Coil Framing Nailer vs Stick Nailer: What to Pick?

Gone are the days when a carpenter has to hammer hundreds or thousands of nails by hand. It is not only stressful; it wastes time, and things can get really dangerous. The modern-day innovation is to use a tool that will get the nails drilled or hammered into the required places.

For this single purpose of hammering nails, there are quite a number of devices that does the job well, mostly known as nailers. Nailers come in different types and designs, but the operating principle is quite similar: get the nails into the wall or wood or any other material.

Before diving into the question of choosing the perfect type of nailer, we must know the options we have and how they work. Coil framing nailers and stick nailers are both incredible equipment, let us examine them closely and make some juxtapositions.

coil framing nailer vs stick nailer

Brief on The Coil Framing Nailer

The coil frame nailer has a canister that can hold around 250 nails once and it typically works with framing nails and sheathing nails. The adjustable canister makes room for nails to be inclined at 15-degree angles.

The basic design of the coil frame nailer looks more complex than that of the stick nailer, due to the accommodation for the nail channel.

Brief on The Stick Nailer

The stick nailer is a more popular option that allows you to work with a variety of nails. Collation style and angle must be put into consideration when working with the stick nailer. A stick nailer magazine holds about 30 nails, and you will normally have two magazines.

Compatible nails include Sticks that have around 30 degrees’ angle, Plastic nails that have angles between 30 and 28 degrees, Roundhead nails that have about 20 degrees’ angle.

stick nailer on the ground

Differences Between Coil Framing Nailer and Stick Nailer

Let us consider the various factors that make each device unique. The elements can serve as advantages or disadvantages when we consider usage and efficiency. These factors can also help to decide which device to go for when you need to purchase one.


The units of each nailer operate on different approaches. The stick nailer is more prone to jamming because of the operational structure of the magazines. On the other hand, coil framing is smoother in the nail path, and the coil frame nailer has observably fewer occurrences of jamming.


Since both devices are hand-help tools, weight is a primary consideration that influences fatigues and efficiency—the stick nailer comes at a significantly lesser weight of about 9 pounds in general. The coil frame nailer can have as much as a weight of 17 pounds, due to the fact that its nail compartment can hold more amount. Lightweight machines are easy to carry but may translate to less nail capacity.

Loading factor

The canister of a coil frame nailer is round; it secures the nail while being attached to the nail gun. The created loop ensures smooth firing that is rapid and uninterrupted. On the other hand, stick nailers use magazines that include nail strips. Each magazine makes the nailer bulkier, and it is typically two magazines for each nailer. 

Capacity and Reloading factor

In the case of coil framing nailer vs stick nailer, loading factor can be the opposite of weight. The coil frame nailer doesn’t call for too much reloading because it can get up to 300 nails. The stick nailer holds a lesser amount, not even up to 50 nails at full capacity. The stick nailer requires constant refill but imposes less weight. A constant need to refill can slow down the working progress.

Nail price considerations

To fill up a coil frame gun is way too cheap when you compare to stick guns. The coil frame nailer has a unit that is easier to fill up because the devices don’t really depend on nails with certain angles. The stick nailer cost more in refill and hardware.


Both devices have models that offer warranty and models that don’t. It is really up to manufacturers and distributors. A one-year warranty is usually a decent feature for both the coil frame nailer and the stick nailer, even if you can get more than that. The presence of a warranty and the conditions involve that be the determinant of choice when you need to get one.


Both the stick nailer and coil framing nailer does the same thing, using different approaches. Since the function is constant, you should be more concerned about the features and strategy that fits you the most.

The coil frame nailer will serve you well in tight corners and small spaces because of the absence of magazines. Reloading can take less time when you are well prepared and having the extra nail packs in your pouch, making stick nail fair to use. 

I personally use the coil frame gun because of the less occurrence of jamming, but the lighter weight of a loaded stick gun can be tempting. If you are less efficient and get tired easily because of the weight, you will love stick nailers. Everything still boils down to your comfort and efficiency.

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