Top 10 Best Septic Tank Treatment Reviews 2021

Are you facing any issue with your waste management tank? Or do you want to prevent any future problems regarding the septic tank system? This article is the first step towards your goal!

Though septic tanks are designed to clean your toilet wastes automatically, the tank itself can create problems for you. Due to overload or bulky waste, the cleaning process can be delayed or failed, and the tank can overflow or odor badly.

To make a solution to these problems, you need to use septic tank treatments. Since these treatments are easy to use and affordable, you can use these to reduce the risk of future septic system failure ending up spending thousands on the repair.

In this article, we are reviewing 10 best septic tank treatments available online and providing an in-depth buying guide so that you can use it to buy packs from offline shops.



Editor’s Take


Cabin Obsession Septic Tank Treatment – 1-Year Pack

– 12 Pack

– Natural Ingredients

– Odor Eliminating

Instant Power 1868 Septic Shock

– 1 Flash Action

– Dissolves Grease, paper, Soap

– Emergency Solution

GreenPig Solutions 52 Live Septic Tank Treatment, 1-Year

– 1 Year Supply

– 1 Pack every 3 Month

– 1 Billion Bacteria

Brief on Septic Tank Treatments

A septic tank system, alternatively known as Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS), is storage for your toilet and other household wastes. The waste management system works on its own by the growth of helpful bacteria which allows the human wastes to break apart and decompose into bio-gas.

Septic tanks are built with two chambers. A Separation wall is constructed in the middle of the tank and a small hole at the center of the wall connects both the chambers. The separation keeps the solid wastes in one chamber and flows the liquid wastes to the other chamber.

Top 10 Best Septic Tank Treatment Reviews

We have spent 23 hours researching the best of the best products for the septic system treatment. These are our top of the table reviewed one by one.

1. Septic Tank Treatment by Cabin Obsession (1 Year Pack)

The Cabin Obsession Septic Tank Treatment is our best pick of the list. This treatment consists of millions of helpful bacteria which breaks down wastes and maintain healthy septic tank system.

This environment-friendly packaging of healthy bacteria is easily flushable. So, you do not need to open the utility hole; instead, you can pour the packet in your toilet and flush it. The treatment is done!

Since this treatment does not have any chemicals or harmful substances apart from the active bacteria, it is entirely natural and will not harm the pipes or tank.

On top of that, the live bacteria package eliminates unpleasant odor and perfect for household and BOAT septic tanks.

This US-made treatment pack comes with a whopping six months money-back guarantee and top-notch customer care.

Best for people with regular maintenance routine. Unlike emergency treatment packs, these work slowly to break down the waste and delays costly septic tank and cesspool pumping.

Key Features

  • Live Bacteria based septic treatment
  • Eliminates Odor
  • Easy useable
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Works Fast and Efficiently
  • 6 Months Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

2. RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, 6 Month Supply Liquid

Rid-x is one of the best septic system treatment brands in the world. They deliver different types and sizes of treatment products for your convenience. The Liquid Enzyme treatment from RID-X is at #2 of our list.

This liquid treatment starts the work as soon as you pour enzymes into the pipe. Since the liquid is entirely safe for the pipes and tanks, you can stream the fluid on your toilet and flush it to start treating the septic tank.

The enzymes and bacteria growth by this liquid helps the solid wastes break down and decompose faster.

If you are facing overflow or wicked odor problems in your septic tank, pour the liquid and flush it. You should see a significant improvement in a short time.

The 48oz packaging includes six months of supply of the treatment products. Hence you do not need to buy a new pack every month. You need to pour 8oz into the toilet and flush it for an odor-free healthy waste management system.

Key Features

  • 6 Months Supply
  • Best Quality Septic Treatment
  • Prevents septic backups
  • Safe for pipe and tank
  • Natural Bacteria and Enzyme based mixture
  • Fast Worker

3. RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, 4 Month Supply Powder

As we have already said about the RID-X in the septic treatment industry. The Powder Treatment from RID-X hits our #3 of the list also.

This package comes with four months of treating material supply which can break apart the sludge and solid waste in your tank.

The fast working capability of this treatment package eliminates the risk of backing up the sewage. The treatment reduces the foul odor from the sewage line and the tanks.

It boosts the growth of helpful bacteria in the septic tank ensuring proper break down of the grease, oil and other solid organic materials like toilet papers and human wastes.

The application of this treatment is easy as you can pour into the toilet and flush it to have a sound sleep.

The materials used in this treatment are natural, thus do not harm your pipes or tank.

Key Features

  • Natural Odor Eliminating Technology
  • Fast Working Treatment
  • Breaks apart heavy and solid materials faster
  • Once in a month use
  • Easy to use

4. GreenPig Solutions Live Septic Tank Treatment, 1 Year Supply

GreenPig Solutions comes with a concentrated formula for treating the septic tank. They have a solid reputation for providing the best products. When it comes to septic tank treatments, they are experts in the industry!

The treatment contains one billion active bacteria, qualified for breaking down the organic matters. The unique type of bacteria multiplies and increases the number day by day, which relieves you from pouring a pack of treatment every month.

The one year supply comes with four packs of treatment, each of which is capable of breaking down the wastes for more than three months.

This 4-ounce treatment pack is a go-to product when you are in a hurry. It dissolves into the tank within a minute. So, pour it and bang bang!

If you are worried about whether it will work in a king-size tank, here is the good news! The treatment will work in 500, 1000, and 1500 gallon tanks.

This little piece of treatment works well in both healthy and cloggy tanks. If you are experiencing backup due to clog or solid waste restricting the path, this will come in handy for you. It will clean your tank within a few days!

Unlike the Cabin Obsession pack, this needs to applied every three months. It works almost similarly to the Cabin Obsession product, but costs less.

Key Features

  • Contains over a billion septic tank bacteria
  • Concentrated formula
  • Tri-monthly application
  • Dissolves in a Minute
  • Eliminates Clog, Backup, and Bad Odor
  • Environment-Friendly

5. Instant Power 1868 Septic Shock

Instant Power is a renowned name when it comes to treating waste tanks. The liquid 1868 model from them is one of the best bangs for the household septic systems.

The liquid treatment comes with millions of active bacteria in it, which are specially picked for breaking down the human wastes.

It works faster than most other treatments since it does not need time to dissolve. It comes in liquid form, and as soon as you pour it into the toilet, BOOM! Your tank is treated.

Our septic system fails for overuse of the chemical substances and pouring hard and clingy materials into the waste tanks. A sweet little pack of it will do all the works of breaking down those solid wastes for you.

Though this liquid treatment is expensive than the other powder type products, it will not disappoint you in any manner.

You can use it for cloggy drains, backups, foul odors. It digests almost everything that is found in the septic tanks, e.g., grease, soap, paper, and oil.

This product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee though we could not verify how this guarantee works.

This Septic Shock Liquid is best for situations when you need quick result. This works fast and digest grease, paper, and soap effectively.

Key Features

  • Liquid Treatment
  • Fresh Odor eliminates bad Odor
  • Treats faster than most other products
  • Removes septic tank clog, or backup
  • Not harmful to the earth or environment
  • Dissolves almost everything found in the tank

6. Cabin Obsession RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

Cabin Obsession is a remarkable brand when it comes to septic tank solutions. Their RV toilet treatment is one of the most effectively used treatments we have researched.

They are useful when you are facing foul smell or clog in your tank. The technology Cabin Obsession use seems to be unique and effective for eliminating lousy fume and breaking down solid waste.

On top of that, these water soluble packs are extremely easy to use. Thanks to the biodegradable packaging they use. Open the box, pour a packet of RV Drop-In and Flush. You have successfully treated the tank! Hell Easy!

They work very fast. The packet dissolves within a minute at standard temperature and starts breaking down the culprits behind the clog or foul smelling septic systems.

Are you facing any problem with portable toilets or a toilet in the marine vessel? Do not worry! This RV treatment covers you.

Since the technology is entirely environment-friendly, you can use it in any tank. No matter where you are, these treatments will do the job for you.

Apart from the material benefits, the RV Toilet treatment allows you to claim your money back if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

Key Features

  • 1 Minute Dissolve Time
  • Bio-degradable packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates odor and breakdown solid waste
  • 6 Months Money Back Guarantee
  • Environment-friendly

7. Enzytabs Septic Tank System Treatment (4 Months Supply)

Just like Cabin Obsession RV treatment, this Enzytabs treatment is another mindblowing production in the septic treatment industry.

They come in the simplest form! Guess what? Enzytabs septic tank treatments are in tablet form! You don’t need to worry about measuring. Tear the pack, grab a tablet and pour it into the toilet. You are done!

These water soluble packs dissolve into the tank very fast and start the treatment instantly. Each tablet treats a jumbo size 1500 gallon tank for a month.

Like other treatments, the basic of Enzytabs is also the same. They break down organic wastes into the tank and eliminates bad odor.

On top of that, they help to restore the bacteria growth and play an effective role to balance the septic system.These tablets are made with bio-degradable environment-friendly materials so that you can use these in any condition like a clog in the toilet or drain line.

One thing you should keep in mind that, before you flush the tablet, let the tablet fizz for a moment. Doing this will enhance the productivity of the tablet and will treat the system more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Comes in the form of Tablet
  • Treats 1500 gallon tanks
  • Helps to grow helpful bacteria
  • Efficiently balance the septic system
  • Made with Eco-friendly materials

8. Roebic K-37-Q Eco-Friendly Treatment for Toilets and Sink

Are you looking for a cheap septic tank treatment for your small tank? Roebic is a go-to for you. A bottle of Roebic K-37-Q can treat your 500-gallon septic tank for a year!

This is useful for breaking down sludges and clogged solids by balancing the bacterial production in the tank.

However, it is not so useful when you have a big tank or having a severe issue with clogs or bad odor. Instead, it is suitable for precautionary measures. For example, When you have a healthy septic tank environment, this will enhance the bacterial growth and maintain a robust system for a longer time.

Unlike other treatments, you do not need to use it every month. The manufacturer claims that using it once or twice in a year will do the work for you.

This one-time treatment is handy for people who do not reside in their homes for an extended period but want the septic tank to be healthy when they arrive.

Key Features

  • Certified bio-degradable treatment
  • Eco-Friendly sewer system treatment
  • Good for a year
  • Not recommended for serious issues
  • Do not work good in larger than 500-gallon tanks
  • Soap and harsh chemical resistant

9. RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, 3 Month Supply

As you have already read two reviews of the RID-X brand, here is another RID-X Tank Treatment review! They provide such a quality that we could not help bringing their products into the top 10 list one after another.

This one is a three months supply that comes in the form of liquid. This liquid treatment is safe for both tanks and pipes so that you can use it without the worry of damaging the septic pipe.

This product is full of helpful bacteria and septic specific enzymes which start working as soon as you flush into the toilet. They help to reduce sludge and organic wastes by going through a digestion process.

RID-X treatments are famous for their odor eliminating capabilities, and this one is no different. So, you will have an odor-free septic system that lasts long.

You can use this pack for three months in a 1500 gallon tank. By continuous production of beneficial bacteria and enhancing the natural growth of waste digestive enzymes, this little beast is a go-to for a person who is looking for small-sized treatment packages.

This natural treatment package is made keeping environmental safety in mind. So that you do not harm the planet earth when treating your tank.

Key Features

  • Prevents sewage backups
  • Breaks down sludge
  • Liquid treatment
  • Once in a month use
  • USDA certified eco-friendly product

10. Green Gobbler Septic Saver Treatment Pack (6 Months Supply)

The Green Gobbler is a famous brand in this industry. They come with some phenomenal products which can do some unbelievably good works for you.

The Septic Saver pack from Green Gobbler ensures a proper and healthy condition in the septic tank for the helpful bacteria and enzymes.

They break down almost everything that is found in a potty tank. It eliminates odor and prevents overflowing of sewage wastes.

A unique feature that comes with a GG pack is that they provide you with a mobile app for reminding you to use the septic treatment. So, you will know when to use the next pack and how will that work.

Apart from all those good things, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can always claim your money back.

Key Features

  • Digests almost all type of solids
  • Keeps the balance in the tank
  • Removes bad odor
  • Prevents backup and overflow
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Best Septic Tank Treatment Buying Guide

There are many options when you look for a septic tank treatment package. The more the options available for you, the more you are confused about what to buy!

To give you a perfect shot on purchasing the septic tank treatment packages, we have included the features to look for in treatments.

1. Know Your Problem

When choosing any product, whether it is a small pin or a sensitive item like septic tank treatment, it is smart to know your problem first. Identifying the problem will guide you in the right way where you can find the perfect solutions for your particular issues.

Before you purchase a pack of treatment, make sure that a clog or lack of necessary bacteria cause the problem. Septic tank treatments are mostly bacterias or chemicals which speed up the waste break-down process.

If your problem is of a kind which needs a specialist, you can not just buy a treatment container and use it.

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best septic tank treatmentbest septic tank treatmentbest septic tank treatment

2. Ingredients

The best ingredients manufacturers use in the sewer system treatment packages are good bacteria and enzymes. When your septic tank lacks powerful bacteria, decompose of the organic wastes are delayed. Consequently, the reservoir backs up or overflows, and odor badly. The natural way to make the process fast is to employ more helpful bacterias into the tank.

There are harmful chemical made treatment packages available in cheap which can temporarily do the work for you, but harm you in the future.

So, look for the natural and environment-friendly ingredients like bacteria and enzymes in the container rather than harmful chemicals.

3. Form of Usages

Different manufacturers use different types of treatment packages, and they come in different sizes also. If you ask about the types of septic treatment considering the form of usage, there are mainly two types. One comes with a bio-degradable packaging for ease of use. You do not need to tear the packet or measure the treatment-powder or chemicals. These packs are bio-degradable, and you can pour the sealed parcel in your toilet and flush.

The other form of bio septic treatments comes with plastic or aluminum wrapping. To use this kind of products, you need to cut a corner of the packet and pour the materials into the toilet.

4. Septic Tank Treatment Price

The bio-safe septic tank treatments are reasonably cheaper. In most of the cases, you can purchase a six months supply of the septic treatments in less than 25 Bucks.

If you want to save more money now, you can go for three months or even one month’s supply of treatment packs. However, we recommend purchasing bigger bags for their lower price points compared to the smaller packages.

treatment delays costly septic pumping

How Does a Septic Treatment Works?

If you want to know the answer, you have to understand how does a septic tank work.

Did you ever ask yourself, Why septic tanks are not getting loaded after all these years? Let’s learn!

Septic tank is the residence for billions of bacteria. When you flush your toilet or dump wastes into the sink, The household wastes are broken down by the healthy bacterial ecosystem. The breakdown helps to separate the solids from the liquid wastes. After the breakdown process, water flows through the hole made at the center of the separator wall.

In the next chamber, bacteria do their job again to remove more wastes from the water before draining out the water through the outlet pipe. The outlet pipe starts with a filter so that no solid waste can pass through the gate.

In this whole process, bacteria and enzymes break down almost all the solid wastes into pieces, and the waste sinks to the bottom of the tank. Oil and greases float and the water flowed to the drain fields.

Since the whole process is dependant on bacteria and enzymes of the tank, any anomalies with the bacteria can make your tank loaded and overflowed.

As we use different chemicals and dishwashers in our household works, some of those can kill a significant amount of bacteria. Killing a massive amount of bacteria will result in clogging or overflow of the wastes.

To ensure a proper enzyme balance, you need to keep the balance in bacteria count. The easiest possible way to ensure this without spending hundreds of bucks is using septic tank treatments.

These treatments keep the balance of bacteria and decomposing enzymes without having you to worry about clogs, surge or overflow.

Benefits of Septic Tank Treatments

No one purchases a product without benefits. So, why should you buy septic tank treatments? Are they value for money? Let’s find the answers!

1. Increase Septic Tank Efficiency

As we have already discussed, the whole septic system is based on bacteria. Septic tank treatment ensures good health and proper balance in the bacteria. If for any reason, a significant amount of bacteria dies, these treatments full of bacteria can replace those.

why septic tank treatment infographic

2. Reduce Maintenance Cost

When any clog, back up or odor problem arises, you have to consult professionals. They cost way more than what authentic septic tank treatments cost. What the professionals do by costing you hundreds of bucks, you can do the same with a treatment package only in 10-20 dollars.

Please keep in mind that consulting professionals are always good and recommended. Though tank treatments can solve most of the problems, there are some problems which need professional help and physical work.

3. Increase Life span

Though the life span depends on the material used for making the septic tank. A concrete built septic can last 40 to 50 years where steel made septic tank can last 20 to 25 years.

However, the lifespan can be reduced by different circumstances. If you do not adequately care for the tank, the life span can be decreased by 20 to 40 percent. Septic tanks need to be pumped every three to five years.

When treatments are used, you do not need to pump the tank so frequently, and the life span of the tank will also be increased.

4. Ease of Use

In septic tank maintenance works, the easiest way is using treatment packages. You need to open the package and pour it into the toilet. You can delay the physical maintenance works by using these affordable septic tank treatments.

septic pumping can't be avoided by using treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Septic Tank Additives Really Work?

Yes. If you have a healthy septic system, using chemical additives will ensure its good health in the future by maintaining the bacteria count to a standard level.

How Do I Keep My Septic System Healthy?

This is a broad topic but in short – 

  1. Use septic tank additives for maintaining standard bacteria count,
  2. Don’t dispose of garbage in your toilet,
  3. Do not use harmful chemicals to clean toilet,
  4. Keep the drainfield dry
  5. Don’t dispose feminine hygiene products in the toilet, etc.

What is the Best Chemical For Septic Tank?

We do not recommend using chemicals in the septic tank. Use organic treatments to maintain septic system health.

How Do I Clean My Septic Tank Naturally?

Pour septic tank additives regularly in your toilet and flush! Additives will do most of your job unless you have a full or clogged tank.

Is Ridex Good For Your Septic System?

Yes, you can get any of the RID-X products that we have reviewed in this guide. These work great.

Will RID-X help a Full Septic Tank?

In most of the cases, No. Neither RID-X nor any other septic tank additives will help you to get rid of the waste in the tank when it is full. You need to pump the tank and then pour additives regularly to avoid a full tank soon.

How Do I Increase Bacteria in My Septic Tank?

An easy way to increase bacteria in the septic tank is by pouring septic tank treatment packs or tablets in the toilet. Apart from using additives, you can reduce using water and soap in your toilet to help bacteria to grow in the tank.

Final Words

As you have ended up here, you already know how the septic system works and how should you treat those shitty staff.

Though the sewersystem can run the whole system on its own, its efficiency reduces overtime for the use of harsh household chemicals or soap. 

To regulate and maintain a proper balance in the septic tank, you should regularly use septic tank treatments. These little pieces of products will prevent foul smells, backup or overflowing problems.

Considering the cost of expensive repairs of the septic tanks, treatment packages are way cheap and easy to apply. If you want to avoid the septic repair every few years, you should regularly use treatments.

When writing this article, we have consulted real buyers of these products for their feedback on the outcome and scrutinized available online materials.

If you have any doubt or questions regarding the article, feel free to leave a comment below. We will be there with the solution.

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  1. Septic tank treatments work really well if you can use this regularly. I prefer using treatment packages right from when you start using the tank.

  2. in the reviews of the 10 best treatments ,not once are the lines for the drain field mentioned. i would like to know if any or all help to clean a drain field. i have been using BIOTAB since i had the tank pumped this past spring,and im concerned about the field getting clogged.

    • Hi, Joseph! I hope you are doing well.

      None of the treatments can clean the drain field if it is already clogged. These treatments work to efficiently break down the wastes and prevent future clog in the tank which eventually leads to a clog-free drain field. It prevents a clean drain field from clogging in the future, but can’t clean an already clogged drain field.

  3. Thanks for the advice to use septic tank treatments to help your tank from backing up and smelling bad. I have always wanted a septic tank but I have always feared what would happen if it overflowed. If I get one, I’ll be sure to stock up on these treatments too, just in case.


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