What is Drywall? Drywall vs Plaster Differences

Drywall is a building material that you’ll see everywhere. From your bedroom to a restaurant, hotel to a super shop, all the walls are probably made of drywall.

Building walls and ceilings with drywall are cheap and easy. That’s why this material is becoming more popular day by day.

Furthermore, decorating drywalls are much easier than any other type of wall. So, good things everywhere!

What is Drywall?

Drywall is gypsum made wallboard that is used for building interior ceiling and walls. The board is made in manufacturing plants in small panels. It is then shipped to the construction place and installed in the wood panel.

Types of Drywall

Different types of drywall panels are available now. The key difference is in the usage of some additives that gives the drywall more strength.

1. Mold and Moisture Resistant Drywall

You can get the point by reading the name alone. Yes, this type is made for preventing moisture from accumulating on the surface which eventually protects mold from growing. Mold is a common problem in the household, especially in the corners and edges where cleaning is not so easy. So, getting drywall panels that can inherently prevent mold and mildew from growing on the surface is a thing that you can definitely go for.

2. Reflective Drywall Panel

This is a new upgrade in the regular drywall panels. It is made by setting a reflective layer on one side of the drywall that ensures that heat does not pass through it. Using this type of panel in your home can significantly reduce energy consumption as the temperature of the interior can be better maintained with this type of panel installed.

3. Fireproof Panel

Drywall panels made with multiple layers of non-combusting fiber is called a fireproof panel. These are great for reducing minor fire accidents in the house. This type goes with a thorough test before passing the quality test thus very rare in the market and comes at a very expensive price point.

Drywall vs Plaster: What is the Difference?

People often get confused between these two materials. Whether plaster and drywall are the same or not. In a word- No! Drywall and plaster are two completely different building materials. Here are the key differences between them-

In terms of installation cost, drywall is a clear winner for its easy installation process. You need to screw the drywall panel into the house structure and hide the joints with drywall tape and joint compound. On the other hand, plaster is not so great when it comes to installation. This difference is basically for the manufacturing process of drywall. Drywall panels are made in the manufacturing plant and come to the construction site pre-built. The only task that remains is to cut them in proper shape and install them. But plaster requires you to employ more workers to give it a shape.

Furthermore, drywall is very easy to repair if anything goes wrong. Thanks to drywall spackle and taping knife that makes the task easy and effortless. But plaster walls are not so great for repair because of the hardness of the surface. You require different heavy tools to repair the plaster wall.

Considering flexibility of giving desired shape, plaster comes first. Since drywall is pre-built, you get less flexibility with it. On the contrary, plaster walls are made at the construction site and thus, you can give it the shape you want. So, whether you want to make a curved wall or require an unorthodox shape in your interior, plaster can give you that while drywall can fail.

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