3 Proven Method on How to Clean Caulk From Shower, Tub & Windows

Moldy and dirty edges of the tile in your home look so unhygienic and unpleasant to the eyes, Right? All of us, at any time of our life, feel eager to clean those filthy areas in our home. We’re here to help you out on how to clean moldy caulks with the best solution till date.

After reading this article, you will get answers to all your questions regarding cleaning of caulks. We have mentioned three different methods of cleaning. You can pick any one of them to get your job done. So, Let’s dive into the work.

Tools You Need For the Cleaning Process

  1. A Face Mask
  2. Goggles
  3. Rubber Hand Gloves
  4. Cleaning Brush
  5. Spray Bottle or Cotton Coil
  6. Bleach (Only for Method 1)
  7. Ammonia (Only for Method 2)
  8.  Mold Killers (Only for Method 3)

Method 1: Cleaning Caulk Using Bleach

Out of the three modes, this is the most common and heavily used formula. I’ll discuss the whole process on a step by step basis.

Step 1: Take Precaution

Before starting the cleaning process, you must have to take precaution first. Bleach, Ammonia and Mold Killers, all of these chemicals have harmful effects on the human body if it is touched.

Wear a full-body safety suit, safety goggles, face mask, and the hand gloves to protect yourself from the bad effects.

A gentle reminder, since bleach is very reactive to the color of clothes, wear an old cloth so that you do not ruin a fresh cloth with it.

Step 2: Make the Mixture and Fill the Spray Bottle

Make a mixer of 250 ml bleach with 4 liters of water. Use a stick to mix the bleach with water entirely.

Fill the spray bottle with the bleach-water. Try to make some room in the spray bottle so that the air pressure remains even. Full bottle water can cause complications spraying the liquid.

Step 3: Spray to The Surface & Let it Sit

Spray the liquid mixer on the moldy caulk. Try to avoid spraying on the normal surface area of the shower or bathtub.

Let the liquid sit for an hour or so, and then take the brush to scrub the mold. When scrubbing the caulk with the brush or tip of the caulk gun, cover your body as much as possible.

Step 4: Rinse with Water

Rinse the caulking with tap water thoroughly and get a fresh new-looked shower in your sweet home!

Bonus Tips:

See the video for visual understanding of the bonus tip process.

If the above-explained or you don’t want to bother brushing the caulks with your hand, I have a great solution for you!

Instead of spraying the mixture in the caulk, you can soak cotton balls in the raw bleach for about a minute.

After soaking the cotton balls, place those bleach-soaked cotton balls on the moldy caulk. Leave the place for about an hour and take the cotton balls out of the place

For safety, put those into the dustbin. You’ll get shiny white caulk in your shower, tub or window, wherever you apply the trick.

how to clean caulk in windows, tub, showerhow to clean caulk in windows, tub, showerhow to clean caulk in windows, tub, shower

Method 2: Clean Caulk With Ammonia

This method is not different than the other I’ve described earlier except the chemical.

We used bleach in the first method and here, we’ll use ammonia.

So, let’s dive in.

Step 1: Take Precaution

This is mandatory for all the methods we’re discussing here today. You must take precautions against these powerful chemicals bad effects on the body.

You should know that ammonia is a type of acid and touching this with the bare hand will leave you injured. So, I’ll recommend trying to follow the Method 1.

Step 2: Make the Mixture & Spray

Make a mixer of 50% ammonia with 50% water. Do the mixing process carefully with a stick or an iron rod. You can mix the water and ammonia in the spray bottle if you want.

Spray the mixer on the mold you want to remove. The same thing again, try to be focused as much as possible.

Step 4: Let them Sit & Scrub

Leave the place for an hour to let the chemical sit on the mold. If you can give it a little more than the prescribed time, that will be better.

Scrub the moldy caulk with an old brush and rinse with water. Moderate pressure on the brush can easily do the task.

Special Tip Again:

If the method with spray doesn’t work well, follow the bonus tips from the first method. The method I’ve discussed there is the proved method working on any type of caulk, no matter how stubborn the mold is.

Method 3: Clean With Mold Killer

This will be the same process as the earlier two. So, I’ll skip describing the common steps here.

  1. Take Precaution
  2. Put the store-bought mold killer into the spray bottle or simply plug in the sprayer into the mold killer bottle.
  3. Spray on the moldy caulk
  4. Let them sit for a while
  5. Scrub with a Brush
  6.  Rinse the area with tap water

Final Words

Now that we’ve learned three methods of cleaning the moldy caulk from shower, bathtub, and windows.

If you ask me about my choice among the three methods. I’ll go with the first method with the Bonus Tip. The method I’ve written down in the bonus tip is the best cleaning process of caulk in any situation.

So, if you don’t want to spend time following all those boring steps, Just go with the cotton ball process.

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