10 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster Sand Blaster Kit

A fully equipped sandblaster kit for the people not interested in purchasing different equipment for a single task. It is a portable air sandblaster that allows you to start blasting sands from the moment it is delivered to your doorstep.

The product is really easy to set up and works pretty well compared to the price point it comes. Therefore, with a day of practice, anyone can become a pro of using the tool.

Although it is an all-in-one machine, its build quality is not so great. This does not feel sturdy when using and the helmet that comes with the kit is not of good quality. You’ll see scratches on it after using it a day or two.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully equipped sandblaster kit
  • Portable machine with superior quality
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Build quality is not up to the mark
  • Affordable air sandblaster

3. Premium Sandblaster Sand Blaster Gun Kit

If you are looking for a high-quality sandblasting gun with unlimited flexibility, this LeMatec Sandblaster Gun is for you.

You can use 8 different types of abrasive media in it to blast on the surface. This durable gun can effectively do your job within moments without giving you much headache! Thanks to its 2 in 1 blasting technology that accommodates both Gravity feed and Siphon Feed Sandblaster in one small machine.

It can operate on average 90 PSI pressure that can be achieved with a good quality air compressor.

Its 10 feet long siphon hose ensures that you do not need to purchase any additional tool except the compressor to blast the air through it.

When it comes to durability, this tool satisfies every criterion of durability that made it one of the best sandblasters with industrial-grade outcomes.

Highlighted Features

  • Capable of blasting different media
  • Adjustable sandblasting technology
  • 10 feet siphon hose included
  • 90 PSI operating pressure
  • Industrial grade durability
  • Portable machine needs only an air compressor to run

4. Neiko 30068A Abrasive Air Sand Blaster Handheld Gun

Unlike other cheap products, this Neiko abrasive sandblaster is not an average quality product. Whether you need a sandblaster for your DIY work or for industrial heavy-duty tasks, this can effectively serve you in both situations.

With our cheapest sandblaster pick, you can blast different kinds of abrasive media with 90 PSI operating pressure.

Working with this product is really easy for its ergonomic design, lightweight, and portable nature that allows you to precisely blast sand on the surface.

Highlighted Features

  • Cheapest sandblaster
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great for both home and industry
  • 90 PSI working pressure
  • Great sandblasting equipment

Making Your Decision

Sandblasting has its root back in the industrial revolution and it is a great way to clean and polish different surfaces. Before you use any sandblaster, make sure to get proper safety precautions and go through the safety recommendations given by the product manufacturer.

We recommend going with a fully assembled machine as the assembly of these machines can get tricky.

How to Choose the Best Sandblasting Cabinet?

Buying sandblasting cabinet is not an easy task when you don’t why details about them. To give you an overview of the way we have chosen the best products for you, here is the checklist-

1. Types of Sandblasting Cabinet

There are two types of sandblasting cabinets available in the market, dry blasting and wet blasting cabinets. Both work the same way but they have some key differences.

The dry sandblaster is better for managing the blasting media and recycling them while the wet blaster is hard to manage. Moreover, you can’t recycle the blasting media when used in the wet sandblasting compartment. That’s why people are not interested in purchasing wet sandblasters although they come at cheaper prices than their dry counterparts.

Another important factor is that the finish you get from the two types of blasting is a bit different. Wet blast gives you a more shiny and smooth finish than the dry blasters.

best sandblasting cabinet reviews

2. Size of the Cabinet

In my opinion, the most important thing to consider before purchasing an abrasive blasting cabinet is its size. The size of the whole setup and the compartment are two different factors to look at. The bigger the compartment, the more freedom you’ll get doing the sandblasting job.

The dimension of the whole setup is also important as it needs to fit in your work area. A cabinet that is too big or too small should be avoided because of less freedom and versatility.

Too big products come with big dust collectors but restrict you in one place. On the contrary, small products are great for portability and easy control but come with a smaller dust collector.

3. Build Material

Will you spend a thousand bucks to use a machine for a month or two? Obviously not! That’s why you need to check the build quality of the machine. Generally, bead blasting cabinets come with a steel frame and silicone sealed compartment for better durability. But you need to make sure you get that right product with the highest standard build material in it.

Since you can’t measure the quality of the whole machine by simply seeing it, we recommend going with renowned brands for better quality. You may need to spend a hundred dollars more for buying the product but you’ll be relieved of some unnecessary worry for sure.

4. Vision and Control

As you know, the whole sandblasting process happens inside the confined space. You need to get a product that gives you more freedom to control the blast gun so that you can easily do the job. To get the best control, the product has to have better viewing glass and controlling gloves.

Therefore, get a product that offers a wide view of the interior, has big soft gloves, and comes with proper lighting in the container.

Some manufacturers use foot pedals, hand controls, and other modern technologies to give the operator more freedom in his job. You should consider those bonuses too.

5. Gravity Feed vs Siphon Feed Sandblaster

Whether the sandblaster is gravity feed or siphon feed is another key factor for deciding the best sandblaster cabinet.

Once siphon-feed blaster was the only way to blast sand but now you’ll see different technologies emerging into the industry. One of which is the Gravity feed system that is what we recommend you to purchase. These are easy to use, gives you more control over the surface and relieve you from the hectic cleaning job. The best part of the gravity feed blaster is it gives you a perfectly smooth surface within moments.

6. Versatility in Media Usage

Whether you can use only one or two media or the product allows you to use various kinds of sandblasting media is another factor to consider. Having freedom in switching different blasting media allows you to do a wide range of cleaning, finishing, and polishing jobs with the blaster cabinet.

If you restrict yourself to one or two media, you’ll end up having difficulty doing many of your blasting jobs. So, it is wise to have versatility in media usage.

Benefits of Sandblasting Cabinet

There are a ton of benefits in sandblasting cabinets if you compare with portable sandblasters that are run open and manually. Here are some of the advantages for which abrasive blasting cabinets are the best option to go with-

1. Fast Working Capabilities

When it comes to removing rust, stains, or any other toxic particles from different surfaces, it is a very difficult job and needs a whole lot of time. With a sandblast cabinet that recycles bead blasting media, you can do your cleaning and finishing job in a fraction of the time that you used to spend before.

Since you don’t need to do any cleaning job and the media is recycled for reuse inside the cabinet, you require less time and energy to give the metal or brass a nice-looking finish.

2. Cost Efficiency

Apparently, sandblasting cabinets cost you hundreds of bucks when you purchase them. But once you buy sandblaster cabinets, they require minimal maintenance. Furthermore, you will save a handful amount of money for abrasive media because of the recycling feature.

Apart from that, these are fast and precise workers allowing you to do the job more accurately without spending much time. So, you get more time to spend on other productive works as well.

3. Versatile Usage

The sandblasting cabinet allows you to blast sand to remove, clean and smooth various surfaces within minutes. Whether you have oily auto parts, rusty metal, rough brass surface, sandblasting cabinet covers you in all these aspects.

Place the material inside the compartment and start blasting with the gun to remove any stubborn dust from the surface as well as to make the surface shiny and smooth.

4. Safer than Sandblaster

Since the whole blasting process is done inside the sealed confined space, it is safe for humans to use. While manual sandblasters pose a threat to your health, sandblasting cabinets are safer options to do bead blasting.

You need to have a cabinet that is perfectly sealed and leakproof with a proper cleaning mechanism inside so that you do not become exposed to the harmful blasting media.

How to Properly Maintain Sandblasting Cabinet?

There are different ways of maintaining sandblasting cabinet. A properly maintained cabinet will last a lot longer than a poorly maintained sandblaster. Because of the abrasive media, sandblasting cabinets require frequent maintenance. Here are the things you can do to increase the lifespan of your sandblaster cabinet-

1. Clean Dust Collecting Filter Frequently

When working with the sandblasting cabinet, a dust collection filter ensures that no dust escapes from the compartment. If you don’t clean the filter, you’ll see that the airflow is restricted and negative pressure can build up inside the blasting cabinet which eventually can harm the machine.

So, you should clean the dust collection filter once every 10 to 20 minutes for an uninterrupted and error-free blasting experience. The time between two filter clean-ups depends on the size of the filter. A large filter allows you additional time between clean-ups and a smaller filter requires you to clean it more frequently for efficient work.

2. Use New Abrasives When Needed

With the sandblasting cabinets that allow recycling blasting media, people often think that they don’t need to change the media. This is a wrong perception. You need to change the media frequently but not as frequently as the manual blasters.

When you blast the media on the material, the media becomes thinner and thinner. And at a point, it becomes less effective and consumes more pressure and energy. So, you need to change the abrasive you see that the surface is not cleaning up or getting polished in the expected time frame.

3. Check and Replace Parts When Needed

Replacing old and weak parts with new parts is a good practice when it comes to sandblasters. A damaged part or a weak part of the machine can negatively affect the whole system of the machine making it less effective and more vulnerable to more problems.

So, it is good to check the parts regularly for any defect and if you find any, replace that with a new one as soon as possible. Generally, dust collectors, pressure hose,s and gloves are the parts that become damaged more often than the other parts. So, check these regularly.

4. Keep it Clean

Finally, cleaning the machine makes it more efficient and eliminates the risk of clog and defect. A dirty machine can break easier than a clean machine. That’s because dust accumulated in the machine slowly degrades the surrounding surfaces and some abrasive media can become harden if exposed to moisture. So, it will become harder to get your work done without any interruption.

Best Sandblaster Buying Guide

What is Sandblaster?

A machine that is used for blasting sand on surfaces to make it smooth. It is run by high-pressure air with abrasive particles called media. High-pressure air is used for throwing the media on the surface to give it a polish.

What are the Uses of Sandblaster?

A sandblaster is a great tool for removing unwanted particles from different surfaces. Sandblaster can remove rust, paint, and other unwanted materials from the surface. You can use the machine to make glass, stone, brass, metal, wood, and many other types of surfaces smooth and foreign element-free.

Is protective Clothing Necessary for Sandblasting?

Yes. You must take proper precautions before starting the work. Sandblasting without proper personal protective equipment (PPE) can have a devastating effect on your health. So, protective clothing along with proper respiratory masks and goggles is mandatory to do sandblasting. You need to be careful when choosing blasting media and all other safety equipment to make sure you don’t get ill after sandblasting. See this article from CDC for detailed understanding of health hazards.

What is Abrasive Media?

Tiny particles are used in the sandblaster gun to remove rust, paint stains, or other imperfections. If you consider a sandblaster as a pistol then the bullet is the media that we are talking about. Abrasive materials that you are throwing by the sandblaster are called abrasive media.

There different variations and types of abrasive media and you need to use them carefully. Because the use of some abrasive media is prohibited for health risk.

How big of a sandblaster do I need?

It depends on the material you are going to blast with sand. If the stuff you need to polish with sandblaster is big, you need to have a big sandblaster. If the material is small, then a small-sized sandblaster cabinet is all you need. However, we recommend going with a large machine for added flexibility and ease of use.

How much psi do you need to sandblast?

For an effective sandblasting job, you need to have an air compressor that can run at 80-100 PSI. If you compromise in PSI, it will take longer to have the job completed.

What CFM do I need for a sandblaster?

Generally, 3-5 CFM is enough for a sandblaster. A bit more is okay while less is not acceptable.

Can you reuse sand after sandblasting?

Once the sand is removed from the sandblasting cabinet, you should not use them for any other use. The sand becomes contaminated with the cleaned-off materials that can harm anything where you intend to use the sand.

Will sandblasting remove rust?

Yes, it is an effective way to remove rust from the surface.

Is sandblasting dangerous?

If you do not get precautionary measures, it is extremely dangerous to blast sand. However, with sandblasting cabinets and proper respiratory and eye-protective equipment, you can remove the risk of being ill.

Apart from eye and lungs related problems, sandblasters can pose a serious threat to your hearing as they create an unbearable level of sound. So, you need to have proper knowledge of sandblasting before starting to work with them. To give you a clear idea, here are some of the relevant links to have a clear idea about the legality and risk of sandblasting.

1. https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3697.pdf

2. https://legalbeagle.com/7245559-laws-sandblasting-controlled-environment.html

3. https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/92-102/default.html

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