10 Best Table Saw Under $1000 [Reviewed in 2021]

A table saw improves the productivity and efficiency of any woodworking shop. It houses all you’ll need to create that perfect woodcut.

It has a power saw, a tabletop for supporting materials, a miter gauge, a dust collection port, and many state-of-the-art features that significantly speed up different kinds of woodworking projects. However, it can be very expensive.

best table saw under 1000 reviews

Before you can find a table saw with moderate price and high functionality, you’ll have to toil the internet, spending hours researching.  

And most times, it may end up fruitless. We know this. That’s why we’ve made this well-detailed buying guide of the best table saw under $1000 for you.







Bosch Power Tools 4100XC-10 Table saw

3650 RPM

15 Amp


DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

4800 RPM

15 Amp


Goplus Table Saw

5000 RPM

15 Amp


Delta 36-6023 Table Saw with 32.5 Inch Rip Capacity

4500 RPM

15 Amp


Evolution Power Tools RAGE5S 10″ TCT Multi-Material Table Saw

3000 RPM

15 Amp


Our 10 Best Table Saw Under 1000 Dollars:

Here are the detailed reviews on the best table saws that come at under $1000-

1. Bosch Power Tools 4100XC-10 Table saw

The first table saw on this list is from the Bosch Power tools brand. Most technicians, constructors, carpenters have used a power tool from this brand. They have a reputation for producing excellent tools that offer high efficiency and functionality.

This Bosch 110lb 4100XC table saw with heavy-gauge steel construction is one of their superior power tools. It features a heavy-duty saw with 15 Amp motor to deliver 4.0 max horsepower for powerful cutting.

The saw produces 3,650RPM for rip-cutting (25″ left/right) and cross-cutting fine and rugged workpieces. Its maximum cutting depth at 90° is 3⅛”. It comes ready to use on a jobsite with a 6ft power cord that works on 120V.

When powered, it uses a “soft start circuitry” for a smooth and steady build-up to the operating speed. Safety is top-notch in this table saw because it features overload protection, a constant response circuitry to regulate and maintain speed under load and restart protection to prevent accidental startup.

Bosch included a SquareLock rip fence, designed to help users achieve effortless clamping and cutting accuracy. It makes -2° to 47° bevel cuts.

Furthermore, it has a smart guard system comprising a three-position flexible riving knife, anti-kickback pawls for total control & protection when cutting, and a barrier guard assembly to block blade contact while providing an unobstructed view of the cut.

This system helps you achieve superior cutting results. Thanks to its ⅝” arbor lock feature that prevents blades from turning, you can change its 10″ blade easily with a blade wrench located in its onboard storage.

This storage provides space for storing miter gauge, blades, rip fence, etc. There’s a dust collection port for easy dust removal.

The Bosch 4100XC tabletop is made from cast aluminum and has a size of 30″ x 22½”, which is large enough for ripping about 4ft wide sheets.

This hybrid table saw has an innovative one-hand release gravity-rise system that makes it highly portable, easy to set up, and takes less storage space, fitting the back of a truck perfectly. It has 8″ all-terrain rubber-like wheels and integrated handles for easy transportation from place to place.

Also, its adjustable feet provide stability when set up. Bosch has a 1-year limited warranty on this table saw.


  • Well-built portable table saw
  • It has excellent features for making precise cuts
  • Smart guard system
  • Soft start for safety
  • Gravity-rise system
  • Onboard storage
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Accuracy may be slightly off

2. DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

Dewalt is another well-known brand trusted by power tools users globally. They produce industrial-grade tools year in, year out that satisfy the needs/demands of the building and construction industry.

This Dewalt (DWE7491RS) table saw offers excellent functionality and portability. It functions with a high-performance 15 amp motor that swiftly rips through hardwoods like a breeze.

The motor has a no-load speed of 4800RPM, giving this table saw a large rip capacity of 32½”, cutting through a wide variety of shelving and trim materials of different sizes.

The Dewalt (DWE7491RS) table saw carries out its cutting activities with a 10″ 24-tooth carbide blade. Its max rip to the left is 22″, while to the right is 32½”. At 45°, it cuts 2¼” depth, and at 90°, it cuts 3⅛” depth. You can also use a dado blade of 13/16″ with this machine, but you’ll have to purchase the plate separately.

Furthermore, this hybrid table saw has a rack and pinion telescoping fence system for quick fence adjustment to produce smooth and precise narrow rip cuts. It features a rolling stand design for simple set up and excellent stability.

Plus, the stand has sturdy wheels that effortlessly roll over steps, curbs, and job site dirt.

The Dewalt (DWE7491RS) 21⅞” X 26⅜” tabletop provides excellent supports to materials. Dust extraction is easy with a vacuum thanks to its 2½” dust port.

Also, it has onboard storage for storing its included accessories such as a fence, riving knife, two-blade wrenches, miter gauge, push stick, and the power cord when not in use.

Dewalt always stands behind their products, so this table saw has a three-year limited warranty.


  • Powerful and smooth motor
  • Cuts accurate
  • Onboard storage
  • Heavy-duty rolling stand with wheels
  • Rack and pinion telescoping fence
  • Dust collection port
  • Accepts dado blades
  • Awesome rip capacity


  • Blade adjustment can be stressful

3. Goplus Table Saw

The Goplus table saw functions with a 15 Amp high-power copper motor that runs smooth and quiet to produce an outstanding cutting speed of 5,000RPM, more than enough to rip through different materials with different hardness effortlessly.

It does all its cutting and ripping with a height-adjustable 36-tooth carbide-tipped blade. The blade works alongside a see-through guard and riving knife to prevent any form of accidents from happening to users during cutting.

It has a big hand wheel for easy adjustment and control of the blade lifting for different applications like cutting, ripping, and slotting.

The Goplus benchtop table saw has dual bevel cutting features that enable it to make cross-cut at 90°, 3″ and bevel cut at 45°, 2 ½”.

Also, it has a sliding miter gauge that moves from -45° to 45° for cross-cutting. There’s a self-aligning rip fence with parallel guides on its left and right sides to assist with accurate and firm cutting without any jiggling.

Additionally, it has an on/off safety switch to provide overload protection. The tabletop is coated with aluminum for durability and can easily rip through 26″ max hardwoods, reducing friction for flush sliding.

Its heavy-duty metal stand prevents the table from falling off during cutting. This table saw overall measurement with its stand is 26″ L x 19″ W x 35″ H. You can even use the tabletop without the stand if you want to cut wood outdoors in your garage, courtyard, or a jobsite. Also, it works on 120V.


  • High power copper motor at reasonable price
  • Aluminum coated tabletop
  • Easy adjustments
  • Simple to put together
  • On/off safety switch


  • No dust collection port

4. Delta 36-6023 Table Saw with 32.5 Inch Rip Capacity

This Delta 36-6023 table saw is an outcome of the brand’s 100 years of experience in power tools manufacturing. It offers maximum accuracy, durability, and mobility.

Delta equipped it with a powerful 15 amp motor that produces a speed of 5000RPM, which it uses to rip materials up to 32.5″ right and 22.5″ left. At 90°, its maximum depth of cut is 3.5″, while at 45°, its maximum depth of cut is 2.5″.

It has a dado capacity of .8125″ x 8″. However, this table saw makes a lot of noise while in operation.

With an anti-friction coated aluminum tabletop measuring 559 square inches, it provides ultimate support to large materials. Moreover, it features a one-piece rack and pinion rail system with an innovative fence that ensures it makes precise cuts at all times.

The innovative fence has a flip-down design that enables it to cut narrow workpieces. You can store the table saw’s fence and the guard in the onboard storage space. Also, it has a 2½” dust collection port for effortless removal of dirt with a vacuum, keeping the work area neat.

The Delta 36-6023 table saw has a single step folding stand with large rugged tires for easy mobility.

Its collapsible nature allows you to take little storage space in a workshop and at the back of a truck. The stand is made from an industrial-grade steel frame to withstand the hustle and bustle in a job site.

Additionally, you can use the corded table saw separate from the stand for outdoor cutting. Be informed that this powerful table saw only works with 120V and it has a 5-year professional warranty.


  • Well-built jobsite table saw
  • Accepts dado blades
  • Five-year professional warranty
  • It has a dust collection port
  • Straightforward to attach blades
  • Accurate and portable table saw


  • Makes a lot of noise

5. Evolution Power Tools RAGE5S 10″ TCT Multi-Material Table Saw

Midway into our list is the Evolution Power Tools RAGE5S table saw. This table saw is made from high-grade materials to provide efficient and reliable smooth cutting results.

It functions on a 5 amp hi-torque motor with an optimized gearbox & blade system that moves its cutting blade at a speed of 2500 RPM to cut different sizes of hardwoods, ¼’ steel, aluminum, plastic, and other kinds of materials. The equipped blade is a 10″ Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT), having 28 teeth.

This table saw uses this blade to make rip cuts of 25½” right of the blade and 12″ left of the blade. Also, it gives a 3¼” maximum depth of cut at 0° and 2¼” maximum depth of cut at 45°.

This table saw has a full-length adjustable parallel fence with a measuring rail guide that ensures it makes accurate rip cuts always. Its -60˚/+60˚ miter fence handles standard, compound cutting angles. Plus, it effortlessly makes 0° to 45° bevel tilt.

Integrated with the Evolution Power Tools RAGE5S table saw is a dust collection port that connects perfectly to a vacuum for effective dust removal.

When fully extended, the tabletop has a flat surface area of 47¼” x 25-3/16″ to support a large workpiece and has heavy-duty foot pedals for more stability. Thanks to the collapsible frame of this table saw with wheels, this is one of the best portable table saws that’s popularly known for easy transportation and storage.

Also, it has a 5ft, 4″ durable power cord that works on 120V. There’s in-built storage for the power cable when not in use.

Evolution Power Tools included a push stick with this unit for safer operation when working with material remains.

They also have a three-year warranty on it. It comes with a direction manual for assembling. However, it’s poorly written.


  • Well-built with enough power
  • It uses a multi-material cutting blade
  • Portable table saw with great accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to adjust


  • Low RPM
  • Poorly written instructions

6. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Table Saw Tool

If you are familiar with power tools brands, anywhere you see a Milwaukee tool, you’ll know it’s a battery-powered tool. Milwaukee is a global leader when it comes to battery power tools.

They manufacture state-of-the-art tools that deliver high functionality and can be used anywhere, at any time.

This Milwaukee 2736-21HD table saw features the POWERSTATE™ brushless motor that produces a speed of 6,300 RPM to rip through different materials. It provides similar power to a 15A corded table saw.

This table saw uses an 8¼” blade to make 2½” cut depth at 90°, 1¾” cut depth at 45°, and rip cut of 24½” in 4×8 sheets of plywood or OSB. It has a single wench blade-changing system for simple blade change.

What powers its cutting activities is the 18V M18 REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 battery. This high-performance battery makes up to 600 linear feet of cutting per full charge.

One unique feature of the Milwaukee 2736-21HD table saw is its One-Key™ app compatibility, making it sync with a smartphone to track how and where it’s being used. This significantly helps professional carpenter, remodeler, and general contractor improve their productivity and secure the tool from theft.

Additionally, it has a rack and pinion fence system that ensures precision and versatility. The REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence detects and protects this table saw from overheating, overloading, and over-discharge.

Your productivity will increase with this tool because it has onboard storage for keeping accessories. Plus, it has a tool-free riving knife and guards replacement. Its all-metal frame stands up to the ruggedness of a job site.

This table saw doesn’t have a stand. When you buy it, it comes packaged in a box containing one M18 REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 battery pack (48-11-1812), one M18™ & M12™ rapid charger (48-59-1808), one anti-kickback pawls, miter gauge, riving knife, blade wrench, and a blade. Also, Milwaukee has a 5-year limited warranty on this table saw.


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • The battery lasts long and charges fast
  • Comes with essential tools
  • Works well and accurate
  • Uses the POWERSTATE™ brushless motor that produces a speed of 6,300 RPM
  • REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence
  • One-Key™ app compatibility


  • Doesn’t have a stand

7. DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485)

Making a second appearance on our list is the Dewalt brand with their (DWE7485) table saw. This table saw is very similar to the other Dewalt table saw earlier reviewed with design and functionality but has a different rip cutting capacity.

It functions with a 15 amp motor that produces 5800 revolutions per minute, making it versatile for cutting various materials. It uses an 8¼” diameter blade to make a 2-9/16″ depth cut at 90° and a 1¾” depth cut at 45°. At the same time, it makes a 24.5″ maximum rip cut to the right of the blade and 12″ maximum rip cut to the left of the blade.

The Dewalt (DWE7485) works on 110V and has a safety-oriented on/off switch. It uses a rack & pinion telescoping fence rail for quick, smooth, and accurate fence adjustment. Plus, there’s an integrated measuring bar for more accuracy.

Further, it features a tool-free site-pro modular guarding system for easy modifications of the blade guard. It has a power loss reset to prevent any accidental restart should a power disruption occur.

Durability on the job site is assured with its sturdy metal roll cage base. Also, it has a 2.55″ dust collection port that connects to a vacuum for dust removal. The metal roll case folds to make the table saw compact for storage and easy transportation. However, it doesn’t have wheels.

This table saw onboard storage is ideal for keeping the included blade guard assembly, fence, blade-changing wrenches, non-through cut riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, push stick and miter gauge.

Note that this table saw is not ideal for cutting tiles. Dewalt has a three-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee on this unit.


  • Rack-and-pinion telescoping fence adjust smoothly and accurate
  • Three-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Powerful motor with easy set up
  • Portable and compact table saw
  • Onboard storage
  • Easy to use
  • Power loss reset


  • The riving blade comes misaligned

8. Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

The Makita 2705 contractor table saw functions with a 15 amp motor, producing 4800 RPM for enhanced cutting performance, with an electric brake for maximum productivity & control.

It uses a 10″ blade and has a large cutting capacity of 3-9/16″ at 90° and 2½” at 45°. This table saw can rip 4x materials in a single pass, and it accepts 13/16″ dado blades.

Furthermore, its right extension enables it to rip 4×8 sheets of plywood effortlessly. You can extend it to give up to 25″ ripping.

It has a modular blade guard system with a movable riving knife. This system features a dead-on cam-lock for simple installation and removal of blades without the need for a tool.

A release level is present for adjusting this riving knife into three positions for non-through, through, and dado cuts. Also, there are adjustable dual side guards for accurate measurement of the blade to the rip fence for cutting setups. The guard is designed in a way that allows you to see the blade as it touches the workpiece.

The Makita 2705 contractor table saw comes with a ⅜” x ¾” T-slot miter gauge grooves. Its die-cast aluminum precision machined tabletop (24⅝” x 22¼”) stays flat and true for cutting accuracy. It has an oversized on/off switch and an easy to read scale for quick adjustments.

The onboard storage is perfect for keeping its included accessories such as saw blade, power cord, miter gauge, push stick, wrench, dado blade, etc. This stationary table saw has a one-year warranty, and it doesn’t come with a stand.


  • Heavy-duty table saw
  • Well-thought-out design
  • User-friendly
  • Onboard storage
  • Easy adjustments
  • Die-cast aluminum precision machined tabletop
  • Electric brake


  • No stand

9. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

The Skilsaw brand invented the world’s first portable circular saw with its innovative worm drive gearing and die-cast aluminum housing in 1924. Since then, they have created different portable saws that meet the building and construction industry’s demand.

They incorporated their worm drive gearing saw with a table to manufacture this SPT99T-01 portable worm drive table saw. All parts of this saw were made from metal construction to last long and offer job site productivity.

The worm drive gearing coupled with the 15 amp patented Dual-Field™ motor in this saw provides powerful torque of 5300 RPM for a wide range of ripping applications of up to 25″.

It uses an 8¼” 24-tooth SKILSAW® carbide blade to make a 2⅝” depth of cut at 90° and 1⅞” at 45°. You can use a dado blade with this affordable table saw.

Additionally, it has a die-cast aluminum rack and pinion system that makes quick, steady fence adjustments for accurate cuts. It makes bevel cuts of -1° to 46.5°.

The SPT99T-01 portable worm drive table saw is compact (13″ H x 23.2″ L x 23.6″ W) and lightweight (44lb) for easy transportation from place to place. It has built-in storage for storing its included accessories such as a miter gauge, smart guard system (anti-kickback device), insert plate, push stick, wrenches, and power cord when not in use.

However, this table saw doesn’t come with a stand, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Skilsaw has a 180-day stay true guarantee, and a year limited warranty on this table saw. A well-detailed user manual is on the Skilsaw website for easy assembling and user guide.


  • Worm drive gearing saw works great
  • Compact size and lightweight table saw
  • Works well and accurate
  • Budget table saw, accepts dado blade
  • Comes with essential accessories
  • 180-day stay true guarantee and a year limited warranty


  • No stand

10. Metabo HPT Table Saw

To round up this list is the Metabo HPT C10RJ(S) table saw. This table saw works on 120V and operates with a powerful 15 amp motor to produce a speed of 4500 RPM for effortless rip-sawing and cross-cutting of all kinds of wood materials.

It employs a 10″ 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade capable of making 3⅛” depth cut at 90° and 2¼” cut at 45°. Also, it accepts 8 x 13/16″ dado blades.

This table saw has a soft start feature to reduce noise and recoil when starting up. Safety is top-notch in this machine. It has an electric brake to stop the motor’s operation within seconds and overload protection to prevent current damage.

Also, it has an oversized power switch with an emergency off safety cover for quick shut down of the machine if the need arises for safety. The power switch is strategically placed at the knee level for straightforward accessibility.

The Metabo HPT C10RJ(S) table saw has a 28¾” x 2″ tabletop to support materials. Its telescoping table extension allows rip cutting of 35″ to the right and 22″ to the left.

You can make bevel cuts of 3⅛” (at 0°) and 2¼” (at 45°). Furthermore, it has a ¾” T-slot miter gauge that has a wide measuring scale with adjustable positive stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, and 60° for more accurate cuts. It has a riving knife that prevents cutting materials from kickback during operation. All adjustments in this machine are simple and straightforward.

This table saw has onboard storage for keeping accessories and other needed items. It features a fold and roll stand with heavy-duty legs for setup to use and breakdown to store or transport.

The stand also has two oversized 8″ all-terrain wheels that roll over any surface for easy mobility from place to place. Thanks to the 2.5″ dust collection port that connects to a vacuum or dust collection system, working with this machine will leave a clean environment. Metabo HPT has a professional 2-year warranty on this table saw.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Accurate adjustments with automatic brake system
  • Makes accurate cuts
  • Accepts dado blade
  • It has well-thought-out safety features that prevent kickback
  • Comes with essential accessories
  • 2-year warranty
  • Portable
  • Simple to use


  • Some parts of this saw are flimsy
  • Kickback may occur

Buying Guide For the Best Table Saw Under 1000 Dollars

There are a variety of factors to influence the option of table saw you go for. To ensure that you are making the correct choice, it is necessary to pay careful attention to as many variables as possible. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Precision and Smooth Cutting

Ideally, to be able to create precise cuts as quickly as possible is the main point of purchasing a table saw. You should choose one that is able to quickly break through any form of material you deal with when you choose a table saw. You should make sure the miter gauge is precise, in order to render quality bevel cuts, rip cuts, as well as crosscuts.

Security measures

The table saw is capable of inflicting serious injuries, in case of an accident. Considering that, a model that has a wide variety of safety features is what you want to go for.

For example, you ought to go for one with technologies for flesh identification, so that the computer stops when a finger or some other part of the body is caught during operation. You can be on the lookout for anti-kickback mechanisms that prevents work piece from being catapulted into your path.

Horsepower of the Engine

There must be adequate horsepower to get the job done, all depending on your scale and nature of work. This is basically the capacity of the table saw. As such you can never disregard the motor’s horsepower when you decide the sort of table saw to purchase.

Furthermore, when taking the strength of your engine into consideration, you can also take note of the voltage. The smaller table saws would have a horsepower varying from around 1.5 to 2, whereas 3 to 5 horsepower would be required for the larger models. This is definitely an important consideration to take into account when picking your table saw.

Controlling Dust

Different table saws have numerous ways of controlling the dust created by the cutting operation. Dust removal is mostly connected to a vacuum with a port on the back.

Others come with a shroud over the saw, to direct the dust gathered over the table. One that can have a mix of all characteristics is the best table saw to guarantee you have ultimate control over dust.

A magnetic switch

It is very relevant, although this might seem to be an excessive feature. If power is lost, the magnetic switch will immediately turn the table saw off. Unlike the conventional saw, this is more security sensitive.

A typical saw without the magnetic switch temporarily continues rolling when power is lost, continues working immediately power comes up, that is not safe at all and shouldn’t be a thing in this modern time.

man cutting wood block with a table saw

Overall design

The structural design is a long-term investment, and as such, you will like one that would last for a very long time. As specialists, we suggest buying a table saw made of metal and not plastic. Options with a cast-iron finish should be included in your consideration. While we prefer aluminum more, than the cast iron table saws, you can save a few bucks choosing the later one.

It should be durable with strong knees, board and other components. The durability of each product, particularly the engine and other moving components, is significant. It is therefore advisable to review the guarantee terms, in order to be secure with the table saw that you want to buy.

The kick

As you might already be aware of, the table saw is controlled by hand and as such, the hands are in more risk. You need to consider a table saw that comes with a pedal or kick switch, which can be easily and quickly accessed using the knee or foot, to stop device in cases of emergencies.

This ensures that you can quickly find the button and hit it to switch the system off if your hands are about to be trapped by the blade.

Design of Drive Belt

The drive belt that will ensure motion is transferred from the motor to the blade is a crucial element. Resulting vibrations are definitely allowed but should not be excessive.

You can choose the Poly-V belts, which are used in high-quality table saws and create less intense vibration. You should definitely check other available options of belt too.


If you want a table saw that can be used at various workshops, it is advised that you go for something that is portable. To ensure it suits the nature of the job, this involves looking at the general design and measurements of the table saw. Pick one with a collapsible nature and good wheels to the stand.

Ease of Modification and Usage

You need to choose a table saw that is simple to use and adjust, in order to get work done faster and more efficiently. Blade positioning, for example, should be structured in a way that makes it easy to perform specific cuts without much challenge.

The wheels or casters, as well as the levers on the table saw, should operate properly without any complications.

Power Requirements

Selecting a table saw that cannot be used due to power constraints will be very disappointing. In your workshop or house, check the usable power to ensure that it fits the intent.

In most instances, to operate correctly without a hitch, table saws use a 20-amp circuit or 30-amp circuit. The power requirements are often supplied by the manufacturer already.

Cutting Power

It is often advisable to know the sort of materials you are going to be working with. This will offer you an idea of the amount of power you will need to successfully carry out your activities. It is worth remembering that the amount of power produced by the table saw depends significantly on the engine’s horsepower.

Available space

How much space do you have in your workshop or house? When selecting a table saw, this is an important factor. Typically, the cabinet table saws are wide and need a permanent location to be fixed.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best hybrid table saw for a fair price that offers high-functionality is the joy of every DIYer and professional woodworker.

Hopefully, you’ve read this buying guide and have seen the table saws on this list have moderate prices and provide high functionality. They consist of different brands, power-style, and specs, for you to choose from.

In conclusion, we’ve reviewed each table saw with all their features, specs, and design. We hope this article puts a final stop to your research, and you have found the right one that fits your budget and woodworking business.

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