Can a Nail Gun Go Through Concrete Effectively?

Are you pondering about can a nail gun go through concrete while repairing your kitchen cabinet or mounting your family picture?

Or maybe wondering if you can use a nailer to drive nails on bricks? If yes, then this piece of information is mainly for you, so keep reading to get the answer.

A nail gun can be a holy grail if you have thousands of nails to be driven. Besides the quick process, it offers safety as well as strength of the nails. We can use the tool for driving in the nail entirely inside wood planks, concrete, walls, or anything with the gun mechanism.

Regardless of models by different brands, all the nail guns come with a barrel and a connected firing pin. Although some of them also contain some gunpowder however they are not responsible for shooting a human being.

So, lets’ not waste our time and find out the answer to the most searched question whether the nail gun can go through concrete or not.

Let’s dive into it!

Can A Nail Gun Go Through Concrete?

Well, different types of nail guns can be used to serve various purposes. However, a particular kind of nail gun is used for driving nails inside the concrete. Some of you may know it by the name of a pneumatic concrete nail gun or twenty-two nailer gun.

concrete nail gun

But, whatever you say, the device is used to drive the nail into the concrete. However, some of the safety precautions may require before starting the process. Some of them are listed below to serve you a helping hand.

>> If you are using the nail gun with gunpowder for the first time in the ceiling, there can be a chance to hurt your eyes by the accidental fall of gunpowder. To avoid such problems, you should be attentive and protected at the same time with a pair of protective glasses.

>> Although the gun is not responsible for shooting any human, you still have to be careful. Look carefully whether the gun is pointing towards you or anything that can be harmed.

>> It is always recommended to load the nail before the shell to avoid any dangerous situations.

>> Keep the safety lock until you are ready to shoot.

>> If the gun creates significant noise, hearing protection is a must.

These were some of the safety precautions one should follow while working with a nail gun on concrete.

Should I Use Nail Gun On Concrete?

So, the answer in general is yes, you can use a nail gun on concrete. A concrete nail gun can be used to drive nails in the concrete. Although one can also use a hammer, a nail gun is a suitable option for an accurate shot and tends to complete more work in less time.

Advantages of Using A Nail Gun On Concrete

Following are some of the benefits of using a nail gun on concrete.

>> While using a nail gun on concrete you can get an exact shot in one go unlike hammer. Also, your surface will not get extra holes and look beautiful.

>> Well, to start, the tool is handy to a wide range of people; the reason behind this is that it’s lightweight and completes a lot of work with less fatigue.

>> You don’t have to worry about noise most of the time, as many of these nail guns are less noisy while working with concrete than the hammer. Yes, concrete nailers create more noise than the hammer, but hammer creates a lot of constant noise to drive merely a nail. On the other hand, nailer needs one shot to put a nail in place.

Disadvantages of Using A Nail Gun On Concrete

Although a nail gun can be used on concrete, there are some disadvantages too. Therefore, one should consider these before using a nail gun on concrete or any other material.

>> One of the major disadvantages of using nail gun on concrete is that the constant high power can break up the cement composition into pieces. Especially, if you are driving nails in the near vicinity.

>> Also, if the concrete contains hard pieces of rocks and stone, the nail gun may not be able to drive the nail effectively which will leave your hard work of no use.

>> Concrete nailers are not like the other 16 gauge nailer or hardie trim nailers. Other types of nailers can be used interchangeably to a certain extent. But concrete nailers are specific to very limited types of nails.


While concluding, nail guns are being commonly used for concrete, and they now become the symbol of smart working. Also, one should use a nail gun on concrete with all the safety precautions and know the correct handling method.

We hope that this article served as an answer to your question. So, what do you prefer, a hammer or a nail gun for nailing on concrete?

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