Best Water Hammer Arrestor – How To Install it?

There are a lot of people who complain about a banging sound when shutting the water tap. This can be irritating when you have a quiet environment in the home and suddenly hear the ‘Bang’.

The problem occurs for a reason that is easy to fix with the best water hammer arrestor. In this article, we will answer all your questions about the water hammer and discuss the solution for it with the detailed step by step guide. Stay with us-



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SharkBite 3/4-Inch Residential Water Hammer Arrestor

Best for Residential Use

PSI: 200

Heat: 200° F.

Sioux Chief 660-HB Water Hammer Hose Arrestor, 3/4-Inch

Runner Up

PSI: 80

Heat: 180° F.

Sioux Chief Mfg 3/4-Inch Mini Rester

Best For Washing Machines

PSI: 250

Heat: 180° F.

IPS 86592 Shock Buster Water Hammer Arrestor

Honorable Mention

PSI: 250

Heat: 200° F.

Hydro Master Washing Machine Outlet Box with Hammer Arrestor

Outlet Box with Arrestor

PSI: 250

Heat: 180° F.

What Causes The Water Hammer?

Water flows with a whole lot of force when running into the supply lines. For this reason, you hear a sound when you suddenly shut the water tap.

This is the sound of water hitting the tap and pipe. You can easily understand the reason behind this with an example.

best water hammer arrestorbest water hammer arrestorbest water hammer arrestor

What happens if you drive a car in 100 Miles per hour and suddenly push the brake hard? Your body is going to stress to the front suddenly, right? The same thing happens when you shut the water valve suddenly. The flow is stopped but the force is there and it is absorbed in the pipe. The banging noise comes due to the shock waves generated due to the force.

Here is a detailed visual representation of what is water hammer and why does it happen.

What is The Solution for The Water Hammer?

The solution for the water hammer problem is to install a water hammer arrestor. The arrestor is not a complicated tool but works well to absorb the water hammer and eliminating the sound.

Generally, it is a hollow pipe with a chamber that is used for absorbing the excess water pressure from the water line when the tap is suddenly shut.

Our 8 Best Water Hammer Arrestor Reviews:

1. SharkBite 22632LF 3/4-Inch Residential Water Hammer Arrestor

The SharkBite water hammer arrestor is the best water hammer arrestor among the products that are available in the market. It is a universal and easy-to-use product with a whole lot of flexibility.

The arrestor can absorb shocks up to 200 psi which is more than enough for residential pipe fittings. On top of that, you can use this in a hot water pipe also along with the cold water lines. It will work smoothly in 35 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

When installed with Sharkbite push to connect fittings, there is no need for any glue or soldering to attach the arrestor with the pipeline.

The Sharkbite products are famous for their strong build quality and durability. You can expect a durable and sound-free experience with this brass made tool.

The product comes with a tee. So, you do not need to spend extra money on T-fittings.

Highlighted Features

  • Instant Push-Fit Connection
  • Soldering or Glue is not Required
  • Durable Fitting
  • Reusable water hammer arrestor
  • Versatile and Easy to Use

2. Sioux Chief 660-HB 3/4-Inch Water Hammer Hose Arrestor

The Sioux Chief 660-HB model comes at number 2 when you talk about water hammer eliminators. This product is made with stainless steel ensuring better quality.

With this water shock absorbing tool, you can rest assured that the sound you are irritated about will be gone for good from your house.

The manufacturing company has a reputation for producing high quality and durable products in an affordable price range.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel Body optimized to absorb pressure wave
  • Durable
  • Can be used in Home or Commercial Spaces
  • Affordable Price

3. Sioux Chief Mfg 660-H 3/4-Inch Mini Rester For Washing Machine

This product from the Sioux Chief is our best pick for washing machine. It will eliminate the knocking sound from your house entirely when installed.

This easy to install product can absorb water pressure up to 250 PSIG which is way more than what your water supply pipe produces!

This consists of a ¾ inch female hose connection and one ¾ inch male hose connection.

The ‘T’ shaped water hammer eliminator is a durable product that is tested for 500,000 times in the lab.

So, you should not worry about its durability when making the decision! It should last a lifetime.

Rest assured, this little shock absorber will make your home a peaceful one once installed with its efficient shock-absorbing mechanism.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Does Not Require Plumber for Installation
  • Convenient to use in the Washing Machine
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with Durable Material

4. IPS 86592 Shock-Buster Water Hammer Compression Tee Arrestor

If you are looking for a great quality product with all the high end features, then this Water Hammer Stopper from IPS is a great pick for you.

It comes with a great shiny design that allows you to fit it in a visible place without ruining the aesthetics of your house. On top of that, this USA made product is lead free, making it safe for using in the home.

Being IPC compliant and Asse 1010 certified water hammer arrestor, this product can effectively stop banging sound from your plumbing system.

Highlighted Features

  • Nice Design enhances Aesthetics
  • Made in the USA
  • Lead Free Material
  • IPC Compliant and Asse 1010 Certified

5. DANCO Hammer STOP Technology Washing Machine Connector Hose

Looking for the safest and easiest way to install a water hammer arrestor in your washing machine? Then this DANCO washing machine connecting hose may do your job.

Many people don’t want a separate purchase to eliminate banging pipes issue. If you are one of those and want to get rid of the water hammer problem from the day of the washing machine installation, then this simple yet effective washing machine connector can make your home quiet.

The arrestor is integrated into the hose connector. So, you don’t need to buy a hose connector and hammer arrestor separately.

Because it is made with PVC & BPA free material, this is safe for potable water.

Highlighted Features

  • Works perfectly as hammer arrestor
  • PVC & BPA free, safe for use
  • Easy to install
  • 20-125 PSI pressure handling

6. SUPPLY GIANT IBNQ0034 PEX Barb Hammer Arrestor

A great quality shock absorber that can extend the lifespan of the hose joints. Yes, we are talking about the Supply Giant barb water hammer arrestor that reduces strain on the water line thus making them durable and long lasting.

Another great feature of this product is its ease of use. You can easily install this shock absorber in both horizontal and vertical pipe. So, it comes at the top in the flexibility category also.

Because of its effective pressure surge absorption technology that can eliminate sound from the 300 PSI pressurized water flow, this becomes one of the top contenders for our best pick.

As it can be crimped with pex pipes, it is compatible with almost any type of plumbing pipes.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces excessive pressure on Joints
  • Easy to Install
  • Flexible Installation, both Vertically & Horizontally
  • Absorbs Shock Effectively

7. Sioux Chief 652-A Water Hammer Arrestor

Another Sioux Chief model hits the ground! Asse 1010 certified water shock absorber that is durable, easy to install, and most importantly, works great eliminating the banging sound.

Being performed extraordinarily in the lab test, this is one of the best products to eliminate banging noise from your plumbing system.

As this is a maintenance free product made to last, you’ll have sound sleep for years to come when this awesome arrestor is installed in your house.

Highlighted Features

  • Copper Made Arrestor good for Copper Pipes
  • Asse 1010 Certified
  • Built to last
  • Performed extraordinarily in the lab test

8. Hydro Master Washing Machine Outlet Box With Water Hammer Arrestor

For the people installing a new washing machine in the house, washing machine outlet box with a water hammer arrester built-in is a savior. This great quality washing machine outlet box ensures sound free water flow without harming the overall aesthetics of the house.

Because of its lead free brass valves, great quality hammer arrestor, and center drain connection, this becomes the best washing machine outlet box with built-in shock absorber.

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in water pressure regulator
  • Great build material
  • Easy Installation
  • Looks great when installed properly

Other Tools That You May be Interested About…

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How To Install The Water Hammer Arrestor?

For fixing the water hammer aka hydraulic shock, you need to install an arrestor. These are the tools you will need when installing water hammer arrestor-

  1. Water Hammer Arrestor
  2. Wrench
  3. Tubing Cutter
  4. Copper T-fittings
  5. Lead-free Solder and Flux
  6. Emery Cloth
  7. Teflon Tape
  8. Propane Torch

(You can check price of these tools on Amazon by clicking on the product name.)

Step by Step Guide To Fix The Water Hammer

Step 1

Gather all the tools and equipment that we have enlisted above. Starting work without buying any one of these can lead you to no-water for a day in your house or leakage afterward. Since other tools can do what the enlisted tools can do, you can use replacements for these tools except the water hammer arrester, of course!

Step 2

Find an access panel in your home by which you can access the pipes. Open the access panel cover with a screwdriver, if it is screwed to the wall. Some pipe lines are insulated. You may need to remove some of the pipe insulation to unveil the plastic pipe.

Step 3

If you hear a bang when abruptly shut the tap, it is most likely that the pipe is not securely fixed to the surface properly. If all your pipes are made of metal, you can just secure the pipe with a firm surface and see whether the sound appears or not.

If the sound remains, you have to use the water hammer arrester aka shock absorber to completely quiet the pipes. Don’t confuse yourself!

In some plastic pipeline or loose pipe, water hammer may feel enhanced due to the room for vibration. So, consider attaching the pipeline firmly without causing any pipe damage.

Step 4

Now, the main task! Turn off all the water outlets and drain down the water tank. This is necessary because you are going to cut the pipe in the next step.

If you have shut off valves installed, you may get away with shutting off water supply through the line on which you are installing water arrestors.

Step 5

Generally, water hammer arresters are installed by T-fittings. So, you need to install the T-fittings into the pipe and then attach the shock absorber with it.

So, measure the T-fittings and cut the pipe in such a way where you will have enough room to insert the pipe into the T-fittings from both ends.

So, the cut needs to be smaller than the size of the t-fittings.

(Please remember that some shock absorbers do not need T-fittings. So, check the one you bought before installing a T-fittings.)

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Follow this video guide for easy understanding…

Step 6

Take the pipe cutter and cut the pipe according to the measurement you took. Take proper precautions so that you do not cut your finger when cutting the pipe.

Keeping some additional pipe is a good practice, in case.

Step 7

Now, install the T-fittings and solder the fittings with the pipe. You have to ensure that there is no room left for water leaking.

Step 8

After installing the T-fittings, now install our recommended water hammer arrester to eliminate the hammer effect for good.

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Why My Water Hammer Arrestor is Not Working?

One of the most common reasons behind hammer effect eliminator is not working because of the pressure reducing water supply valves in your plumbing system. If you have a backflow prevention system installed, you may face this issue.

To combat this problem, you need to install a pressure gauge to the pipeline to monitor the pressure when your hammer arrestor is not working.

Another common reason for the shock absorbers not working is a loose pipe. So, make sure to secure your plumbing lines firmly to get the best result.

How Long Do Water Hammer Arrestors Last?

Water hammer eliminators last a lifetime if you choose to install the correct one. Quality products are supposed to withstand around half a million cycles before they become useless. So, the arrestor should not wear out before the plumbing system.

However, you may experience lesser lifespan if you install low capacity hammer absorbers in high pressure water lines.

How to stop water hammer?

Simply, by using arrestors.

Water Hammer Arrestors are designed and installed as an integral component of plumbing systems where there is a risk of surges due to changes in pressure; such as at the point where a pipe or fixture is attached to a pressurized water supply. The arrestor absorbs the surge and helps prevent damage that can occur due to these surges.

Water Hammer Arrestors are designed with an “arrest” inside, which is usually made up of some type of rubber material that absorbs pressure when pressure changes abruptly so as not to cause any water hammer.

The reason why water hammer arrestors are so important is that they can be installed in places where surges occur with enough force to cause serious damage or injury to people and property; such as a kitchen sink’s supply pipe near the dishwasher. If this is not corrected it may eventually lead to the failure of your plumbing system.

How many water hammer arrestors do I need?

Water Hammer Arrestors should be installed in series. You need one arrestor for each length of pipe or water supply lines where a surge is likely to occur, up until the point that it can no longer absorb enough pressure.

In residential setups, it may need a couple of arrestors to deal with the issue.

What size water hammer arrestor for washing machine?

Typically, a water hammer arrestor for the washing machines is ½ inch in size. You can measure it by taking your pipe and reducing its diameter to half an inch. The fitting will need to be compression-type with “T” or threaded type available as well.

However, it’s not a universal rule. That’s why you should measure the pipe that feeds water to your washing machine to avoid issues with size after you buy.

How does a water hammer arrestor work?

A water hammer arrestor works by absorbing the pressure wave that builds up in a pipe when it is suddenly shut off and released. It does this through an expansion chamber which has air inside of it with vents at both ends to release excess pressure back into the atmosphere.

The air within the chamber expands rapidly, creating a vacuum as soon as you shut off the water. When you open it again, that creates a pressure surge in the opposite direction to build back up and is then absorbed by the air inside of the chamber which prevents any damage from being done to your pipes or connections.

What size water hammer arrestor to use?

It is recommended that you use an arrestor sized for the pipe diameter and length of your system. So, the pipe installed on your house is what you should look at when you are deciding on the size of your water hammer arrestor.

Where to install a water hammer arrestor for the irrigation system?

An arrestor should be installed at the point of highest water pressure in your system, and that is typically near where the pipe branches off to individual sprinklers or spigots. The reason for this is because there will always be a vacuum created when you turn off the mainline which can cause backflow from other areas of the system into the head of the mainline.

Do I need a water hammer arrestor for my sprinkler system?

If you have an irrigation system, it is recommended to install one at each branch connection or where larger lines connect with smaller lines. These are vulnerable points in your plumbing and if there is any backflow from another section of pipe into the head of a mainline, it can cause bumping and loud banging.

The best time to install arrestors is when the sprinkler system or irrigation system first gets installed because they are easy enough to hide among the landscaping. If you already have an existing sprinkler system without any water hammer arrestor protection, there’s no need for panic.

How to make a water hammer arrestor?

There are at least two different ways to make a water hammer arrestor. One way is to use compression fittings and the other involves inserting rubber gaskets in between pipes. With this type of water hammer arrestor, you need several pipe unions that screw together on both ends as well as some sheets of rubber or neoprene sheeting.

The process involves wrapping the sheeting around a pipe and then sandwiching it between two pipes with unions on each side of it all, which are screwed together tightly to seal off any gaps in the system that might cause air chambers from forming.

This type of arrestor is more complicated than the compression fitting version because you have to fit everything together just right. But it is also generally more effective because the rubber can stretch and better absorb the shock of a hammer blow.

One downside to this type of water hammer arrestor is that, unlike compression fittings, which are often reusable, you have to replace these ones when they wear out or break prematurely.

We recommend not attempting to make an arrestor yourself as a bit of fault in the arrestor can cause the whole plumbing system to fail. Better spend a few bucks to buy some cheap hammer arrestor.

Final Words

The noise made of high water pressure is annoying and has to be fixed for a quiet environment in the home. We hope that you will have a peaceful life after installing the product we have recommended here.

We tried to answer all the questions that can come to your mind relating to water hammer arrestors.

If you have any other questions relating to this topic, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We will be back with the answer.

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  1. I was looking for a solution of water hammer but didn’t know the name of the product. After spending ten-ish searches, I found this article. I feel this is a great piece for folks like me. Thank you

  2. The Sioux Chief mini-resters are piston type (i.e. moving parts that wear out). They only last about 4-5 years (the warranty is 3 years). I use these to address water hammer on my LG washer and they work great for a couple years then begin to fail. I’m on my 3rd set. BTW: The pressure regulator for my home is set to 60 PSI and the expansion tank was also pre-charged to exactly this same pressure to maximize performance. I’d rather go with the Sharkbite Brass arrester now.


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