How Much Propane Does a Forge Use? Forge Cost & Durability

The amount of propane you need for running a forge depends on how hot your forge is set to run, how many burners you are using, how much space to heat up, at what PSI the propane is going into the forge, and the quality of the fuel.

So in order to figure out what size tank you’ll need for your specific needs, you need to read through our guide and measure yourself.

How Hot Your Forge is Set to Run?

The temperature of the forge can vary depending on what type of work you will be doing. The higher temperature you go, the more propane you’ll need for the forge.

How Many Burners Are You Using in the Forge?

Every burner you use will require a certain amount of propane to gather the heat up. So, a five-burner forge will require 5 times more propane than that of a one-burner propane forge.

How Much Space Do You Need To Heat Up?

The bigger your work surface is, the more gas you’ll need for it. That’s why recommend going with just enough space inside the forge so that you don’t end up spending more money than necessary to run the forge.

What PSI Is The Gas Going Into Your Forge?

The rule is- the higher the PSI, the more gas it will consume. So, two forge equipped with the same specification can require different amounts of propane due to the variation in PSI. Higher PSI one will consume more while the lower PSI machine will save money on propane.

So, no way to have any idea how much propane will my forge consume? There are ways, but the numbers will vary a lot. Due to the estimation getting so wide, it becomes virtually useless to have an estimate.

Generally speaking, a double burner standard gas forge running at around 10 PSI will use 5 pounds propane per hour. The number can vary depending on the space inside the forge though.

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How Much Does a Propane Forge Cost?

There are many factors that go into the price of a propane forge, including size and features.

Some forges may be priced higher due to being larger with more space or having multiple burners. Other forges will have different prices because they come pre-assembled so you can just plug it in without any assembly required.

The cost of shipping is also important when considering how much a propane forge costs as well as who sells it (local hardware store vs online retailer). To help give some idea of what one might expect to pay, here are the determining factors behind the low or high price of a propane forge-

  1. Burner Number
  2. Space Inside
  3. Heat Adjustability
  4. Material Used in the Making of Forge
  5. Durability of the Forge
  6. Brand value

Generally, you should find a good quality propane forge as low as $200 while the other higher end machines can go up to $1000.

how much propane does a forge use

How Long Does a Propane Forge Last?

The answer depends on the type of forge you are using, how much it is used, maintenance, and what kind of features it has inside it.

Forges can range from low-end forges which come equipped with pretty low-quality burners and seals – these typically last around a year or two before starting to show issues.

High-end forges mostly come equipped with good quality materials and therefore will be able to sustain heat for longer periods than those equipped with low-grade material. Typically, you can expect a good quality machine to last anywhere between 5 to 10 years before it reaches its lifespan.

Some may last even longer, considering the factors we have talked about above.

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The propane forges are pretty durable, and will work for a long time if maintained properly.

We recommend getting as big of a tank as you can so there is less chance you run out when your forge is in use. You only need to refill the tank about once every 7 days or so depending on how much it’s being used.

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