10 Best Shed For Riding Lawn Mower Reviews 2021

Are you having problems with storage space for your riding lawn mower? Then this article is for you. Keep reading! Before getting a riding lawn mower, it’s best you adequately plan for its storage.

Most times, the garage gets filled up with cars, household, and garden items, and adding a riding lawn mower to it will make it congested. The best way to store your riding lawn mower is in a shed.

There are different kinds of sheds, with various sizes, features, and designs. Hunting for the best shed concerning your storage needs can be stressful and time-consuming.

best shed for riding lawn mower

We know this and have assembled a list that carefully talks about the 10 best sheds for riding lawn mowers with their respective technical details. Let’s take a look!

Top 5 Best Shed For Riding Lawn Mower Comparison:







Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

13’ x 8’

Polypropylene & Resin


Keter Factor Resin Outdoor Shed

8’ x 11’



Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed

7′ x 10′



Arrow AR108 AR108-A Arlington 10 8-Feet Steel Storage Shed

10′ x 8′



LIFETIME Model 6406 Outdoor Storage Shed

8′ X 5′

Steel & Plastic


Our 10 Best Sheds For Riding Lawn Mower Reviews:

Here is our detailed reviews on the top 10 riding lawn mower sheds-

1. Suncast 13’ x 8’ Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast is a USA company and a world-leader when it comes to superior wood structures. They have been delivering stylish, durable, and high-quality wooden structures for 25 years and counting.

One of their best designs is the Suncast 13′ x 8′ Tremont garden Shed. It is a perfect storage option for lawnmowers, garden supplies, step ladders, bicycles, snowblowers, rakes, shovels, etc.

This stylish storage shed’s multi-wall panels are held together with an all-weather resin material to offer excellent strength and endurance. It features a heavy-duty steel-reinforced roof and floor to support lawn mower, tractor, or other heavy machinery in your backyard.

The rooftop has a shingle-style design with eight skylights to provide daylighting and ventilation. Thus, retrieving stored items is easy.

The Suncast Tremont storage shed has an area of 8ft x 13ft, giving it a storage capacity of 715 cubic feet. This convenient storage has large enough capacity to store any riding lawn mowers and still have room for other items.

It has an exterior dimension of 780.1 cubic feet, while the interior measurement is 714.7 cubic feet. Thanks to the aesthetic two-way doors (opening 60” W x 72” H) with beautiful ventilation windows, storing large items is convenient.

The doors are pad-lockable for security and peace of mind, but it doesn’t come with a padlock.

There are four adjustable corner shelves for simple coordination. This backyard shed has a wood grain texture that does not experience rust, rot, or decay. Regardless, it has a 10-year limited warranty.

Plus, it is easy to assemble, requiring minimal tools but time-consuming. This garden shed weighs 616lb and can tolerate about 65 mph winds. Also, it holds up to rain, sun, and snow without any issue.

Importantly, ensure you set up this shed on a firm surface like concrete or hardwood; otherwise, it won’t be sturdy.


  • Easy to assemble with minimal tools needed
  • Heavy-duty with an attractive appearance
  • Skylights and windows for adequate ventilation
  • Adjustable corner shelves
  • Easy to clean
  • All-weather resistant
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Cons

  • It’s somewhat flimsy
  • Setting up the roof is challenging
  • 2. Keter Factor 8’ x 11’ Resin Outdoor Shed

    The Keter Factor shed has a storage capacity of 550 cubic feet. Its interior storage dimensions are 93.11″ W x 122.64″ D x 93.9″ H, while the exterior dimensions are 101″ W x 130.5″ D x 95.5″ H.

    Keter used polypropylene resin plastic and reinforced steel in making this shed to ensure durability and stability. Thus, it doesn’t tend to peel, rust, or decay, and it stands up to elements well.

    Additionally, the Keter factor shed is not affected by termites or other havoc-causing pests. It is relatively resistant to all weather conditions.

    Its fashionable wood-like texture in neutral colors (tan with light brown doors) goes with homes of various colors. It has a 3D tile roof with skylights and deliberately placed vents for natural lighting & ventilation. The windows on the wall also help with air circulation.

    Its sturdy floor panel has a weight carrying capacity of 30 PSF to support heavy machinery like tractor, lawnmower, to mention a few.

    The wide high arched twin door opening offers easy and stress-free storing of riding lawn mowers with free spaces for passage. The twin door dimension is 54.5″ W x 75.2″ H, and it has a lockable latch for security. Although, it doesn’t come with a lock. You’d have to buy one.

    Setting up this backyard shed is a no-brainer thanks to the well-detailed instructional manual that comes along with it.

    The factor shed is easy to clean, doesn’t require painting, and needs zero maintenance. It comes packaged with two shelves with adjustable brackets for easy & safe organization of smaller outdoor tools off the ground.


  • Assembling is very simple with the instructional manual
  • Cheap
  • Good-looking
  • Shelves for easy organization
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Cons

  • The roof is flimsy
  • Assembling may require two persons
  • 3. Rubbermaid 7 x 10Ft weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

    Rubbermaid is a USA brand that delivers innovative, high-quality household and garden products for over 80 years. One of their masterpieces is the Rubbermaid 7″ x 10″ outdoor garden storage shed.

    This creative storage shed is made from a long-lasting high-density polyethylene that doesn’t rust or rot in any weather condition. It is void of leakages, dents, and any form of maintenance.

    Its sandstone color adds an aesthetic look to your garden and household as a whole. This 7 x 10 shed has a 467 cubic feet storage capacity, large enough to store a riding lawn mower and other lawn and garden supplies.

    It features a heavy-duty dual-walled structure that ensures stored items are protected from outside elements. Its roof has two skylights at the left and right sides for adequate ventilation and natural light.

    The lockable dual-doors for security also have windows for additional natural light. The door has a dimension of 62″ W x 72″ H, which opens wide enough for easy passage of lawnmowers or other equipment.

    With a standard lawn mower in it, there will still be a lot of storage space to store other items like bicycles, hunting gears, garden tools, generators, and lots more. The concentrated brown floor of this garden shed provides high impact resistance to the weight of heavy machinery.

    The Rubbermaid outdoor storage is built to last. It stands firm against hurricanes and storms without taking a single beating.

    It is waterproof, has UV protection, and doesn’t fade. It is also easy to assemble with its user-manual and its parts locking panels and less hardware.


  • Heavy-duty backyard shed
  • Well-thought-out design
  • Sturdy floor
  • Simple to assemble
  • Cons


    4. Arrow AR108 AR108-A Arlington 10 8-Feet Steel Garden Shed

    Arrow Arlington 10′ x 8′ storage shed is constructed with electro-galvanized steel with a long-lasting paint finish for protection against weather elements.

    The walls have mid braces for additional durability and stability. It has a 440 cubic feet storage capacity to accommodate riding lawn mowers and other large garden & household items.

    The all-white and brown door post makes this shed complement homes of different colors. Sturdy and well-built, this Arrow garden shed isn’t prone to termite or other pests.

    It withstands UV rays, rain, snow, and wind superbly. The high gable roof drains water excellently and reduces leakages. It has extra headroom, which provides little ventilation and more space.

    However, the Arrow Arlington shed doesn’t have vents or skylights for lightning. You’d have to connect an electric bulb.

    This outdoor storage comes with a large, sliding, deep-track door, with an opening of 55-½” W x 60″ H for smooth passage of riding mower and other heavy machinery into it. 

    The doors are pad-lockable for the security and safety of stored items. Although, a paddock doesn’t come packaged with it.

    Assembling this shed is straightforward, thanks to its pre-cut & pre-drilled parts and the instructional manual. All said and done; this shed comes with a poorly made floor frame kit.

    Plus, the entire unit needs some reinforcements to last long. Nevertheless, it has a 12-year limited warranty backup.


  • It is solid
  • Assembly is pretty easy 
  • Cheap and offers excellent value for money
  • Comes with extra screws
  • 12-year warranty
  • Cons

  • Assembling requires two people 
  • Substandard floor kit
  • 5. LIFETIME Model 6406 8 X 5Ft Outdoor Storage Shed

    Midway into our list is the LIFETIME model 6406 8’ x 5’ outdoor storage shed. It is a premium quality shed with steel-reinforced constructions for sturdiness. It has an attractive design and adds beauty to your garage and garden.

    With a cubic foot of 232.7, this shed is spacious enough to store a riding lawn mower and various other items. Its interior dimension is 7ft.8″ W x 4ft.8″ D x 8ft H, while the exterior is 7ft.8″ W x 4ft.8″ D x 8ft H.

    This shed dual-walls is composed of steel-reinforced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction for strong resistance against wind, water, and UV lights. One side of the wall has a shatter-proof high-polycarbonate window (16.5 in. W x 16.5 in. H) with locks that open half-way for air circulation and light passage.

    This window can go on either the left or right side, depending on how you want it. With its wind rating of 65mi/hr, there are no worries about wreckage by strong winds.

    The high-pitched steel-reinforced roof is a perfect drainage system for quick dispersion of rain and snow. Further, the roof is strengthened with heavy-duty steel trusses that create a headroom of 80″ (from truss to floor) for easy movement inside the shed. It doesn’t have skylights, but a front and back screened vent for extra ventilation and daylighting.

    As earlier stated, this shed construction is steel-reinforced, and its doors aren’t left out.

    The lockable dual-doors has an opening of 58.3″ W x 75.4″ H for convenient entering and exiting of stored machines. It comes with a thick brown anti-slip flooring with the same construction as the walls.

    To help organize the shed’s interior, it has shelves and a storage system. This shed is easy to set up, and it has a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Steel-reinforced construction
  • All parts are heavy-duty
  • Attractive
  • Cheap
  • 10-year warranty
  • Cons

    No skylight

    6. Keter Factor 8×6 Large Resin Outdoor Shed

    Suppose you love the Keter factor shed but can’t afford the 8’ x 11’ version; this “8 x 6” is a good option. It has a similar construction with the same features but lesser load-carrying capacity.

    The load-carrying ability is 285 cubic feet, which is still large enough to house a riding lawn mower and other garden items because it has an interior dimension of 93.11″ W x 63.78″ D x 93.9″ H.

    Its fundamental parts are made from polypropylene resin plastic reinforced with steel for stability and sturdiness.

    The polypropylene resin plastic doesn’t rot, rust, or decay. However, it is reasonably resistant to damages from rain, snow, and UV rays. The window for air circulation can go on any side of the way, depending on your preference. Also, it has in-built front and back vents for additional airflow.

    Thanks to the hardened floor panel with steel reinforcement, it withstands a load of 30 PSF. So your lawnmower, wheelbarrow, Christmas decorations, and garden tools can’t damage it.

    This unit has two doors with an opening dimension of 54.5″ W x 75.2″ H. Thus, granting easy passage of items in and out of the shed. The doors also come with a lockable latch for securing and safeguarding stored items with a padlock. Note that no padlock comes with this unit; you’d have to get one.

    This Keter shed has a faux wood-like texture with the same color as the other and equally adds beauty to your garden, balcony, or wherever you mount it.

    It comes with two shelves with adjustable brackets for easy & safe organization of smaller outdoor tools off the ground. The 3D rooftop has skylights for natural light and air circulation. This garden shed is maintenance-free.


  • Assembling is very simple with the instructional manual
  • Cheap
  • Good-looking
  • Doesn’t fade
  • Shelves for easy organization
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Cons

  • The roof is flimsy
  • Assembling may require two persons
  • 7. Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

    If you are looking for a low profile storage shed, then this Rubbermaid Slide-Lid garden shed is highly recommended. It is below 6ft, which is portable enough to fit under any standard fence height.

    It is vertical and has a 98 cubic feet load capacity, enough for a riding lawnmower, ladders, bicycles, etc. Its external dimensions are 4’7″ L x 6’4″ W x 4’4″ H, while the internal dimensions are 52” W x 72” D x 42” H.

    It has a unique roof with wheels that slides to create an opening for quick storage and retrieval of stored items.

    This roof comfortably sheds rain and snow without any leakage or dent and also has UV protection. The double-wall polypropylene resin construction provides endurance against all-weather elements. It isn’t prone to rust, rot, or fade.

    It comes with eight wall hooks for easy organization of your possessions inside the shed with the aid of pegboard, shelves, and racks. However, these pegboards, shelves, and racks aren’t included in its packaging. You’d have to buy it separately. Also, there are no vent holes for ventilation and natural light.

    Its entrance features lockable dual-doors for easy access and security. The door and the slide-lid roof has independent locks.

    So you don’t need to open one for the other. The floor of this unit is heavy-duty and can withstand stress from heavy loads. It has a one-inch thickness.

    Overall, this unit is sturdy, well-built, and can last a long time. It is easy to assemble and has a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Portable
  • Low profile
  • All-weather resistant
  • Cheap
  • Cons

  • The roof may become stiff
  • Limited storage space
  • 8. ShelterLogic 6’ x 6’ Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Shed

    Suppose you don’t want to spend much on an expensive storage shed because you are on a budget or need a temporal one.

    This ShelterLogic 6″ x 6″ shed-in-a-box garden shed is an excellent alternative as it’s very cheap. It has a 36 square feet storage capacity, with an interior dimension of 5’8″ x 5’9″ x 5’11” enough to fit a standard riding lawn mower and other outdoor items. It is a perfect size and comes to the rescue when getting storage space is limited.

    This shed-in-a-box entire construction is made from 1⅜” steel metal-frames with a premium powder-coated finish, making it sturdy enough to last long.

    Consequently, it doesn’t experience scratching, stripping, rusting, and fading. Plus, weather change has nothing on this shed because of its protective design against sunlight, rain, snow, and wind.

    The 7.5 oz psm triple layer constructed polyethylene ripstop covering features a technologically enhanced fabric for protection against rain, snow, UV light, and other elements. It doesn’t leak, dent, or fade away.

    This covering is held neatly and firmly to the steel frame with a patented quality ratchet. The interior of the fabric is a high profile white color for lighting.

    This shed also uses a slide cross rail system for easy fitting of the fabric to the steel frame. However, it has no shed floor kit.

    For privacy, it has a double-zippered front door panel and a back panel. The door has an opening of 6ft 3″ H x 8ft 6″ W but lacks security with the absence of a locking latch.

    It comes with 15″ auger anchors for mounting it in your garden, balcony, or anywhere you want your shed. These anchors are temporal; you’d have to get more permanent ones to use this shed for a long time. This unit is a pain to install, even with the instructional manual.


  • One-year warranty
  • Portable with vast storage space
  • Cheap and offers excellent value for money
  • Good quality
  • Cons

  • Setting up isn’t straightforward
  • Temporal and may not last long
  • 9. Goplus 10’ x 8’ Outdoor Storage Shed

    This Goplus 10″ x 8″ outdoor garden shed has sufficient space to store lawn and garden machines, bicycles, decorations, and other outdoor items. Its light green color blends well with flowers and trees in any garden or balcony.

    It is made up of electro-galvanized steel-reinforced rigid walls for stability and endurance. The steel is galvanized to prevent the shed from corrosion damages such as dent, decay, etc. Also, it’s waterproof and UV protected.

    This Goplus shed has double windows at the front and back for ventilation and natural light supply. It arrives with a sturdy shed floor kit that can withstand impacts. So rest assured, a riding lawn mower won’t ruin it.

    The dual sliding doors of this shed have an opening of 37″, which provides convenient entering/exiting of stored items. Although the doors have a height of 61″ which may be low for some persons. Also, there is no locking latch for security on the doors.

    It has a sturdy roof that comfortably sheds out rain and snow. Assembling this shed isn’t straight forward because of the poorly written instructional manual.

    However, it comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts, so it should be quick and straightforward if you are dexterous. There’s also a year warranty to encourage prospective buyers.


  • One year warranty
  • Large space
  • Sliding doors
  • Made from electro-galvanized steel
  • Cons

  • Installation is time-consuming coupled with a terribly written manual
  • 10. Arrow 8’ x 6’ Newburgh Storage Shed

    Rounding up this list with the Arrow 8’ x 6’ Newburgh homeowners storage shed. Arrow made this convenient storage shed with electro-galvanized steel for protection from corrosion and rainy weather conditions.

    It has protection against decay, pests, and harsh weather conditions. Owing to the neutral palette of the brown and off-white color of this shed, it complements many modern home’s exterior designs.

    The 255 cubic feet storage capacity makes this shed capable of being home to a riding lawn mower, tractor, and other heavy garden and lawn equipment. Its exterior has measurements of 8′ 3” x 5’11” x 5’7″ while the interior 7’10” x 5’6″ x 5’6″ measurements.

    The low gable roof provides more headroom and easily sheds water & snow. Plus, the roof has steel reinforcements for durability. This shed doesn’t come with a shed floor kit. So you’ll have to make a concrete or wooden floor.

    The dual sliding door has an opening of 3′ x 7″ for convenient entry and exit of your stored items. Security is also guaranteed with the pad-lockable latch on the door. But it doesn’t come with a padlock.

    It has no windows, so there’s no air/light supply. Assembling this shed is easy with its pre-cut & pre-drilled holes; however, two persons are recommended to make the job faster and more convenient.

    Amazingly, this shed has a 12-year limited warranty to give confidence to buyers.


  • Great value for money
  • Made with electro-galvanized steel
  • Sliding doors
  • Spacious
  • Cons

  • Flimsy doors
  • Pre-drilled holes aren’t well-aligned
  • Best Shed For Riding Lawn Mower Buying Guide

    Selecting a quality shed for riding lawn mower is not an easy job. Especially when you are not aware of the determining factors to look for in the product. To ease your selection process, we have already listed the top 10 best sheds that you can use to keep your riding lawn mower safely.

    However, you may want to double-check the things by yourself or want to know our review criteria based on which we have selected those products for you. So, here are the key factors that we considered along with some other unmentioned factors-

    1. What Size Shed Do I Need for Riding Lawn Mower?

    The first determining factor is the size of your riding lawnmower. You need to have the measurement of the width, length, and height of your mower to pick a perfect shed for it.

    For example, if the height of the mower is 40 inches, the width is 50 inches, and it has a length of 72 inches, you need at least an 8 feet by 7 feet shed with enough door opening.

    You may have already been curious, why should I get the shed this big while the mower is a lot smaller? Because the machine needs to be in a space with enough air circulation.

    Most of the people leave their lawnmower straight in the shed right after the work is finished. As it doesn’t get enough time to cool down before leaving it in the shed, you need to ensure that the shed is big enough.

    Plus, the bigger the shed, the better. Because the shed comes in handy in many ways. You can use it as an external storage space. That’s why a bigger shed is preferred over the smaller ones.

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    2. How Durable the Shed is?

    The next thing that you must see in the product is its build material. You should aim for the best quality build materials when it comes to the riding lawn mower shed.

    Sheds are out in the open air and exposed to the constant heat, cold, and harsh weather conditions.

    If you compromise on its quality, you will end up losing the shed sooner than it should be.

    Apart from the build materials, the joints, connection mechanism, and installation process also take part in the durability segment.

    No matter how good the material is, if it is not installed correctly, you may end up having leaks, or the shed may break apart on moderately windy days.

    3. How Easy it is to Set up the Shed?

    Next comes the ease of installation. You picked the best product paying the highest price, but it is hard to install. Will you be happy with that? No.

    That’s why a good quality shed for your riding lawn mower should be easy to install with common hand tools.

    4. Maintenance

    Who loves to do maintenance work every month? No one. That’s why you should pick a maintenance-free product.

    Some sheds, especially the cheaper products, tend to break apart now and then. So, the owner of those must-have to be vigilant and act fast to keep the shed in good condition.

    With the premium or at least the quality sheds, this problem is solved. Although we didn’t enlist any shed that requires maintenance, you should be vigilant about that, in case you choose to go with any product other than our listed ones.

    Check how much wind it can tolerate, how strong the connections are when installed, and the weight of the shed so that it doesn’t shake in adverse weather.

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    5. Riding Lawn Mower Shed Price

    The next thing we have considered before selecting the products is their price. Although there is a strong correlation between the higher price and good quality products, we have tried to pick the products that offer good value for money.

    As sheds are quite expensive, people tend to search for cheaper products. This is a great mistake that people realize after spending thousands, sometimes.

    So, try to get the best deal for your budget. But don’t go with cheap quality products that won’t serve you the purpose.

    6. Additional Features

    And the last thing we want to talk about is additional features that the sheds come with. Some offer storage racks for achieving multifunctionality, some have strong wind protection mechanisms for the windy areas, some features ramp for easy climb up.

    All these make your shed way more appealing, valuable, and efficient in storage management.

    Final Thoughts

    A garden shed is a handy structure needed in every home. Not only does it help store riding lawn mowers, but it is also a good option for storing bicycles, ladders, decorations, and other garden machinery. Our list offers different options of sheds to choose from. We hope you’ve found the one that satisfies your storage needs.

    In conclusion, all varieties of sheds require a stable base to be mounted upon. Note that it’s paramount you set up a leveled ground made from concrete, crushed stones, or hardwood to ensure the stability and easy assembling of your shed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I Build a Foundation for the Shed For Riding Lawn Mower?

    Yes, you should build a foundation with hardwood or concrete for riding lawn mower. This is for the perfect alignment of the shed. Without alignment, your shed won’t be able to give you 100% of its capabilities. So, you should make a good foundation for the shed.

    However, if the ground where you are planning to put the riding lawn mower shed is level enough, you can install it on the grass. Make sure the surface doesn’t become water clogged in monsoon. If this happens, you will need to pick a better place or build a foundation to protect the shed from going bad.

    Should I Get a Big Shed or Small One?

    The one you need. If the only purpose of the shed is to keep the riding lawn mower safe, then you can take on that just have enough space to accommodate the machine.

    For using it as secondary storage, you should go with a bigger one that will have enough space remaining in it after the mower is kept in place.

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    Wood vs Plastic Shed – Which one is Better?

    We have seen so much debate on this. Is a wooden shed better than a plastic shed? Or vice versa?

    While both have some pros and cons we prefer a combination of wood, plastic, and metal sheds.

    Plastic is durable. It is weather-resistant, resists leak, remains in its shape for years without any significant damage, and is flexible.

    On the other hand, wood has a limited lifespan, needs to be properly treated for getting its strength, tends to go bad a lot earlier than plastic.

    However, you can pick any of the materials for your riding lawn mower shed as long as the shed has windows and another ventilation system in place.

    Without any ventilation, plastic sheds will make things suffocated and won’t allow the machine to breathe, making it less effective.

    Can I Put Plastic Riding Lawn Mower Shed on Grass?

    Yes, you can put any shed made of almost any material on the grass. You need to make sure that the surface you are installing the shed on is level. So that you don’t face difficulty in aligning the panels for joint.

    Plus, check building codes of your local area to see if there are any rules and regulations to follow regarding extra space preparation with garden sheds.

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