How to Build a Building – Step by Step Plan

Building a new house near the sea beach or mountain is a dream that a lot of people cherish. Whether you want your house in any of these places or near your dad’s house, you need to go through some steps to make the dream reality.

Here in this guide, we will guide you through the process to build a new building so that you can have an idea before starting.

house under construction
An Under Construction House

1. Purchase a Land for House

Purchasing land is a necessity for building a house unless you have inherited land or bought it previously. When purchasing land, make sure to choose a location where you’ll feel comfortable living.

purchase a land

Take note of the road communication, access to necessities like water, electricity, food, and others. Another thing to consider is the neighborhood. Look at the adjacent buildings to the land and talk to them so that you can get a proper idea about both the good and bad things of the place.

2. Hire an Architect to Plan the House

Architects Looking at House Plan

Hiring an architect is mandatory to make a dream house. Nowadays, you can buy pre-designed house plans from different architects at a cheaper rate. But those plans do not allow you to customize things according to your wish. But don’t forget to check those as you can find a plan that suits your need.

Architects will give you floor plans, estimated cost, and other relevant information that you’ll need when building the house.

3. Get Permission from Local Authority

Now that you have land and a floor plan, it’s time to get permission from the local authority. Before you apply for permission, make sure to check every condition is fulfilled.

take permission

To check those, you can consult an expert or simply go to the adjacent landowner and ask him for information. If you in luck, (s)he would guide you the best as he went through the situation you are going through now.

4. Level the Land & Lay the Foundation

The first step after getting permission from the authority is leveling the land. Check the land for any defect and solve that before you start the foundation work.

land survey
Surveying Land

For laying the foundation of the house, make sure to consult with professionals to have a perfectly built house. Foundation is the backbone of a building. Any defect in the foundation will make you suffer for years. So, carefully lay the foundation.

6. Inspect if Needed

Some municipality requires time to time inspection by the authority for maintaining proper safety. If you are building the house in such a location, make sure to check the law and follow it.

house inspection
An Inspector Looking at the House

For inspection purposes, get an appointment of the inspector as early as possible so that you do not end up in a long queue of the housebuilders looking for an inspector to certify their house as safe.

Some places locality require one inspection where some can ask you for inspection every step. Follow the guideline strictly to avoid the fine and future legal problems.

7. Give it a Shape

Build the frame of the house. If you are making a house from a wood frame, consider getting into an agreement with a lumber shop. Buying a whole bunch of wood from the hardware store will cost you twice or thrice more than the lumber shop.

house frame
Building the House

You should find a lumber shop that can process the wood according to the shapes and sizes you want, and get it delivered at the construction site.

When making the frame, ensure the best quality ingredients for durability.

8. Finish it Up

home interior
House Interior After Building the House

After shaping it up, a handyman can do the rest of the job by himself. However, it is not recommended to do so as building the house is a lot of work. You’ll need to work round the clock for months to get it done. The finishing works include drywall installation, wiring, painting, flooring, etc.

9. Conclusion

If you are a DIY guy, you can do works like taping the surface, applying drywall primer, sanding, and painting.

Whether you are a DIY guy or not, you need to learn to apply drywall mud so that you can patch the drywall with drywall spackle in future repair works.

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