Can I Use PEX For Gas Line? Advantages & Disadvantages!

Are you thinking of using PEX for natural gas? Well, if yes! Then hold on! Before installing PEX pipes in your surroundings, read this article carefully, as it will serve you with the pros and cons of using PEX tubing for gas lines.

Everything in this universe is created in a way that serves us benefits, but at the same time, it can also be detrimental to us.

This is why it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the PEX pipes as well before installation, especially when you are aiming to use them for gas lines.

Can I Use PEX Pipe For Gas Line?

Using PEX pipes for the gas line is suitable only for indoor use. But while processing these pipes indoors, we have to measure all the safety procedures like the interaction of PEX pipe with UV rays and heat.

Overall, PEX pipes are best, reliable, and durable for indoor, especially when using the PEX for natural gas.  

Do not use PEX pipe in outdoor installation as it is not safe and is hazardous. The outdoor faces the difference in hot and cold weather, and the PEX pipes cannot bear the extreme weather conditions. 

At the same time, the semi-permeable features of PEX can be hazardous in heavy rains as well. So, it is best if you use PEX pipes only for indoor purposes. In fact, PEX is only allowed to use in specific areas. Now let’s look at some pros and cons of using PEX pipe for the gas line. 

pex for gas line

Advantages Of PEX Tubing For Gas Line: 

Using PEX for natural gas has its perks as it comes with tons of advantages and pros. Some of the prominent benefits are the following:

Safe For Gas Lines:

Using PEX pipes is safe, especially for gas lines. As PEX is made up of rigid structure, it will never risk your safety unless you heat it.

For the gas tubing, plumbers suggest working with the pipe with a great life span and, PEX pipe has a great life span of about 40-50 years. As a fact, PEX cannot bear extreme cold or hot temperature; this is why it is ideal to use PEX pipe only in the household setup as the temperature is controlled here. 

Advanced Features:

The PEX fitting offers advanced features which make the tubing best and safe. PEX pipes avoid annoying water hammer noise, reduces the heat transfer that helps in conserving energy.

You can install PEX in multiple manners. The PEX tube can be fixed by crimping tools for attaching a cropper ring to connect PEX brass fittings. Plus, you can use the expansion tool as well to connect them. Apart from ease of installation, These are pretty easy to maintain in the long run.

Easy, And Adaptable Use:

PEX tubing offers easy and adaptable plumbing for the gas line. In contrast, it is also affordable at the same time. PEX pipes are flexible to turn 90 degrees as compared to other lines. Its lightweight nature and unbelievable flexibility have a significant impact in making it one of the most popular plumbing pipes used in the world.

Rigid Tubing:

The PEX tubing provides rigid piping for the gas line, which means no risk to safety purposes. The PEX tubing freezes when the temperature goes down.

The pipe is safe as the holes do not develop pinholes, and there will be no leakage of gas. Due to the flexibility, it avoids bursting while it is frozen. So, the rigid tubing of PEX offers safety.


The benefit of PEX is that it is inexpensive. So you can use the PEX pipe in central gas fittings as it would not affect your budget. Isn’t it best to get the best, reliable and rigid fitting at an affordable cost? Well, it offers so many benefits, but yet the best one is its affordability. The vast number of fitting will not haunt the budget.

Disadvantages Of PEX Tubing For Gas Line:

Despite all the benefits, PEX still has some disadvantages; it is important to measure safety when using it for gas lines. Which are described below:

Designed For Indoors:

PEX pipes do not save themselves from UV rays that define you should not use the PEX pipes for the outdoor gas line. Direct interaction with UV rays leads the line to premature degradation, which is dangerous for gas fittings.

At the same time, it is also unable to bear extreme freezing weather. This is why PEX is recommended for indoor use only, and it is banned in some places.

Damageable From Chemicals And Pests:

PEX pipes are plastic which means they are weaker than other metal pipe materials. The mice or any other animal can target the tube and continuous scratching or chew in the same spot can leak the pipe, which can lead to gas leakage. 

Many pest controls and fire rescuer companies suggest people not to use PEX pipes as they are not friendly with chemicals.

Not Safe For Heated Areas:

It can be very risky if you fix the PEX tubes in heated areas. The PEX tubes do not tend to bear the heat. It also defines that PEX tubes will also not accept the recessed lights. It can be very dangerous if the heat interacts with the gas line.  

Not Recyclable:

The worst part about PEX pipe for the gas line is that you can not reuse it, in most cases. The repairing of the pipes also requires new products. But the affordability of PEX pipe compensates for this, so a balanced situation.


These were some advantages and disadvantages of using PEX pipes for natural gas lines. It is essential to consider every single point as this is directly connected to your safety. 

Well, hence it is proved that using PEX pipe is suitable to use for natural gas indoors. I hope this article was helpful enough to answer your queries. Did I miss anything? Utilize the comment form below to have your query answered!

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