10 Best Workbench Top Wood Material Reviews 2021

Whether you are a woodworker or a mechanic, or even an engineer, an authentic workbench will make a lot of your tasks easy.

Achieving a classic workbench for your house can be a tricky thing, especially when starting from scratch. Have you thought of a customized one? A brown sugar maple workbench top can brighten up the theme of your work area. 

Away from the aesthetics, one needs a bench top that stands the taste of time. A workbench top that can withstand rough usage for a long time.

For making your customization easier and give you a way out to pick the most authentic workbench top, we have reviewed top 10 best workbench top woods that money can buy today.



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Grizzly Industrial G9916 – Solid Maple Workbench Top 96″ Wide x 30″ Deep x 1-3/4″ Thick


Grizzly G9912 – Solid Maple Workbench Top 36″ x 24″


Nexel Maple Bench Top, 72″ W x 30″ D x 1¾” Thick


Sjobergs SJO-33309, Wood


Edsal BB3060 Butcher Block Workbench Top, 60″ Width x 30″ Depth, Maple


What is a Workbench Top?

A workbench top is a flat wooden, fiberboard (aka MDF), or metal surface that is made for use on a workbench frame to do some carpentry or other mechanical works.

Workbench top materials are popular for customizing a workbench or replacing the older top when the frame is in good shape. But you will see people using workbench top wood to decorate their kitchens, restaurants, or even for making an outdoor table.

Since these are simply flat surfaces made of different hard materials, you can use these for almost anything.

best workbench top wood reviewsbest workbench top reviewsbest workbench top reviews

Our 10 Best Workbench Top Wood Picks:

Here is the list of the top 10 best wood materials that you can use to make perfect workbench-

1. Grizzly Industrial G9916 – Solid Maple Workbench Top

If you are looking for a perfect workbench top that did not compromise a thing, this is the product we pick for you.

This model is made with maple strips that are mounted together by lamination. The material is sought explicitly from grown hard rock specifically, sugar species. The bench is then done with an odorless durakryl finish, typically selected to guarantee food safety. This one assures you that it is a kitchen-friendly model.

The top-bottom and sides of the workbench are sealed to guarantee substantial shelf life—so, you should not worry about the durability of this product.

For those who keep in mind the aesthetic value of a product, Grizzly industrial is polished in a way that it appears natural. The clear satin-smooth polish with low shine makes it easy to clean. One can clean it naturally, using soap and water without any damage. 

For your space and planning reasons, these top dimensions are 96” width x 30” length x 1- 3/4” Thickness.

They can also be accompanied by an optional adjustable heavy-duty fox legged stands that are good for outdoor activities.

This is a universal model; hence it can be customized according to your scope of work.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of brown sugar tough maple for better resistance
  • Durakryl finish, this is a food-friendly and easy cleanup feature
  • Natural appearance, this makes it appealing, especially when being used for upholstery
  • When poorly handled, the square edges can be denuded

2. Grizzly G9912 Solid Maple Workbench Top

This is a 51.9 lbs. product originating from Michigan USA. The top side of the workbench top is lightly vanished, the idea behind this is to give you an easy time wiping the workshop dirt or even kitchen mess with ease, nothing more of this. The 36 x 24 x 1.8 inches workbench top is made up of multiple hard rock maple wood on its two long edges.

If you always need value for your money, this top bench comes with a 1/8 slim board block whose aim is to secure the bottom part of the package. This one can always be put to use according to one’s interests, while the fabricators recommend it for a small bottom drawer wherever it should be used. 

This wood is typically hard, so you should prepare you vice well during installation. Little greasing can make things easier.

Optionally one can always shop an additional fox legged stand for outdoor activities, especially under the tree workshops.

Highlighted Features

  • Kiln-dried, to avoid damage from your work tools
  • Available in long and short versions, to suit the exact dimensions require on your project
  • The glue and finish are, regarded as food-grade hence a healthy option
  • Durable surface, made to last long

3. Nexel Maple Bench Top Review

Nexel maple is made to large custom size, a feature that renders it more of use for heavy commercial purposes than domestic use. This superior class brand if electronically bound to ensure perfect binding and longer shelf life.

It is made out of sugar maple, which is a standard wood for high-end furniture. Maple wood contains white grains that are embedded with brown-red hues. Its hardness hits market 1450 on a Janka scale, equipment used in measuring the hardness of the wood.

Apart from the available 72 length and 30 width custom dimension tops, other sizes are also available. So, a flexible choice.

The fact that it is blocky and heavyweight does not mean it should look ugly. A smooth finish renders it naturally appearing, while the oil protectant cure, saves you viral termite damages and other wood predators. It can be used in restaurants, butcher blocks, and mounting enormous industrial equipment.

For its heavy-duty working capabilities, and higher durability, this has made its place at the top of the table.

Highlighted Features

  • Electric kiln-dried, ensures high resistance against sharp and crude work tools
  • Available in numerous sizes, this is to ensure that you don’t keep any waste
  • Natural oil protection cure, this is a food-grade accredited product
  • It is thick enough to handle mechanical and enormous projects
  • Made for heavy usage

4. Sjobergs SJO- 33309 Workstation Review

This is a universal Smart work station to which the fabricators refer to as “made with professionals and for professionals.”

Its setting is a bit technical because it is not just a bench top but is designed to handle so many tasks. Its portability is why this special device makes it to this point of the list of the top 10 workbench top. You don’t need huge bolts and a tool cabinet to start setting up this workstation since it comes with its bolts that can be adjusted to any available stand when mounting.

Conditionally, this one is only suitable for mechanical reasons due to its complex nature. Remember, it is not just a board but a board loaded with so many dynamics. It also comes pre-perforated; hence one does not need to necessarily drill it for mounting. However, one can do it so to customize it to the compatibility of his or her work station.

The side clamp ensures that holding and gripping during milling is not done elsewhere but on the same board. If your project requires some metalwork, this is your tool. It can be used to grip all types of metallic material during cutting. This is done using the universal anvil, which is optional.

Jaw cushion has an adhesive grip power to ensure that your project is on point and does not fall to damage.

Finally, this top piece also contains a portable 20 lbs. vice. So, it can be moved to any place and set up without much ado.

When you need a nice portable workbench top that comes with additional features, this little beast can serve you best with its never-ending features.

Highlighted Features

  • This top bench is Portable, due to its simple but reliable structure
  • Adhesive jaw cushions for a better grip
  • Contains multiple dynamics that can be used in mechanical projects like metalwork
  • The pre-perforations can fail to align with your stand sometimes
  • This new top is a Good option for many woodworkers

5. Edsal BB3060 Butcher Block Wood Work Bench Top

This durable workbench top is made out of kiln-dried maple that is electrically bound and laminated. It is ideal for use in the kitchen and as butcher blocks, as the name suggests. However, its resistance can also stand heavy-duty work like that of a workshop. It is made in customary 60 W * 30 L dimensions. 

The reason for kiln drying is to make them resistant to sharp objects and other technical work such as tool work and die electrical welding, and even fabric cutting in industries. Edsal BB poses no harm to your precision tool, given that they are dried to rigidity.

The mineral oil finish ensures that it is not harmed by any conditions, be it environmental or pest. Oiling regularly keeps it in perfect working conditions for quite some time.

The maple wood is sanded to detail and applies with a bright finish to give one a natural taste of maple. The natural mineral oil furnish is suitable for kitchen conditions since it is not harmful to human food. You can always consider this for a woody kitchen sink when you are a lover of lumber. This piece of lumber comes just block with no pre -perforations. It is therefore advised that one should take great care when mounting it. If not, consult a professional technician to avoid any damages to this precious wood.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from machine dried maple strips, this is a standard wood for tough reasons
  • Clear finish, this is indeed beautiful, especially for your kitchen island
  • Resistant to sharp and crude objects since it is machine bound and electric kiln-dried
  • Requires routine oiling which can be set hectic

6. Bally Block Birch Workbench Top 1-1/2″ x 27″ x 60″

This custom block butcher workbench top is made from dried birch wood. They are handcrafted; hence the artisans pay attention to details.

All blocks are FDA approved and are made from high-quality material.

On my cross-examination, this model can serve best as kitchen workbench tops, restaurant, and even coffee shop service tops. 

Fine edge lamination renders the product bound close together; hence can last for quite some decades without wear. 

Subsequently, it can be used in hotel settings and other outdoor food outlets. It’s quite resistant to cutlery, and its finish does not allow for staining by cookery.

Highlighted Features

  • Hand made to finer details
  • Durable workbench, made of birch wood
  • Tight lamination, ensures there are no chances for breakage
  • FDA certified, hence domestically safe
  • Low odor, hence suitable for a kitchen island

7. Birch Butcher Block Square Edge, 72″W x 36″D x 1-3/4″ Thick

This model from Forest Products is made out of birch wood to the square edge and 10.75 thickness. It is dried using an electric Kiln while machine bound in order to attain the resistance required. To make it appealing, the bench top is sanded and applied with a beautiful finish. The raw material used, birchwood, responds well to stain hence aesthetical.

A natural mineral oil finish acts as a protector; hence no pests can manage to damage this model of a bench top. This oil is also human food-friendly, thus a healthy option for kitchen islands.

If this benchtop is not for kitchen reasons, it is good to keep oiling it regularly to guarantee shelf life.

Economically they can serve all purposes ranging from kitchen, office, and even commercial and industrial purposes.

The available custom dimensions are 72 width × 36 Length with 10.7 thickness. So, a big surface to work with.

However, this bench top might easily break if grossly mishandled, especially when carrying on trucks or other vehicles. Careful handling is required for maintaining its good shape.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy workbench, Made of unfinished birch wood
  • Food safe finish oil used
  • Enough thickness hence it won’t break easily
  • Can break if not handled with care

8. Forest Product Distributors Workbench Top Block, 48″W x 30″D x 1-3/4″ Thick

This model of a workbench top can best work in the kitchen island due to its specific features, with them a finish of a penetrating oil protector that is non-toxic for humans.

The unfinished birch wood is bound and glued synthetically using an electronic machine. The wood is also dried in a kiln to guarantee its resistance to all forms of friction wear and tear. Talk about the kitchen knives working on the chopsticks or even veggies. 

The glue used in binding the wood strips is food grade, therefore ideal for the kitchen island.

These products are available in 1/2/3/4 square edged pieces. Professional carpentry artisans work on fine sanding of the boards to ensure aesthetic value addiction to make work enjoyable.

Equally, I am not trying to limit you to the kitchen; this one can work on a series of more projects, one can consider it a choice for the office counters, workshop bench tops, and even mechanical workshops.

As the name suggests, forest products deal with multiple types of wood, so if you are not satisfied with birch, you can always choose from many more like rubberwood, bamboo and granite, and bamboo stock are available for customization.

Highlighted Features

  • Kiln-dried wood to make it resistant to work tools
  • Professionally sanded and finished for easy cleaning
  • Square edges, this is to align to the place of work
  • Birchwood does not support heavy workloads

9. Solid Maple Cabinet Top – Grizzly H9687

If your scope of work is for a small portion, then this one got you. One can always order a reasonable piece of his specification.

The only type of wood this company relies on is hard rock maple, a very solid wood that is estimated at 50-year shelf life. For trust reasons, the company has put over 200 pieces into use for their packaging. There have been over 3 decades of use, whereby there are hardly any breakages.

The maple is dried by means of an electric kiln. Craftsmen take into detail the complex binding process in order to ensure no stone is left unturned. This is in the process of binding, furnish, and even packaging.

Even without much ado, the bench top is incredibly beautiful. I have no reason for recommending this one for use at a specific point since it is made to fit universal functionalities—talk of fixing kitchen sinks, workshop bench tops, and many more.

It contains a simple but practical finish that makes it easy to pursue cleaning, whereby the water does not infiltrate the wood.

Additionally, you can get a fox leg stand to accompany this bench top if you need to use it for outdoor pursuits. They are made on 25 widths 36 length custom dimensions with 1-1/2 depth.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of maple hardwood, for better shelf life
  • Easy to clean due to its light finish
  • Available in small pieces, to ensure no waste is realized
  • If not well handled, the edged can undergo denidation.

10. Grizzly G9913 Workbench Top Review

This is another industrial heavy commercial bench top from Grizzly, but now an economical pack. The dimensions are a little bit smaller, i.e., 48 lengths ×30 width with variable thickness of 1-3/4.

It is a beautiful bargain for people with small tasks, its overall quality and the perfect finish has made our team consider this as one of the best contender for this review.

The piece of lumber is done with Durakryl finish that guarantees food safety, and the fact that it is sealed from all sides for a block structure of square edges.

During drilling, it is good to keep the sport of perfection a little bit oily. Taking chances can lead to breakages and cause you double purchase while every buck matters. You can always use a sharp bit for perfect results.

Highlighted Features

  • Durakryl finish for easier cleaning
  • Economical pack of just a sizable piece to ensure you work at comfort
  • Made of machine dried maple hence not easily done by the work tools
  • Heavy duty for mechanical and commercial use
  • Small-sized pieces can require additional purchase if the project turns out underestimated

Best Workbench Top Materials Buying Guide

Who Need a Workbench Top?

Workbench builds are generally used for mechanical or carpentry works, and sometimes in heat treated crafts. Apart from their traditional usage, you’ll see them in different places. So, check who are most commonly using workbench tops for their works-

1. Mechanics

Mechanics use the workbench most. As they work with different hand tools and machines, they need stable, hard, and durable surfaces to work on. You’ll see them using different bench designs depending on their work types like auto-mobile machinery or electronic appliances.

2. Carpenter

Professional Carpenters come at number two when it comes to usage of workbench tops. They need flat surfaces for using woodworking equipment, taking measurements of wood, cutting it and giving the wood the shape of furniture.

So, they are also a prominent group of consumers for beautiful hard wood bench.

3. Housewives

Housewives can do their work with cheap cabinet grade bench tops as they mostly buy them for using the smooth surface like a countertop or chopping board. If you are looking for a bench top wood for your kitchen, make sure it is made with food-grade material and finished with FDA approved solutions.

Plus, pleasing curves in workbench design can also make things interesting.

4. Masons

For the people working with stones and rocks, workbenches are necessary. You can’t work on a surface where the small particles are not secure. So, for ensuring a safe and comfortable working area, they need a proper  workbench top with perfect timber choice. For masons, it is not necessary to have a fully furnished workbench, they can use the top only to do their work.

5. Others

Apart from the people mentioned above, you’ll see engineers doing their plans and estimates on the benchtops for comfort. And don’t forget the restaurants! Nowadays, coffee shops are popularly furnished with hardwood bench tops and wood blocks for an aesthetic look.

Benefits of Workbench Top Wood

There are a ton of benefits that you can get by acquiring a cheap work surface. But here are some of the most common benefits of workbenches that are triggering people to buy one.

benefits of workbench top infographicbenefits of workbench top infographic

1. Stability

Stability is key to precise work. You will not be able to do your tasks perfectly without making the working surface stable. To ensure this, an effective workbench equipped with a high-quality top is mandatory. These allow to work without interruptions and give you a nicely finished surface to do your job.

2. Customizability

The next benefit that comes along with a benchtop wood is the customizability. When you purchase a readymade workbench, you can’t customize it for convenience. Although some assembly workbenches allow the user to customize, those costs you a lot of money.

So, when you need a customizable bench for your work within your budget range, a proper solid wood panel is a perfect shot.

3. Comfortable Working Environment

As we have said already, the workbenches are made for making the workers’ life easy. These allow the user to work with more freedom.

When you are comfortable working on the surface, you will produce the best result. And bench top materials are made for making life easier for the woodworkers, masons, carpenters and many others.

4. Easy to Clean

These materials are popular for their ease of use and clean. You can remove all your machinery from the workbench surface and then a simple wipe with a soft cloth will clean the surface. Thanks to the high-quality finish manufacturers give to the workbenches!

So, you will require less time and effort to make the workroom and clean.

5. Multi-Purpose Serving

As we have already discussed above, These wood panels can be used for multiple workplaces and you can extend their usage to many other works as well. From an outdoor coffee table to a backyard rocker, you are covered by these.

How To Choose The Perfect Workbench Top Wood?

Making buying decisions for material choice that you have not done before is a hectic job. For making perfect decisions, you need to know what should you look for in the best workbench surface material. We have outlined a process by which you can pick your desired product with ease. Check it out-

1. Objective of Purchase

Ask yourself- why do you need this? Answering this question will make your task easier to filter out the whole bunch of products. For example- when you are looking for a workbench top for mechanical works or carpentry, check whether the product is strong and hard enough to withstand ordinary wear and tear.

2. Size Needed

Size is a deciding factor when it comes to work table tops. Always check the size of the top before purchase. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more on the extra surface or losing your money for the under-sized surface. So, checking the size of the surface is a must.

3. Frequency of Usage

How much you are going to use the workbench is a question to answer. You’ll find workbenches of different materials, some are cheap and some are expensive. Generally speaking, a cheap workbench top is made for decoration or occasional usage. For frequent usage, go for the best possible products despite their expensiveness.

4. Strength

The strength of the material used for making the workbench top is a thing to check. Most of the common workbench top usages require hard surface that is not prone to scratches and dents. So, look for the strongest materials for purchasing.

Adding plastic laminate on top of the bench or wood shelves increases the strength significantly.

5. Durability

Durability is a common concern for buyers. I am not at all different at all. So, when I intend to purchase a product, I analyze the product and scrutinize the history of the product so that I do not get scammed. Luckily, you do not have to do that. We have done all those works for you. You can read our reviews to get an idea about the durability of your desired product.

6. Workbench Top Price

Who doesn’t check this before purchase? Everyone checks the price! Before you buy workbench top for your workplace, ensure that you have checked all the relevant product prices so that you do not pay more than the product worth.

Different Workbench Top Materials

Before you pick a durable workbench, it is required to pick the best materials-

Hardwood Top

Hardwood workbench tops are the strongest, most durable and expensive. But considering the value you get from hard wood tops like oak or maple, the price is not that high. These top won’t be damaged or scratched easily compared to the other materials in line. And most importantly, if you end up scratching hardwood surfaces, you can simply sand and remove the scratched layer to get a smooth and finished surface again without spending on a new workbench top.


Bamboo is favorite to the people looking for a cheaper option. You will get what you pay for. So, a bamboo made workbench top is not so durable compared to the other materials. But when you need a top that is lightweight and easy to carry, bamboo is a savior. Those who want a top for decorating the home, bamboo made workbench tops will do the job without costing much.


Laminate is a great material when you need to work with moisture. These are made with a water-resistant formula to be able to work on humid weather conditions. As you know, humid weathers are heaven for the insects, you need proper protection against harmful insects too. That’s why you will find laminate workbench tops coming with insecticides.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

MDF bench tops also provide you moisture protection with strength. These workbench tops come at a reasonable price point, yet serve almost similar to the expensive tops. These particle boards are strong enough to stay intact after rough and tough usage when mdf glued together and a bit resistant to the scratches. Like hardwood tops, you can sand the surface to give it a fresh and smooth look.


Metal workbench tops are the strongest in the list but not popular like other materials for their weight, non-customizability, and sharpness. If you need a workbench top that will last years of toughest abuse, this is the material you should think of. Although these are strong and durable, you need to take safety precautions to work.

Best Workbench Top Material Brands

Grizzly Industrial

The best workbench top wood brand according to our research is the Grizzle Industrial tops. They produce some of the most durable tops right now. You will find different sizes of the tops from them made with an almost similar formula for consistency. They are in the market from 1983 and I’m saying you, they have already a firm grip on the market.

Bally Block

Bally Block is another top brand when it comes to the working table top. They provide high quality, eco-friendly and durable products to their consumers and have steady progress in the industry for a while.

Forest Products

This is a brand that is making a whole bunch of products for wooden products. They have hundreds of tools and offer customized wooden products for their customers. You’ll get high quality and durable wood made workbench tops from them within a reasonable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Wood For Workbench Tops?

In our analysis, we have found hard maple and europian birch as the best wood for workbench tops for their strength, durability, and ease of use.

What Type of Plywood is Best For Workbench Tops?

Strongest woods are good for using on the workbench. So, ensure that you get thick plywood tops with multiple layers to place on the workbench.

How Thick Should a Workbench Top be?

This depends on your objective of purchase and other relevant circumstances like budget and usage. Generally, a 1.5 inch thick top is standard for using on the workbenches. If the material is strong enough, you can work with a one inch thick surface too.

What is a Good Size of Workbench?

This also depends on your work. Generally, you will get workbenches from 28 inches wide and 48 inches tall. If you need larger than that, there are choices available in the market, but smaller sizes are rare. So, you can get a minimum sized top and then cut it according to your wish.

Is MDF a Good Workbench Top?

Yes, Medium Density Fiberboard (aka MDF) is a great material to use as the workbench top for their overall strength and durability.

Ensure that the material is of good quality and can take enough stress like plywood workbench layers, greenwood, or hardwood surfaces.

How Much Weight Can a Workbench Hold?

This depends on the frame and the top you are using. Stronger frame rails can hold a lot of weight where cheap materials can break. So, see the product label for the exact number.

Plus, solid joinery is also important when it comes to load capacity.

What’s the Best Height for Workbench?

This depends on your height. Generally, you’ll find workbench heights ranging from 33 to 36 inches. You can comfortably work on these if you are around 6 feet tall.

Is Pine Good For Workbench?

A lot of people have a misconception that pine is not so durable to hold the pressure. But you can use pine as your workbench tops for low to medium usage.

Is Birch Good For Workbench?

Yes, why not? They are strong and can absorb a lot of pressure. In fact, we have reviewed some of the birch made workbench tops above. So, you can get a hint of their strength from the reviews too.

Final Verdict

Considering all factors constant, a diverse market needs personalized research and analysis before just making a hasty purchase. The money might not be the problem, but just a moment, do you want to shift your attention from a dignified buyer to a keyboard worrier? I hope not. 

The market is flocked with quite some million products in this niche. The above products have been censored in a careful way to preempt all misleading Information at your advantage. All said and done, I highly recommend the Grizzly industrial G9913 – Solid Maple Workbench as the best workbench top material because it’s cost-effective, universally adaptable to all work environments, and also not forgetting that it is made of kiln-dried maple, that guarantees an economical shelf life. The raw material used in its production is equally strong, to sum up like a pro feature.

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