Hackzall vs Sawzall: Which One to Pick For My Job?

Both Hackzall and Sawzall are great reciprocating saws that serve well in their different capacities. Reciprocating saws are saws that have the ability to cut materials in both forward and backward motion.

This level of freedom comes with various advantages that make reciprocating saws applicable in unique scenarios.

hackzall vs sawzall

The absence of a flat base makes Hackzall and Sawzall usable in constrained locations. With different approaches in operating style, both saws are distinct but also interchangeable. It all depends on whatever the situation is.

Hackzall and Sawzall both offer a high level of control. That feature makes it very feasible for them to replace circular saws. Both saws are innovative creation of the saw manufacturer, Milwaukee power tools.

I will put you through things that you need to know about the saws, their differences, applications and choice of tool to use.

What is Hackzall Saw?

The Hackzall saw is unique, and that has been attested to by users, operators and technicians. The design of Hackzall saw doesn’t have the protruding two-handed structure you usually expect to see in a typical saw. It was uniquely built for easy use with one hand. The physical form is like a modified structure of regular power drills, a pistol’s grip style.

It has a balanced weight for the efficiency of use without needing extra support when operating it. Accuracy and control are very achievable, thanks to the vibration cancelling system. The anti-vibration technology is also present for models.

Like other Milwaukee’s models, Hackzall uses a Red Lithium battery, and it is cordless. The pros and cons will be discussed later on.

What is a Sawzall?

The Sawzall saw features the form of a typical reciprocating saw that could be observed from other manufacturers. Almost all the models in this line of products have a support area that is rear-mounted. You will also find the trigger for the system here.

The saw also has a supporting point that is forward-mounted, making the equipment capable of being used in a rifle format. For Sawzall saws, you have the choice of selecting between corded and cordless options. The cordless model is battery-operated while the corded version is powered by means of wall sockets.

Recently, one-key models have been offered by Milwaukee. The one-key function is an innovation that allows your smartphone to the unit using a mobile app. You can monitor performance and battery levels from your phone.

Deciding Which One to Go For Between Sawzall vs Hackzall

Hackzall vs Sawzall is like any other technical comparisons; both options come with its pros and cons. Before starting the factors that differentiate them, I need to clarify the similarities.

  • The two saws are good for plasterworks.
  • Both saws are pretty good for creating holes within pipes without having to damage the pipe.
  • They are effective for both curved cuts and straight cuts. The flexibility is excellent for making frameworks.
  • They both serve wood cutting and artistic purposes well.
  • Cutting nail embedded wood doesn’t damage their saw blades.

Now, let me proceed to the differential factors that you can base your choice on when you have to decide which one to go for between the Hackzall saw and the Sawzall saw.

The form factors

Hackzall has a specific design meant for one-hand operation, making the form factor more centred on balance. The operating system makes it more applicable in constricted areas where it is hard or impossible to use the two hands.

Sawzall uses a general approach with the conventional style of the regular reciprocation. That makes it typical in operation, and experienced operator will find it very comfortable to use. Operating it requires the use of both hands.


The Hackzall only has models that are battery-powered and cost about a hundred dollars. To get the battery-powered model of the Sawzall saw from the same series, that will cost about One hundred and twenty dollars.


The hacksaw is relatively smaller because of its physical look and operational structure. The Sawzall is bigger and takes more space.

Work demands

Different works have different requirements. Due to the smaller size, the Hackzall saw is more fragile and a bit less powerful when compared to its counterpart. The Sawzall is more befitting for jobs that are heavy-duty and constant uses.


While being heavier, the grip of the Sawzall saw is steadier because it is operated with two hands. Hackzall saw have lesser grips, especially when the particular job is intensive and requires quite a load of pressure.


The Hackzall saw may lack may not be the strongest to some extent, but its versatility can make up for that. The one-hand operation makes it more applicable than Sawzall saw. Hackzall saw has more finesse in its finishing while Sawzall saw can make larger cuts without extreme detail to the finish.


If you have been closely following me, you will see that the Hackzall vs Sawzall conversation is not really complicated. The ultimate question is, what do you actually need? What do you want to be using it for?

Hackzall has a smaller size that is operated with one hand, resulting in less power but more applicable in tight scenarios. Sawzall saw, on the other hand, will give you that heavy-duty cuts, if that is what you want. Hackzall can retain power for longer periods because of the relatively less powerless output.

If you are a light-duty user, I will definitely advise you to go for the Hackzall saw. It is perfect for household tasks like cutting PVC pipes or branches of trees. Heavy-duty operators need to grab the Sawzall saw. It is costlier but perfect for tasks like cutting steel tubing and other tough materials.

The cost is always an essential factor when choosing an item. If your budget is lesser for your choice, you may need to add some money to it.

If you have enough bucks, get the two devices and add them to your toolset. They are worth it, and they will surely be of great use. They will improve your efficiency. I have both of them.

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