10 Best Soldering Iron For Jewelry Making 2021

A soldering iron is a tool that comes in different shapes and sizes and can serve many functions. It can be used to make jewelry, build circuit boards, and fix electronic appliances. 

If you’re a motivated or seasoned jewelry maker and you’ve got interested in purchasing a new soldering iron kit, then look no farther. We took time to discuss what you should look for when researching these soldering tools for your next piece of jewelry.

best soldering iron for jewelry makingbest soldering iron for jewelry makingbest soldering iron for jewelry making

Making the right choice of soldering iron from a varying list of features, design, and spec can be tasking. But we’ve come up with the top 10 best soldering iron for jewelry making after taking vivid considerations of top market models.



Our Take


Anbes Soldering Iron Kit

Kit: 14 in 1

Rating: A+

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit

Kit: 11 in 1

Rating: A+

Handskit Electric Soldering Iron Kit

Kit: 21 in 1

Rating: A+

Plusivo Soldering kit

Kit: 21 in 1

Rating: A

Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit

Kit: 11 in 1

Rating: A

Our 10 Best Soldering Iron for Jewelry Making 2020

Here is the top 10 soldering kits that you can use for jewelry making-

1. Anbes Soldering Iron Kit

Anbe soldering iron kit comes with a dual spring iron holder and a cleaning sponge, and useful for any type of soldering work. The holder has a firm and reliable structure for maximum safety. 

It is a 60-watt kit that comes with an adjustable temperature control system and five extra tips for replacement when need be. The screw thread is heat resistant protecting the iron head from dropping. The temperature control ranges from 200℃-450℃.

When you need a product with a super-fast heating rate, this one takes the crown. The rugged structure of the product allows for durability and resilience. The desoldering pump creates a high-pressure vacuum that ensures easy cleanup. Plus, it is made with premium quality aluminum. 

It is flexible and easy to use, yet effective and long-lasting. For easy movement and usability, this product and its material are the best. The kit is compact and well-arranged, promoting easy carriage. The product ranks best for both beginners and professionals.

Anbe also comes with several other accessories, including tin and electric wire, tweezers, and much more.

Tools that Come with the Kit

  • Sponge
  • Tips replacements
  • desoldering essentials
  • Carry bag.
  • Tin wire.
  • Tweezers.
  • Cutter soldering iron.
  • Soldering iron stand. 
  • Electronic wire
  • Key Features

    • Dual spring iron holder
    • Adjustable temperature 
    • Heat resistant screw thread.
    • Maneuverability. 
    • Suitable for beginners.

    2. Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit

    The Tabiger kit comes with a soldering iron, anti-static tweezers, solder tips, solder wire tube, durable case desoldering pump, and much more. The iron is made with state of the art ceramic printed heaters that control and manages the temperature. 

    The well made soldering iron heats at 60 watts electrical power. There is control in temperature rate, allowing you to decide what heating level you need. The iron comes with venting holes for greater effectiveness, and the temperature ranges from 200-450℃.

    The solder sucker is made in a simple design with easy usage and can also be turned on and off with one button. It also comes with a high-pressure vacuum that cleans off solder. The high pressure desoldering pump is made with the best quality aluminum perfect for resistance, anti-corrosion, and heat dispersion. 

    The product comes in a full set and sectionalized casing to promote orderliness and ease of use. Made with durable plastic, you can carry the kit along with you on long and short trips. There is a protective inner layer that ensures that your tools are not harmed when stored in the bag.

    The manufacturers are excellent, offering a warranty for a year and lifetime customer support on the tool. From handling to usage, there is a lot to be happy about when it comes to this Tabiger product.

    Tools That Come with the Kit

    • Solder iron.
    • Solder tips. 
    • Anti-static tweezers.
    • Solder wire tube.
    • Solder sucker.

    Key Features

    • Durable case
    • Ceramic printed heater
    • Venting hole
    • High-pressure vacuum solder sucker
    • Durable plastic case with a protective layer
    • Has a 12 months product warranty

    3. Handskit Electric Soldering Iron Kit

    The 21- in 1 soldering iron kit by Handskit is a packaged soldering tool kit suitable for all purposes and all users. The iron comes with a heating charge of 60 watts. The kit contains other tools, including a solder wick, desoldering essentials, soldering iron stand, anti-static tweezers, soldering tips, copper wire, cleaning sponge, magnifier, screwdrivers, and solder wire.

    The heating process is fairly quick at 2 minutes, and the temperature is adjustable. Users enjoy a heat range of 200-450℃. The solder wick comes in a width of 2mm, length of 1.5m, and weight of 0.4 ounces. Maintenance is generally easy with a residue flux. 

    The desoldering pump produces high-pressure vacuuming. The tube is made mainly of aluminum, which allows for easy handling, heat control, and sufficient durability. The casing is compact and protected to give added safety to your tools. 

    For any jewelry maker, this tool gets a gold star. Although a few features are slower than expected, it is still a very good choice for all.

    Tools That Come with the Kit

    • Solder wick.
    • Solder sucker. 
    • Soldering iron stand. 
    • Anti-static tweezers. 
    • Soldering tips. 
  • Copper wire.
  • Cleaning sponge.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Solder wire.
  • Carrying bag.
  • Key Features

    • 2 minutes of heating
    • Easy to use
    • Temperature adjustment
    • High-pressure vacuuming for desoldering
    • Compact casing for storage

    4. Plusivo Soldering kit

    This 21 in 1 set of soldering kit by Plusivo possesses amazing safety features. The soldering stand is built with spring holders that hold firm giving great security and safety. The cleaning sponge ensures that the solder isn’t left on the tips, causing harm and material deterioration. 

    The cap is heat resistant making it perfect for quick storage. It also has an anti-skid handle for maximum safety against burns. The tool kit comes with a host of accessories including replacement tips, tin wire, solder tube, desoldering pump, mini PCB, solder wick, straight and curved tweezers, wire stripper, miniature screwdrivers, miniature wrench, heat shrink tubing, and 22AWG wires. 

    The casing is compact, with ease of usage, and protective for the sake of your tools. An added accessory is the e-book that shows a step by step guide on using the tool. Although not a great deal-breaker for the pro users, beginners will be pleased to have a guide like this.

    Tools that Come with the Kit

    • Replacement tips.
    • Tin wire.
    • Solder tube.
    • Soldering sucker.
    • Mini PCB.
    • Solder wick.
  • Wire stripper. 
  • Miniature screwdrivers. 
  • Miniature wrench.
  • Heat shrink tubing. 
  • 22AWG wires. 
  • Carrying bag
  • Key features

    • Straight and curved tweezers.
    • Great safety features
    • Helpful ebook for beginners
    • Durable and Easy to use

    5. Handskit Soldering Iron kit

    This is another great tool for professional jewelry makers. It is easy to use and manage, thanks to its On/off switch that ensures that you don’t need to reach the electric outlet to plug it in and out.

    It also ensures that every welding activities are safe. Unlike other cheap soldering irons, the Handskit product does not need to be unplugged when not used to save energy. With the on/off switch, all you need is to switch it off to save energy. 

    This jewelry making soldering iron has an insulating silica gel on the iron. This silica gel serves as effective protection for the iron not to get damaged if the temperature is high. It also serves as a protection for the tip of the iron against falling off to the ground.

    Handskit is different from other soldering products because when connected to power, it heats up fast. Again, it is capable of dissipating heat within moments of unplugging.

    Another amazing feature about this tool is its upgraded heat resistant handle. Handskit comes with a pump for desoldering, a tin wire tube, five pieces solder tip, a wire stripper cutter, an iron stand, a soldering iron, and tweezers. 

    It also comes in a durable bag for storage. This carry bag protects the soldering accessories from being misplaced and ensures that you find the right tool when working on tiny jewelry.

    Tools that Come with the Kit

    • Soldering iron.
    • De-soldering.
    • Solder tip.
    • Wire stripper cutter.
    • Tweezers.
    • Iron stand.

    Key Features

    • Easy to use and maintain the tool
    • Fast heating and dissipation technology
    • Durable and Compact Design
    • Comes with necessary add-ons
    • Nice organizer bag

    6. Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit

    The magneto soldering iron kit takes the 6th spot on our top 10 best soldering iron for making jewelry. It comes in a pre-made kit that is both durable and high quality. The kit consists of a self-cleaning sponge stand, soldering wire, soldering tips, solder sucker, desoldering pump, and of course, a soldering iron. 

    The product is excellent for both professional and amateur use. It comes with a temperature regulation system that ranges from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius. The magneto soldering iron comes with a ceramic core induction technology that gives you total control over the product’s heat and power. 

    No matter the intensity of your work, this product is a perfect choice. Advanced heat dissipation technology resulted in a soldering iron with enlarged venting holes, smart designing, resilient heating elements, and fast cooling mechanism. 

    The lifespan of the tool is remarkably longer because of its optimal cooling system, and safety is also enjoyed. 

    You also enjoy a protective and arranged casing that makes storage easier. The product is made from eco-friendly elements and is built to ensure zero toxic or pollution release while in use. 

    Key features

    • Comes in a unique protective casing
    • Easy storage with carrying bag
    • Eco-friendly design
    • Quick heating and cooling system
    • Comes with an array of tips
    • A sponge stand for cleaning
    • 200° to 450°C temperature adjustment

    7. Vastar Soldering Iron kit

    Vastar is a soldering kit that gets your job done effectively and neatly. This amazing soldering kit comes with different tools professionals would love. 

    It heats up rapidly for fast usage and dissipates heat efficiently to ensure safety and durability. The steel pipe build is the trick behind its efficient and fast heating and cooling system. 

    Unlike other soldering iron sold in the market, vastar is made with a chip fixed resistor. Most of the soldering iron in the market are made with a color ring resistance. With the chip fixed resistor on the vastar, it is guaranteed that soldering would be well and easy.

    Vastar doesn’t need any soldering station; it is a plug and play tool that is easy to operate. 

    You can make adjustments at the knob wheel on the electronic soldering iron to make some awesome jewelry.

    Key Features 

    • Quick heating
    • Heat dissipating system
    • Chip fixed resistor
    • Durable and Easy to use
    • Adjustable temperature range

    8. Q-MING Soldering Iron Kit

    The Q-ming soldering iron kit is a 60w 110v pencil style iron. The product is made with an easy heating system; this has been made possible with its ceramic heating core. Enjoy maximum temperature in as quick as 15 seconds. 

    It comes with temperature controls ranging from 392 ℉-842 ℉ which enables you to switch heat levels effectively. The off and on switch feature promotes easy usage and safety. 

    Its unique design ensures that you get the most out of it without any hassle.

    The full kit contains iron, an iron stand, a sponge, 60 to 40 tin-lead solder, 50g fine 0.6mm tin lead rosin core, and a no-clean solder rosin flux paste. The product temperature adjustment varies through six different heat levels allowing easy control.

    The entire product is built to enhance usage and flexibility. The kit is packed full of all the necessary usage and cleaning products you will need. This makes it an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals.

    Its function rolls beyond jewelry use, and its durability is a thing that worth mentioning. The product generally weighs around 8.8 ounces with dimensions of 10.43 x 5.71 x 1.97 inches. It is a 4 in 1 style soldering tool and made with durable metal and plastic materials.

    Key features

    • No-clean solder rosin flux paste included
    • Multiple temperature control points.
    • 15 seconds quick heating features.
    • Easy on and off control of the iron.
    • Pencil style soldering over soldering station
    • Soldering stand
    • Soldering cleaning sponge
    • Durable and resilient materials

    9. KINCREA Jewelry Making Tools 

    The Kincrea Jewelry making tool is a soldering tool that makes our list. The kit includes Jewelry pliers, copper wire, caliper, string cord, needles, jump ring, tweezers, awl, opener, thimble ring, needle threader, measuring tape, thread scissors, and much more. 

    The jewelry kit is a well-arranged zip pouch that is fully sectionalized to support care and maintenance. For those who need the arrangement, this is a secure way to keep your tools in place.

    The kit comes with jewelry pliers of three shapes, round nose, chain nose, and wire cutting. Each of the pliers come with a non-slip handle for better usage. It also possesses a double leaf spring for safety and effectiveness.

    The kit also contains four open jump rings, eye pins, cord ends, lobster claps, earring hooks, screw eye pins, crimp beads, ribbon ends, and rubber earring backs. This tool works well for domestic and commercial use, promoting easy usage. The kit is made with the purest of materials that ensure an effective and satisfactory job to meet the test of time.

    Tools that Come with the Kit

    • Cord ends. 
    • Jewelry pliers.
    • Zip pouch.
    • Crimp beads.
    • Needles.
    • Eye pins.
    • Open jump rings.
    • Caliper.
    • Jump ring opener
    • Zip pouch.
    • Awl.
  • Lobster clasps.
  • Thread scissors. 
  • Needle threaders.
  • Earring hooks.
  • Rubber earring back.
  • Clear beading string cord.
  • Tweezer.
  • Ribbon ends, 
  • Screw eye pins,
  • Tape measure. 
  • Thimble ring.
  • Key Features

    • Versatile usage
    • Easy to use
    • Well-designed construction
    • Durable and Efficient product

    10. Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

    The plusivo soldering iron kit is the final tool review on our list. The product is made with premium-grade materials that result in excellent work.

    Control is at its best with a unique and convenient temperature knob for multiple heat settings. There are also extra tips, grip, and a heat resistant cap. Other additional materials found in this kit are the heat shrink tubes, desoldering pump, mini screwdrivers, wires, wire stripper, tweezers, solder tube, and more.

    There is a compact casing that answers to the issue of storage and lugging. Never worry about your tools getting misplaced or having a scattered tool kit. The product comes with a guarantee policy that runs for 30 days.

    For the hobbyist or occasional DIY jewelry makers, this inexpensive yet great quality solder is a deal-breaker.

    Finally, the product comes with a tutorial e-book for those still learning the basics of soldering. The e-book is free to download and use and can be a great guide for even the expert user.

    Tools that Come with the Kit

    • Heat-resistant cap.
    • Soldering iron. 
    • Insulating Tape.
    • Grip. 
    • Heat shrink tubes.
    • Mini screwdrivers.
    • Tweezers.
    • Solder tube.
    • Wire stripper.
    • Wires.

    Key Features

    • Premium-grade materials
    • Mini Foam/Sponge for tip cleaning
    • 2pcs replaceable tips
    • Adjustable temperature knob
    • Downloadable e-book
    • 30-day money-back

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    Soldering iron kits are great when it comes to jewelry making, both for home and professional purposes. These come at an affordable price point yet provide a lot of flexibility in making jewelry. Here are the factors that we have considered for picking up the perfect products-

    Before we dive deep into the topic, you should know the reason for the purchase. Are you looking for a soldering kit for professional use or the home?

    2. The wattage of the Machine

    When you start soldering, the iron loses heat. To be an efficient jewelry maker, you need to have a proper tool that can regain heat almost instantly. Otherwise, you will need to pause in your work. We recommend going with at least a 60-watt product for uninterrupted work.

    The next thing you should consider is the temperature adjustment feature. If you can’t adjust the heat of the iron, it will be hard to do the job efficiently.

    4. Safety Features

    Plus, the rubber molded grip should be easy and comfortable to hold. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to work precisely on tiny jewelry repairs.

    The more accessories a kit comes with, the more freedom you will get in the work. Different tips and accessories allow you to control the job more conveniently and shape up the jewelry according to your wish.

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